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10:00 AM
That's what's on that key.
For us.
Never actually typed that before today.
`~; is what I have on that key.
@SecondRikudo how odd!
` for normal, ~ for shift, and ; for hebrew layout.
We get a ;: key :D
And a #~ key
@Sippy Yeah, me too. Two to the left of the return key.
10:04 AM
@mikedidthis what in the name of god is that
do you use it?
it's a weird program :D
well, it works
@mikedidthis Snazzy
10:10 AM
shift + \ = ` on my keyboard :D
shift + \ is |
under my esc is |
your keyboard is wrong
øøøææååøøøøå'å̈́å̈́å'å̈́å̈́'å'å'å'å'å'å'å̈́å̈́å̈́å̈́å̈́ what do you mean?
those aren't characters of any known language
10:21 AM
guys, is there any way that I could specify an element to be down an another element in css
can you tell that way
You need to be more specific, ideal show an example of what you have / have tried.
I mean like, I know the ordinary positionioning methods like relative, static
But the thing is for me a button is going above, but it's supposed to "not to " as per the document flow
So I'm wondering if there is a way like position-below: image in that button css
again, you need to provide a minimal example of your issue. Its right up there on the room notice.
10:27 AM
ok, I'll post the code ..
oh hi Vamsi
hi @persijn
my code is includes some images, but keeping them online in google drive and accessing in jsfiddle is not possible. I mean, jsfiddle does not work like that. So is it ok if I share the folder of project in google drive?
is there any data analytics open source lbirary?
10:41 AM
d3 is used for visualization afaik
@Worf Have you ever heard of Colin Furze?
@VamsiPavanMahesh in a word, no. Just replace the images with lorempizza.com
@Sippy yes. ofc
Fantastic human being :D
you guys watched the motogp
valentino is very charged up this season
10:44 AM
what if images matter? like my images has a big background width and height. But the image content is less .. so images are taking a large part of the screen .. I would want the images to be overalpped
making sense?
since background does not matter
@rlemon finally i got my new nautilus stainless steel tank :D
it's very cool
as in POI?
what's the time limit .. to edit my message in chat room
about 30s iirc?
@Worf @Vamsi 2 minutes
11:04 AM
posted on April 21, 2015 by Dan J.

…Whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be XML. Developers have many weaknesses, among them this: they don’t like to say that something can’t be done. That’s why when Glenn M’s client, TelCo, asked if their request was really impossible, instead of apologizing and vigorously nodding his head, Glenn said, “Well, technically…” An

