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12:14 AM
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3:35 AM
I'm out of votes. Do you get more del votes over time or is it always 7?
based on the format of your posts I'd say it stays at 7
@ZachSaucier I have 12000 rep so I get 7 every day.
When I get to 13000 I'll get an 8th
it's 5 for 10000 + 2 per 1000 up to a max of... 30 I think?
Weird system of doing it
@ZachSaucier stackoverflow.com/a/2274886/1768232 Do you have a downvote for that answer?
3:39 AM
No, I'm out
downvotes too?
Oh, I can't read
Why does it need one?
Because if there are no positively scored answers the roomba will delete it
Ohhhh, you sick people you
Manipulate the system to better the system
So there are 35 remaining questions without an accepted answer. If you've downvoted those two answers, 32 of them will be deleted in a few days.
The same does not apply for ones with accepted answers, which is where I've been spending my delete votes; there are 27 of those of which you and I have voted to delete 7 of them.
so the tag will be entirely gone in about 4 days or so.
3:44 AM
faster if we get more help with delete votes from people with more rep.
I can't promise anything :P I have limited time and am already on here too much
Q: This tag is such a [software-tools]

durron597The SO Close Vote Reviewers (warning, link contains mild profanity) chatroom has been taking on the blatantly off topic software-tools tag for a couple of days. Every question in the tag is now closed (the on-topic ones have been edited/retagged), and many of them are roomba eligible waiting th...

@ZachSaucier Well, rene and Deduplicator and I have done most of the deletion work.
Also, if a question has two delete votes it gets prioritized in the 10k tools queue and usually someone random will drop the third on it.
I just edited that with a status update.
@ZachSaucier Ok I'm going to sleep. Thanks for your help!
Hah, no problem. Sleep well, friend!
4 hours later…
7:54 AM
done, I rejected the pending edit but another user decided to edit anyway...
4 hours later…
11:49 AM
Enough upvotes so it needs delete-votes (I'm out of those) (or other disposition?): stackoverflow.com/q/6524232 stackoverflow.com/q/726310 stackoverflow.com/q/1907467
2 hours later…
1:34 PM
@JonathanLeffler By the way, we have organized a hit-squad to coordinate the work. See my answer. — durron597 2 days ago
ugh, I would not recomend using a Tuple return type
I like it; the SOCVR hit squad
omg, donuts in the breakroom, brb
> We don't want to become a close vote posse. Every user should handle the review based on their own opinion/knowledge, choosing leave open, close, edit or skip when appropiate. Concentrating attention on a question in the context of whether or not to close a question, severely biases attention toward closing the question.
1:36 PM
@JonClements We recently closed this question which is now locked - stackoverflow.com/q/9422380/1768232
is that good or bad?
oh dur, we need a mod to fix it
Asked 3 years ago, migrated yesterday?
but migration rejected ?
and it still showed up
...who would migrate that to Security SE?
no, from
1:39 PM
I tossed a mod flag on it, feel free to do the same.
When you close a question that had been migrated, it becomes "migration rejected"
no matter how long it had been
Right, that makes sense
I didn't realize Security SE was that old
Isn't there a 30 day grace period before that gets deleted on SO?
@KevinBrown It is a graduated site.
@durron597 but the wording makes it look like it was migrated yesterday, rather than rejected yesterday
@KevinBrown It has 3 upvotes, I'm assuming that prevented deletion
> Migration rejected from <site> yesterday
I thought the 30 day timer started the day it was rejected?
1:41 PM
You sure?
It's supposed to be auto-deleted after 30 days. You'd only need to flag if it doesn't happen automatically. Let the roomba do its job. — animuson ♦ Mar 16 '14 at 3:39
@KevinBrown I think that is referring to the "home" question. But I could be mistaken.
not the target.
@durron597 poor design :-/
Q: Are rejected migrations ever automatically deleted from the destination site? Should they be?

How About a Nice Big Cup ofNow that rejected migrations are clearly identified, the list of them can be found with Google. Browsing them, I noticed that some questions persist in the rejected-closed-locked state for many months; e.g., here is a July 2013 specimen. Elsewhere I read that "[rejected migrations] are deleted ...

