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12:05 AM
I've been so amazed by his demos in the past
he's re-written most of them for modern browsers/code
dhteumeuleu has been around for AGES
I remember an 'IE only' section back in the early 2000's
@Loktar I'm sure remembers dhteumeuleu
I had NO CLUE it was all one dude
I thought it was submitted
I remember that blue guy'
What are some drawbacks of media queries? Superficially it seems like a pain to manage all the different major screen sizes as different website designs?
Not that I'm disagreeing it may be easier
you usally just need 2-3
12:18 AM
if you design for the smallest display first, and expand to larger with media queries you'll have an easier time of it
it's easier to add items than to hide stuff as you go down
I remember a version of this from back in the day
obv not as smooth
but dude had this working on ie6 in the day
no clue how he did it then. still amazed by it today
> I just realized the other day "Silicon Valley" wasn't "Silicone Valley" -- I thought everyone was talking about big breasted dumb blondes.
^ my girlfriend everyone.
I guess it is silly of me not to use media queries then. Thanks! I figured I was overcomplicating it
12:37 AM
@rlemon LOL
salute her for me
hi, Kitler
1:44 AM
Anyone know of a menu like this that doesn't push the container?
Tried to modify it to not push but too much work.
2:42 AM
why not make your own?
it's just a div
1 hour later…
i love how some website trick customer with price i.e. they simply convert price from amazon usa
4:05 AM
lol at that caption
5:03 AM
posted on April 22, 2015

