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4:13 AM
Ugh... didn't look at the date on that properly :(
@JonClements Was I wrong?
Tavern thinks i'm wrong too, sigh
I have a nasty headache, I should just go to sleep
@JonClements blehhhh
On the bright side at least it was VLQ link only
Nothing to worry about :)
21 upvotes to go for dupehammer. Also I'm 63rd for August rep right now
4:16 AM
Just 21? Getting ever closer!
I'm not thinking straight. I should just drink some Airborne and go to sleep
Getting some rest now and then is generally a good idea... (although I should take my own advice now and then...)
what is it, 5 AM there?
yup 5:23am
just finishing off some work
4:57 AM
@durron597 Not much compared to Martijn's though :)
@JonClements That guy is a brand new user
I guess it's easier to cap every day if you're not focusing on only one tag like I am.
Can't remember the last time I rep-capped... wasn't this year - that's for sure :)
@JonClements I haven't capped recently either.
Alright, going to bed. good night!
2 hours later…
6:45 AM
Hi any salesforce developer here
@SmokeDetector why?
Did it the hard way and opened it up and nuked it :)
7:11 AM
Passed a Haskell audit...
@JonClements I cant stop laughing on the stuff SmokeDetector finds
@David certainly keeps things amusing :p
@DavidArenburg This is probably the funniest thing it ever caught:
@ProgramFOX :) and respose from @Undo is also priceless chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/16367071#16367071
7:52 AM
Thank goodness for edit summaries...
1 hour later…
8:58 AM
@JonClements I can't retract a delete vote, right?
hope the OP is hopeless, but they actually listened to me
9:33 AM
fyi, I'll be away for the next 10 days
@ProgramFOX something nice I hope?
Yep! :D
Going on vacation.
Heading out now, see you later!
Enjoy yourself!
It's certainly too broad.
9:42 AM
Also probably POB ("Is this a good practice?")
Yeah, but that's just one of six questions.
So, 3/6 too broad and 1/6 POB? (Q2&6 seem okay despite the lack of MCVE)
Yeah, something like that.
Deleted two of his answer yesterday and closed all his questions
Which got deleted too
Now he posts a link-only answer to a video he made, without disclosing it
Custom flagging
downvote/flag/delete mod activated
9:51 AM
My custom flag got through
marked as helpful - I'm sure you meant the previous two answers :p
@JonClements Ah, maybe ^^
10:05 AM
(Too broad or no MCVE?)
10:54 AM
(I meant the question, not the answer. stackoverflow.com/questions/600207/…)
11:51 AM
good morning
12:30 PM
Q: Is closing old questions a gigantic waste of time and effort?

DukelingIn response to someone's question relating to closing questions, Shog posted this: For the most part, it's a gigantic waste of time and effort: most of these questions aren't causing problems. If you observe a question that is attracting spam or whose answers are all out of date or even just ...

