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6:01 PM
I wish we could set border opacity easily
rgba or box-shadow: inset ?
@TylerH border-color:alpha(red, 0.5); border-color:alpha(inherit, 0.5);
@mikedidthis yeah have to use rgba
i believe someone intend to implement alpha(colorName, xx)
@TylerH rgba is awesome
6:03 PM
rgba > hex
having to rewrite any value is always a pain
@FrontpageExpert thats why you use a css preprocessor
^ that
I would prefer just border-opacity: 0.5; or something
You beat me too it :D
6:04 PM
@TylerH opacity is a property of the color, not of the border
I thought opacity was a property on its own. it fades everything
^ that
it isn't directly reflective of color or background color or content
but everything
but then you'd have everything-opacity
and I think @TylerH would be okay with that :P
6:07 PM
it wouldn't be a good design
@FrontpageExpert meh I just want my border to be faded, don't care about the details
i'd imagine it like:

background-color:&{opacity: 0.5};

same as:
but I don't like the way the background color change on hover looks attached to the border-bottom so I am just gonna go with <hr>
background-color:&{green: 255};
same as:
would be useful for transitions
Someone happens to be a bootstrap'per & a dupal'ler here? =)

I can't get the tooltips to display on "top" ... can't understand why. | I.e. they keep popping up at the far right.
6:13 PM
a{ background-image: url('a.jpg'), url('b.jpg'), url('c.jpg'), url('d.jpg'); }
a:hover{ background-image: &{1: url('b_hover.jpg')} }
same as
a:hover{ background-image: url('a.jpg'), url('b_hover.jpg'), url('c.jpg'), url('d.jpg'); }
... erase "tooltips", I meant "popovers".
@CSᵠ That code is dangerous. =) It features malicious favicons.
sure seems so
i can't ever see html as dangerous
maybe dangerously stupid or lame :)))
@CSᵠ the same said the msie6 team
@FrontpageExpert jsfiddle.net/TylerH/qt5gjs84/8 what I ended up doing
6:24 PM
@VincentVerheyen lol i.imgur.com/jaEkn7L.png
@TylerH Funny //comments :)
@TylerH looks the only solution, right?
@FrontpageExpert to achieve the visual separation between the :hover state and the line, yeah
aside from creating a custom div element or something to perform the role of <hr>
i didn't notice that
you can't use <hr> as child of <ul>
6:27 PM
@TylerH your markup is invalid
neither i'd use it at all
i should be removed from the spec
it's almost pointless
what? hr? yeah, its pointless
also, wtf is this business of using span for marking up titles?
@cimmanon it's SharePoint. The whole site is invalid
I didn't choose the markup, I'm just tasked with styling it
maybe with "title" he means not an outline title, but a simple name-value pair
I had to cheat to use the HR
@FrontpageExpert they changed the definition of HR recently
6:30 PM
they did?
hr was paragraph level separation
@TylerH when I check samples they all contain a single page (Chrome Apps)
ah it always been that in html5 afaik @TylerH
6:32 PM
@FrontpageExpert ah so I guess it changed for HTML5
I don't know what the definition was before that
I mean people still just use it as a divider
<div class="hr"></div>
@FrontpageExpert nah SharePoint Designer for 2010 will remove elements it thinks are dangerous when you save... like comments, JavaScript, invalid tags, etc.
SP2013 supports HTML5 though so at least the future isn't as bad
speaking of which, i wonder if outlook will ever support html5
6:35 PM
another WTF moment was when I was indenting all the code to make it easier to read on one site and saved it/reloaded it when prompted, and the application had replaced all my indention spaces with &nbsp;
god creating email templates for outlook is murder
it's like supporting msie5, but 10 times worse
@TylerH ahah bastard
does sharepoint not support pseudo elements?
@cimmanon depends on the version
SharePoint 2010 supports CSS 2.1 most of the time
so I can use things like :last-child and :first-child etc.
@TylerH those arent pseudo elements :p
I don't think I can use nth-of-type, though
oh pseudo elements
6:39 PM
pseudo states!
like :before?
ummm Iunno
if so, use those instead of hr
6:39 PM
If it did, it would definitely support them as single-colon
why bothering so much of customizing a sharepoint gui tho?
@FrontpageExpert I dunno, because doctors want stuff to look different
@cimmanon nah the hr is representing a semantic separation between content items
@FrontpageExpert I work in a hospital system
@TylerH um, that's what the li elements are for?
