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12:14 AM
anyone here atm
@Worf i have little issue
im trying to use videojs playlist
i made a fiddle from the template
issue is that the list is not showing up properly
12:31 AM
finding a responsive datepicker/timepicker that isn't bloated as fuck is impossible.
you'd think someone would've made one.
you wish
just use <input type="datetime-local">
@Purify welcome to jquery
Hey hey
@Worf indeed.
fml I don't want to use a bloated ass jquery plugin.
but don't have time to build a responsive datepicker.
<input type="datetime-local"> is responsive
doesn't support ie.
12:36 AM
it works in msie11 afaik
msie10 is dead
are you supporting msie9?
<input type="datetime-local" placeholder="Describe the format to be used here">
it's your best option
@KeyboardWarrior evening bitch :D
gonna cry and use this
and die a little inside
1:02 AM
Anyone here have grunt installed and willing to do me a favour? :p
3 hours later…
4:01 AM
it's full of gold
Another Chrome bug for @BoltClock to add to his list :-)
4:14 AM
this is just impressive
@Worf Hah, I'm trying to get all the hospitals browsers upgraded to IE10
@rlemon wow
that is really impressive
I wonder how he turns
@rlemon this is gold
pure gold
@TylerH msie10 gets immediately autoupdated to msie11
i've experienced that
@Worf not if you turn that shit off!
why the fuck are you doing that
ghosted machines that just re-install MSIE10 on update D-':
4:19 AM
so are you the cause of our problems
it's not me
I'd rather they use not IE
or at least IE11
but, you know, legacy applications, boo hoo
so wait theres something that works in msie10 and doesn't in msie11?
that's almost impossible, how the hell?
u sure?
no no no
I'm trying to get us to IE10
we're at IE8/9 now
4:29 AM
@TylerH The snippet does not work in either browser
why not directly to msie11?
@Worf lol good luck
this is America
@BoltClock the snippet works as OP wants in Chrome
because Chrome animates on inline elements when it isn't supposed to
at least it does on Chrome 41
I think something is missing
did you make a new fiddle?
he had animate.css loaded in his fiddle
oh you just tried the snippet
yeah when I made that I couldn't add the library because there's no CDN for it
Oh, yeah the link to animate.css is missing
At this point I'm only calling these things bugs because I consider a spec violation to be a bug, whether deliberate or not :P
Most of Chrome's spec violations are deliberate AFAICT
Yeah well fuck standards right?
That's how IE won the browser wars
i will never get why people still use firefox
because here i can't load literally any page without getting it hanged
what kind of computer are you supposed to be running to have a smooth firefox? a trillion core with 12123678 tb of ram?
not trying to start a flame. just saying that people don't give a fuck of standards
@Worf honestly that sounds like a personal problem
I use Firefox every day and don't have such a problem
Me too
4:48 AM
we could go on and on about all the standards Chrome doesn't follow as well...
well, Bolty could, anyway :-P
The only major problem I have with Firefox right now are these graphical artifacts that seem to plague certain other users as well
this is bullshit. i've dealt with dozens of computer and they all had the same problem
@Worf sounds like it's the same website then
imho it's you not used to fast browsing
How slow are we talking, considering your exaggerations?
4:50 AM
@Worf if you're talking about a difference of 0.01 seconds, I wouldn't call that a hang
0.1 seconds even is barely perceptible during browsing
I know I've had certain scripts freeze Firefox, that's for sure
I recall once trying to copy a link to a specific line of code on GitHub and it froze the browser forever
I had to use another browser to copy that link...
slow as in "shouldn't happen in 2015"
Please keep being vague
i can't quantify but too slow for what a normal user expects to experience
I think a normal user would also have a much higher tolerance than you for speed
considering they don't work in web development
just for the name (and their reddit username)
and the top comment
i use firefox rarely these days, but every single time i do, i get a reminder of why i shouldn't use it. i bet you use adblock and kinda things because your browser would be so bloated to not load any page, correct?
@Worf I do use Adblock
along with Ghostery
and Flashblock
posted on April 13, 2015

