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12:02 AM
@TylerH David Haselhoff in the car
6 hours later…
6:18 AM
posted on April 18, 2015

New Cyanide and Happiness Comic

1 hour later…
7:48 AM
@SecondRikudo +1, good luck man .... :) your contribution is really good
8:04 AM
Go vote for SecondRikudo!
8:18 AM
^ this room is partisan
@Worf HELL NO ,...... i can vote for you too xD
wtf happened to the profile page :/
9:03 AM
@NullPoiиteя the proposal from few months back went in
9:59 AM
@easwee cooking spaghetti tonno e pomodorini
simple things are always the best
haha nice
now I'm hungry
!!wiki pomodori pachino
@Worf The Wikipedia contains no knowledge of such a thing
The Pomodoro di Pachino (Tomato of Pachino) is an IGP/PGI classification for tomatoes from the southeast coast of Sicily, Italy. The EU granted IGP protection in 2003. == Varieties == The four varieties allowed within the classification include both cherry tomatoes and Costoluto tomatoes these are: Ciliegino (Cherry) Costoluto (Large salad tomato; similar to a Cuor di Bue) Tondo liscio Grappolo ('Grape' tomato) == Area allowed for cultivation == Under the classification, the zone of production are within the area bordered by Noto, to the north, Portopalo di Capo Passero to the south, bo...
@Worf piazza.si/en-menu.php a restaurant here near me - must choose something from the menu - they have excelent food
10:01 AM
@easwee ^
@Worf I have them in the fridge :P
u sure they are pachino? :P
but not certified :D
pachino are fucking rare
yeah - they are just similar
10:03 AM
i wonder why it's so hard to export (even in other regions of italy lol) such products
i'd pay good monyz for them
pomodorino hunter
this is why italy is a failure
@easwee i was born in the south. you don't know how i miss south's cuisine
this are also very tasty
@Worf I'm going to Palermo on friday :D
10:05 AM
get pachinos!!! :D
you are always on fucking vacation
i can't even get a single vacation in a year
i want to do too many things
I only took 3 days off and I get 9 days off
there are some national holidays around 1st may
10:08 AM
can someone please look at my code :/ i have been struggling to do this for days
when i open this on google chrome, on the footer , on the left hand side there is a white gap....tried everything to remove that white box....its not going away....
i asked this a few days on stackoverflow chat over here :) my chat roommates told me to learn CSS box model.......i did that , but still i cant fix this
really appreciate if someone can take a look at it :) and help me
10:29 AM
anyone on here know ruby]
why is this code giving errors, h = Hash.new { "a" => 100, "b" => 200, "c" => 300, "d"=> 300 }

h = {"a" => 100, "b"=> 200}
@SecondRikudo ? :)
!!tell TheArtist format
@TheArtist Format your code - hit Ctrl+K before sending and see the faq
<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Google </title>

  bottom: 0;
  height: 35px;
  position: absolute;
  width: 100%;
  background: #66f;

  border-top: 1px solid #e4e4e4;
  line-height: 40px;

padding:2px 140px 0px;

border:1px solid rgba(0,0,0,0.1);

<div style="text-align:center">
<div class="google" style="font-size:52px"><h1><span style="color:#0266C8">G</span><span style="color:#F90101">o</span><span style="c
@CapricaSix done :)
2 hours later…
12:17 PM
i've received a ping but i don't see where :|
@StephanMuller statues? :D
Statues, also called red light, green light (US) or grandmother's footsteps (UK), is a popular children's game, often played in Australia, Finland, Sweden, and the United States. How the game is played varies throughout different regions of the world. == General rules == A person starts out as the "Curator" and stands at the end of a field. Everyone else playing stands at the far end (distance depends upon playing area selected). The object of the game is for a "Statue" to tag the Curator, thereby becoming the Curator and resetting the game. The Curator turns their back to the field, and ...
oh hmm, I never realized that's played in other countries too, though it makes sense
the Dutch name for it is so Dutch it just never occurred to me it exists elsewhere too :P
12:22 PM
in italy it's called "one two three star!"
in Dutch it translates to "Anna Maria peekaboo"
no idea why
well technically "cuckoo" but the word is meant in a sense of peekaboo
12:36 PM
> Puttana d’ Eva

This was one of the first Italian curse expressions I learned and it just goes to show how much the human race-or at least, the Italians, blame Eve for their maladies.