11:23 AM
http://ctrlv.in/561964 this is the normal one
the intended one is http://ctrlv.in/561968
how to do that using css
@per @mik
@Sippy: any thoughts?
@VamsiPavanMahesh Protip: it's rude to ping random people to ask for help.
lesson learned! sorry
I'm not a CSS wizard :D
11:44 AM
@Vamsi we really need you to post code examples of what you have done. This will be the last time I will write code for you. jsfiddle.net/poi33/0q526zzL. I dont write code to help I answer questions to help.
I offered the project file, my code was dependant on the images that I had. There was no way jf fiddle accepting those images. But sharing the project folder is not encouraged .. so sorry ..
@per .. thanks for the code, but that does not cover what I asked
and is it not symantically correct to put wrap ahead of those first and second?
again, without seeing a live example, its really hard for us to help.
> thanks for the code, but that does not cover what I asked
and is it not symantically correct to put wrap ahead of those first and second?
11:58 AM
No, he gave the code in js fiddle! I asked him doubt on his code.
(I'll copy over a question I asked originally in the Javascript room, I hope no-one minds)
I have a div. I add a blur event handler to it and a click handler. In the click, I create a textarea inside the div. When I click the inner textarea, the div's blur event is called - even though the textarea is inside the div. Does this make sense to anyone?
12:20 PM
@VamsiPavanMahesh im not writing semantically correct code that you can copy past into your application. Its for you to see how it can be done and then you apply it to your application as you see fit. And the semantics can be improved but they are not wrong. The naming 'needs* to be improved but that part i leave to you.
if it's not rude to say this, the code you gave out does not fit my needs. And I found out the solution which is to use negative margins
@AvnerShahar what did you expect to happen? The click event some times get called on parent and child objects of the element your calling. With JavaScript you can force it to not call anything or stop bubbling.
@VamsiPavanMahesh you are quite quick to judge. And you did not tell me what you wanted. you only posted to pictures. Now because you apparently don't appreciate my help I will not offer you it anymore.
what about "thanks for code" and "if it's not rude to say this"? that means I appreciate the help you offered and I'm thankful for it .. English can be quite tricky my friend :) If my language offend you, I'm sorry
and as per I did not tell you what I wanted, I thought you are following up the chat ..
2 hours ago, by Vamsi Pavan Mahesh
what if images matter? like my images has a big background width and height. But the image content is less .. so images are taking a large part of the screen .. I would want the images to be overalpped
This thing I posted before I asked you .. @per
this does not mean, I am forcing on you something to get your help in the future. That's your wish. I just want you to understand the situation, that's all
12:39 PM
^"o/"what's that?
a wave
wave of?
where did this come from?
12:43 PM
I have no idea
it's waving your hand, like saying "Hello"
got it ..
May 6 '13 at 8:07, by Octavian Damiean
12:46 PM
is this the first occurence of this in here, interesting
I think Octavian started in the JS room too
could be, we'll never know as this guy just vanished into the ether
which best resource to learn ionic framework in online ?
12:52 PM
thank u @GNi33
@Persijn I expect a child element's click not to call blur on a parent element.
Specifically, I'm trying to use an inline editing control (Redactor) which auto-saves and closes on blur.
And running into this.
@Avner i bet something like stackoverflow.com/questions/1164213/… should help you along
@secondrikudo coworker got into my account again
even changed my shared folder name to "ginger pubes"
@KeyboardWarrior That's what happens when your password is dash-roxxx1!
@Persijn I'm not sure. These are two different events - the textarea's click (or focus) and the outlying div's blur. Stopping the click's propagation won't stop the div's blur, from what I could see.
1:06 PM
@SecondRikudo its actuall I-<3-dash cc @DarkAshelin
@KeyboardWarrior You <3 dash?
@SecondRikudo You should see all the dirty fb stuff
@KeyboardWarrior Flirting with her boyfriend doesn't count/
1:09 PM
@SecondRikudo she doesnt have one!
@Sippy Go awai feg
nice avatar @KeyboardWarrior
it's perfect :D
@KeyboardWarrior says he who flirts with men that are spoken for
1:23 PM
The best part is that dash is now in chat :P
I got pinged xD
when boys are alone they only talk about girls and when girls are alone they talk about boys.
@DarkAshelin By the guy with the picture of a shit.
@DarkAshelin Daaaaaaash
u still alive
@DarkAshelin How's the job at TIETEN Bank?
1:33 PM
> “In those days spirits were brave, the stakes were high, men were real men, women were real women and small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri were real small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri.”
@Sippy hi
@TylerH erro
@SecondRikudo I like the sound of that
pls, is there a secret way to tell what kind of project template was used if I'm looking in a .sln file in Visual Studio 2013?
@Neil yay hitchhikerssssss
@Sippy Has a nice ring to it
1:34 PM
@TylerH uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh‌​hhhhhh
You mean like, MVC, SPA?
or is the most likely scenario where you just know from experience looking at what kinds of files/folders are included
@TylerH That would be how I'd do it
Clues would be authentication type
1:36 PM
and scripts incl to some degree
If it has a knockout script in there it's probably an SPA template
well this is definitely not MVC
Assuming it's not from nuget
in the Web.config file it says authentication mode="Windows"
Does it work?
it's that application I showed you
1:37 PM
What version of VS was used to create the solution?
the dropdownlist one
I think Visual Studio 2013
I know for a fact if you create an MVC application with forms auth and try to swap it out yourself for windows auththen it fucks the whole thing over
this has a .aspx and .aspx.cs file
It's web forms
1:39 PM
Top of the .cs file there's a page_load method right?
protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
right inside the main class
@SecondRikudo boring..
@TylerH kappa
@DarkAshelin XD
@Sippy time to join my favorite fraternity
Kappa Tappa Kegga
1:48 PM
I actually have a shirt with that on it
that one
@DarkAshelin twas memememe
I gotta see if I can find it actually
Does anyone know of a standalone Wordpress editor? I googled but didnt find it.
It needs to be WYSIWYG.
Close to CKEditor.
like... a text editor for WordPress?
1:54 PM
@TylerH Not for Wordpress. I want the one that is close enough to the one in Wordpress CMS.
So you want TinyMCE?
OPs incapability to "google" always amazes me
@easwee There's a load of people who ask questions in chat which you can google word for word and get the answer to lol
I know
@Sippy Hey, I'm a newbie at ASP.NET, okay?!
2:03 PM
@TylerH looks good but it doesnt have a 'source' button, like CKEditor. Let me check if it can convert the text to HTML.
I can google fluently in 4 languages without a translator - can't be to hard to google in one
@TylerH Pahaha
@RahulDesai TinyMCE is literally what WordPress uses
Wasn't even referencing you
@easwee I googled but I didnt find anything close enough to Wordpress editor. Thats why I asked here.
2:04 PM
@Sippy Yeah yeah. I like to practice healthy self-deprecation :-P
@RahulDesai That's what amazes me
Just realised my contract ends next Friday
I should go find a job
@Sippy yep. gl hf get rich or die trying
1st may is work free day
2:04 PM
Work free?
International Workers' Day, also known as Labour Day in some places, is a celebration of laborers and the working classes that is promoted by the international labor movement, Anarchists, Socialists, and Communists and occurs every year on May Day, 1 May, an ancient European spring holiday. 1 May was chosen as the date for International Workers' Day by the Socialists and Communists of the Second International to commemorate the Haymarket affair in Chicago that occurred on 4 May, 1886. Being a traditional European spring celebration, May Day is a national public holiday in many countries, but in...
we don't work 1st and 2nd
and I don't work now since it's 4pm - bye
posted on April 21, 2015 by kbironneau

