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1:00 PM
i just got attacked by a giant assassin bee
anyway also france, only thing that may have stopped france is the "turnover"
the worst part of going out a world cup this way (i mean for both italy and england) is that this year other teams weren't that good, apart from those 2-3 teams that are always strong
in fact both italy and england could have reached at least quarter of finals
1:06 PM
apparently Manchester United are aiming for four player signings.
Two are obvious, other two, no idea.
@Purify still waiting for the email
hopefully clear this time
1:18 PM
next time i will copypasta here one of the @purify's mails... they basically look like this:
HELLO WES chk dis pls blahblah.com XOXOXO THXTHX
today's malaria day?
1:26 PM
@ZachSaucier I'm back from w.e. and I'll start to integrate your intro page. Is the codepen you gave me the last version ?
I believe so
I cut the bridge of my nose and it won't stop bleeding :/
@rlemon how'd you manage to do that?
tying my shoe, leaned up, caught my nose on the edge of my keyboard riser
1:27 PM
not as bad as the time I moved my keyboard, knocked my mouse off my desk, in a mad dash to save it end up grabbing the cord and swinging it around into my own nuts.
I don't even know how that one is possible
with a standing desk it is 100% possible to bag yourself with your mouse
makes more sense
auto updater v2.0 is done
time to test it
anyone good with bash want to sanity check it first?
@rlemon ahahahah
1:32 PM
it hurt! everyone at work had a good laugh.
@rlemon Is there an event to check to see if the page is loading anything?
window.onload wouldn't fire if I'm loading new stuff using ajax, would it?
only if ajax is sync only if you use ajax to change dom (like appending images to the document)
if you are loading new stuff in ajax you already know when it is loaded
I'm actually not sure if it's ajax, I can't find the script where it actually pulls the new info
1:36 PM
open the network tab
see if it makes a request
@Wesabi ??
window.onload doesn't fire if you change the dom after the first onload
ah, got what you meant @ZachSaucier
your load event is firing multiple times?
but I'd look for the ajax call
@rlemon i was talking "before the first onload"
@Wesabi no, just trying to fire an event after this overlay has fully loaded
ATM it goes after a setTimeout to it's not reliable :P
1:40 PM
which event? need more infos
got a live link?
@rlemon Kind of. The live site doesn't have the programmatic calls to it, but the overlay events should be the same, you just have to click it yourself. leaderagency.com click work on nav -> view our success stories. That opens the overlay I need to watch until it finishes loading
@rlemon anyway i was talking of:
window.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function(){
// ajax call that adds an image to the document
window.onload =... // blocks this
(bad site, I'm redesigning it in my free time at work)
1:42 PM
is the overlay an iframe @ZachSaucier ?
it's a stupid overlay where the content is obtained from the site's content
utterly bad design implementation, hence why I'm redesigning it in my free time
so basically you want it to slide in when the rendering is completed?
i'd go with checking if all <img>s are .complete, plus window.requestAnimationFrame
@Wesabi no, I want it to have the behavior as is. I'll open one of the particular cases after it's done
i'm not understanding :D
1:46 PM
If you click on one of the images it will open a second overlay, which is what I need to do after the whole thing loads
so if you click one of the images it will open a second overlay, which you want to show only when it gets fully loaded?
yes :)
otherwise it has formatting issues
so it's just injected html? no iframes?
yep. Stupid.
you should have used iframes
1:48 PM
holy good grace that is a lot of plugins
I didn't design it!
I told you this is the reason why I'm redesigning the entire page (secretly)
anyway the solution is the one i told ya, but still it is really complicated
because you have to check manually if all images are loaded, all css if any or any embedded blocking element
it's a lot of work if i were you i would consider to redesign it using iframes
there's no more generic event I could check for? such as one on the parent of all of them?
1:51 PM
nope, 100% sure
kk, I'll leave as is then for my work (a little buggy)
dude the js is a mess
@rlemon you're telling me ^_^
anyway @ZachSaucier what's been included in the second overlay? just images and css (which is already loaded by the main request) ?
@Wesabi no, new load
Like I said it's awful
1:52 PM
> Uruguay forward Luis Suarez has been banned for nine matches and banned for four months "from any football activity" after biting Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini.
the takeover script initiates the ajax
I'm trying to find where.
@mikedidthis i'm having an orgasm
@Wesabi I am crying.
@ZachSaucier line 229 jquery.takeover.js
hey guys
suazes bit another football player
1:56 PM
$target = $('<div />').load( o.target , function() {
	if( o.centerVertically ) {
		methods.centerVertically( $target );