While calling Eve a whore is never a nice thing, the whole idea behind getting pissed at Eve because you drop your book (or any other little thing you do where you would normally say “damn”) is just plain funny.
lol, "thanks, Obama" but better
we just curse with diseases
i'm dying
@easwee youtube.com/watch?v=E5qvz4cq3N8 this is even better
i wish you guys could understand italian because this is just too funny
only ever asked one question four years ago and has more gold badges than me :(
12:51 PM
@StephanMuller and he has the stellar question badge with only 2.7k other users...
To which he accepted an answer that is not even in the scope of his original question :(
(came there from your meta post :P)
I though so :)
I don't think we can count on him to change the tick
nope, last visited in 2011
1:18 PM
@PeeHaa aaaaaa
You rang?
i did :D
ever tried compile php on windows?
Yes, it sucks
@Worf xD
@StephanMuller also in italian "cuckoo" (as cucù) means peekaboo :D
@PeeHaa coz i want to try to compile php_xdebug.dll for php7
not a good idea right
1:25 PM
@Worf Is the work complete yet to make it even work on php7?
"the work" ?
i thought php7 was feature freeze now
Yeah but some extensions still need to be fixed for php 7 afaik
ah so you are saying that in order to compile xdebug its code needs to be fixed first
can't do that :D nvm then
also phpunit fails miserably understanding EngineException and things
@Worf Yeah
@Worf YOu might want to ping derick about whether xdebug already work son php 7
@Worf And for that ping sebastian. But I am sure he is already working on it
nah, it's just for code coverage, lets give them the time :)
2:13 PM
Q: Can we please get a "reviewers" section on /users page?

Zach SaucierCurrently, there's no way for us to see who reviews the most in a given community. To even count one person's number of reviews, we have to go their profile individually, go to the "Activity" tab, click "all actions", click "reviews", and then figure out #-of-posts-per-page(20) * #-of-pages - 1 +...

2:47 PM
anyone has an opinion on this : meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/290676/… ?
3:05 PM
i'd have expected 0, or at least an error
not at all!
anything raised to 0 is 1
Q: Zero to the zero power - Is $0^0=1$?

StasCould someone provide me with good explanation of why $0^0 = 1$? My train of thought: $x > 0$ $0^x = 0^{x-0} = 0^x/0^0$, so $0^0 = 0^x/0^x = ?$ Possible answers: $0^0 * 0^x = 1 * 0^x$, so $0^0 = 1$ $0^0 = 0^x/0^x = 0/0 = \text{undefined}$ Thank you PS. I've read the explanation on ...

