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2:02 AM
Do close votes count as flags? Just curious because I don't have that privilege yet.
@10Rep When you have less than 3k, you have to use a flag. When you hit 3k, you get 50 CVs and no longer need to flag, as you're directly voting
@Machavity So when you close vote, your flag count doesn't go up?
@10Rep No
Ok thanks.
2:21 AM
@Dharman I mean, why not ask the user? Mine got declined as well, but lets ask him instead.
I agree with you though.
I have enough of trying to save low-quality content. There are other answers there already, I see no reason to keep this even if it was meant to answer the question
Is it because of the SQL code? The most I can do is downvote.
I have no idea. The whole thing is a mess as usual in PHP tag
@Dharman @10Rep Why would you expect an NAA flag to work on that? It's not obviously NAA. If it's something that isn't obvious, then raise a custom mod-flag and explain what the problem or issue is or why it should be deleted. If you've found something, don't assume that moderators will happen to see it too, particularly when you take into account that the moderator handling the flag may have no experience in the technology involved.
@Makyen The feedback I got was: Looks like they are giving an example solution to the problem in the question, but worded in a way that sounds like a new question. I would let this stay.
2:30 AM
It reads like NAA to me. If someone with experience in that technology can convince me otherwise I can change my mind.
@Dharman updated.
I actually tried to save by editing the other answer there but I gave up because I could not make heads or tails of it.
@BhargavRao Now it makes a lot more sense. I guess he gave a hypothetical answer, which kinda confused me.
Can you bin my del-pls request, please?
@10Rep I saw the feedback that you got.
@Dharman @10Rep But, seriously, if it's something that isn't obvious, then raise a custom mod-flag. The named flags are a first-order filter. Moderators are relying on users to use the named flags for things that are obviously in those categories.
If you use it for things that are maybe it is/maybe it isn't, then moderators have to spend extra time on every single flag, because we have to go and investigate everything (except those that are clearly obvious). There are a lot of flags raised that really shouldn't be raised, because the post doesn't justify it. Without users using the flags to mean just what they say they mean, it increases amount of time that moderators have to spend on flags by 5 to 10 times, which isn't sustainable.
1 message moved to SOCVR /dev/null, by request
2:39 AM
@Makyen It seemed obvious at the time, but that's probably because I'm not familiar with the technology. I'll keep that in mind, however.
3:35 AM
Okay this is an interesting review in the reopen queue. Whatever that edit was probably shouldn't have been approved.
@DanielWiddis The edit was made by the OP
Which I saw when I dug into it. Which makes it all the more interesting, but since we don't discuss users here I'm leaving it alone.
The edit has not explained why it's not a dupe so I've voted Leave Closed
Aren't mod's votes counted as 'decisive'? It wasn't the case on that review
3:51 AM
@BhargavRao So it counts on closing, but not on reopening, right?
I'm not actually sure, tbh. I've not reviewed queues other than suggested edits and close post being a mod ... both of which are binding.
Triage isn't binding either stackoverflow.com/review/triage/26849415
Oh, I've reviewed the LQPQ as well (and completely cleared it a lot of times :p), which is binding.
that...seems like a bug, TBH...mod votes really ought to be binding everywhere.
Confusing :o
I am lost
3:56 AM
Hi lost
The one Daniel linked above is extra bizarre because the third Leave Closed vote from any user is supposed to be binding...
Oh dang, yeah
and Bhargav's wasn't, which makes me wonder if it only happened due to outside-of-queue reviewing via the link
Perhaps some kind of race condition, or caching.
3:57 AM
before whatever script is supposed to finalize those got around to finalizing it
This is why I stick to just the mod queue ... review queues are confusing :p
@BhargavRao if you want to test, here's an obvious reopen review (adds an image of code) with only a single review on it: stackoverflow.com/review/reopen/26867567 (no one else vote)
> Review completed just now:
There we have it. Caching and/or race conditions blamed :-p
Mod reopen review votes are binding after all
But it isn't for triage...