New Cyanide and Happiness Comic

5:10 AM
@TylerH have you tried running firefox without those?
@Worf yes
it still doesn't hang like you're describing
it's a little slower and more annoying
but that's no different from Chrome with no adblocking
@TylerH false
i don't use adblock
you can't compare two different peoples browsing experiences
we aren't browsing the same sites
nor do we have the same interpretation of what "slow" and "fast" are for webpage loading times
question: did you ever tried giving chrome a chance?
or msie10/11
the browsing experience is okay but I don't like the way the browser is organized/not accessible
5:26 AM
lol, must be bad for you then since firefox is emulating chrome now
it's not emulating chrome at all
but like I said the browsing experience is ok
it's Chrome's interface and settings I don't like
or lack thereof, to be more clear
anyway, lets move on
sorry for starting this xD
you war monger :-)
I'm hella pissed that Vice bought motherboard
they used to have good articles
now it will all just be shit
6:04 AM
Worf what timeoffset do you live in? Do you practice sleep?
i don't
klingons usually sleep only 3 hours / night
ok that explains it
6:22 AM
doesn't @rlemon look like the guy from bloodhound gang
i knew it
6:37 AM
7:04 AM
@Kitler halp
@Worf Feg
@KeyboardWarrior Whore
@Worf Slet
7:13 AM
I can totally see all of those getting flagged and both of you banned for an hour, lol.
@Worf That was mediocre'ly rude
@SecondRikudo Mine is innocent as hell though :D
@SecondRikudo Downloading season 2 of tokyo ghoul :D SOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED
flag him ^ he started it :D
7:17 AM
@KeyboardWarrior, yeah, you could have meant "Fig" and "Slot"
@SecondRikudo exactly, they were just typo's
7 hours ago, by Worf
@KeyboardWarrior evening bitch :D
@Worf yeah I started :P
7:29 AM
can any smartass explain how this could work?
@easwee I would imagine, different electrical charge in different points creates a different frequency light
@SecondRikudo that's what I was saying - a colleague wouldn't believe - he said it's edited lal
@easwee different types of gasses in the same tube, different voltage / current heat and cooling may make them expand / contract
@TylerH ^
maybe he knows the answer :P
@easwee Doesn't look edited.
would love to make that at home
7:43 AM
@Worf I dunno, gasses diffuse, it's hard to control
@Worf Not all gasses magnetize, and even fewer both magnetize and can cause a reaction with a fluorescent glass.
no idea
asking a friend :P
just went through comments, no captain obvious, just hipster cumming over a song
useless youtube
7:49 AM
@mikedidthis o/
@easwee friend says it's fake :P
@Worf he knows nothing
A Geissler tube is an early gas discharge tube used to demonstrate the principles of electrical glow discharge. The tube was invented by the German physicist and glassblower Heinrich Geissler in 1857. It consists of a sealed, partially evacuated glass cylinder of various shapes with a metal electrode at each end, containing rarefied gasses such as neon, argon, or air; mercury vapor or other conductive fluids; or ionizable minerals or metals, such as sodium. When a high voltage is applied between the electrodes, an electrical current flows through the tube. The current dissociates electrons from...
@easwee probably
posted on April 13, 2015 by kbironneau

/* by SynxS */

@Neil This is golden! :D
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@SecondRikudo Feels like my life sometimes :D
"When you inflate it, could you put it in the form of a kitten?"
8:59 AM
@Neil each time I see that video I wanna punch people
that is so ex-company I worked for
9:11 AM
@Kitler HALP
@Worf he sleeps till noon
1 hour later…
10:14 AM
posted on April 13, 2015 by Pedro Botelho

Using aria-label * Coding a carousel * Web Scraping With Node.js * Type Slab * black-hole.js * Animating CSS Gradients Collective #163 was written by Pedro Botelho and published on Codrops.

ah, you can insult resig in real time ^
11:03 AM
posted on April 13, 2015 by Maciej Stachowski