yes but 0 times anything is 0
it's undefined*
read the post :P
3:07 PM
yea, undefined :P
but it's helpful that we define it as 1
i really suck with math
@ZachSaucier You can't define it as 1 though...
obviously you can :P
n^0 = n/n = 1 on the precondition that n != 0.
3:12 PM
it's math - a set of rules that we define to make sense of things
you can define whatever you want (it just might not go with convention or make logical sense)
@ZachSaucier Yes, but 0^0 = 1 doesn't make sense with our current system of rules.
that's completely debatable
did you read the answers?
3:55 PM
i know standards ,but its work :)) — sami 2 mins ago
that really shuts my mouth
Downvoted. Moving on...
@PeeHaa o/
whats up with you these days? busy working on something?
in PHP, 1 hour ago, by PeeHaa
Stalled. Busy working on something that makes money
3:57 PM
haha ... sweet..
Some sockpuppet or terrible person upvoted it
also couple of them up voted his comment.. god, I should stop contributing to SO and should have my own blog
Ever tried reading MySQL documentation? You get 50 bonus words for each 1 actually needed to explain a concept #programming #dev #php #fml
@PeeHaa or just someone who doesn't look at the code used for standards checks
fucking can't believe it, 2 upvotes
4:09 PM
@ZachSaucier Yeah that was the "terrible person" part ;P
sometimes I regret visiting main
@Mr.Alien then don't like me :P
@ZachSaucier don't worry bro, we are on the same boat, it's just that I don't repwhore anymore xD so don't you I know but I hardly answer
you were able to keep it up for much longer than I, haha
I remember when you only had a little more rep than me
I saw the graph on my page, in a year I scored only 19k rep I think by answering just 40-50 answers (approx)
lol -1 for me, revenge down votes
4:12 PM
Revenge downvotes ahoy \o/
But he cannot do it, he has 60 rep
Aaaaaand answer deleted
@ZachSaucier wat you working on
Codrops article currently
got distracted by design bugs on GDSE and a feature request this morning :P
4:49 PM
@ZachSaucier ohh that is cool
hopefully :)
i know you well so it will be
5:02 PM
The proper phrase for people to message you with things on Twitter would be, "Tweet at me", right?
@ZachSaucier DM me?
!!urban dm
twitter has messaging as well
@ZachSaucier DM To send a Direct Message on twitter
I was thinking "dungeon master", haha
5:03 PM
does DM imply privately or publicly?
what would public be?
5:04 PM
so "tweet at me"?
tweet me should suffice
@ZachSaucier I always just use "ping me", but that's mostly because I spend way too much time in chat, but people understand it nonetheless :)
5:52 PM
@mikedidthis around?
@rlemon would still appreciate a code review sometime today :P
doing some 'consulting' right now
would like some feedback on how I'm doing something in particular
then buying a fridge
no worries
5:54 PM
then I'll be home
wordpress: when I import the goodlayers files with image, it crashes
without it works, but then I get no images :/
most of my image loaders are fully responsive, so it's fun to watch them on a very small (100x66px or so) screen, hahaha
2 hours later…
7:29 PM
I love things working on the first compile ♥
@ZachSaucier That always scares the shit out of me :P
I thought for sure there would be something
had to double check
entering hipster-hood, estimated time countdown: one week
I just bought a One+ one :D
7:51 PM
@Loktar I discovered a new game from a lets player I follow on YouTube
Looks pretty fun
unfortunately it's not on Steam... it's in alpha currently
looks a lot like prison architect
Evening @Worf
@Kitler haven't seen that game before
check it out, it's fun
7:53 PM
oh wow
that looks practically identical haha
@PeeHaa i have an idea for a tool i actually need
What is it?
visualthesaurus.com/app/view something like that for uml
sometimes i get badly lost in interface inheritance
and i need something more visual
14h flight x.x
7:57 PM
actually i have TWO ideas for a code maintenance tool :P
@Kitler take some weed brownies
too late for that
started my day off with a 4h flight and now waiting for another 2 hours and heading to the states
I get to meet you (relatively) soon!
hahaha yeah :D
What cell phone provider should i go with btw? I need a line with data for 2 months
the second is basically a tool that allows me to edit phpdocs with a nice gui that helps me being consistent @PeeHaa say you have about the same string in several files
"Returns the count of elements." in the first file
then you write "Returns the total of elements." in another file