Anyway, triage is broken, so no one cares :p
brb, standup time. \o
4:03 AM
...yeah, that Triage review wasn't quite so close in timestamp...I've got nothing on that one. I second blaming triage being broken :-p
4:21 AM
Hmm, what's this question about? stackoverflow.com/q/55621167/4099593 ... the answer makes it look like a programming question..
It was cross-posted to photo.stackexchange.com which seems like a better home for the question as written. But the answer could be useful to someone wanting to determine the value programmatically
@bad_coder While I'm not advocating the use of downvotes solely for cleanup (see meta.stackoverflow.com/a/307010/208273 and the question for relevant advice here), I would point out that old "lazy / poorly-written / useless" questions like that with no answers/upvotes can be downvoted, and will be automatically deleted once they are at negative score, with no need for close votes since there's very little chance that someone will try to answer soon
@Nick Thanks, updated the tags. The self-answer seems useful.
@BhargavRao I also tweaked the title a bit to make the question match the self-answer.
and make it more clearly about programming
Nice. Perhaps pull the title to the body and rewrite the title?
4:31 AM
@BhargavRao Good call, done.
Cool, and now to cleanup the comments
@Nick did it actually get cross-posted? I don't see it.
Thanks guys
I think it's turned into something that is quite useful.
@RyanM there was a comment, which I thought was someone else saying they had cross-posted it to this
> You can measure it yourself by figuring out how close a meter stick has to be to the camera for the entire thing to fit into the picture. It seems to be around 64 degrees? I also posted the question here: photo.stackexchange.com/q/106509/83142 – J. Antonio Perez Apr 10 '19 at 21:20
4:35 AM
@Nick ah yeah, just saw that. Nice, so the non-programmatic version has a proper answer and is where it belongs.
and all is well on the network. At least with regard to this question...
@RyanM just as well you qualified that last remark!
4:46 AM
I had reviewed that question before knowing of SOCVR. At the time I flagged and the flag aged away...I didn't go for the DV -back then, 6 months ago- because there was still a possibility of the OP editing things into shape.

Anyway, I will carefully consider the links you included.
Yeah, I often don't downvote at the point of casting the close vote unless I think the question is hopeless, in part to preserve downvotes and in part to allow the OP to fix it and get it reopened without having a score that's too negative. But I'll check back in a few days, and if it's still open and still bad, I'll downvote it then.
@RyanM I can't always keep organized in terms of going back to things. My daily life just allows me that much time at any given week. What I'll do is a periodic clean up every few months, and sometimes surprises like that come up.
5:18 AM
Does anyone know why the system waits 15 minutes after a close vote to enter a post into the close vote review queue?
...ugh, the OP accepted an answer without improving the question. stackoverflow.com/q/63081147/2943403 ...I'll still need to vote to close after the bounty is over.
@mickmackusa I don't see a bounty?
ended one hour ago
Ah I didn't refresh the page. Time to close.
^ another one where the bounty finally expired
this one has "unprotect" below it, does that mean it's protected somehow? why? stackoverflow.com/questions/60613431/…
@tripleee The Community protected it following 2 spam posts
Closing came after
5:33 AM
@Vega Thought it was a bug and clicked unprotect :facepalm:
Should this seemingly abandoned question be deleted or reopened? It was closed as a duplicate but OP says otherwise, it has a deleted answer with 3 net score.
@oguzismail I believe no harm was done in this case
5:54 AM
@oguzismail I don't see the usefulness of that question as a signpost without the answers. Either we should vote to undelete the +3 answer either to delete the low traffic question. I know nothing in R, so will not vote yet
@oguzismail all good, final delete vote cast
@AndrasDeak What does the "F" and the "VC" mean?
@Scratte Round F comes after Round E, "VC" = Venture Capital
implying this is the sixth round of big money being piled in
They have had 5 funding rounds so far, with the last one being Series E
I'd love to know the valuation of that $85M series E...