	// Bind close for content loaded via AJAX
	methods.bindClose($wrapper, o);

if you want to try to do it @ZachSaucier you have to satisfy the following conditions:
- all images are loaded with secondoverlay.querySelectorAll("img")[N].complete == true
- css loaded via document.head.querySelectorAll("link")[N].readyState === "loaded|completed" (or smt)
anyway, back to work.
@rlemon thanks
@ZachSaucier Network tab is a helluvah tool
1:58 PM
@rlemon can I attach an oncomplete to this then?
or rather, a callback
callback should be on. iirc, .load doesn't emit events.
@mikedidthis ):
Well its not in the docs.
posted on June 26, 2014 by Joshua Mauldin

    No one really wants to be interrupted, much less for something silly while they’re in the middle of doing a billion things. So, why do app ratings follow this pattern? And why don’t developers attempt to talk more with their customers? In this article, we’ll investigate the various tactics of prompting for app reviews and ratings and how to make them better. We’ll also ta

@mikedidthis Is it not the complete parameter? api.jquery.com/load
2:02 PM
Hi, as the javascript chat hasn't accepted me and I am getting frustrated by a specific problem, is it okay to ask here or is this room irrelevant?
@EvilGoat depends on the question
@ZachSaucier that is your callback :D
that won't solve your issue tho @ZachSaucier
YOU are irrelevant @EvilGoat :D
that just says "the html is in the element"
not "the images inside are loaded"
2:02 PM
@rlemon i tried to tell him :D
kk, so I'll stick with my setTimeouts until I roll out the new site then
ajax is request of the source, but images are loaded in different requests that are made after
thanks for the help guys
var images = $target.find('img');
var len = images.length;
images.each(function(img) {
  img.onload = function() { if( !--len ) { alert('all images are loaded'); } };
2:04 PM
^ dat
plus the same thing with linkstylesheet.readyState
Ok, I will ask and if you guys can help shoot away: I want to make a link submit a form and target an Iframe. So I have something like <a href="javascript:document.viewusers.submit()" target="mainpage">View Users</a> but it doesn't do a damn thing... any ideas on how to make the submit send the data to that specific frame called mainpage?
<a onclick='var oldtarget = document.viewusers.target;
document.viewusers.target = "mainpage";
document.viewusers.target = oldtarget;'>
hmmm ok I will pack it in a method and try it out thanks :)
a href="javascript: <- you are already doing it wrong ;)
2:10 PM
I know it is bad practice but it is for an assignment..
a) links are not buttons, don't force them to be
b) inline stuff like that is horrible. even for "assignments"
it's a long story
c) if your teacher advocates it, show him up
half the assignment is retarded anyway, we have to make a servlet that calls certain classes for users to do the job when we could do every damn thing through jsp and a simple servlet...
lol they still teach jsp?
2:12 PM
They don't in my school
they do in my university...
ain't too bad, is it that outdated?
they are setting you up for? an out dated technology that is trying to get replaced?
replaced by what? (I would like to study something up to date during summer)
(so provide my with some info if possible ;) )
any better server tech :P
what do you want to do?
Ruby / Python <- if you already have some programming experience behind you.
C# <- if you want to get some corporate experience.
node.js <- if you want to have some fun and be "cutting edge"
PHP <- if you hate yourself.
well normally I am not too much into servers and web apps, but I would love to set up a simple chatroom for me and my friends with a database to store the data
2:15 PM
I couldnt handle php in the past, is nodejs any simpler? (php felt like pushing spikes in your fingers at all times)
nodejs is javascript.
@EvilGoat if you can't handle PHP you're in the wrong field xD
however it is all module based.
2:16 PM
so you have to wrap your head around the module system first
@ZachSaucier well I want to get some web dev experience but I prefer working on other stuff (games, ai, something like that fancies me more)
I can see PHP being hard to handle if you have come from a better language
@EvilGoat what languages do you have experience in currently?
I'm trying to teach a c++ / Pascal guy JS right now
@rlemon lots of java and c# and quite some html and css that I had in some classes a few years back although technically they are not languages
he is crazy smart, but can't grasp some stuff in js
@EvilGoat node.js if you want to have fun then. and Python just because
@ZachSaucier not much help, but the nodebb homepage is a good example.
2:18 PM
but yea, the industry is moving away from jsp and trying to get away from php
ok nodejs it is then
after I finish this stupid assignment :P
also are servlets outdated too? cause they feel caveman-esque