New Cyanide and Happiness Comic

5:28 AM
Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'BetYouDidntSeeThatComingException' (by Dan Lugg) #phphumor
5:42 AM
Hey, anyone here? What do you guys think about responsive vs mobile only sites?
@BenjaminGruenbaum what kind of a question is that?
One based on a real dilemma I'm facing
I want the opinions of people who have experience with both
140% pro responsive
Why do you think most large companies have dedicated mobile websites?
Like Facebook, Gmail etc
They will update them soon ..
5:49 AM
Isn't downloading more data to the client on a mobile connection bad? (both styles)
Also, StackOverflow.
Stack overflow is not responsive
Exactly, why?
Because they are not updated yet :P, or they simply have apps
and if this is on any help google.co.in/…
@BenjaminGruenbaum are you building a website that'll attract millions of visitors a day?
they are saying .. google prefers responsive one's
5:53 AM
It already attracts about 100 thousand
anyway, I'd love to explain but I have to drive to work first
maybe later
how does it matter @ste
based on visitors?
I was wondering why he was using facebook etc as a comparison
oh okies
let me just say that I worked for a medium-sized porn site (3m visitors a day) and I did both a mobile only and the start of a responsive site for them
I still choose responsive
5:54 AM
I'm wondering why the "big guys" who probably did a lot of research came to the conclusion a responsive website is a bad idea
the big guys often come to the conclusions certain things are a bad idea at their amount of visitors
@StephanMuller the problem is with porn sites people expect videos and large images to load - they don't really care if the initial load is a second longer.
that doesn't always mean the principle is bad
fair enough, anyway gotta scram, let's continue later
If you're streaming hundreds of megabytes then loading 500kb of css isn't gonna make-or-break the ux
5:55 AM
Thanks, ping me when you're back :)
at your junior programers?
We don't have junior programmers, the most junior person is still better than a lot of seniors at other companies I know.
We're a 30 people startup
I read that already, I also read smashingmagazine.com/2014/07/22/…
If you got resources, go for mobile websites ..
otherwise, responsive
@VamsiPavanMahesh why?
Assuming resources are not a concern - why mobile?
I wish @mikedidthis was here
cuz, you are letting the device do the work for you on responsive one
in mobile, you are doing optimization of server itself
so making things easier for user in mobile websites ..
just my 2 cents ..
@BenjaminGruenbaum targeting specific devices/platforms is just legacy for some sites. google had a lot of versions of their site for different browsers already, so probably what they thought was better was continuing along this way
also targeting platforms rather than creating responsive sites reduces the risks of breaks when changing code. say you fix a bug in msie9 on a responsive site, you can't know if it broke other browsers unless you test them all again
I copied my html files in ..\Tomcat 7.0\webapps\html on windows
6:13 AM
but these problems are very rare tbh. it also depends on how many users you want to support. google supports even msie5, reason they still prefer ua spoofing. i don't think you want to do the same. if they had the opportunity to support only last browsers they would probably have responsive websites
When I trigger http://localhost:8080/html/html5.html from chrome browser, I receive HTTP Status 404 - /html
How do I troubleshoot this problem?
@overexchange tomcat deals with war files
Not sure you can simply throw a bunch of html files in a folder under webapps and have it work
But tomcat also provide resources
that's more of apache 2.2's job
tomcat is web application hosting
that is one functionality
6:17 AM
is there a particular reason why you feel you should use tomcat?
if you've found a way of making tomcat work for your needs, more power to you, but I understand that that's not your situation :P
Ya I can access local drive c:\nmv\fdg\ff\.. but am learning html-javascript-php and tutor is accessing html using localhost
is this war file? w3.org/css/index.html
a war file has .war extension
syntax can be Protocol://hostname:port/path_and_filename
I know that
You probably want to use Apache 2.2, since you can put html files in a hosted folder and you can view it using localhost/file.html
@Worf What would this chatroom be without you? Shambles. Complete shambles. That's what.
6:22 AM
sorry :(
Don't apologize, I thought it was funny
@Neil file:///C:/Users/mohet01/git/Javascript_basics/html5.html does not work
@overexchange that sort of "hosting" depends on your browser and how strict your firewall is setup
But it doesn't involve any program
@Neil actually the problem is with ridirect meta tag, if I remove then it works
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="3; url=redirect.html"> this is the problem
am not sure why
6:29 AM
@overexchange Because it is a relative URI, then your browser recreates the new url based on the domain information passed in http request
and since it isn't technically an http request, there is no "domain"
you need to throw it in an apache 2.2 web container or activate IIS service container
then access it using localhost/html5.html
is there any best practice on how to print large css styles tables to paper without having to split them in more columns? tables with like 50 columns and hundreds of rows
it get's cut off where page ends and won't print rest of columns
@easwee you could use fixed-layout
but then it would cut off the contents in the cell rather than the table itself
if the contents don't fit on the page, something must be cut off :P
will that automatically splt the table on more pages?
I have a table that spans over 4 A4 pages
6:33 AM
oh, you mean with a printer?
in width
not height
@Neil yeah
IRL print :P
before it prints, imagine the browser shrinking to A4 width first
css is just awful to handle large print documents
so if it looks "right" with A4 width for you to print, it should print properly
that said, you can't use a table
I can't put that table on one page
6:34 AM
not if you want those columns to jump to a new page
you need to use divs with inline-table and such
so it acts like a table with larger widths, but with smaller widths, you can use css to change the display type
just like you would change any css for smaller media types
can't change anything about it - it's just some html reports - I just wanna know if it's possible to print it split on pages without doing any extra hacks
thought there would be a magic checkbox :P
I guess convert html to pdf and print is still best option
you can try
but i don't think that would work either
off to work, be back online within the hour
@Neil I could not get download link for apache 2.2 httpd.apache.org/download.cgi#apache22
7:20 AM
to launch my html's from localhost sing browser i have started my apache 2.2 server from console
where do I place html files?
I have apache in C:\Apache22
7:35 AM
@BenjaminGruenbaum Sup?
7:51 AM
it worked now, thank you!!
@overexchange Ok, glad you found it :)
8:14 AM
@mikedidthis responsive vs mobile only version (ui is very important and needs to be optimal, html/css would need to be rewritten anyway for the desktop version) - which and why (Traffic is about 100k visits a month atm, we expect it to grow)
@BenjaminGruenbaum did you read my answer
@Neil So, Do I need to always place html files in c:\apache22\htdocs folder to test my html files?
Goodmorning all
If anyone have a few minuts to cast their eyes over a question i have http://stackoverflow.com/questions/29733831/foundation-5-sticky-footer-working-example-but-has-bugs-to-iron-out I would really appreciate it. Kinda stuck.
8:30 AM
@overexchange You can reconfigure that folder to be a different one if you like
How do I?
And I think there is a way to redirect all requests to another server
httpd.conf file is configuration file for apache 2.2
You'll find the folder referring to htdocs there
change it, restart the service and it will refer to a new folder instead
line 181: DocumentRoot "C:/Apache22/htdocs" and line 208: <Directory "/Apache22/htdocs">
8:32 AM
posted on April 22, 2015 by kbironneau