6:10 AM
@RyanM I think general reasoning for that is, review is supposed to pass to "outsiders" work that is difficult to do "in place" (for example by active tag regulars). Delays prior to review work as kind of sanity check ensuring that the post indeed has low chance to be handled in place. (Triage is exception because it was explicitly designed to handle stuff needing urgent attention no matter what. Though its development was abandoned midway so we can't reliably tell much about it)
@tripleee Thanks. I had no idea what was meant by it at all :)
@gnat I did a bit more digging, and that's about right (specifically to give the author a chance to fix it themself), although Shog9 has speculated that the timer applying to the age of the flag rather than the age of the post may have been unintended.
Considering feature-requesting it to be the age of the post to help clean up crap in tags with a lot of FGITW.
@RyanM That last one (nr 4) is messing things up in my opinion. Also nr. 5, which is the one that disputes most of my flags for duplicates.
@Scratte Yeah #5 just seems...ill-advised
But also nr. 4. Remember the post we tested, where you put a close vote on it, and it never entered the queue again?
6:21 AM
4 is debatable, on the one hand it means it failed to attract votes from review. On the other hand, with the length of the queue, it might mean no one even saw it.
But the only reason it didn't go in again was my little flag holding it back.. which is.. unfortunate, since my flag was: for closure. If your vote had come in earlier, it would have prolonged the stay in the queue.
At the moment, the [android] queue has been quite short and easy to go through all of, so I want new bad questions pushed to me for review.
@Scratte IIRC that one actually had a close vote. But yes.
6:54 AM
Is this python Question suppose to be closed? Or is it answerable?
there might be a trivial duplicate but I voted to close as requiring debugging information
Ok. Thanks :) Then I wasn't complete off then, even if out of my comfort zone :)
Is this a good edit? It has disclosure and is relevant, but it rubs me the wrong way.
It seems OK to me. If it works :) Especially if "Currently the only of the libraries not deprecated and still being maintained." is true.
@RyanM I voted to reject with a reason which is hopefully visible to you now
7:03 AM
@tripleee I'm sold on that reason. I seconded it.
(I've learned earlier today that I can view other votes on reviews that I haven't voted on yet by opening them in a private window)
@RyanM Huh? you open up the review in a window where you're not logged in?
@Vega Neither do I, however I don't want it to be acted upon without hearing at least one SME's opinion either. I'll see if there is an active chat room for R and post it there too
@Scratte Yep. If I'm logged in, I'm just prompted to review it until I actually cast a vote.
@RyanM It doesn't make sense to give more information to public :D Though it does make sense to have reviewers make up their own mind independently.
@oguzismail I believe chat.stackoverflow.com/rooms/75819/gmts is such a room
@Scratte SO has lots of ways to obtain more information than is presented to you in the native UI :-)
7:07 AM
@RyanM Thanks. What does GMTs stand for though?
I have absolutely no idea.
it had come up in a previous discussion, and that's the only reason I knew what to look for
> This room was initially created in order to moderate SO R tag during the GMT time zones due to inactivity of most of the users during this time of the day.
7:28 AM
@JeanneDark [question for the room] Is it worth flagging questions like this as plagiarism for being blatant exact copy-pastes of textbook problems?
(with no citation in sight)
@RyanM all plagiarism should be flagged IMO.
Not sure if Brad still take these but getting Larson'd was a thing.
@rene does that refer to getting posts deleted for plagiarism? :-p
Deleted as I was writing the flag. Darned lurking ninja moderators...
Too efficient!
Not sure if plag. per se... but definitely a question that was never going anywhere though...
@RyanM yes, and often not only that single post ...
@JonClements What's your opinion on the validity of flagging things like that? I see them from time to time, but I'm never sure whether to flag them...
