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12:54 AM
@TylerH I have a friend who plays that, its like dwarf fortress kind of I guess, looks pretty cool
1:08 AM
screw freaking browsers
such a pain to get this thing working
anyone want to try and help me think through something?
2:03 AM
@ZachSaucier I am willing to help if you are still having issues
I think I got it now... just a huge pain
I'll ping you if I change my mind :D
2:18 AM
can anyone give me nice white background for my dashboard application links?
@Sajeetharan background:#fff
@zach not plain one
some patters
say square boxes or like brick wall
jsfiddle.net/n6gwzp8a how come it doesn't return the clip-path unless it's stated in JS?
@Worf you around?
have to use .getComputedStyle... jsfiddle.net/n6gwzp8a/1
2:44 AM
screw this freaking crap
What are you trying to solve?
trying to get this animation to work in FF for multiple elements
right now only works for 1 the correct way
have to duplicate an svg for each element and use SMIL animations, but it's being incredibly screwy
3:12 AM
Oh my goodness
took all freaking evening, lol
2 hours later…
5:14 AM
posted on April 19, 2015

New Cyanide and Happiness Comic

6:12 AM
@Loktar sorry I did not get u. Which courses are awesome?
7:11 AM
yeah element.style only represents the style="" attribute @ZachSaucier
7:25 AM
@rlemon which is the easiest way to create an user style extension for chrome? i really don't want to read huge documentations for such simple things
Hello everyone!
@KamranAhmed try codementor.io
@Worf, will try. Thanks
1 hour later…
9:03 AM
9:22 AM
> The change of name from LiveScript to JavaScript roughly coincided with Netscape adding support for Java technology in its Netscape Navigator web browser. The final choice of name caused confusion, giving the impression that the language was a spin-off of the Java programming language, and the choice has been characterized as a marketing ploy by Netscape to give JavaScript the cachet of what was then the hot new web programming language.
they had a great name and managed to screw it up
9:57 AM
I call it ecma most of the time
10:23 AM
so i wrote a tool for helping me doing some tasks. now i'm wasting hours fixing the tool because it's very complex and probably buggy. clearly it would have taken less time doing tasks manually #automationfail
!!tell 22780032 xkcd automation
Dat title
11:28 AM
HI All.
I have a problem with bootstrap 3
icon-bar class not working
this is my code
<header class="navbar navbar-purple navbar-static-top bs-docs-nav" role="banner">
<div class="container">
<div class="navbar-header">
<button class="navbar-toggle" type="button" data-toggle="collapse" data-target=".bs-navbar-collapse">
<span class="sr-only">Toggle navigation</span>
<span class="icon-bar"></span>
<span class="icon-bar"></span>
<span class="icon-bar"></span>
<a class="navbar-brand logo" href="'.DOMAIN.'"></a>
<nav class="collapse navbar-collapse bs-navbar-collapse" role="navigation">
can anyone help me?
icon-bar is a bar of icons
I don't think it is supposed to be anything other than a container
I could be mistaken, but check the documentation
in documentation nothing helpfull. so I write here
please open this page pos.shalvasoft.tk and resize browser window and you`ll see that nothing happened. no icon-bar is showing but it is working. if I click on the right side of top menu it opens collapsed menu. but I need to show button with 3 lines.
did you resized the window?
11:38 AM
please look on the page from the my last post
you need to change bgcolor of icon-bar in bootstrap.css.I have already faced that problem.Another thing you can do.Just set bgcolor of icon-bar manually in other css file or tag.that will also help you.
thank you! with background color it is working fine
Abhishek is right
@shalvasoft , you also need to change css of .navabar-toggle button,hover on it,if it is active etc. to modify completely
11:50 AM
stop starring random messages
@PeeHaa wow...
@Persijn Apparently I am a potato :)
@shalvasoft ok
12:09 PM
@Worf Stylish
12:20 PM
@PeeHaa you are a broom. People dont know you like i do.
@StephanMuller It's not homework! It's a "challenge"
to be fair, calling something a challenge is a good way to get people to actually try and solve it
Mar 26 at 21:44, by Stephan Muller
if you have a noob question on PHP, go to the PHP room and say "PHP sucks, I bet you guys can't even do x in PHP"
12:35 PM
@rlemon something native? iirc chrome implemented greasemonkey for simple scripts
Apr 13 at 16:27, by easwee
> "The quickest way to solve a problem is post it on a forum and claim it can't be solved"
posted on April 19, 2015 by Pedro Botelho

Pay Me...or Else! * layzr.js * Building 60 FPS Web Apps * Git Large File Storage * dragula * cta.js Collective #164 was written by Pedro Botelho and published on Codrops.