/* by Pistoledev */

shall I change both?
@overexchange yeah
but these are document related, right?
The Directory section is indicating permissions on that folder, but you'll likely want to keep that too
@overexchange document related?
i mean DocumentRoot could be for documentation but not for applications written using html/css
ya it is working now
8:38 AM
Oh, no "DocumentRoot" doesn't mean that
they just call it that
It's the hosted folder, that's all
oh ok
huh I learned a lot today, need to take a break!!!
when you're also ready for backend stuff, you can use tomcat :)
@Worf I did
@BenjaminGruenbaum responsive + progressive enchancement? Why? One site.
@mikedidthis what if the data in the mobile version is conceptually diferent?
8:48 AM
@BenjaminGruenbaum how different? Different enough to be a completely different site?
Similar data presented in different ways, about 30% of the data is not in the intersection
apache 2.2 does not work for back end stuff?
you mean servlet container?
@BenjaminGruenbaum in that case, same answer.
wsup @mikedidthis
8:52 AM
just dropped in to say hi :-P
@Neil Why can't I do php programming with mysql or java servlet programming using apache 2.2?
I want to auto-sync google calendar with my app's calendar.
Like, if I add an appointment to google appointment calendar it should show on website and if I add in website then will show in google's appointment calendar. can any one tell me how can I achieve this in *php*?

I think some chrone job but I don't know how can I implement it.also, have no idea how it will work
@mikedidthis how are you sir?
9:18 AM
@overexchange You'd need to install php and change the configuration of apache 2.2 to load php
@overexchange java servlets require a backend that you can get from war files
for that you'd need tomcat and a way to produce war files
9:33 AM
@Neil I created a randomcolorchange.js file in C:\Apache22\html folder that would be used by my html5.html
But I do not see .js effect in runtime
		<meta charset="UTF-8"/>

        <script src="randomcolorchange.js"></script>
        		<h1>Change with a click</h1>
funtion init(){
	var h1tags = document.getElementsByTagName("h1")

	h1tags[0].onclick = changeColor;

function changeColor(){
	this.innerHTML = "Click Again";
	var randomcolor = '#'+Math.floor(Math.random()*16777215).toString(16);
	this.style.color = randomcolor;
onload = init;
Now How do I check if there are spell errors or any syntax error in javascript? Because javascript is interpreted by browser
@overexchange True, you could pass it first through jslint
or you could install a debug tool in your browser, which is what we tend to do more often than not
Your problem isn't a syntactical error since it will run
It is conceptual because it doesn't do what you think it will do
or maybe it does, let me think
you usually do window.onload = init; rather than onload, because onload could be a variable (not likely, but still possible)
Ah, you misspelled funtion init
9:50 AM
putting the fun in function since 1985
putting the ction in function since 1985 as well
> I'm fucking serious if you're thinking about putting a 9/10 for Javascript and you don't know what a closure is you're responding to the wrong ad. -- Answer honestly, maybe we don't give as many fucks about Javascript as you think so 6/10 is fine.
@Mr.Alien What I read: "Be honest with your javascript score. We'll hire ya even if you're 6/10. Honest injun!"
haha but that job post is so cool
10:03 AM
You can't stump me that easily..
so wassup neil
looks like that job post was made by the same site that says that it is better than yours (and it is very plain)
I couldn't find it :( Google, you let me down again!
@Mr.Alien awesome
10:56 AM
11:06 AM
@Mr.Alien nice
I really need to find some time to learn new stuff, fuck
posted on April 22, 2015 by Remy Porter

Like most schools, Andy’s requried a “capstone” project for their software engineering track. It was a group project, which meant the project’s success was largely dependent on the luck of the draw. For his partners, Andy drew Mindy and Al. Mindy, he knew from other classes and had worked with before. Al was a stranger, but Al had made his presence known from the

11:24 AM
posted on April 22, 2015 by Mary Lou

A little fun experiment where you can color a website mockup by dragging and dropping a color droplet from a palette. Interactive Drag and Drop Coloring Concept was written by Mary Lou and published on Codrops.

