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12:15 AM
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2:06 AM
Is there any book that showcases websites that look like this revolutionanalytics.com? Is there a name for this design? With all the rows and in a zig zag fashion
@l19 page not found
@ZachSaucier Oops sorry, edited question
I don't see any zigzag
Scroll down. Don't you see the boxes on the right, left, right, etc?
Anyway, that's not what interests me the most. Most modern websites follow the same pattern. A fixed header, a carousel with new content, then rows with information.
It's more so that I wasn't sure that's what you were talking about
it's called a boring, standard design
2:21 AM
:( i think it's pretty, lol
so do you know of any book that showcase non-boring designs? :)
book, no. Site, yes
... which one?
2:39 AM
except for the first site which didn't load, those are really cool :)
the first one just takes a little
poor UX, to start, yes
I assume you study graphic design?
haven't had a class in it ever
same as most people in here (though many people in here aren't very good at design, haha)
darn. i'd love to know how to make websites like those.
zachsaucier.com/blog/resources.html may help you get started
2:54 AM
i think i need something that tells me "ok, build this", and then progresses onto more complicated stuff.
that would give me practice.
btw, thanks for that link, i'll definitely check it out. it's bookmarked
@l19 tell yourself that
read the posts I've written, I hate restating myself :P
haha okay. thanks @ZachSaucier
@ZachSaucier what do you hate?
What year are you @l19?
3:02 AM
Year? What do you mean?
at your university, how many years have you been going?
Oh at university. Last year
have plans for next year?
cool :)
I'm a second year
3:04 AM
What are you studying?
computer science
Nice. I'm doing Systems Analysis. If all goes well i'm graduating on July
what are you doing web for?
web >
just sayin
You automatically get +10 life points when you start working in web
I'm not doing web, i'm just interested.
3:07 AM
well, feel free to stop in any time
regardless of whether or not you work in it
Of course :) there was always a part of my brain that wanted to get into graphic design or web design. But i'm not really creative, sigh
yup, usually we're nice unless you come in during morning time and I haven't had coffee yet :D
@l19 creativity comes by working at it most all of the time
I didn't even realize I did design work until after I had made a bunch of stuff
I still don't do it much or well, but I do it some
Yeah, the problem is I wouldn't know what to build
if there's a need, there's something to build
to find needs you live, think, and talk to people
3:10 AM
Right now i've only got the need to learn hehe
I have a huge backlog of stuff to learn once I finish uni
And series to watch haha
I feel you
uni hinders my learning all the time
but it does teach a good bit of stuff I wouldn't otherwise make the time to learn
You're 19?!
Just saw your profile picture. You don't look 19.
Right now I'm trying to figure out how the crap a capacitor can be charged by a magnetic field
Haha, I don't look 19 from one head shot
3:14 AM
What's wrong with young age?
@Unihedro it makes me feel old.
@Unihedro she didn't say there was anything wrong
I'm a she.
@ZachSaucier Didn't imply there were, I'm just interested in opinions.
forcing an opinion isn't the best way to find out one :P
@l19 Sorry mate. If it bothers you then you should change your name or pic to something more obvious :)
3:17 AM
@ZachSaucier (mis)use singular they, it's gender-agnostic :P
Um. No, I don't want to show my pic, I don't like being recognized on the interwebz (:
Suggest a girly name and i'm in.
@Unihedro I've already given my opinion on that on meta
I know, I was there
@l19 any female name would do. Or Ms.Something
I can't believe how slow Google is right now
3:22 AM
not slow for me
Don't know what's going on. I've got 21 mbps according to speedtest.net
Ah, it may be my computer telling me to go to sleep.
I hate it when it does that.
And it's not even that late. 12:30 am
Do you know Spanish?
This is my lame website: web.fi.uba.ar/~mparnisari. It's where I upload summaries of courses I've taken (in Spanish of course).
looks like the web from 1995
@VamsiPavanMahesh you need illustrator for that
Hah yeah I know. I never really had the time/energy to update it.
I got illustrator
svgs are vectors
photoshop churns out bitmap
so you ll have to design it in illustrator and export it as an svg from there
3:36 AM
yes, can you read my description
Welcome to GraphicDesign! Unfortunately this is a tech support question and I've voted to migrate it to SuperUser — Mark Mussler 11 secs ago
How, that will be a tech support? when I am struggling with backgrounds?
you can modify the svg code to remove the bg
if you can find it
@l19 nice badges :P
very retro
@VamsiPavanMahesh How is it not tech support? And please use the print screen button on your keyboard :P
such xhtml
3:38 AM
:D haha
i sense a vamp up in here
Persjin has been working with him all day, not sure on what
I'm gonna build a new web 5.0. You'll see.
Un fortunately, when any key is pressed. I can able to reproduce that image
@l19 me too :)
3:38 AM
since, I'm showing when pressed inspect element
of that image in webspage
using ES20?
she probably missed that reference
HTML9 Responsive Boilerstrap JS
Boom. Cross-universe compatible.
Well it does have 232 forks...
3:42 AM
that means it's good
@ZachSaucier btw not sure about new york just yet
how come?
waiting on getting a reply from the immigration department regarding when the biometrics appointment is at
so you may not be coming at all, you mean?
3:44 AM
i m sending the application out tomorrow, should hear from them soonish
