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7:00 PM
@PeeHaa not directly
Jonathan Sampson is more likely to give you a better answer.
Which I see often in companies for whatever reason
/me is scared of cloud butt anything
you guys forget that a lot in windows is made using the msie engine
also think at live office, for to sell it they had to have a good browser
@PeeHaa Microsoft made money off the "complete suite"
@Worf There have been a lot of decent browsers. They didn't need to (try to) make one :P
7:01 PM
You get Windows (+office) and you get everything you ever need in a computer
Yeah. In all honesty. Office is imo still the only usable office suite
ie6 was the most innovative browser of the day. they just stopped there for a long while and everyone surpassed them
@PeeHaa yes but imagine ms asking people to not use msie for live office :P
MS was innovative in the browser wars, just earlier on.
@rlemon Yes it was. Way better than that other thing
7:02 PM
guys which one do you prefer linear or ease in out
hard call
@PeeHaa Well, that's because MS crapped all over the standards, and because they're absolute dominants in the field, all of the others are "unusable"
I like them both
I m kinda leaning towards the one with easing
@PeeHaa I have no problems with libre
7:03 PM
@Kitler ease
I don't need office tools that often, but when I do. libre answers all questions
@rlemon until you need to open documents created by MS office
The ease one makes me thing of lag
@SecondRikudo so far, has worked.
7:03 PM
And especially ones in languages other than English
@SecondRikudo Or unless you try to actually use it
rest of the office uses office 2003
@PeeHaa you got a point there
linear is smoother
The word thing is horrible. /me hits enter -> wicked things happens with paragraphs and styling
:shrugs: I'm calling PEBKAC because libre works for me
7:04 PM
@rlemon no. msie6 was already old the day it was released, you are probably talking of msie 5/5.5
I can open doc files, excel files, etc.
@Kitler try just ease-out
@Worf no no no
@Worf ie6 was WAY better than NN of the time
don't fool yourself
I am agree with the canadian
7:04 PM
I hate IE, but IE6 was a godsend in its day
@rlemon no, the netscape with the first gecko was better
How's this? ease-out
there is no point arguing with you. 9/10 people agree with me, the Italian wants to argue
7:06 PM
shut up and go eat a pizza
@SecondRikudo hmm not bad
I m putting them to a vote
@rlemon He tried to pay me $500 in pasta a few minutes ago
7:07 PM
i can only remember that ive used mozilla since version 1
mozilla "seamonkey"
and i did that starting from win2000
I used netscape navigator back in the day
7:09 PM
then used IE for a bit
then mozilla
then Chrome
now Chrome or go home
I was on ff prior to chrome
fuck you md
@rlemon Chrome is becoming a pretty terrible browser
On every iteration they fuck something up
I just can't stand ff dev tools
I agree, they are slipping last 4-5 releases
Tbh i have nothing to complain about regarding chrome
7:10 PM
but they have the best dev tools of any suite
my laptop and my desktop got 16gb of ram
Yes totally agree of the dev stuff
I've noticed some straight up bugs tho
So all those ermergerd 2g ram chrome so bad people can suck it
@rlemon If FF were to support remote debugging
7:10 PM
not talking performance.
I'd probably go with that without looking back.
Now wonders if FF supports remote debugging
There's an app addon for that
I got pissy like 6mo ago when some demo's I wrote in 2013 started running slower than they did in 2013
like, wtf chrome
I see the other way around is possible
Yeah, but they just had to integrate all that google profile / os crap because fuck you that's why
7:12 PM
@TylerH stop telling me that I dont want to get addicted!! :P I need to try it, another friend of mine said the same thing
@Loktar TylerH is afk: meeting
tbh I still don't like the ease one @Kitler
same here but the team decided on linear so vOv
@Loktar Rimworld just makes my mind go dirty
7:14 PM
@PeeHaa Long live Netscape Navigator
@Loktar It's only on Alpha10d so it has a long way to go, but man... I basically marathoned it all weekend
/me booooooos
You can get the basic version for any OS for $30 and you get all future updates for free
> as rich told you, we just installed the internet on our computer a few minutes ago
@rlemon wow
such 90s
7:20 PM
1997 in da house!
@rlemon what a masterpiece
@rlemon God this is epic on the scale of "erlang the movie"
in JavaScript, 1 min ago, by rlemon
I can't trust that video. mom says she'll call the other mom while the kids are on the internet. THAT IS NOT HOW IT WORKED IN THE 90'S B*TCH!!!!
lol so true
One thing hasn't changed though
7:24 PM
I remember early 2000's (maybe even 2000) we bought a second phone line so we could be on the net AND make phone calls
"Now that I've gotten on the internet, I'd rather be on my computer than just about anything!"
@rlemon same
@rlemon but phonelines always gave priority to calls vs the internet for dialup, I thought
@rlemon Dat moment ISDN arrived. No more arguing about taking the line
if someone picks up the phone to call someone you'd be disconnected
WORST was when I was in a online game with the guy down the street (IP to IP) and mom decides to pick up the phone
BOOM! kicked.
God I remember the StarCraft games my friend and I would play together at his house and his mom would always pick up the phone to call someone and we'd get disconnected
great minds suffer alike
7:27 PM
@Loktar find a new MP game we can all play
that is your new task
the boat?
you have 48 hours
it's like 1$ and it's hilarious :P
is it mp?
7:32 PM
Integrated Services for Digital Network (ISDN) is a set of communication standards for simultaneous digital transmission of voice, video, data, and other network services over the traditional circuits of the public switched telephone network. It was first defined in 1988 in the CCITT red book. Prior to ISDN, the telephone system was viewed as a way to transport voice, with some special services available for data. The key feature of ISDN is that it integrates speech and data on the same lines, adding features that were not available in the classic telephone system. There are several kinds of access...
store.steampowered.com/app/2400 <<< i have 2-3 keys to give away
it's windows only though so I can't play till i m back in leb
@rlemon remember the problem i had with the natilus
@Worf yes?
@Worf no
nope, the top not properly screwing to the glass
it does the same even with the new tank
so it's the top that is defective
sorry english is broken again
or you are defective :P
7:39 PM
It's not English that's broken, it's you :-P
damnit rlemon stop beating me to everything
!!urban pebkac
@rlemon pebkac problem exists between keyboard and chair
!!urban id.10t
@TylerH [ID10T](http://id10t.urbanup.com/197432) 1. n. A computer error that was actually caused by the computer user.