6:41 PM
ah, right
@cimmanon the bullet points are removed, and it's easier for people to think "new content item" with a separating line
you need to have valid markup before you can start talking about the semantic validity of the elements youve chosen :p
@cimmanon like I said it's sharepoint so there's already invalid markup that I can't do anything about
@TylerH uh huh? you dont need hr to do that. you use an after with a solid colored background
like nesting the contents of the page within 26 nested tables
@cimmanon seems opacity doesn't work on pseudo elements
6:45 PM
@TylerH rgba?
@cimmanon complicated
so do the math (or get a css preprocessor to do it for you) and mix your desired color with the background color
hr is just easier
right now I can't even find the line being drawn by the :after element
@TylerH did you add the content property?
@cimmanon yes
6:50 PM
display: block?
someone's up for an array related algorithm challenge? any language? @rlemon @NullPoiиteя @ZachSaucier
oh, yeah .announce is not on a div, I forgot
@FrontpageExpert I don't have time now, but I'd love to try this evening/tomorrow
@FrontpageExpert just post it noob
ok gimme some mins, i just realized i don't even know the specs. needs some thinking
6:54 PM
ping me when you post it. Back to studying
@FrontpageExpert when you post it, pin it as the challenge of the week like we used to have for CSS
ok will do
> Developer. Reversing. Magento. Wordpress. Voip. Asterisk. Desginer
bunch of keywords
@TylerH cv'd all the questions
CommitStrip - Blog relating the daily life of web agencies developers
Are you still a coder?
7:18 PM
@mikedidthis @FrontpageExpert check it
@Feeds sadness
@rlemon I have no words
I have drinking birds
that thing is as old as universe
i owned one too :D
Using javascript how do I check if an element has a pseudo class? I know you can do something like querySelector(':invalid') but how you would do something like that on the current element?
7:28 PM
function matches(el, selector) {
  return !!(el.matches || el.webkitMatchesSelector || el.mozMatchesSelector || el.msMatchesSelector || el.oMatchesSelector).call(el, selector);
matches(el, ':invalid');
@joshhunt element.valid (or checkValidity() depending on cases)
Googling .matches. @FrontpageExpert I read that but also read somewhere that the browser support isn't very good?
if you are using css :invalid, that's the js counterpart
I read somewhere that it isn't as widely implemented as :invalid, trying to find the browser support info
!!caniuse invalid
see compatibility table at the bottom
same old same old
IE sucks, everything else is probably okay
@rlemon hmm so does that mean :invalid has the same browser support as element.valid? This guy seems to think otherwise but he could well be wrong
Also is it ok to do something like this?
dunno about element.valid
Element.prototype.is = function(selector) {
    return !!(this.matches || this.webkitMatchesSelector || this.mozMatchesSelector || this.msMatchesSelector || this.oMatchesSelector).call(this, selector);
but the invalid event is iirc IE10+
7:49 PM
yeah thats ok, the only reason I need it is because Chrome returns an empty string on <input type='number'> if it isn't a valid number.
and I needed a way to differentiate between an empty input and an invalid input
it shouldnt submit the form at all of it has invalid values
@joshhunt so youre looking for :required?
@cimmanon it wouldn't but the input isn't being submitted using a traditional form
@joshhunt yeah but browsers that have partial support are likely dead or nearly dead already
i don't think msie9 supports anything of html5 forms
it supports very little
ex: it supports the input element and half its current properties
@FrontpageExpert I still can't find any info on the browser support for it unfortunately. I found this on mdn but it doesn't list the versions
@joshhunt you should get some vm with msie installed
you can download them for free from modern.ie
I've got some, but there are a lot of browser versions
you only need msie8 and 9
msie10 is being totally replaced by msie11
@cimmanon added a stacksnippet
8:02 PM
@TylerH its not your job to do that.
and if you were going to do that, you should have fixed the tags and removed the references to sass
It's not my job, but it's my prerogative to improve posts in any way I can, if I want to
any edits that improve the post are warranted; people below the 2K threshold should strive to make complete edits, because they're subject to review
You're trying to close the question because code was provided but not in the question. All I did was move the code to the question. You shouldn't be concerned anymore
@cimmanon He's got a point.
I often make edits to questions just to indent the code, without fixing anything else.
If he wants to include the code in the question for OP that's his choice.