Unquestionably, a good method name should be descriptive. With today's code completion and code analysis features, almost all developers expect the names to give them at least an idea of what a method should do. When you write a library, or work on a shared codebase, it's a must- and even if one doesn't expect anybody else to use their code, it's still good not to have to re

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12:08 PM
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12:33 PM
this room is dead today
1:17 PM
I feel like there is a secret version of this room I'm not invited to. Nobody is ever here.
It's just today
+ your timing
@crypticツ you... 'back' ?
A: How to step through code in Google chrome javascript debugger

k0niI recommend you to debug with FireBug. It is the absolutely best tool for it. I have Chrome version, and there i got a button list where i can step in / step through: so maybe you need to update your Chrome version?

yay for imageshack pics in answers
@crypticツ you're never here
1:32 PM
@Worf @easwee it looks like RGB LEDs actually
either added to the tubes or bought like that
2:12 PM
yes, I do. I have alot of work to do in order to complete the website and was also lazy to write down how the suggestion part is related. basicly, i dont want to take 1000 lines of data everytime. — Eliran Breitbart 2 mins ago
posted on April 13, 2015 by kbironneau

/* by Matt */

@TylerH all kinds of horrible
2:29 PM
@TylerH it's never been done before
> if this isnt a good question please dont make a big fuss about it.
@easwee what's never been done before
> Its something that was never done before and so I want to bring to commercial level (meaning its as effective, fast and space saving as possible).
> Edit i meant Autocomplete
2:32 PM
@easwee ah
oh goodie
Primary Voting begins in 5 hours
why this doesnt transform to 90 deg
ctx.translate(background.width/2, background.height/2);
ctx.rotate(90 * Math.PI / 180);
while this does transform to 180 ctx.rotate(180 * Math.PI / 180);
why is pgadmin so shit
For instance your tables are nested under 7 layers
the fuck
2:48 PM
I'm really grateful for the help, I will provide any code; where do I provide that? I'm obviously new to Stack Overflow too... THANK YOU ! — user3386434 8 mins ago
for once some gratitude :-D
@Mr.Alien ctx.rotate(90 * Math.PI / 180); = 1.57
why don't you just do rotate(90deg)
@TylerH does that work? it's canvas
also rotating is far way, it doesn't even draw my image... shit canvas
I thought rotating 90 degrees on Canvas was ctx.rotate(Math.PI/2);
this is so awful
@Mr.Alien ctx.rotate() takes radians
So Math.PI / 2 it is.
3:10 PM
ctx stands for context, right
ctx stands for circular training xylophone
duh, what else?
@Neil please tell me this is a real thing
if I do a check like this: if(this.keyPressed && this.checkBounds()) will javascript skip this.checkBounds() checking if this.keyPressed returns false? Does it work the same as a switch with breaks?
3:24 PM
3:47 PM
everything that can be, is
@Sippy lol
poor guy
He's an expert.
needs a bit of work - mainly to give a possible reason as to why the z index was used in the first place. @BoltClock: updated for further connection to answer — jbutler483 4 mins ago
@jbutler483 Two ways to go about fixing things in CSS, Z-Index, and !important. Does that sum it up? — George Stocker ♦ 57 secs ago
@George Stocker: ayy lmao — BoltClock ♦ 35 secs ago
posted on April 13, 2015

Piled Higher & Deeper by Jorge Cham www.phdcomics.com title: "Monday Morning" - originally published 4/13/2015 For the latest news in PHD Comics, CLICK HERE!