2. n. The user of a computer who is too moronic to actually use a computer.

3. n. An alpha-numeric spelling of the word [\[idiot\]](http://urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=idiot).
7:39 PM
I like that one, too
nbr2 wins
!!urban nbr2
@rlemon No definition found for nbr2
this track thing is confusing @SecondRikudo still not sure if ive understood what it does
7:53 PM
@Worf Still waiting on my $500 dude
For you I'll make an exception. $550.
+ VAT.
but are you a mod
Not yet I'm not
i havent checked the results
6 more minutes
ahah 5 min
just in time
7:57 PM
am back
got a double shot of espresso
It would be funny if the lowest-scoring candidate simply disappeared from the ballot each minute of the last 5 minutes or so
see if anyone noticed
1 min
@PeeHaa do you know what "precision" in php.ini actually does
@Worf I suppose you are asking about floats?
it's under [PHP]
Martijn, meagar, and Jeremy Banks won the election
using the scottish method
8:01 PM
@Worf It's the number of digits
Raghav Sood was in 4th place
@Worf ofc, I don't know what method SO uses
@PeeHaa it doesn't make sense for floats :\
Oh wow
Bill is stepping down
@Worf Sure it does.
8:07 PM
@TylerH Yup
precision of float is given by the exponent @PeeHaa i have no idea what that does
@Worf 3 * 10 ^ -5
-5 is the exponent here
That's 0.0003 by the way
exponent of binary32/64 ieee floats @SecondRikudo
dat ^
want to know what it is @PeeHaa
@Worf precision in this case that not mean what you think it does
it is used when float to string conversion
8:11 PM
The significant figures of a number are those digits that carry meaning contributing to its precision. This includes all digits except: All leading zeros; Trailing zeros when they are merely placeholders to indicate the scale of the number (exact rules are explained at identifying significant figures); and Spurious digits introduced, for example, by calculations carried out to greater precision than that of the original data, or measurements reported to a greater precision than the equipment supports. Significance arithmetic are approximate rules for roughly maintaining significance throughout...
@Worf you measuring your member?
precision = 2
echo 1.23456789;
prints 1.23
High School Chemistry
precision = 20
echo asshole
prints Wes
8:12 PM
pls take it away
@Worf no it does not
Read the wiki page ;)
i'm telling you what it does in php
It should print 1.2
Have you worked with mysql?
@BenjaminGruenbaum just showed me, I never knew there was a tab for it
@PeeHaa yes sorry
8:16 PM
I'm not even on the first page :( I suck
but it doesn't affect the actual value is it
just how it is displayed
lots of loungers too
@Worf The only example I could quickly find stackoverflow.com/questions/14587290/…
@rlemon probably the one that has most fucks given too
@easwee third
Bartek has like 300 more fucks than me
8:23 PM
and he's not even #1
does anyone remember that story about the application that crashed when you load files exactly 200kb in size or w/e it was
I wanna say it was Photoshop but I can't remember
@TylerH DreamWeaver
The 8k bug
ah yes
I can google :-P
I was just searching for the wrong program :-P
Though I wouldn't put it past Photoshop...
that is my fave story around it
that's just ridiculous
8:48 PM
the new mods have diamonds now
their reign of terror justice has begun
man it's such a shame the datalist is so poorly supported
A thousand times that ^
seems like a potentally useful element, if matching through the entire option would be added (instead of just start of string)
it would be great if IE10 supported it... at least IE11
I doubt such service is completely legal?
8:57 PM
@easwee Yes that's illegal in the US under various laws
PATRIOT Act, DMCA, any telecommunications law really
black-hat hacking is already illegal
what can prevent an svg clip-path from being applied
on a g element containing 2 rects
now there might be a way to make it legal depending on what you're using it for
@Kitler lack of browser support?
Firefox doesn't support clip-path well (only url())
IE not at all
same browser same code different pages
9:02 PM
@easwee Yeah well this is the HTML / CSS room, not the HTML / SVG room :-P
@Kitler sample plz
ahh first comment says it's illegal for clip-path to be applied on gs
I'll learn SVG when you rename the room ;-)
@easwee can't reproduce the error only have the working model
@Kitler read further, that's not exactly what he means
Ah, the svg-sifu is here
9:03 PM
@TylerH not enough experts lol
@Kitler codez man
Got my first taxonomist badge :D
it works just fine
@ZachSaucier nice, you made the tag?
