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7:05 PM
^ possible NAA on that.
7:23 PM
I retracted my flag on this node.js mongodb Answer. But now I'm not sure I should have.
@Scratte should have waited for the edit :P
@MarcoBonelli Yes. I have a feeling it will not come.
@Scratte yes, I too think you should have waited for the edit before retracting
I'm so sad that Unix&Linux SE is not in the suggested websites to migrate to when casting a CV.
I thought all errors on linux were fixed with more hard disk space :)
7:36 PM
Oh dear, I've only got 8 flags left today. Wow.
@MarcoBonelli Wait?!?.. You manually used 92?
@Scratte Define "manually"...
@MarcoBonelli Not by a bot, like Smokey.
@Scratte well, I raised them manually, yes, but almost all of them were bot-aided (i.e. I'm sitting in SOBotics)
@Scratte SOBotics + Advanced Flagging is a great combo.
@MarcoBonelli Oh. Then I'm afraid I'm less impressed :D
7:44 PM
@Scratte I don't think raising that amount of flags is humanly possible by just browsing the website.
@MarcoBonelli I used to hang in Dharman's NAA bot room. I'd check the posts that weren't autoflagged. I could make about 50 a day only. It's too time consuming.
@Scratte true. Even with bot-aided flagging, it takes a considerable amount of dedication.
..but it got me my Gold flagger status :)
^^ NAA answer (community wiki??)
@desertnaut It's probably meant to be an edit to the Question
7:55 PM
@desertnaut I agree it's unusual. Already flagged.
me too
@desertnaut Not the strangest NAA on the last pass through FP, though.
I just saw a user: member for 3 years 4 months. First Answer they post: "I have the same problem did you find a solution". Me: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
@MarcoBonelli Did you put that in a comment?
8:08 PM
Same reaction when I see someone posting "This may help http://..." as an answer, and realise they've got more rep and gold badges than me.
@MarcoBonelli Eh, users learn. I'm sure you still can find comments by Jon Skeet posted as answers :D
@Braiam LOL
@Scratte no but the temptation was high
I've had some strange reactions to my commenting on higher reputation users NAA posts. Those from the NAA bot room. There's really no shortage on how users can misunderstand this site. And reputation isn't an indicator.
Some users have also just been very lucky with one Question asked 7 years ago and all their reputation have come from this one post.
How do you close an unclear question with a bounty? stackoverflow.com/q/63081147/2943403 (incomplete )
8:24 PM
@mickmackusa You ask SE to be given permission :D
@mickmackusa You wait until the bounty period is over and the notice is gone.
Only moderators have the tools to achieve that, but they do by shortcicuiting the system
Mods can refund bounties. In this case... meh. I'll let it run out. Only one day left
Can always close after it's over
Was I wrong about this question? It already got an answer (thankfully not for the recommendation part), but that part is still in there and for the rest, one of the commenters points out that a MCVE is missing.
@Machavity It's 2 days, no? The grace period has to end too. Plus the time it takes before the notice removal / auto-bounty script runs.
8:42 PM
@Scratte The reason not to is the user has had 6 days already of bounty benefit. Refunding now means they get all that added visibility without having to pay rep
Once the bounty ends, the visibility part ends. At that point, you just wait it out
@Machavity I agree with you. I just felt a need to correct the time left to close :)
@Scratte Yes, that's accurate. If the bounty is not manually awarded: the bounty time has to run out, then the grace period, then waiting for the script that changes the state of the question and removes the post notice. IIRC, that script runs every 12 hours.
8:58 PM
I remember one Question where I kept refreshing it to see if I could flag it :)
9:15 PM
Is that Gitlab or GitLab? (The first form gives me a red squiggle - the second doesn't!)
@AdrianMole There's a GitLab
I know!
Oh. But I didn't know that you know :)
It was a lame attempt at an anti-squigglist joke.
9:36 PM
I see they've added a different notice for when you delete vote a question with an answer
I got a big "are you sure you want to delete an answered question" notice on one. Unfortunately I didn't wait long enough to read it before refreshing the question for some reflexive reason
FYI: It seems that lots of feature-requests are getting status-deferred on meta.
10:26 PM
@halfer Could that somehow be a self-duplicate of stackoverflow.com/questions/62670265/…?
10:47 PM
@Andreas I'd say that link is also poor quality, but not necessarily a dup. Hopefully that one will be closed too, but I don't want to raise more than one request per user here.
@halfer mhm, ok.
@Scratte Same is happening on Meta.SE.
@MarcoBonelli here is a graph based on review tasks over time in SEDE: data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/1272722#graph The scraper was a bit more accurate as it also counted tasks that were never completed. The general shape is the same ...
@Scratte waiting for round F of VC funding to do those
Seems like the questions in question were recently put in the dev queue by mods. Is that [status-deferred] codeword for [status-declined]?
... there are 113 questions with [status-review] on MSO
11:03 PM
@rene thank you! And... holy moly what is that 90k drop in 2014?
that was when all questions with <5 votes where removed in an attempt to close enough to get it to zero, then do the < 4 votes etc ...
the first batch worked
not enough close voters were interesting in doing the following batches
I thought the drop was the implementation of aging away
that was later
or that is why it today isn't at 150K again
@rene First all below 5 votes, then all below 4 votes?
yeah, all, that needed only one vote first
it is late here or early
11:08 PM
You needed 6 votes to close stuff?
so when you remove <5 votes you get == 5 votes which are closed? :)
You needed 5 votes but some users can flag a post which goes into the review without a single vote
off-by-one errors and naming things are hard
@Dharman oh, snap
@rene wait what do you mean exactly with "all questions with <5 votes were removed"? you mean questions in the cv queue with less than 5 cvs were removed from it?
11:09 PM
@Dharman no actually, I think I stand by my previous statement
let me find the meta post
what you said only explains 0-vote questions in the queue
but I'm on flower time so I might just be confused
Wish I got into coding stuff sooner. I missed a lot of good stuff in the first years of SO apparently.
11:12 PM
@rene I got distracted by the gifs
Our star game is weak... there are things on the star board older than my shaved chin.
@AndrasDeak we need gif images on the close vote buttons to keep people their attention?
I'm not saying cat gifs would help everyone focus, but it would certainly make me consider reviewing
@AndrasDeak I'll see if I can create a meta post to get that status-deferred ....
11:20 PM
Heh, the new KPI of meta feature requests, "time to deferred"
Wait.. I'm still kind of lost. The huge backlog was because originally questions were added to the queue too easily? Or what?
Then they decided to remove everything keeping only stuff that had >=5 CVs, and gradually lower that threshold (to 1?)?
@MarcoBonelli Amount of crap > amount of users capable to deal with crap
@Braiam hmm ok, but that wasn't changed, was it? I only see number of votes mentioned in that meta post.
Did this get shared here? meta.stackexchange.com/q/346902/213575
@MarcoBonelli Basically, they were giving placebo. If you look at the linked post, the placebo is no more.
I'm feeling really stupid right now.
11:26 PM
There's also a drop in March 2015; that was the date when pending recommend closure flags began aging like normal close votes instead of simply lingering
11:42 PM
@Dharman Isn't it a demonstration and a solution that's worded as if it's NAA?
@DavidBuck Well, it seems to me like they're having a problem and they gave the code their using.
No, it looks to me like they have a new problem. They overwrite the variable inside the loop
@Dharman You could well be right. Risky NAA flag, tho.
Would this be better off migrated to dba.se? stackoverflow.com/questions/62067272/…
@DavidBuck It's on topic here, but it also belongs in dba.se
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