1:19 PM

Proposed Q&A site for questions about all aspects of BDSM culture, including S&M good practices, bondage materials and techniques, do-it-yourself toys and tools.

Currently in definition.

@StephanMuller you should back it up
how would y'all tag this? Are html5 and css3 even relevant at all here? Or just add html and css to the existing tags?
@StephanMuller check the tags now
1:35 PM
guys is there any opensource report designer which will work with html and javascript?
report designer?
yes to design report
there are open source designs for reports...
but i cant include this in my html5 application
is there any other?
look for one
1:39 PM
Hey. I have a question. I have a certain amount of floating divs. The parent div now does not stretch in height anymore because of the divs having the 'float: left;' properties. Does anyone know what the issue here is? Will provide jsfiddle if necessary.
!!tell Rizky google clearfix
Thaaank you! Will have a look at it.
@ZachSaucier what did you say?
1:52 PM
Q: i want you to help me on essay writing

Ahmed Mohammed"I'd always support my country, whether it was right or wrong.

I like sunday questions
perhaps the guy is from UK and now he is feeling guilty that they ruled us for several years hence this part it was right or wrong
1 hour later…
2:54 PM
@Worf I did! I did! Was so happy to see him there!
Go vote for @SecondRikudo and vote for @SecondRikudo only!
@Worf There's no difference if you vote only for me or vote with me in first place, you know
(No difference for me that is)
@SecondRikudo you sure
@Worf Yeah
If I get elected, and you voted just for me, you essentially wasted a part of your vote.
i think first choice is a full vote, second choice is a 2/3 of vote and third is 1/3
2:57 PM
@Worf No
you sure i'm not going to advantage others voting them too?
i don't know how the calculation will work
@Worf If I get more votes than I need, than the portion of all votes I don't need goes to the voters' second choice
ok then
For example, if I need 1000 votes to be elected, and I get 1500 votes, I only take 0.667 vote from each voter, and 0.333 spills over to second choice.
i don't know other folks so i wouldn't have voted anyway
i don't visit SO much these days
3:08 PM
do you guys know any app if I want to check the git logs, version history and so on without pushing stuff to git? kinda locally?
I can use gitk comand but I don't want that interface, I need something better....
Source Tree looks good
@Mr.Alien Use the command line tool. That's the best (for me). :)
What OS are you on @Mr.Alien?
@IonicăBizău I do use command line, I just want whats going on in my local using some gui, else I do use decorate and other similar flags to check the branching
@PeeHaa mac or win anythings fine
@PeeHaa aah yes I found source tree from there only, I won't be pushing anything to git so wanted some cool interface where I can atleast see whats going on in my local
Look what I did: http://jsfiddle.net/1anx2a0n/
I took the CSS transition from [here](http://uigradients.com/#FreshTurboscent).
Was looking for this effect for some time... :)
@IonicăBizău am damn sure they are written in pre processor, that number of animation steps... aww
3:20 PM
I guess so... But the result is really nice.
yap, looks like svg animation, its smooth
Pro tip: stop being a genuine dick to everybody and just do your own homework before asking a question. Thank you! - The community — PeeHaa 11 secs ago
why he felt the close comment was rude?
3:23 PM
@SecondRikudo That's how you will do with us after becoming a mod? :-)
Because OP is a fucktwat :P
Also that question needs one more downvoted so we can delete it
20k force on the way
3:25 PM
what's preventing me is 512kbps net connection ahahaha
fuckin page is not loading for me
gief rep i ll do it :P
@Kitler yes yes let me cross 70k and I'll be throwing away excess rep
3:27 PM
dafuq you want with 70k :P
helps me reach 3 digit figure so its like 100k
what if SO makes a rule any day saying above 6 digit users will become mods automatically.. hell yeah
@Mr.Alien people like Kolink would become a mod though... =o\
3:29 PM
@crypticツ haha yea he changed his username I think
he will forever be known as Kolink. You can't hide from such shame.
what did he do ... lemme guess, repwhoring?
He took it to a whole other level imo
And the moment he tried to go for mod and was called out for it he said "yeah was mistake won't do that anymore".
Fun fact: the moment it was obvious he wouldn't become a mod it started again
Repwhoring is an addiction requiring clinical intervention.
3:36 PM
not sure if he answers anymore as am very much irregular on the main
Yeah the last time I answered a question was
> Feb 21 at 22:19
I answered 3-4 in jan, 4-5 in feb, same goes for march but I think I'll start answering some more soon
I would rather say s/answering/testing new studied skills and learning more stuff from mistakes