11:41 AM
@Kitler year is around facebook.com/marihuanamars :D
[tag:cv-pls] http://stackoverflow.com/questions/16133661/programmatically-make-datalist-of-inputtype-url-appear-with-javascript

dupe of http://stackoverflow.com/questions/14381217/how-to-show-datalist-suggestions-using-javascript

another duplicate of the same
@StephanMuller how come the mod in you so stronk latly?
11:57 AM
just trying to participate a bit more, so I found a couple of niches that I like to clean the backlog of and patrol new questions
which is a lot more fun than going through the review queue
rewiews are really depressing i do some now and then when im bored at work but you cant really do more then 5-10 of them at a time. You slowly loose your soul
@GNi33 actually that is too much of requirement... suits to senior devs having years of exp
@Persijn Exactly. Also, I picked html-datalist to patrol because I only just learned of its existence and now I'm already pretty confident in how it works and what is/isn't possible with it
contributing to SO and learning at the same time. such a brave new world
12:13 PM
@GNi33 Yep :)
To quote Eleanor Roosevelt: "You're a fucking moron if you use default browser styles."
12:29 PM
@Mr.Alien yeah, still when I read job offers like that I feel the urge to just build something and learn new technologies and stuff in the process
I just can't carve out the time to do so, it's sickening
@GNi33 I doubt not much people are capable of handling that number of technologies at the same time but yea, always learning something new is what we do everyday...
hi, I have a website at www.site.com and it has multiple subdomains. I have folders like css and javascript at the root, and these folders are intended to be shared by all .html files everywhere. The subdomain pages, like sub.site.com/page.html, have paths like www.site.com/css/common.css to access and it works. But this doesn't work when testing on local machine. What is the simplest way to achieve get it to work in both scenarios (online and local testing)?
@thePetProjectProgrammer use absolute URL's ?
@Mr.Alien but that fails on local machine (the css won't load).
12:37 PM
@thePetProjectProgrammer if you are using a server side language just put a condition like if local then this else that
@Mr.Alien no server side scripting, its all simple html files (I amnewbie to web development)
checkout base tag than...
@Mr.Alien It still won't work on local machine. Doesn't base ultimately resolve to absolute path, which will be the website address?
when on local obviously you need to tweak that but it will reduce the time testing online/local
@Mr.Alien so you mean, there's no way but do do bulk search-replace before uploading the files?
12:48 PM
@thePetProjectProgrammer there might be some ways, google it around, I've never made static site all these years so haven't encountered such issues, usually I have a base url function which has a condition for local and online check... does the job
@Mr.Alien I did google before coming here and got nothing simple, may be I'll have to use a script. Thanks.
@thePetProjectProgrammer np
@Mr.Alien wazzzaaaaa
@Kitler o/ ssup bro...
nth much you ?
1:10 PM
@Kitler What have you been up to?
work gym more work
I was talking to some friends about determinism and stuff today. It was an entertaining conversation
Haha, you're such an old person
gave 2 sessions on codementor yesterday
How'd they go?
1:12 PM
not bad, one was more of an assessment of a project the other was homework :P
Haha nice
I taught someone the basics of making snake in canvas
That was the only session I gave
Just Use jQuery™
@Kitler just work, I don't get new ideas anymore to work on personal projects so am no more productive as far as personal stuff goes
1:32 PM
the fuck
!!>0 * Infinity
@Worf "NaN"
You expect it to return dumb ass instead?
if i were you i'd expect an italian kick in the nuts
your high kick would hit me on my ankle so i m safe
you forget you are a midget
1:36 PM
that's why I said ankle and not toes :O
since when youtube is responsive on desktop
cc @BenjaminGruenbaum ^
also google is switching to responsive
it would be sensible for them to release an app for their products instead of going responsive and wasting time to fix shit load of things
it's not perfect tho
@jonathansampson @WesNetmo FTFY http://i.imgur.com/a9PWke6.png
1:40 PM
@rlemon nice work
@Worf what do you mean switching to responsive?
@TylerH because google sites usually use ua spoofing instead
@Worf Oh. I feel like they were already responsive though
I mean, maybe devices had different layouts
but they were still fluid rather than fixed
1:48 PM
not media-query responsive i mean

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