I could see "mods appreciate the heads-up about an utterly terrible question that's also borderline plagiarism" but I could also see "these are gonna get roomba'd, meh, no need to flag"
7:43 AM
for a one-of you could argue that closing and roomba will do. Often users that post plagiarism have no trouble doing it again or be repeat offenders. That is where a flag is handy.
A mod might check a users history when they hit a plagiarism flag
For that specific case - I'm along the lines of it's some guy copy/pasting a paragraph from an assignment they're supposed to be doing - it's not attempting to plagiarise things. It's just a very bad question that should be closed, voted upon etc... and maybe let it get roomba'd
Makes sense to me. Thanks!
See, that is why Jon is a mod.
Have a scooby snack
@RyanM you'll generally find plag. more common in answers... eg: someone who copy/pastes a large chunk/all verbatim from somewhere else without attribution or even attempting to use it as a reference source but rather to pass it off as "theirs"...
@tripleee umm - wrong rollback?
@JonClements yup, sorry, thanks for catching that
submitted a delete vote as an act of mercy; I guess there is no lasting value there
7:57 AM
@tripleee don't tell anyone but I nearly did the same but you beat me to it :)
Heh.. the old "copy'n'paste into Questions isn't plagiarism"..
it's doable but it's far far less common :)
some of us stopped flagging plagiarism though.
8:38 AM
Is this too similar to that?
@Scratte if it wasn't for the Step 3 image I'd say definitely.
@Scratte very suspiciously similar
@Nick "this" is the step 3 of "that", isn't it? :) Well.. with a small variation though
@Scratte yeah. It's a really hard call; the text is basically identical but the image is completely different
I Skipped it, since.. well.. I thought it may be plagiarized of sorts.
8:43 AM
At least worth a comment suggesting a citation link IMHO
I was focusing on the text. I find it odd that two separate users would come up with identical phrasing.
Oh it's obviously copied. There's no doubt.
But not flaggable?
I think it's not so blatantly the same that it would need to be deleted if there were a citation...
Could also just edit one in.
@TheMaster you'd think OP would have deleted it themselves to get the 6 rep back!
8:47 AM
@RyanM Heh.. edit in credit. I guess it could work within Stack Overflow, but if it's from outside, one could be caught in a copyright violation.
@Nick And loose 26? (there are 4 upvotes and 7 down) :D
@Vega that'd be it - I should have looked more closely...
@RyanM I'll just pass it on to the next reviewer then :)
@kvantour duplicate of?
@MarcoBonelli It says so on the post :)
8:53 AM
That question is also non reproducible as OP does not include the necessary code to reproduce the error...
@MarcoBonelli I've marked it in the post
I wanted to change my close-reason but I was unable to do so
Oh thanks, got it.
@MarcoBonelli That was my first close reason
Thankfully OP solved it theirselves. I would have voted for dupe instead of non reproducible because in the second case that does not help OP.
Is a question like this suitable for SO? "I completed the task and they say that this is not a competitive code. Please can anybody review this. What should i do so it looks professional. And any other suggestions will be welcome."
8:58 AM
@JeanneDark definitely not.
It's at least opinion based, then also unclear and a code review question.
9:30 AM
@tripleee I believe this is a powershell or cmd question and not a bash question
@kvantour they tagged it Bash but I got the same impression; unclear and no effort in any event
9:49 AM
@Daniil What's unclear about that? Seems like a clear duplicate of stackoverflow.com/questions/27612545/…
@RyanM It needs to show what the OP has tried
@Daniil No, it doesn't. How-to problems with a clear problem description don't need to show effort to solve the problem, although some research effort would've been nice here (I found it by copying their question title into Google). What would they even try here without any idea of what control characters to emit? Emitting random characters? I can't recommend Shog's answer here enough - he puts it better than I can.
I'm borrowing Cody's soapbox here :-p
@RyanM I don't think that's clear at all - they seem to realise there's libraries they can use to do it (and can use \r etc...) but want to understand more about how those libraries do it... which is probably - well, depending on the OS, the terminal/shell, other things etc...