or "Returns the total of contents." in another file and everything starts to be a mess
the tool should show me similar comments and allow me to edit them all in a way they are consistent
8:01 PM
Don't IDE's have the concept of "templates" for docblocks?
yes but having to mantain such templates is a pita
basically it's easier maintaining them manually
@Kitler @TylerH will have to help you there
I dunno about service in Athens though
or wherever you're going
BTW have you searched a visualization tools for PHP @Worf I think I have seen them somewhere before
Verizon has the best coverage overall
but their data is probably more expensive than one of the piggyback services
8:04 PM
Any idea about their plans ? As in I don't want a contract
just 2 months of usage
the Walmart one I think piggiebacks off of the Verizon network
@PeeHaa not as cool :P
True :D
why are kids such shitheads these days
had 2 kids on the flight over cried and screamed non stop for 4 hours
@Kitler Usually solved with a shotgun.
8:12 PM
My earplugs were nearly touching my brain
And now the quiet area that has ~10 people sleeping and i m chilling there has been polluted by shit kids that won't shut the fuck up
i blame the damn parents
@Kitler Quoting the great Jamie Hyneman:
> When in doubt, C4.
i searched for "userscript" got this github.com/MadaraUchiha/star-thumn didn't notice the url. then "wtf nerd porn on github"
8:22 PM
@SecondRikudo what a good mod
@Worf oh wow. That looks pretty @SecondRikudo
@ZachSaucier baahahahhahahaha
@ZachSaucier imagine if he gets elected
8:24 PM
9:04 PM
What gets loaded first? Inline styles below the opening <html> or styles in the element?
Inline styles below the opening <html>
why does loading order matter anyway?
It is safe to say @StevensHaen your mother will be loading first
@PeeHaa Got me
Thanks you thank you I will be here the entire day :P
9:08 PM
@PeeHaa good to know
I type on the wrong keyboard when I have 2 PCs in front of me all the time
@ZachSaucier I know that feel bro :(
just did it again, lol
@StevensHaen more serious. What is you actual problem?
@ZachSaucier hehehe
why can't it just know which one I want to talk to?
9:09 PM
How is it possible that my image is deployed to my XAMPP, my rule for the background is active on inspection, yet it doesn't show up, or on right click -> open in new window?
Stupid keyboard sending the keystrokes to the wrong machine the entire time!
How does debugging go in such cases?
kvm switch!
@Worf -1 not sentient enough
@StevensHaen Check your console. It 404s
mine is sentient. he's called Bob
9:11 PM
hey, I've lost a microsd emmc reader like his:
does anyone know of any alternatives?
@PeeHaa It's a 404, but why?
Image is clearly in the right dir
to order this exact one would cost me 4$ + 19$ for shipping lol
cc @rlemon
@StevensHaen Well considering it 404s it is not :)
@easwee Just order a couple and it should be fine
@PeeHaa I know - I could order it from there - looking for a cheaper alternative - 19$ shipping is silly for 4$ item
it's smaller than a fingernail
@rlemon home yet?
9:28 PM
@easwee nope
@ZachSaucier yup
free to do the code review?
send it over
sent over hangouts
what is your browser support?
Goal is down to IE9 (meaning basically okay, IE doesn't support some of the main effects even in IE11)
I've only tested in IE11, FF, and Chrome
9:39 PM
gplus isn't loading for me anymore :/
but I commended and added RL after my comments
overall it looks okay, added a couple notes
but they are nit picking more than anything
kk, thanks!
if I was handed this, I would be okay with it
I think that is the best metric in a code review ;)
@rlemon seal of approval ™
@ZachSaucier ohh
if ( [,,,].indexOf(type !== -1 )
clearly a typo
if ( [,,,].indexOf(type) !== -1 )
is what that should say
9:44 PM
I know foo is a terrible name :P forgot to change it
If a question has an active bounty, can I add an additional bounty, or do I have to wait for the current bounty to expire?
i think you can stack
10:01 PM
Just shelled out for the Rimworld game
Time to see how it is
10:21 PM
What is the point of bundling? Is it to make zip more efficient?
Or is it to batch things into fewer network calls
less requests is better requests
until new http
then it doesn't really matter
what does new http mean?
new protocol?
10:37 PM
http 2.0
How do I substitute the bent text under?
I don't know the font either.
I have to hardcode it on the image, that means Photoshop
11:12 PM

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