@rlemon I doubt the industry is trying to get away from PHP
although I agree with jsp
@Loktar Shhhhh! we can hope can't we?
if we say it enough it might become true?
haha yeah we should start saying the industry is trying to get away from jquery as well
2:20 PM
php for the win!
The only thing php has going for it is probably that it works well and people have been using it a lot, but the next generation of web devs will probably move towards something else cause it will be easier to learn and use I guess
it doesn't really "work well"
it "works enough"
that's what I meant
and there is an overwhelming amount of community support
and the tools allow you to one click setup a server
after reading more about what ES6 is going to bring to the table I see node as a more and more viable alternative
assuming it keeps up
!!youtube wake up darling cory the weavers
2:24 PM
I like node, and love JS but I have a feeling in a few years people will look back and laugh at node
I hope not
its the hotness right now like Ruby was
I agree with Loktar
people are using it for everything when its not a silver bullet
2:25 PM
well yea, it will slow down I suspect once the new 'fad' comes out
but Ruby is still very popular, albeit no where near at its peak
dogelang <- the future.
such esoteric
would be nice to know how many of those javascript are server sided and how many are jquery hopeless plugins :D @rlemon
true that
@Wesabi probably somewhere around 20/80 just as a random guess
but maybe even 10/90
2:42 PM
Jquery is the best language to come out in a while, why the hate? :/
@Wesabi check ja emailz
@Purify eat a dick.
@mikedidthis <3
3:04 PM
@Wesabi still self employed?
suarez is a goon
@ericGnuLuver amen
!!afk packing pc :(
@PatsyIssa I thought you had moved already?
3:11 PM
@mikedidthis he was lucky that he was banned for just 10 matches, italian football association formally asked for 1 year ban from any competition
@PatsyIssa yes
@Wesabi PatsyIssa is afk: packing pc :(
@Wesabi not so sure. No football of any kind for 4 months is pretty harsh. He can't even go in a stadium.
liverpool fan i suppose? :D
well, if you go repetitively biting people in competitions, you probably should be completely banned at some time
3:15 PM
man it is fucking sick what he did (for the third time)
@Wesabi yep.
!!youtube disposable heros
Futbol is the new Boxing?
inb4 someone loses an ear.
@CapricaSix Fucking great song
3:20 PM
@mikedidthis game play, especially in a world cup, shouldn't be - literally - disgusting to watch for families and kids because there's a sick man that can't understand (or doesn't want to) that bites are wrong
@Billy <3 the drums in this
that's why the harsh ban
:) <3 Hockey. Two grown men go at it in front of kids and families. everyone cheers. he gets a 2min time out
^ that.
I agree its disgusting, but its no worse than Zidanes head butt etc.
If its such a bad example to kids, why plaster it all over the media.
in a non contact sport intent to injure in any case should result in a harsh suspension
3:22 PM
it is harder in contact sports to make the intent to injure call
but in a sport like futbol that is an easy calll
Yep agreed.
Harder, but not impossible
@RyanKinal which is why it still exists
As, again, represented by hockey
3:23 PM
I can't chop block someone in football
"Rushing/Charging " is basically intent to injure in hockey
and iirc is a major not a minor
And there is harsher punishment for repeated offenses, or seriously dangerous contact.
I hold the record in my city for most penalty minutes in a game
in minor hockey
well I did
that was over a decade ago
Lemon, The Enforcer
3:26 PM
they were bullshit calls.
So, you didn't try to stab someone with your skate?
I was second line after the game started, went to hit some kid and he grabbed my stick. made it look like a cross check. so there is 5 mintues. step back out on the ice and took out a defense-man going for the puck. they called that hitting from behind (it was more of the side..) back in the box. step out and they whistled me for unsportsman like conduct. 10 minute major. (they said I swore. which I didn't a team mate of mine admitted to it after the game)
but the time I got back on the ice I was pissed so took a slap shot at the ref.
3 ten minute misconducts and a 2 game suspension
I will admit I was a goon on the ice.
Wow. That's pretty harsh.
I used to egg the bigger guys on so they would hit me (like punch me) and get a penalty.
like I used to skate behind them and when the refs were not looking slash the backs of their ankles and shit
Ugh. I have a meeting right in the middle of the US game. Stupid meetings.
3:33 PM
i know two or three things about hockey and they are probably wrong
@Purify checking mail
> Laravel kept me from leaving PHP.
Oops, wrong room
!!youtube slayer raining blood
@Purify paste the @keyframes code?
3:38 PM
posted on June 26, 2014

var gaJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https://ssl." : "http://www."); document.write(unescape("%3Cscript src='" + gaJsHost + "google-analytics.com/ga.js' type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E")); try { var pageTracker = _gat._getTracker("UA-3727700-1"); pageTracker._trackPageview(); } catch(err) {}

!!tell rlemon youtube Lolita's Medicine The Legion of Doom
^^ one of my favorite songs to put on repeat
!!youtube flocka flame techno
3:43 PM
I have had that stuck in my head for days...
Interesting hardstyle/trap/techno mix
!!youtube Please Mr. Postman dubstep refix
Hi all.
I adapted and completed Zach's intro.
My old one : http://dystroy.org/miaou/intro
The new one : http://dystroy.org/miaou/static/intro2.html
Opinions ? Needed corrections ?
I also added page up and page down support
Do you think I should mention games in the new one ?
@rlemon @ZachSaucier ^
3:48 PM
@dystroy Look at Rich Text section, need an ascii for one of the characters I believe
I will look in one sec
looks like ↑ to me
hey guys, someone refresh my mind please, how do I get the Nth index value, counting from last index, of a javascript array? :|
@dystroy i like it! but i would use serif or sans serif fonts, not both types
mv -f ./* ..
cannot move `./libs` to `../libs`: Directory not empty
I thought -f would chug past that
@dystroy any ideas?
3:49 PM
posted on June 26, 2014 by Mary Lou

An experimental slideshow that is draggable and has two views: fullscreen and small carousel. In fullscreen view, a related content area can be viewed.

@MoshMage array[n] ?
@dystroy love the 2nd one
no idea. Apart renaming the existing directory or copying the content
@FlorianMargaine Do you think something is missing in the second one ?
@Wesabi If you're referencing the buttons I don't think it's a problem
@ZachSaucier nay, I want the index before the end, so it would be array.length - 1 but ... nevermind, that will work
3:52 PM
@dystroy make sure to add the favicon as well
@ZachSaucier yeah the buttons
- downscale those images. 2000*2000 is overkill.
- don't like that the buttons hover down and to the left. I feel they should go down and center.
- when the header bar goes small I still feel it should show the full text, not just the icon. there is so much wasted space there
@rlemon try cp instead?
@dystroy ^^
@ZachSaucier yeah... I think I forgot some encoding...
3:53 PM
@MoshMage not atomic
!!afk getting a sub
i don't know that much linux to understand what "not atomic" means, but I can guess it doesnt work with cp :p
fixed the favicon and the arrow
... bring a sub for me ;x *as well
@rlemon yeah, I should reduce the size of the first one at least, it's very slow to load
I forgot to do that :P whoops
3:55 PM
@ZachSaucier no worry, you were designing, now we finalize it for prod
@rlemon I don't get your second point relative to buttons
@dystroy rlemon is afk: getting a sub
@dystroy he means the shadows. I had them go to bottom left on hover, he prefers bottom center
OMG, the mockup is 1.5 Mo !
Hey @mikedidthis can you tell me again whaty ou meant with using another variable in that post i made for checking for screen sizes?
@mixin breakpoint($media) {
  $max-width: 0;
  @if($media == 'phones') {
    $max-width: $phone-medium;

  } @else if ($media == 'monitors') {
    $max-width: $screen-medium;

  //etc etc etc

  } @else if($media > 0) {
    $max-width: $media;

  @media only screen and  (max-width: $max-width) {
} i currently have that
@Bas Its easier to change a variables value in one place, then look for all the values later.
3:59 PM
Can you give me an example?

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