3:41 PM
Fair enough :)
Damnit. I somehow managed to hit the magical windows 7 "windows media center" keystrokes again.
yea cuz am self studied, this is the only site where I can post my code in public and see if users abuse for what I wrote, infact I like if someone says you wrote some shit, should be written like that
@PeeHaa that's a heavy software... reminds me of flash websites
anyone having link to the meta question where they shared the new UI discussions? I've couple of recommendations for them
am searching but couldn't find the question
@Mr.Alien The profile changes one?
You want the last one?
they had wrote something like this one is big, I'll search those terms wait
3:48 PM
yeah I am searching for just that :P
But as usual search sucks
I searched new profile, big, this one is big and so on, no results xD
I should try google
I know :P
ow it was a blogpost
ahahaha <3 google
4:12 PM
@rlemon ping
wuddu u want
i need to clone window.location into another object, what's the most concise way for doing that?
Mar 21 '14 at 13:52, by rlemon
if (typeof Object.extend !== 'function') {
    Object.extend = function (d, s) {
        for (var k in s) {
            if (s.hasOwnProperty(k)) {
                var v = s[k];
                if (d.hasOwnProperty(k) && typeof d[k] === "object" && typeof v === "object") {
                    Object.extend(d[k], v);
                } else {
                    d[k] = v;
        return d;
var clone = Object.extend({},location);
might be implemented at one point
4:16 PM
i hate js. it's not personal i promise :(
just toss it into a util file
i can't i need to pr to some repo and i don't want to pollute with such things
@Worf This would be perfect but only works in FF: Object.assign()
If there is jQuery available you can use jQuery.extend
4:38 PM
Hi All.
please help me. I can not find the css for this bootstrap plugin bootstrap-datepicker.readthedocs.org/en/v1.4.0/…
you can see on this page pos.shalvasoft.tk/register/en in the birthday field something is wrong. when I click on month, it is showing them inline, also is not highlighted today
and I do not understand what to do.
please someone help me
yes but there is no css
so what are those files on the link I just shared? am sure they are CSS... afaik
@Worf Is this shallow copy sufficient?
oh yes. thank you.
now it is working fine
4:47 PM
@MLM thanks but no probs, i've kinda solved it already
jsFiddle isn't saving/updating for me: codepen.io/anon/pen/qdWxRP
5:00 PM
I have 1 more question.
what icons may I add on forst name, middle name and last name fields?
I`m using latest bootstrap.
I`m interesting what is the best decision for this time?
now I have added glyphicon glyphicon-user but I think there must be anything more to add on those fileds
5:29 PM
anyone please help me
Don't spam for help. It's annoying.
If anybody is here and wants to help they will
ok. sorry!
5:45 PM
@PeeHaa the fuck is taking hours to clone web-php locally
git -c diff.mnemonicprefix=false -c core.quotepath=false clone --recursive github.com/WesNetmo/web-php C:\web-php
@PeeHaa halp. maybe i need to clone only the latest commit?
i believe im cloning years of commits
That is git. You always clone the entire history
what's --recursive ?
my god it's taking an actual hour to clone :|
Also gets submodules
try --depth=1
what are submodules?
6:00 PM
Dependencies in git
Not sure whether you will still be able to psuh without history though
mother of god
super slow even with depth=1
I thought that only had to get the current state of the repo
> Create a shallow clone with a history truncated to the specified number of revisions. A shallow repository has a number of limitations (you cannot clone or fetch from it, nor push from nor into it), but is adequate if you are only interested in the recent history of a large project with a long history, and would want to send in fixes as patches.
i have a fuckload of git.exe open lol
my first experience with git
20 years of change history
jesus christ
6:27 PM
anyone care to test some things for me in IE9?
I don't have a VM setup atm
@ZachSaucier You should write your own browser X-D
ain't nobody got time for that
Except that Opera dev
@Loktar I stayed up until 4AM last night playing it. It's pretty addictive, even though it's still in Alpha form
7:08 PM
any of you guys on Macs?
@Kitler lol
@TylerH hah really? I just got GTAV stayed up a bit late playing that
turns my room into a sauna though
7:31 PM
I'm going to try make something for a friend. I could use some insight.
They're going to draw a massive snowflake and inside the snowflake are several sections..probably 5. These are the "holes" in the flake...kind of pentagon shaped, for example.
Each of those sections will contain its own drawing.
The idea is that the snowflake is scaled down to fit on a page, and then you can click one of the sub-drawings and it will be scaled/positioned into view.