kk, keep me updated
@Kitler where do you live?
btw since I grew my beard I have yet to be stopped by law enforcement :P i used to get pulled over all the time when I was clean shaven
3:47 AM
@Kitler I would have guessed the opposite
This time i just walked past customs without any problems, even had a conversation with the officer about leb
yeah me 2
@l19 right now i m in delaware, i live in lebanon
maybe it's just a correlation
how's the weather up there?
confused :P
3:48 AM
It rained during the morning and it's been raining non stop since 10pm, during the day it was really warm
much like the weather here
I got a 2 months gym membership as soon as i got here x.x
it's within walking distance so i m heading there each day
3:49 AM
try any distinctly American food yet?
well it's my 4th visit
This time around i m watching what i eat
last time i left the states i was at 85kg
never again :P
we eat well :D
anything that had triple bacon in the title was something i d order :P
3:51 AM
and justly so!
My favorite dish at the dining halls here is called the Big Bird
what's in it
it's chopped philly chicken with grilled chicken, "crispy" chicken (kind of like a big chicken nugget), bacon, and cheese all in a hoagie (pretty much a sub) bun
I'm out guys. It's been a pleasure. C ya
See you around, Ms. l19!
3:53 AM
@Kitler So I ask this to all the internationals I know that come to the US: What's your least favorite thing about America?
so far? i love it
from any of your trips
Like seriously i got nothing to complain about
rarely get that answer
3:55 AM
except maybe texas
Texas isn't all bad, haha
fine screw houston in particular
a lot of the international soldiers coming through the army base in my home town say that guys doing dip is the worst
but that doesn't happen nearly as much outside of the army
what do they mean about guys doing dip?
!!urban dip
3:57 AM
@ZachSaucier dip to leave abruptly. To get the hell out of somewhere.
dang it
how do you tell it to do the second one?
> Dip is a form of smokeless tobacco that is cut more fine than regualar chewing tobacco. It is bought in a round tin that is a little smaller than a hockey puck. It comes in fine cut(or snuff), mid cut, and long cut. Users take a pinch of tobacco and place it between their bottom lip and gums. Smokeless tobacco has much more nicotine than cigarettes (one tin has about the same amount of nicotine as 60 cigarettes). Large amounts of nicotine are absorbed through the gums and mouth tissue and goes directly to the blood stream, creating a buzz that lasts around 15 minutes. This buzz only lasts
ah chewing tobacco is horrible
tried it once
nearly vomited
they hate how people spit it out into bottles and cups when they're in class
ah that's nasty
but I wouldn't say that would bother me enough to complain about the states :P
I only knew a few people who did dip and I think most have stopped by now
3:59 AM
i mean the customer support here is just top notch
depends on the company :P
I filled an application on the us-immigration website and didn't notice that the 160$ they charged me was just for filling the psd -.- and i had to pay 445$ for the actual form fees
so I called them up and they gave me 100$ refund, I was in disbelief
back home you d get a "go fuck yourself" :P
Just realized that SO has a chat :D
@AshishAcharya Welcome! It's better than main for a good many things
wooot khatmandu :D
I was there in december x.x
also welcome
4:01 AM
Thanks guys
Sone dip in kathmandu
didn't know any city names in Nepal until now :P
Are you currently in nepal?
Not as much as in india
@ZachSaucier if you plan on visiting you ll need to remember: bakhtapur, pokhara and chitwan :P
Indeed. Pokhara is the best
Really nice mountain views
4:03 AM
lovely lake
I'll always post in here if I'm traveling some place
And lakes.
Did you get an elephant ride in chitwan?
nope, rather not encourage those, the elephants look miserable, went to the elephant breading center instead
Hmm..yeah, i just went there 6 months ago.
we got to see 3 rinos x.x
4:05 AM
Elephants noy treated that well
up close and personal :P
Wow, the only one i saw was far away, in an enclosure
Rhino numbers are increasing here, which is nice
yeah chitwan is well taken care off
Less poaching these days
Where else did you go?
We went to monkey temple and there was this really big hindu temple we watched a ceremony there was really nice
we trekked up to poon hill
and paraglided
I loved nepal
the food, the people, the culture ... everything was amazing (from a tourist standpoint)
4:10 AM
Seems like you had a great time. :)
spent 15 days there
def recommend it as a destination
Ktm is a bit polluted though
just spent 3 days there
Pokhara is a lot cleaner, but more expensive
But as a tourist, i guess nepal overall is affordable
well compared to our countries, nepal is really cheap
4:13 AM
Yeah 1$ is 100 rs. Blows my mind. Really nice that all my income comes in $. :D
ticket + everything was ~900$
and we stayed at 10$/night guest houses :P could have gone with the 2-3$ hostels
Yeah. And food is pretty cheap as well
yup and really good
60 cents for a plate of momos
loved the dal bhat
potato momos >
4:16 AM
Water buffalo momos are the best
Or chicken
I stuck to vegetarian food while in nepal
a good idea, an american friend of mine got diarrhea when he was here
though i had some amazing fish in pokhara, a place called stairway to heaven
yeah americans have a weaker immune system than us :P
my friends ate everything and they were fine :P
Haha where are you from
user image
4:18 AM
Ah, i know its somewhere in the mid east
yak wool scarfs are sick
Haha cool
Nice to meet you.
Now ive gotto go get some dal bhat
hahahha enjoy, i m going to bed
Good night. See ya.
@Kitler so hipster
5:25 AM
posted on April 21, 2015