@JonClements The answer to the question I linked actually does describe...all of that :-) ...I should go upvote it, that was a really good answer...
I'll certainly concede that it's not a very good question, at least without an OS. That's a fair point.
It does just so happen that there's a good answer that covers quite a wide range. Which I suppose isn't immediately obvious, so my criticism of the cv-pls might've been a bit too harsh.
@Daniil Jon raised a good point, I retract my "what's unclear about..." objection to your cv-pls
How does a Spam flag get marked "Disputed"?
9:59 AM
@DavidBuck it's legit spam but the product it advertises actually works
@DavidBuck A moderator hits the "clear spam flags" button on the post (potentially before then deleting it)
@RyanM Yes, it was deleted in this case. Presumably this stops the 100 rep penalty. Probably fair enough as I think it was a poorly thought through answer that promoted their own product, not just "Cheap Raybanz Here"
@AndrasDeak err - more like - it's not been viewed as trying to spam - but more just a good faith but ill-advised recommendation without disclosure?
@JonClements Seems perfectly reasonable under the circumstances.
@JonClements That is a separate issue though. It may be unclear. But closing as unclear just because there's no code in a how-to Question is just plain wrong.
10:10 AM
@Scratte it's also "needs more details" - it's a borderline one that one... but ultimately without more detail - the "how to" is broad... without some more information it's not going to lead to good answers -
and it's not worth getting hung up over the *exact* close reason
@DavidBuck It can also be a "I see what you were going for, but it's not clear enough to nuke" on stuff that looks like it might be spam (example) (note: this was flagged earlier, no need to flag it)
@JonClements impossible! :P
@JonClements I wasn't referring to the particular case though :)
@Scratte it still applies more generally :)
@RyanM Yes, whilst (some) spammers try hard to make their spam look legit, it's always impressive when some people write legit posts but make them look like spam.
10:14 AM
@AndrasDeak I know not the meaning of that word! (or something)
I'm just very worried that good how-to Questions gets closed under the broad "lack of code"
being closed for no effort with a comment pointing to a probable duplicate is not altogether very different for the average visitor compared to a bona fide duplicate
If it's a duplicate, then it should be closed no matter how good the Question is in itself, no?
10:30 AM
Anyone else noticing a cod brigade?
@E_net4isbeingtargeted a what now?
@RyanM Cod.
Cod fish.
@AlonEitan I don't think so. It is, however, a mess.
@AlonEitan Technically, it is an undesired question, but no, it's not unsolicited advertisement.
10:35 AM
@E_net4isbeingtargeted No idea what a cod brigade is. Unless it's actual cod fish organizing and being combatant, which.. would probably make the news :)
Thanks, indeed my flag was disputed
Just a bunch of users trying to have fun with cod-related questions.
Are nonsensical posts (i.e. body like "asdasdasdasdsad") to be considered as spam? I see the spam flag text only talks about promotion of products/services.
@MarcoBonelli I flag those as rude
@AlonEitan that doesn't make much sense to me.
10:37 AM
@E_net4isbeingtargeted It's not a misspelling of "code"? :)
@Scratte COD if I'm not mistaken is Call of Duty. An FPS.
It works most of the times for me, it isn't spam but disrespect
@Scratte Not when accompanied with images of an actual fish.
@Braiam ^
@MarcoBonelli meta.stackexchange.com/a/58035/165261, search for "asdasdasdasdasdasdasdasdasdasdasdasd"
10:40 AM
@E_net4isbeingtargeted lol! Point taken :)
@E_net4isbeingtargeted I have not seen any such, erm, fishy posts...
Me either. I'd like to, since I'm curious now.. and it's been a while since I saw a picture of a fish :)
@RyanM Well, right now you would need 10k powers to see them.