So yeah, needs a mod flag
1:44 PM
@KevinBrown Upvoted. Not like that does anything except give people MSE rep.
A: Locked questions cleanup

durron597locked:yes views:0..2000 score:0..3 duplicate:no migrated:no After a few days, we should have enough agreement on this batch of 49 questions to move forward with the actions in the below headings. The following questions should remain closed but not deleted Is the Spark View Engine for ASP.NE...

> How About A Nice Big Cup Of
agghhh of what
Downvoted out of spite for an unfinished username -_- /s
2:01 PM
oh great, another item in the list of "this looks cool, read it someday"
heyyy, that article has a TRON image; it just moved up the list
TIL NASA has artificial evolution software
@durron597 tag removed and unlocked
feel free to do what you want with the Q - it's not on-topic for SO
@JonClements Like I said in my flag, I'd prefer deletion
but now the roomba will get it in a few days if we get two more downvotes
But thanks!
Oh, the flag is still listed as pending.
Indeed... I'd rather the community deleted it :)
oh wait... sorry, let me clear that done
I don't really understand how people get thousands of helpful flags. I try really hard to only flag stuff where I need a moderator's help... which basically only means locked questions (rare) or comment flags (Almost always a waste of time for all involved)
@durron597 Answer flags that you know can be handled by the community, and you can't delete them yourself
Also, spam
2:16 PM
@KevinBrown I just don't see spam that much
I guess I downvote answers that ought to go into the VLQ queue rather than flagging them.
@durron597 There should just be an OmniButton that we can press that "Does everything that should be done for this post"
@durron597 Yes, if only it didn't require sufficiently advanced AI
at which point the site will probably be obsolete anyway
@TylerH You could still request it. It will be done in 6-8 weeks
I guess, at the end of the day, making the site obsolete is really the only action worth taking anyway, isn't it?
Very Camus-esque of me
2:29 PM
@TylerH If everyone in the world became an expert at everything, the site would also be obsolete
That feature request will also be done in 6-8 weeks
Actually didn't notice the age of it and the votes on it... I've nuked it
pew pew
@JonClements Thanks!
@durron597 I admit my previous four lines were just to setup the allusion to Camus
@durron597 That's a good thing - means the community and mods are doing their jobs :)
2:32 PM
@TylerH As long as you're pronouncing his name as Kah-moo not Cay-muhs
@JonClements Well, or the fact that these days I mostly spend searching for garbage to downvote and VTC
Spam usually gets deleted so quickly I won't find it
Off topic questions, on the other hand... many many of those.
> Article for UML to Code conversion

I do NOT need any software tools ...

I just need some article explaining how this conversion happening
@durron597 of course
Hi @easwee all the questions I asked you to delete vote have already been deleted
@durron597 I know :P
btw 9 votes left for today so if you have any more post
I was hoping to save you from clicking on all the links
ah :D
closing questions is my hobby
Any 9 out of those 19 questions would be great.
ah only have 5 delete votes btw
@easwee why are you so broke, noob
@easwee Oh 9 close votes
2:40 PM
Well, still, 5 out of those 19 would still be great :)
@durron597 looks like you only need another 136 rep to get another delete vote :)
@JonClements Less than that, as soon as the roomba clears away many of those questions :-P
@JonClements you get an extra delete vote for each 1k rep after 10k?
2:42 PM
@TylerH pft who's talking :)
Ahh... yeah... but on a day-to-day basis, you get another delete vote total for every 1k after 10k until you max at 30
@TylerH Up to 30k rep I believe
@easwee D-:
btw I'll hit 10k votes on friday
been a long ride in this room
you can catch up to @gunr2171 and knock him off the top list
2:43 PM
probably can't - he had less votes than me at the start of the year
I often go away for 2 days over weekend without internet access
I'll never catch up... too often I'm adding things to the queue. Or I feel like wielding my 10k sniper rifle
css tag is so depressing lately
@easwee s/css/every/
open css tag newest questions -> open 5 questions in new tab -> try to answer -> close as duplicate/unclear
I feel the same way about Java.
2:46 PM
I don't get it how people can't google
A few months ago I had about 730 upvotes in Java, I got about 80 more before I burned out again.
I think java is the top tag in closed questions
@easwee Before we got involved in the recent tag cleanups I was throwing all my delete votes and downvotes into deleting java questions.
Nah, has more
@rene had a query for that
can't find it now
2:54 PM
@rene the one that shows ranking of questions closed per tag
oh boy, I come back to chat with 87 unseen messages...
nice job @easwee on nearly 10k reviews
thx btw
ha - so php is now on top for real :)
That means php has an enormous lead in closed / total questions ratio
3:09 PM
@durron597 half of that is probably wordpress plugin recomandation
@durron597 sounds like a criterion for burninating the tag ;-)
@durron597 I made an edit to clean it up, cv still valid?
@gunr2171 Still should be closed IMHO but questions like that I think are technically on topic
at least, there's not a CV reason available that I find appropriate
I still think it's too broad, we need more context to understand his problem
Could you provide some context to your issue? What are you trying to do and what is going wrong? — gunr2171 5 secs ago
3:28 PM
It's a lot better, but still not good enough. I don't understand what problem he's having
@gunr2171 That's a good comment
Thanks, answer was given (edited that as well)
OP replied back, but still have no idea
3:46 PM
Comparing how much tags consist of closed questions: data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/336044/…
Proposal: Tags only containing closed or locked questions should be automatically removed after X days
Q: Tags that only exist on locked questions, should we treat these the same as tags that don't exist at all?