New Cyanide and Happiness Comic

5:47 AM
@Kitler AHAHSDahsdasdhiasdqq
6:08 AM
so these days people add jquery tags randomly to any js question
Oh but i see the user is using javaScript and we all know that jquery plugin
@Persijn Wait wait... I thought jQuery and javascript were the same thing..
6:24 AM
@Neil you are insulting jquery by calling it equivalent to js
Sorry, I meant jQuery, the better language of the two
guys guys i actually found a dark spot on jquery. It can't handle svg elements properly...
6:47 AM
@Neil I like jQuarry.
@Mr.Alien sigh
7:14 AM
@Mr.Alien :)
@Worf morning
@SecondRikudo Sigh. Unsuccessful troll. 1/10
At least I tried
Once upon a time that would have worked though
Perhaps we, as the javascript programming community, are finally learning something
@Neil Did you mean "the jQuery programming community"?
7:33 AM
@SecondRikudo Because we're not learning anything? :)
Or was that a subtroll?
Uhhhh @KeyboardWarrior
What the hell is up with your profile picture?
7:54 AM
why did you delete that, you were just telling the truth
Hey, anyone of you visited india
> So when is Cheryl's birthday?

Cheryl should tell just her friends when her birthday is, like a normal person.
spit some coffe on keyboard laughing
@RaviPrakash any reason for asking that ?
8:13 AM
@NullPoiиteя Banned
sigh .. trolls are always troll ;)
8:29 AM
@Kitler baller
posted on April 21, 2015 by kbironneau

/* by gouy95 */

9:01 AM
@Kitler Missing from this picture: Camel and Joint.
Good morning!
hey hedro longtime no seen
Got spare time around to hang out in rooms again :p
so buzzy at work?
school is being a nuance
9:13 AM
collage university?
high school
Hey crabby how are you doing today?
9:17 AM
9:44 AM
@Sippy i did that for you.... and no responce
aquariussoft.com/pc-keyboard-hotkey anyone knows similar software for win?
@Worf windows has some built in low level hotkeys, but try: autohotkey.com
downloading it
anyway, on your brit keyboard do you have the ` key?
i have to write Alt+96 every time
below the escape key
9:59 AM
i see, i have | and \ on that key :P
i set a shortcut in phpstorm for it but it's not as comfortable as writing like Ctrl+'
also works in phpstorm only

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