@RyanM I'm not so sure that the image of a fish means its not about the FPS, e.g. google.com/search?q=cod+fish+fps+meme
going off to research the meaning of FPS now
10:44 AM
@Scratte First Person Shooter
@Scratte First person shooter, e.g. Doom, Halo, Quake, etc
Alternatively, it's Frames Per Second but not in the previous context.
Ohh.. I got "feet per second" and "frames per second" :D
@VLAZ true
Fake Positioning System
10:45 AM
@E_net4isbeingtargeted An alternative to GPS?
Gourd Pairing Sleeve
@RyanM ok, I'll trust that. The title of the flag throws me off every time.
Is there anywhere on the network one can ask database design Questions?
As in.. "I need this data in my database. I have this design. Is it beneficial for my usecase?"
@Scratte Is it on topic at DBA.stackexchange.com?
@Scratte DBA.SE?
10:48 AM
@E_net4isbeingtargeted someone seems to be imitating you, closing questions as E_net4! stackoverflow.com/questions/63278915/…
@desertnaut PffpffppffHAAHAHAHAHAHA!
Got you. :)
and they are not being targeted!!! (or at least they do not claim to be)
I knew someone wouldn't believe me if I changed my display name to simply "E_net4". Look again. :)
it takes a little while for profiles to sync between main and chat
10:50 AM
It was a roooooooooooose.
OK, I can feel the cache.
Unless a moderator is bored and hits the button. Which does happen.
@RyanM Hmm.. I'm not sure they like design Questions. It's a site for administration, if I understand it correctly.
Meh... manually did a "Refresh this user's profile (except for the about text) from the parent site?" thing - so should be fine now...
@Scratte With the disclaimer that I have never posted on DBA or read any posts there, "If you have a question about...Data Modelling and database-design, including referential-integrity...then you're in the right place to ask your question!"
goes into the corner in shame for not having read their help center myself
10:53 AM
@Scratte I'm pretty sure database design is part of the skills you'd expect from a DBA, but I'll admit I've done less than average SQL and very little oracle in my life.
@E_net4 I noticed earlier and actually did check ^^;
Nobody expects the Display name inquisition.
@robsiemb I thought developers did the designs, and the administrators worked to make it not take the database down with it.
@Scratte often by telling the developers they did the designs badly ;-)
@Scratte Like I said, my experience is limited, but the few DBAs I've known have actually been good about "Hey, design the schema this way so that you don't hork the perormance of the DB"
11:04 AM
Actual example: at a previous job, any database migration had to be reviewed by Ops to make sure that it wouldn't break things
In my experience the developers sometimes asks for help and all they get is a new "profile".. which.. isn't very helpful.
I think it's valid
I guess the question could be closed as "not reproducible", as it is a temporary outage?
Or as "needs details", since there is only a screenshot of the error...
@PraveenKumarPurushothaman Rewording it can be an answer, something like "That problem can raise when the server is own, you can check server status at this URL"
11:19 AM
@Cleptus Good one.
Proposal is closing these as dupes of this one, as it has a lot of views and votes already
@janw Oh, no.... I really wonder why the heck people try to ask strangers to figure out their issue but they don't contact their customer support channel...
11:44 AM
@TheMaster "seeking readymade code" is not a standard reason we can use to close a question. We kindly ask to stick to standard reasons as much as possible.
It's only 1pm and I am already disgusted with the quality of questions posted today on Stack Overflow
12:02 PM
@Dharman Is that unusual? Or is today an especially disappointing day?
@Dharman patience! it will be a long day... :)
Is there any thing to do here?
@Vega Where you led, I followed. :)
@Vega I guess your question was just answered :)
I wasn't really expecting that, otherwise I would post cv-pls. Thank you :)
12:14 PM
Is the "This post relates to a rapidly changing event" a new feature? Or just one I haven't come across before because it is rare. See here.