DeduplicatorSince locked questions cannot be edited by anyone but a moderator, and (especially for historically-locked questions) many are off-topic, they have a higher incidence of bad tags. My request is simply to put the same reputation requirements to using tags just barely kept live by locked questions...

Though I haven't mentioned closed questions...
@Deduplicator Here's a bunch of tags to burninate: data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/336047/…
There's also a bunch of 1 closed 1 open tags that might be able to be burninated as well
@durron597 Somehow, both searches should be refined to heed tag-synonyms
3:54 PM
@JonClements Can you synonym to
I assume the fact that if a question has 5 tags and it is closed it is counted 5 times in my query and the ones you forked?
@durron597 make an mso post, we can't have Jon as our personal mod that handles all the stuff out-of-sight....
@rene For a tag that has one closed question?
Hmm, OK
I feel like this could be a good question if it didn't mention the LGPL part
@KevinBrown wait how is that open?
@KevinBrown Feel free to edit that part of it out (and the tag, obviously)
3:58 PM
Just re-read it, it should be closed
@durron597 lets just retag it
And it's a new question
then proxy-servers will no longer exist at 03:00 UTC
see, no need for a mod to intervene .. ;)
leaving for now, office-moving time
4:00 PM
stackoverflow.com/questions/638382/… We need to make Hans Olssen a mod
we are getting kicked out of our room so they can tear it down
I still think there should be an auto-pluralization tag synonym logic.
but that comes with giant-S bugs...
@durron597 I don't think you can create plural tags anymore (if the singular exists), so I'm not sure how useful that'd be
4:02 PM
@KevinBrown Oh. That works then.
4:15 PM
I can't believe exists
Is X as good as they claim?
@KevinBrown I can't believe that username got approved
No idea what to flag this as, but it's off topic: stackoverflow.com/questions/31195435/…
@durron597 Don't want much do you :)
But yeah... as rene says... transparency matters... so an MSO post is the way to do it... although people shouldn't be able to create the plural tags anymore
4:25 PM
And... that's all for now
@JonClements we re-tagged so that synonym is no longer needed...
Even better :p
@KevinBrown asking for off-site resource
5:01 PM
Thomas Owens and I have established a bit of a precedent for asking for minor moderator-only tasks in chat
Sometimes he asks me to take it to meta but usually I take it to meta on my own if it's bigger than X, where X is a handwavy description of task scope
5:19 PM
Improved my query, so tags are canonicalized: data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/336044/…
@KevinBrown Needs one more answer-downvote and two closevotes: stackoverflow.com/a/4970485/3204551
1 hour later…
6:25 PM
@durron597 wrong link?
@TylerH nope. just a joke :-P
Pretty sue the person will soon have a question ban, two -8 questions
Sweet, it's in the 10k tools "extreme voting" page
Have you tried anything? — ash_8247 12 hours ago
sometimes I feel bad for those askers
6:37 PM
@honk Hallo
@rene :)
@durron597 instructions unclear, couldn't cv that comment
@TylerH The first one?
@durron597 I was just joking because you linked to a comment and said CV Please
@TylerH Ah duh. The first one is a total trainwreck. The guy spams programmers too with questions like this one: programmers.stackexchange.com/questions/288762/…
6:56 PM
@Closey alive?
@rene I'm not dead yet!
@Closey alive?
@Deduplicator I think I'll go for a walk...
@Deduplicator need to wait 48 hours... or till I have 20K whatever comes first :(
@Closey starting
7:09 PM
@rene May the Vote be with you!
@Deduplicator dv = downvote or delete vote? And what takes 48h?
passed c audit
passed perl audit
> Thank you for reviewing 40 close votes today; come back in 4 hours to continue reviewing.
@rene Thanks for reviewing! To see more information use the command last session stats.
@Closey last session stats