posted on April 13, 2015 by kbironneau

/* by shrub */

4:10 PM
@Feeds is that a scene from Indiana Jones
@Sippy win
does this make sense to you ? jsperf.com/js-check-bottom
4:27 PM
> "The quickest way to solve a problem is post it on a forum and claim it can't be solved"
haha true
@Kitler lol how?
they probably messed up the graph
@Kitler 1.5m ops/sec vs 50k ops/sec ... not even close
I m comparing 2 ways of getting if the page scrolled to the bottom
just checking if it's clear what i m testing
@BoltClock nice
CommitStrip - Blog relating the daily life of web agencies developers
Coders are never satisfied
Black-hole.js is cool, though very little practical application
That is sick
Man my entire work log today has ~6 lines of codes added and a total of 6h of work so far
been hunting bugs the entire day
I know the feel
took ~10 hours to get an effect working in FF that worked perfectly fine in Chrome this past weekend
4:58 PM
Is it a demo ?
@ZachSaucier love the article
@ZachSaucier Could be useful for the 404 page for my redesign...
Alternatively it would be just a black screen (of death)
Not sure which one is more terrifying
I feel like your site is a 404 anyway :P
5:35 PM
@ZachSaucier just like regular black holes, then? :-P
@Kitler yeah it is clear to me
ow, math
my brain hurts
@BoltClock force it into fullscreen mode, then after a few seconds (long enough for people to click "allow" on the browser permissions modal), run a BSOD animation or something
Hey guys, I have a general question about developing apps and the use of differend IDE's
when developing mobile apps, developers use specific IDE's (xCode for iOS, Visua Studio for WP, ...)
why is that exactly?
because that is the recommended IDE?
yes, but why is that? For what particular reason.
Of course I use xCode for iOS and Android Studio/eclipse for Android
ugh, I can't re-pin something I pinned and then removed
why do some people like chocolate?
5:47 PM
but I can't come up with a good explanation
@rlemon because they aren't stoopid
whatr's RWD @TylerH
@CSᵠ responsive web design
@CSᵠ responsive width
5:48 PM
@STheFox people use whatever ide/editor they're most productive in. SOME IDE's have been designed with a particular task in mind. Think VS -> .NET, but you don't need to use them to get the job done
they just (often) offer tools to make the job easier for most
Yes, they have like simulators/emulators for specific devices, but are there more reasons?
what else are you looking for?
a general good explanation why.
@STheFox You could probably do enough research and collect enough data to show an overall correlation between various events and developer endorsements that led to massive adoption
but otherwise no
why what?
I just explained it
> . SOME IDE's have been designed with a particular task in mind.
5:51 PM
yes, but that's like saying 'My dad like to drive a BMW, so he does drive a BMW'
@STheFox that's not exactly accurate
no, that is like saying "my dad needs to tow stuff, so he has a car that was designed to tow stuff"
If you want to build a BMW, are you going to build it in a BMW factory or an Audi factory?
it could probably be made in an Audi factory, but you'd have to wrestle with the controls, change out some things, etc.
TylerH, yes, but why is that exactly?
whereas in a BMW factory everything will just flow smoothly
because BMWs were designed in the BMW factory
5:52 PM
I can perfectly write Swift in Eclipse
can I code a winforms application in SublimeText? yes, but it is WAY simpler to use Visual Studio because it is an IDE designed to work with .net
okay, good for you, you're better than necessary
TylerH, please stop it, not acting maturely
@STheFox I'm being serious
this room does not have a mature requirement flag/tag !
5:54 PM
of course you can write any program in any complete IDE
@STheFox Have you ever used Excel or Word?
@TylerH of course
You know you can create spreadsheets in Word
but it's easier in Excel
same thing here, just with programming languages
@STheFox the problem is your question leads to a lot of assumptions. just concede people use w/e they are most productive in. if you are productive using the IDE designed for the job, neat. if you are more productive in emacs? cool!
yes, but can you come up with a good explanation why exactly?
why? Because Excel is a spreadsheet editor
5:55 PM
mature programmers use the tools that do the job best for them
it is a specialized tool
we're going full circle. the "good explanation" is productivity
accept it or don't
Visual Studio is specialized for ADO.NET stuff
@TylerH Yes but what exactly are the advantages? Not just 'they are recommended'
5:56 PM
@STheFox That question is too broad
Choose one IDE and one language and then do a google search for that :-)
1 min ago, by rlemon
we're going full circle. the "good explanation" is productivity
I'm sure there are thousands of topics on it
it isn't broad. the answer is simple
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