@gunr2171 Got it!
so yeah, it's a wish-wash
2 hours later…
2:17 PM
@gunr2171 They do cause a problem if they prevent us from burninating tags properly.
Because the tag itself is a problem
3:14 PM
@durron597 I would say no as the user account does not seam to be a spam account. I think this is a case where that is the actually URL thy are working with. I will vote for a too broad though
Why is that question getting so many answers when it's just a bunch of crappy links
rep whores?
3:30 PM
@durron597 that is the most hideous style I've ever seen
@TylerH AND HE USED THE SOURCE CODE TAG!!! No Mr. Hyde, it's okay, you don't have to come out now.
4:06 PM
@Rizier123 I don't think OP is seeking a free code conversion service
but the question is still CV-worthy
Well the comments are now cleaned up, but he clearly said, that he don't care about if the question gets closed. He just wants his function converted.
His comment was: "i just want to know a equivalent php function that is the same as is_Date, and idc if you vote it as off-topic, jst move along . – Erich Lettuce Romain 16 mins ago"
4:28 PM
@Rizier123 Oh, i didn't read the comments
@NathanOliver Seems OK to me. I would ask for more code/information on the post, but the OP has self-answered, so that's not necessary anymore
4:39 PM
^ yep, voted
gotta go
5:34 PM
just had a LQP review audit on a answer by Martijn Pieters♦: stackoverflow.com/review/low-quality-posts/9043528
do me a favor and reopen this please.
@NathanOliver We should ask Martijn to write a garbage answer, robo-reviewers would go: Looks OK...
6:08 PM
@rene you think it's on-topic?
It is a salvage operation and it is borderline but I gave it go. If you don't feel that is right, don't feel obligated.
6:48 PM
Can I have a reopen on this MSO post: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/300771/…
incorrect dupe
7:25 PM
Wow, nonzero chance I might cap today.
nice. I am close but I don;t think I am going to make it.
@NathanOliver I have like 8 other answers in addition to my 10 upvote answer :-P
I haven't capped on SO in a really long time
7:32 PM
bummer. I did it twice like 2 weeks ago
@NathanOliver I'm only 11/50 towards Epic badge
I hate the idea of capping, I usually stop answering questions if I think I'm going to cap
"so you're saying, I spend time helping you and I don't even get any imaginary unicorn points?"
3/50 here. I know what you mean. The last time i capped it was two answers that did it. everything else I did besides getting accepted answers was a wash
I very much would like to have your problems...
Is this on-topic? Or should it be on Progammers or the like? stackoverflow.com/q/31817464/2675154
7:37 PM
I needed 21 upvotes after the last tag badge script run to get my mjollnir. I suppose I'll be under 10 after today's reset
@honk pob
@TinyGiant Thanks, flagged it as such
A user with that much rep should know better.
@TinyGiant This is why I was confused and asked here...
This is a tool recommendation, which is off topic for Stack Overflow. You may be able to get help on Software Recommendations Stack Exchange, but read their question quality guidelines before posting there.durron597 17 secs ago
7:40 PM
Yeah, I guess it could be a tool recommendation or pob. Depends on how you interpret it.
@durron597 Well, it's a tool recommendation question ;)
I wonder if I should flag to migrate
I don't see it as specifically asking for a tool, but a way to do the thing. He does state things he has tried, that also happen to be tools, but he doesn't ask for a tool, he asks for a method.
He's not asking for a method, he's asking for a "data store"
Yeah, just caught that.
7:42 PM
Totally missed the title and went straight for the question
The wayback machine found 400,000 links and firefox is busy rendering all of them on a single page... well done...
Big data /= Big fun
... and Hello Crash Reporter....
I can just repeat myself ;)
Not needed, I got the message ;)
Best part: on restart FF tries to load the same page again...
7:58 PM
Good mind setting - Never give up! :p
I have capped once, maybe twice
yep, once
which is sad because I could've gotten three badges out of it based on the # of upvotes I received over all
@TylerH Oh, well, I either need coffee again or to go to bed. I read crapped instead of capped...
yes, I have crapped once, maybe twice
maybe more! You'll never know...
Three badges for all that crapping...
only crapped once or twice, eh?
8:08 PM
I've got 99 problems and they're all bowel movements
what conversation did I walk in on?
@TylerH That could really take an epic end ;)
@gunr2171 The one about Tyler's bowel movements.
@gunr2171 I'm sorry, that's again my fault :)
8:11 PM
@TinyGiant Glad that wasn't a Friends episode
@Closey alive?
@rene I think I'll go for a walk...
OK, let us know when you're back...
@rene Sorry, contextual responses are not available at this level of service. Please make a one-time payment of $4.99 to unlock this feature.
Guys I just found a way to monetize Closey
"One of the benefits of a paid subscription is public review and audit stats, where you can compare and compete against the very best in the world on Stack Overflow."
8:15 PM
@TylerH send me your IBAN
^^^ Kind of funny
ewww @rene
ugly newlines
tags and their attrs belongs on one line! or bust
Wow, three edits to correct the visual formatting, I love that rene and the first guy both missed that the input was at an incorrect indentation level.
@TylerH Let me disagree with that for sake of readability
but... it doesn't affect that
it doesn't even add a scrollbar
8:26 PM
It does on my screen.
Ok, let me do some close voting I'm better at that then editing...
0.o what resolution do you have?
1024 768
wow, why so small?
8:27 PM
I'm kidding
well I was talking to Giant primarily :-P
1024x768 is average circa 2004
1280X1024 for real
@TylerH I know, consider me as background noise
my small work monitor is 1280x1024 but I reserve that for outlook and other random stuff I need to see at the same time as my primary window
@Closey starting
That's probably what year this thing is from
8:29 PM
@rene By the power of the Vote! Review!
@rene the artist rene, formerly known as the Cosmic Microwave Background personified
Acer Extenza 5620-4382 1gb ram too lol
@TylerH Well, some have a small one and in order to compensate for, they delete the shit out of tons of questions ;)
@TylerH so, you jelly?
@honk so you're saying Tiny Giant is compensating for his Extensa, eh?
@gunr2171 image not found
8:32 PM
@gunr2171 the message you linked to was an imgur image
and it's not found
"can't be display because of errors"
passed python audit
@rene what tag are you doing?
@Closey starting
8:34 PM
@gunr2171 Watch out for audits!
let's see if I can do more than 8 today
@TinyGiant mysql
too broad/pob/unclear
passed c# audit
8:37 PM
still can't load it
I will try in another browser
huh, weird
company block?
I can use imgur fine here
okay, it loads in Chrome
Firefox is just being weird
The link in this question is marked by McAfee as a known malware site. Thoughts?
or maybe it's an add-on I have
@rene McAfee is malware
apart from that...
8:38 PM
@rene migrate the image, it's 3 days from romba'd
i doubt the post will get much attention
@gunr2171 done
flagged the comment
passed html audit
@gunr2171 reason for that background you have? A fan of tree bark or something?
someone want to edit the offensive words here? stackoverflow.com/questions/31809191/…
@TylerH it's random from displayfusion
I have it set for some tags and triple monitor images
it rotates every 10 minutes or so
8:44 PM
@gunr2171 Nope, the shit is fine ;)
> Thank you for reviewing 40 close votes today; come back in 3 hours to continue reviewing.
@rene Thanks for reviewing! To see more information use the command last session stats.
@gunr2171 I don't see any?
Wow, I'm going to run out of regular votes before I run out of CVs.
8:45 PM
Can't remember the last time that's happened.
eh, I'd say let it stay
and the function name
it's not the worst offender, but still
if it's part of the code I think it really needs to stay, unless the author is willing to change it
Thank you for reviewing 40 close votes today; come back in 3 hours to continue reviewing.
8:47 PM
@TinyGiant I don't seem to have the start of your review session on record. I might have not been running when you started, or some error happened.
Crap, forgot to start
I think there is a meta discussion about it
"Manager" can therefore be placed on the list of Words Never To Be Used When Naming Classes. That list in full now reads:
"Manager" (suffix),
"Object" (suffix),
"The" (prefix),
"A" or "An" (prefix), and
profanity (anywhere). [2]
god sure has an ugly website
8:49 PM
then again, he does link to DailyWTF in that article
@Closey last session stats
@rene Your last completed review session ended 5 minutes and 2 seconds ago and lasted 15 minutes and 16 seconds. You reviewed 40 items, averaging a review every 22 seconds.
hard to say don't use profanity and then link to a site that is named for the granddaddy of profane words
100% reliable, 40% of the time
A new user has asked a very broad/lib rec question. I flagged and it is now closed. before that another user (2k+) answered by suggesting to look into some protocol.
I suggested to the answerer not to keep answering very off-topic questions, as it encourages others to ask them and fools them in thinking it's somehow okay.