Also, the rest of the snowflake would dim.
hf making that
Heh, yeah.
canvas would be my bet
7:37 PM
I'm thinking the first step is to get the coordinates of each sub-drawing
in percentages
8:06 PM
@ZachSaucier I would say SVG might be easier since he has to handle click detection on a more complex surface
ya, perhaps
@m59 sounds like a fun task
8:29 PM
I started playing with the router after lunch - I now realized it's 10:30pm :S
what were you doing with it?
just exploring stuff
trying out kali linux
cisco routers really are the best - the one I have has been running non stop 8 years now
0 problems
9:19 PM
@ZachSaucier Nope, I'm on a custom-build PC (Windows 7; I have a laptop w/ Windows 8.1 on it)
@Loktar Nice! That game looks pretty fun
but I don't want to reward the developers with $60 for making PC wait so damn long to have the game
the article is pretty much done now
that's a relief
> You shouldn’t defragment solid-state drives. The storage sectors on an SSD have a limited number of writes — often fewer writes on cheaper drives — and defragmenting will result in many more writes as your defragmenter moves files around.
damn never knew that
you been ruining your SSD's life this whole time
@TylerH nah - haven't done a single defrag on the SSD yet - but didn't know that
I kinda suck at hardware
I'm putting together a new pc now
9:28 PM
and have no idea of what to set-up
I have a budget max 1500€
what parts to pick?
look at pcpartpicker to see builds other people have published
Loktar and I both have ones on there
sec, gotta remember my login info
9:29 PM
this is one of those moments that happens only every 4 years - pc upgrade :D
@TylerH cool - will browse around a bit - I'm totally outdated
@TylerH Intel > AMD now?
Intel is better but you pay 3x as much and you can't tell a difference unless you're doing benchmarks
I have an AMD quad-core processor at 3.8GHz
it cost me $100
an Intel quad-core processor at near the same speed is $340
you decide which one you want
I would definitely get the Intel one if I were rich
but I'm not :-P
neither am I, but I'm good at saving up when I need something :P
else I just spend it on stupid things
lol highest price is 19k dollar setup
9:49 PM
I wonder what that is used for
it's not a normal use computer
a rendering machine maybe
@TylerH yeah he says it's for rendering
I like the design - usually most people want to make it look like alienware stuff but fail - this one looks clean solid
@ZachSaucier there, you weren't even born when this was popular youtube.com/watch?v=PwkHGLI-cr0
blocked in my country
10:02 PM
it's so old that it's blocked
I thought I fixed all the FF issues last night. Now I can't get the ring to show on the first load...
@Worf oh how the measure of attractive has changed...
but before was better.
@Worf <3
alizee right?
10:14 PM
no you noob
lene from aqua
looks like her
every teenager had a crush for lene
we all had a crush on her when I was in elementary
lene > *
I don't remember having celebrity crushes at any point in my life
10:17 PM
i mean, she even have her nips pierced
meh, I didn't think she was all that interesting
I had a teenage crush on baby spice
are fucking joking
until I realized sporty spice was much better
I'm fine with both :P
10:20 PM
1 message moved to Trash
c'mon man
sorry zach :(
lol @StephanMuller
wtf did i just read ahah
10:29 PM
:'( those were the days
everyone likes things from when they grow up more than now
scientific reasons for that
@ZachSaucier Well, yes; nostalgia
more than just that
Technically aqua is the same kinda shit kids listen to today
@ZachSaucier not correct, i listen to music older than me
10:30 PM
there's this period of like 30 minutes in a day when the sun shines perfectly on my monitor so I can see all the dust
it pisses me off so much
it's right now
@Worf but did you listen to it when you were growing up?
not really @ZachSaucier
every decade had good and bad music
it's just that lately more silly stuff get's promoted since weirdness attracts audience
Can't blame current generation from wanting to be different, just like every generation before them
10:58 PM
Hi everyone, quick question: Do any you know how to achieve this effect using css3? http://i.imgur.com/c6Xpxdv.jpg
I've looked into css triangles using borders, but it's not really flexible styling-wise (background-image?)
@PrettyGoodPancake use a transform:rotate() with background-image
Oh I see what you mean, two squares rotated side by side? @ZachSaucier
takes 2 elements inside a container with overflow:hidden, 1 rotated and placed over the other
g2g, bbl
11:18 PM
@ZachSaucier if you feel like looking into it jsfiddle.net/urxmLm8v/1
(was wondering if it would be simpler using svg)
(and how it would impact performance on mobile)
11:33 PM
Found it (in case anyone was wondering) : jsfiddle.net/urxmLm8v/2
11:43 PM
gn folks

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