I personally wouldn't do it because I want OP to learn to do it himself
I personally wouldn't do it because I'm lazy af
But if he wants to do it, it's his privilege, as someone with more than 2k, to do whatever edit he wants to improve any post.
you can get into a rollback war, but that probably isn't constructive.
8:07 PM
@rlemon I don't get into rollback wars. If I feel strongly enough about a rollback, I'd just flag.
AAAAND I cannot reproduce my fucking issue off site
Normally, I'd just do my i.imgur.com/WjzrlJd.png face and move on.
god damn that is annoying
tl;dr morris charts. jsbin.com/uqawig/441/embed?js,output see in this demo how the labels are below...
and the line chart on this one the labels are on hover
jsbin.com/uqawig/441/embed?js,output this code, on my website shows them on hover... on the jsbin it doesnt
same version of morris
nothing in the options that tells me how to control this
gist.github.com/WesNetmo/639ec5f06d683541465c does it look comprehensible so far?
function translate(needle,replace,haystack) {
  return  haystack.toString().replace(new RegExp(needle.toString(), "g"), replace).split(',');
8:11 PM
SomeType is not necessarily a string
you said js
js doesn't have types
when did i say js
1 hour ago, by FrontpageExpert
someone's up for an array related algorithm challenge? any language? @rlemon @NullPoiиteя @ZachSaucier
"any language" is as good as js when you're speaking to me
lol fair enough
anyway, that relies on toString() being correct
also what if toString contains a comma?
i want to compare with == or ===
function translate(needle,replace,haystack) {
  return  haystack.toString().replace(new RegExp(needle.toString(), "g"), replace).split(',');
translate(['a', 'b', 'c'], ['x', 'y', 'z'], ['888', 'a', 'b', 'c', '555', 'a', 'b', 'c', 'a', 'b', 'c', '222'])

["888", "x", "y", "z", "555", "x", "y", "z", "x", "y", "z", "222"]
doesn't matter
I meet your test case
I win biatch :P
8:14 PM
> so far
come up with a scenario where it fails and i'll try harder :P
told you, that relies on toString() being correct
so? my js code will not pass in php? is that what you're getting at?
also, searches and replacements are arrays of sequences
because "any language" means I can abuse the shit out of JS to solve the problem :P
8:15 PM
@rlemon will it work... in space?
@FrontpageExpert well see that wasn't clear :P
I thought you just wanted to nest those :P
translate([['a', 'b', 'c']], [['x', 'y', 'z']], ['888', 'a', 'b', 'c', '555', 'a', 'b', 'c', 'a', 'b', 'c', '222'])
searches.length === replacements.length
^ that's a requirement
ok well you go back to the gist and write up some proper requirements and some more test cases
then I'll work on it some more tonight
how to write javascript in the rain?
@rlemon function translate(needle,replace,haystack) {
return haystack.toString().replace(new RegExp(needle.toString(), "g"), replace).split(',');
translate(['a', 'b', 'c'], ['x', 'y', 'z'], ['888', 'a,a', 'b', 'c', '555', 'a,a', 'b', 'c', 'a,a', 'b', 'c', '222']) #fail
8:21 PM
dude, update gist
4:21 here I'll be home in like an hour
right now I'm fighting with morris charts
so unless you wanna help me fight..... :P
i'm updating it
Am I doing something wrong? How come :invalid isn't working on IE10-11? jsfiddle.net/joshhunt18/z4bwegah
IE isn't allowing me to input invalid chars
clears the input
Oh you mean on blur? True, I still would have thought that :invalid should work though
wired.com/2015/03/illegal-sand-mining who would've thought... sand
8:28 PM
@joshhunt IE is just being lame
<input type="text" pattern="\d+">
this works in IE
hmm added that in and still can't get it to work
oh nvm just saw you changed it to text
wtf <input type="number"> is so inconsistent. Considering not using it at all
I wouldn't
or just required
still clears input on blur in IE
number implementation is not consistent
I'm using it purely for the mobile number keyboard and possible future improvements but at this stage it really doesn't seem worth it
8:35 PM
input type="tele"
tel not tele
I think in the next version of html they are separating validation and apperance/ui a little more which will be nice
lol... how am I so slow...
@joshhunt :| i was sure you knew that
8:39 PM
haha nope... uh... belated welcome back! :D
1 message moved to Trash
i never actually left
i'm not hiding from anyone except google search tho @joshhunt
check message history ^
Yeah it looks like IE just fell asleep for type="number"
8:49 PM
so why are you hiding from Google? Are you an ISIS hacker? Or NSA hacker?