The answerer politely asked me to shut my mouth and proceeded into arguing that the question is actually nice.

What do I do if I want to preserve the quality of questions and answers on SO? Can/should I do anything at this point?
8:52 PM
"politely asked me to shut my mouth"
@Kyll Link plz
Q: How to implement video chat with node.js or socket.io?

derekI have learned nodejs and related libraries, including express and socket,etc.. Then I am wondering whether there is a way to implement web-based video streaming, like video chat with node.js? I know HTML5 has a video tag, but which cannot be used for video chat. Thanks Derek

Holy hell THAT'S how you do that? You just link a question and it shows the whole fancy box stuff? Neat!
@Kyll Simple. Post a link in here and we'll dv/cv it to hell.
Amazing may refer to: A*mazing, an Australian children's television game show that aired in the mid to late 1990s Amazing, a maze computer game bundled with the original Apple Macintosh Amazing (film), 2013 Chinese film == Music == === Albums === Amazing (Elkie Brooks album), 1996 Amazing (Banaroo album) Amazing (Marcia Hines album), 2014 Amazin' (Trina album), 2010 === Songs === "Amazing" (Aerosmith song), 1993 "Amazing" (Alex Lloyd song), 2001 "Amazin'" (LL Cool J song), 2003 "Amazing" (Josh Kelley song), 2003 "Amazing" (George Michael song), 2004 "Amazing" (Westlife song), 2006 "Am...
Answer of the answerer to my comment:
"First, please visit stackoverflow.com/help/be-nice.[...]"
8:54 PM
"oneboxing" works with a bunch of sites
@gunr2171 Woaaah with Wikipédia too? SwagOverflow.
@durron597 gone
@Kyll I'm writing up a reply...
@Sam Thank you.
@Sam, to avoid extended argument, you might also want to include "bring it to meta"
8:58 PM
@Sam I already did.
I also used my last downvote of the day on the question.
@Deduplicator What should I spend the rest of my deletes on? I'm like a man without a cause.
@gunr2171 Good point.
@durron597 -_-
@durron597 You might want to follow gunr's advice
@Kyll It's not an "extended argument", I'm not going to reply again.
plus, it's been 5 minutes
> Thank you for reviewing 40 close votes today; come back in 2 hours to continue reviewing.
9:02 PM
@gunr2171 Thanks for reviewing! To see more information use the command last session stats.
@Closey last session stats
@gunr2171 Your last completed review session ended 3 seconds ago and lasted 27 minutes and 51 seconds. You reviewed 40 items, averaging a review every 41 seconds.
and I'm out!
@durron597 boom
@TylerH ty
9:02 PM
@TylerH Often when I link off-topic questions (or sometimes my own questions), I quickly see your name in the "that dude edited that" part of the question. Do you edit such blatantly wrong things for a higher purpose, or is it that you can't bear to see gramar mistakes and uncomplte stuff?
anyway @gunr2171 I like the monitors but not the keyboard or mouse. Also the ambiance seems a little... industrial
@Kyll fixing grammar mistakes is a higher purpose
@TinyGiant So does the -26 one
9:07 PM
@TylerH /bow
oh oops, thats the one I meant
@TinyGiant Oh, so you did
That -22 one's first day was a mess lol.
@TinyGiant Whoa, first time I see a timeline. Is there a link somewhere to reach it?
9:10 PM
@honk posts/<questionid>/timeline
there is no link
If I ask this 37k user not to answer blatantly bad questions, will I get redirected to Be Nice again? stackoverflow.com/a/31819276/4174897
No, you have to edit the url
@Kyll Just downvote, that's what I do. My excuse is that if it get's a positive score then the question doesn't get deleted.
@durron597 Homework, no MCVE, poor title, duplicate, no error data. 5/5
@durron597 boom
9:16 PM
@durron597 The question or the suggested edit or the two approvals on the suggested edit?
@Kyll All
@durron597 boom
@Kyll Voted to reject the edit.
@rene By the way, your blog isn't a 500 anymore. Now it's a 200 on some empty HTML.
Q: Finding bottlenecks and optimizing webpack performance