@AdrianMole No, it's just infrequently used on SO, it's relatively common on sites like politics
Oh, that's beautiful to see one of those on SO
12:31 PM
That post notice has been available for nearly 9 years now
@AdrianMole it's been around for ages - and some are customisable by site - i.stack.imgur.com/6yfwh.png
(but yeah it's very very rare they get used on SO - as also - they're pretty much ever needed)
12:46 PM
@JonClements Not sure how or why that post found its way into the Reopen queue, though. But I thought it would be spiteful (if not downright silly) for me to vote to reopen ... seeing that Sam was kind enough to restore my "Powers" earlier today.
1:54 PM
Well I think it's more of a looking for recommendations....
But too late, I already voted
Not sure what's happening here: Question asked by Hoàng Phùng and answered by Phùng Hoàng. Answer suggests they are one and the same person.
@AdrianMole Indeed very strange. I would suggest that they lost the psw, but I don't believe it much myself
@AdrianMole how do we handle this? Custom flag?
+1 to custom flag, +1 to probably lost the account info (note last active date)
2:12 PM
@desertnaut I'm not sure ... which is basically why I brought the matter here. Hoping for some advice/education. ;)
2:29 PM
Ugh, I should stop browsing this tag
Is this a form of vandalism?
@AdrianMole Sock puppets or secondary accounts are ok. Do we need to do anything at all?
@E_net4 Yeah, they need to send a custom flag. You can send it for them, if you'd like.
Like I said - I don't know. Maybe the user needs help to recover the first account?
@RyanM Yep, threw in a modfalg.
2:40 PM
^ NAA (link only)
Ok, now it's spam...
@JeanneDark You have a typo there :)
And just received an answer linking to a tool
@JeanneDark second answer :(
The NAA flag is an endless source of joy, it seems. Is my attempt at a rule of thumb sensible: The NAA flag is appropriate when you can see it's NAA even without looking at the question? Or would that miss too many cases?
2:54 PM
In that case, such an answer is expected: there is an official devtool for debugging React applications.
@JeanneDark When the question asks for recommendation, I don't flag answers as NAA. So I do look the question in case of recommendation answers
@Vega My question was unrelated to that cv-pls request, but inspired by an MSO post about a declined flag
@Vega that's the correct approach indeed for answers to such questions
@JeanneDark It was eligible for a deleting in 9 days
Now 6 days
@Vega No, it had an accepted answer
3:22 PM
@JeanneDark I don't see accepted answer there. Accepted/ unaccepted from user don't record on timeline ?
@Shree I can't see deleted questions. It was shown to me as having an accepted answer. Checking other questions with accepted answers it seems that it isn't really recorded in the timeline of either question or answer (except for having a green check mark in column comment). But I don't know what it looks like when answer and question are deleted.
Bizarre answer afternoon, apparently stackoverflow.com/a/63286824
@DavidBuck Not quite sure what to with that one. As long as the swimmer is well educated, I guess. Spam seed?
@AdrianMole Dunno. I went with R/A as it's obviously a long way away from genuine discourse
Machavity considered it spam or R/A.
3:36 PM
@AdrianMole Well it certainly wasn't an attempt at an answer to the question so I guess either works.
Well, I deleted it at any rate. Mod console is handy like that. Not sure it's spam or rude, but there's good reason to have flagged it that way. And it's gone now
... and they're back!
@JeanneDark I see deleted answer and don't see accepted answer. Any way it's gone and every thing happen for good when well wisher around :)
@Shree It's possibly unaccepted when deleted. Or are there deleted questions with accepted answers?
I am not sure , that's why I ask about timeline :)
3:47 PM
Question with screenshots: Question with accepted answer deleted, screenshot shows deleted answer without check mark
3:57 PM
Let's ask Mod. Does accepted / unaccepted answer show on timeline . @Machavity / cc @JeanneDark . Sorry I search on meta but my key word is so week to find my quest.
For context: It was claimed that my del-pls request for this question was unnecessary since Roomba would have taken care of it eventually. But I'm pretty sure it had an accepted answer.
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