@rlemon all true
@joshhunt nah that's @Kitler
look at "known issues" tab
lol yup, switching back to type='text'
@joshhunt a former colleague tried to blackmail me tracking what i said here. people have lot of free time
what?! I swear some people have no brains
8:52 PM
he couldn't ever succeeded in that tho
i just find annoying that what i say here will stay on google forever
fair enough
also, the asshole got fired (but for other reasons)
some people really don't know how to coexist with other human beings
hahaha I don't believe in karma but seriously karma
well firing such assholes is an easy decision
hed be fired anyway regardless of what he tried to do with me
in NZ it is very hard to fire people after the first 90 days. They either have to do something really really bad or you have to give them 3 written notices on separate occasions first
8:56 PM
also, the only problem i had with my previous job was that they were too conservative. i left because i couldn't grow up professionally there, not because i hated them or something
in fact separation was consensual, and i still work with them as external consultant
the attempt this cock did tho made me seriously worry about what i could have written in the past. maybe while i was joking i could have said something not nice about my bosses
but this idiot succeeded to manipulate one of them and (without giving him any actual proof) convinced him that i was spending all my time here talking behind my bosses' back.
I didn't know that.
so i got a phone call from this boss asking for clarifications
and long story short i managed to defend myself
@mikedidthis remember when i left around june/july of the past year?
I think so.
thats when all that happened
@FrontpageExpert whatever happened to that lady who said she would sue you?
9:06 PM
@TylerH idgaf lol
i didn't hear of her in a while. if she wants to actually sue me, she's welcome. what she's complaining about is pointless, i'm not worried at all
9:18 PM
Apparently Ryan Bates is back on Twitter
I had to ask the question "Who is Ryan Bates" four times before I found out he invented Ruby on Rails or something
BTW, Periscope by Twitter is awesome
dumb AF that it's only on iOS currently
9:34 PM
@FrontpageExpert interesting... why?
and.. is this really a challenge :))
it's really easy
why you post it?
brb on call
@CSᵠ he can't figure it out, but he did figure out that to get the best answer is to call it a "challenge" instead of a "question"?
9:44 PM
gonna post a solution :)
if you have a noob question on PHP, go to the PHP room and say "PHP sucks, I bet you guys can't even do x in PHP"
10 answers in 5 minutes guaranteed
9:45 PM
@StephanMuller lol
I'd take the challenge but I'm heading to bed tho :(
@lovetolearn why jquery?
for some reason fucker doesn't work on 1st try
i am following a tutorial on pluralsight
gonna punch a knuckle impression in my lcd
9:47 PM
fixed it for you @lovetolearn :P
@mikedidthis drinks?
owait, I didn't
close the h1 with </h1>, not <h1/>
@rlemon not today bro, I am working.
9:48 PM
Isn't it like 9pm there?
You work too much
fixed it now tho @lovetolearn
i knew how to make it work
just annoyed at the code
no, you didn't
9:49 PM
because he had a list of jquery selectors
@rlemon yeah, project deadline.
the whole $('prev + div') part shows a lack of understanding in basic CSS selectors
and the one i was doing said $('prev + selector');
my argument still stands
I have to agree sadly.
9:51 PM
unless there magically was an html element <prev + selector> which doesn't make sense, as both the space and the + can't be parts of the name and the "selector" part would be an attribute
why am i following the tutorial then
can someoen check teh course
@mikedidthis sucks
the video i am in is called find something
9:52 PM
good luck
sorry, don't feel like signing up for that
omw to bed
@rlemon Its chill, just took me a little longer to get my head around the customizer in WP, so I am playing catch up.
yea i'm not talking in thre
I was giving you comments.
@FrontpageExpert jsfiddle.net/81L3kbm9 with a WHY
@rlemon any idea why ^
@rlemon you lost me.
9:56 PM
@mikedidthis, @lovetolearn was trying to talk in the group fiddle.
it was annoying
so I jumped out
ahh right.
@CSᵠ array.indexOf(anotherarray) isn't going to work
it's an elem
!!> [[1]].indexOf([1])
@rlemon -1
9:58 PM
@CSᵠ 1
ohh right
ignore me
let me read all of the code first :P
thought it was scope, but doesn't seem to be
no I was right
searches is [[]]
not []
9:59 PM
fuck how

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