Maxime R.We have just got our fist working version of the app ported to webpack. The performance with everything back is now really poor and we have started trying to optimize it. Below are some things we have tried and documented below. We would greatly appreciate some feedback. What else could we do? ...

I think it's a good question but not on SO. Programmers maybe?
@Kyll They have working code, so why not Code Review?
9:28 PM
@durron597 Lol.
Ok, I'm out. Bye!
@honk Bye
@Kyll It's not a good question. It's off topic everywhere
There is no way anyone could figure out what is wrong from that information alone
@durron597 Mh, that's true. Too bad, the question was in fairly good shape... All it lacks is an MCVE.
@Kyll It fundamentally can't have an MCVE because the problem is performance. If they could add an MCVE, they wouldn't need our help.
9:37 PM
I suppose so. Maybe what they need is to hire a perf engineer, not ask a question on SE.
who names a class they're writing Object? How can anyone think that's a good idea?
I take it you object to that! :)
9:53 PM
@durron597 Perhaps it'll help him keep his job, as only he'll be able to maintain it?
public class RefObject {
  static int refValue1;
  static ulong refValue2;
@Kyll RefObject is not an Object. It's very clearly a different class
The purpose of this example was not trying to make any sense.
Want something worse?
function jsObjectClass(a, b) {
this.val1 = arguments[0];
this.val2 = a + b;

if(this.val2 !== 'someValue') {
return new jsObjectClass('some', 'value');

return this;
A: Using CSS to affect div style inside iframe

Claudio Luis VeraActually, you can use tags in the html that feeds your iframe, if you can edit it. In the HTML file that I'm calling up I could use something like this: <style> h1 { font 16px/1.25 Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif } a { text-decoration: none: } </style> It may be a bit redundant with your ma...

Okay I can't keep up
10:00 PM
A: Set ImageView width and height programmatically?

Vladimir Ivanov<ImageView android:layout_width="30dp" android:layout_height="30dp" > </ImageView> will set width and height to 30 device independent pixels. You can do the same thing with setLayoutParams() method.

Just competing with "bad advice"
10:23 PM
Guys, I need a hunting party against this .
Is that a hunting party with pitch forks and torches? :)
You may bring muskets.
What should be done when I face such a tag?
It's got no wiki, is really ambiguous and not helpful to questions
I stumbled upon it because of a library called Tracker on Meteor (which has its own tag with a proud 1 question )
But it could also refer to P2P Trackers
GPS Trackers
And a bunch of other things
What should I do? Am I allowed to post a deadly pun on Meta? Is there a guide on that?
10:39 PM
The recruits are ready... just two two mana :)
According to https://meta.stackexchange.com/questions/239190/when-to-burninate I should answer 4 questions. So...
1) it is highly ambiguous
2) The concept can be on-topic depending on the disambiguation
3) Kind of?
4) Absolutely not.

Should this tag be burninated? (Should I post about this on MSO? Kinda afraid of it because I've never done it)
Um.... it's ambiguous - it's used in place of what should be other tags with tag wiki entries... it's only 141 questions though... so there should already exist more suitable tags (if not) then proposing new ones wouldn't be a bad idea
Too bad. I had high hopes for "Hunt down the ".
10:55 PM
Definitely some re-tag (re-align for pun maybe) the tracker? :p
Yep. I will post tomorrow I guess
11:16 PM
Why can't I flag this as VLQ? stackoverflow.com/a/18547514/4174897

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