/* by nidecondor */

@easwee Lol gg, seeya
May 1st isn't a holiday in the UK unless it's a monday.
And it is a friday this year.
@easwee We don't have laborers in America :-(
We have corporations and their slaves
@Sippy that's arbitrary and shitty
2:09 PM
@ShotgunNinja vOv
I don't make da rules.
2:30 PM
I found out recently that "May Day" to call for help was actually a misinterpretation of the words m’aidez in french
@Neil Ooo
Interesting :D
2:42 PM
Just like May May was a misinterpretation of the word meme in Internetish.
@ShotgunNinja It was?
Internet May-Mays
despite how meme is pronounced "MEEM"
not "mem" or "may-may"
@Sippy Because during world war 2, there were memes?
Words to live by
2:53 PM
"Image not found" is how I deal with life.
That always happens. You can't see the image?
you have to click it to see it
anyone fluent in custom css cursor images?
Is this sufficient or more research needed for cross-browser support
        .thumbnail:hover {
            cursor: url(/images/search_glass_icon.png), auto;
I feel like I should start climbing again
But I hate climbing here.
2:59 PM
climbing mountains?
Nah, sport climbing
Arizona New Mexico?
yeah the UK sucks
Climbing Meca?
Arizona and New Mexico are definitely not climbing mecca :-P
3:01 PM
Arizona would work if you were an atom
Climbing in Bristol in the UK is good
Might move there
if there were a massive sun flare that wiped out all electronics, our world would be full of people talented in doing useless activities. "What do you mean you don't know how to survive in the wild!? You love camping!" "My tent has a built-in iphone.. what the f*** do I know about surviving in the wild?!"
@Neil Lol
3:02 PM
A solar flare is probably the best chance we have of a modern day apocalypse
try an EMP..
While they are essentially the same thing, I'll leave it to you to figure out how else to EMP the entire globe.
high altitude nuke..
a built in iphone
@JoJo Isn't going to EMP the whole world.
Maybe all of America
Which I'm fairly sure is what you're referring to as the entire globe lol
3:04 PM
aye... which will feel like the WHOLE WORLD when it happens lol
To you, sure ;)
We'll be here watching you squabble on TV muahaha
IE requires a .cur file.. webdesign.tutsplus.com/articles/…
if an entire country were EMPed, it would be like the whole world had been EMPed really
pretty much would allow full lockdown to say the least
You d have no idea if the rest of the world got emped or not
brb faradaying everything
3:15 PM
@Kitler Yeah, precisely
tinfoil man would have the last laugh though
I had to put my headphones in to get it
epic :D
@rlemon Wow.
3:49 PM
@DarkAshelin do you use sourcetree, right?
what is the right way to load a flash file for IE9?
still needs <object> tag or <video> element works?
so people use npm, bower, component and what not just to put a single reset file on git repo...
what is npm again?
node package manager
@Kitler sweet
@rlemon this is brilliant. a beer for the first guy that puts this into production code
3:58 PM
I'm putting it on our website this aft
beer for you then
posted on April 21, 2015 by kbironneau

/* by Baba */

4:29 PM
@Worf that shit works right only on mac - on windows it's terrible
@PeeHaa i miss code coverage
it was so satisfying the green wall
can't generate it anymore with php7 :P needs xdebug
@Worf code coverage isn't everything you know
You can have 100% coverage and still completely fail at capturing bugs.
i just said it is satisfying.
imagine how he will be if he gets to get a moderator. we are screwed ^ :D
results in few hours right?
nervous? @SecondRikudo
dog gonnit
4:46 PM
put a codinglove caption here
@rlemon ^
@Worf yeah I've used it
you're not using it anymore? i think i've downloaded it because you suggested it :P
@easwee its not bad it kinda works

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