I thought it was already a big thing when you first started using it
9:05 PM
yet when implemented it shows up as a square and completely ignores the clip path
@Kitler but yeah, FWIW I have never seen a <g> element with stuff inside the brackets
though I've not looked at many SVG demos, to be fair
g's are groups aren't they supposed to have things in them ?
<svg version="1.1" id="Layer_1" xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" xmlns:xlink="http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink" x="0px" y="0px" width="51px" height="52.994px" viewBox="0 0 51 52.994" enable-background="new 0 0 51 52.994" xml:space="preserve">
    <clipPath id="loader-animation__clip-path">
        <path d="M0,39.51c0,1.128,0.915,2.043,2.043,2.043h26.63l-1.708,9.269 c-0.141,0.765,0.216,1.536,0.888,1.926c0.288,0.165,0.604,0.246,0.922,0.246c0.427,0,0.851-0.149,1.192-0.438l12.927-11.003h6.063 c1.128,0,2.043-0.915,2.043-2.043V2.043C51,0.915,50.085,0,48.957,0H2.043C0.915,0,0,0.915,0,2.043V39.51z"><
Is this even legit svg ? :P
Don't ask me, I don't know SVG :-P
@TylerH ya boi
it was used, there were some questions, just no tag
@Kitler it has rect in it?
I m clipping and just moving a rect
9:13 PM
hello guys
can any one tell me why this audio tag not work and it is dimmed
What am i missing, what could possibly prevent an svg clipPath from being applied, as in something from the parent etc
are the units correct?
I mean, I'm not an SVG pro. It looks right enough to me
might declare units="boundingBox" for the clip path or w.e it's called, depends on how you set it up
lemme look it up
guys , please help
@Bassem localize your issue
i use html5 audio control , the controls button are dimmed , not working
9:17 PM
that's not localized.
what do u mean by localized
figure out where the problem is specifically
i don't know , that's why i am ask
i use audio tag and no problem in syntax
@Kitler what's the problem?
that's how it's showing up on one of the pages on another it looks fine
it's a handlebars template so it's the exact same code being applied in both places
9:20 PM
I text-diffed them and they are identical
@Kitler use fixed values in friefox - not %
compare styles directly - have two tabs side by side
it's a bug
so it actually shows correctly in one place and broken in another, which leads me to conclude something from the parents is interfeering
9:21 PM
same browser?
both pics on chrome
@easwee the animation is running, it's the clip path that's not being applied
I guess answering old questions isn't very effective rep whoring
deja vu
9:22 PM
@TylerH I was thinking that too
I have read this exact conversation before
easwee's comments are eerily familiar
@easwee btw FF doesn't use the -moz-prefix for keyframes or animation
@Kitler looks fine in my firefox - you are clipping the speech cloud right?
9:25 PM
@TylerH I know - I was just testing if it was any different with old implementation
@Kitler and a colored rectangle drives through?
my gif was way cooler
time for home o/
@TylerH bye
9:42 PM
1 message moved to Trash can
@Bassem Do not repost requests please
can u help me on that ?
I've already told you
ahhh you guys are talking to the tiny avatar
@Kitler Added to the list
9:46 PM
@zach ?
@Bassem Please stop pinging me
no need for that
I was going to wait until he pinged me again or something along those lines
finger slipped
Man i despise svg
it's not so bad
takes some getting used to
10:02 PM
I wish i could share the code with you guys
in terminal how do i do change the permissions of file.txt to make sure that only me the owner can read and write the file
!!tell lovetolearn google change permissions terminal
chmod 42 file?
10:40 PM
@ZachSaucier it turned out to be an ember issue
10:58 PM
2 hours man my brain is fried
11:29 PM
posted on April 21, 2015 by Fonder

Easier said than done.

11:52 PM
Hello everyone, I've been hunting and hunting for a particular guide or resource to educate myself on current (responsive) web design principles. As I would like to build a personal blog/website from scratch. The problem is, is that it seems very daunting from a web noob perspective. I would like to create a site that is responsive, but doesn
''t use media queries. Is there any way I can do that? Or are there any guides anybody is aware of?
Why don't you want to use media queries ?
just learn mobile first and use media queries
@rlemon hangouts?
you'll end up working harder to get around them than you would to just figure them out
@Kitler nahh gonna watch some netflix and get drunk :P
damn yewwww

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