@rene Your last completed review session ended 10 seconds ago and lasted 14 minutes and 7 seconds. You reviewed 40 items, averaging a review every 21 seconds.
7:30 PM
And now he's gone :( Can anybody enlighten me, what @Deduplicator ment by:
It means you need to have 20K to cast a delete vote
because it is rather new
Or wait 48 hours for less successful users like me that only have 10K and are only trusted with delete votes on questiond that are closed for 48 hours
@rene: Ok, I got that. But if you are "less successful" then let's better never talk about me ;) Anyway, I still don't understand why @Deduplicator explained that to me (although I always appreciate explanations). Any idea?
7:48 PM
@honk dv means downvote, del-v means delete vote. no guarantees that people always abbreviate them correctly, though
@Closey starting
@TylerH May Shog9's Will be done.
Passed C++ audit
@honk No, I gave up years ago to try to understand why people do or don't what they did or didn't.
@honk Actually, that was meant as a status-update to your message. The linking of those messages was intentional, and I didn't check your rep to know whether you could dv at all.
sorry for the confusion caused.
@rene you really split the fence on that sentence
7:55 PM
@Deduplicator No need to apologize, thanks for your feedback. Now I learned something more about the high-rep thingies ;)
@TylerH Uhm, I'm not a native speaker and I'm not sure what you mean by that as none of the dictionaries renders something useful...
@rene I was referring to your "Do/Don't" "Did/Didn't"
like somebody being very political "I may or may not have seen something that was or was not sent to a public or private e-mail server"
Oh, I see :)
Maybe I'm more political incorrect then I want to admit ;)
status update: still moving...
oops, I forgot I'm in the review queue
> You have no more close votes today; come back in 3 hours.
8:04 PM
@TylerH The review session has been marked as completed. To set the number of items you reviewed use the command last session edit count <new count>
I mean, I did 40...
@Closey last session edit count 36
Review item count has been changed:
User: TylerH (2756409)
Start Time: 2015-07-13 19:48:39 UTC
End Time: 2015-07-13 20:04:26 UTC
Items Reviewed: [Not Set] -> 36
Use the command 'last session stats' to see more details.
@gunr2171 Still moving? Where on earth are you moving to?
Just to the hallway, but there's miles of red tape to go through
By now we need pictures...
8:12 PM
8:24 PM
I'm out need sleep
Good night!
8:43 PM
@honk I'm gunr2171 and I approve this image
and yes, we are moving down the hallway
but good news, I've got a better set up now
@gunr2171 :))
wowo wowo wowo
@gunr2171 But we still need a picture of your former and current set up, so that we can decide by ourselves :p
working on that...
@honk, that's the old set up
and that's the new set up
much less "book holding up the left monitor"
@gunr2171 You went from an office to a cube on a factory floor?
8:53 PM
@gunr2171 sigh - even your old set up is better than my new set up
@durron597 YES, IT PISSES ME OFF
it's a temporary move while they rebuild the area
I'll be spending the first hour tomorrow finalizing the desk layout
@gunr2171 I was going to say, that does not look like an improvement.
well, we are no longer in an AC environment, so yeah
but I think my desk layout is better, so that's all that matters
even if there is a light straight in my eyes the whole time
Have to go to bed. Cya!
bye, i'm out for today as well
9:02 PM
@gunr2171 A light in my eyes + no AC would make me much, much less productive.
No matter how much better the desk layout is.
9:43 PM
Q: Feedback Requested: Code Edition and Stack Snippets

Thomas OrozcoYou probably all know about Stack Snippets (a.k.a. "JavaScript/HTML/CSS Snippets"), which we introduced almost a year ago. You probably also know that Stack Snippets are routinely misused for questions that have nothing to do with HTML, CSS, or JS: Improve tooltip and positioning of code sampl...

2 hours later…
11:16 PM
WHAT?!?! A haskell review that's not an audit?!?!
The end is nigh!!!

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