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1:04 AM
I hate people calling their projects "Zero element" creations. The HTML or body tag is still a bloody element!
@TylerH @ZachSaucier seen
@BoltClock What do you do for a job?
@ZachSaucier I don't
do explain
My therapist does
1:12 AM
curious answer
Oh and I commented on false's answer btw
An explanation of some of my findings on this behavior and why it works in certain browsers and not others can be found here. — BoltClock ♦ 2 mins ago
@ZachSaucier Yeah
Are you married?
No, most people here don't get married until their late 20s so I have a ways to go :P
/early 30s
I don't know how it is elsewhere in the world
in the US it depends on the occupation/education more than anything
I think our current generation is breaking away from tradition and progressing in that direction
(that's a lot of -tions)
Q: Do you generate CSS or write it manually? When does it make sense to do it manually?

user3773251Do you generate CSS or write it manually? When does it make sense to do it manually? It seems hard to work with css files manually since they get big. I am new to web programming, and I was wondering if you guys write your css manually?

Oh my god
1:25 AM
@BoltClock I like pgunston's answer from wikipedia, hahaha
Well it's just the first sentence anyway
But in either case, answering broad opinionated questions like this is not very smart
Tommyixi's advice is sound though
Too bad the question is off-topic
This is what he needs: playground.webflow.com
Quite interesting read lcamtuf.coredump.cx/css_calc
Security is hard
I really like this font, but it turns out, it renders horribly on iOS
1:38 AM
says I frequent reddit and news.ycombinator alot..
but I don't
I never go to HN
I think it means visit at all
or recently, perhaps
eh.. I haven't though
I haven't been to hacker news on my home pc in over a year
it got me - just HN
Why does SO show the correct time zone for me at work but not at home?
And how can I change it at home?
@BoltClock Similar fonts can see if any look okay
1:40 AM
@ZachSaucier :O
@TylerH it's always on UK time for me
It's always UTC
maybe I just don't notice it at home
they really should let us customize it
that'd be bad
1:42 AM
forums have done it without a hitch for two decades
wtf I don't get that at all
security reasons, history reasons, other useless reasons
says I havent visited them now
eh I call horse shit
I don't think it would cause any problems
1:43 AM
@ZachSaucier lol dammit they're all paid
Great! Think what you want (:
sorry to hear that
can look on other font sites
But interesting website
just took a quick search to find it :P
@ZachSaucier I try to think what's right :-)
stubbornly at times, I feel. As we all are
1:46 AM
I've picked my standard to bear, to say the least
I've picked up the Bear Standard.
@TylerH if CS:GO goes on sale I expect you to get it
then we can play!
I think I already own it
1:48 AM
install it then!
maps are all too small, though, from what I remember
they're the same as CSS...
well, I never played Counter Strike Source
but if that's true then I'd say those maps are too small, too :-P
doesn't matter
we need to play something together
1:49 AM
L4D, CSS, something
Do you guys know of a more efficient/less tedious way to stitch a large number of small images together (like 300 in a grid) other than just writing a bunch of img tags?
what do you mean "stitch"?
just grid format? Static?
Just display in a grid format with no margin or padding
ultimately they will be zoomable (it'll start zoomed out) but other than that yes
no animations or anything
1:53 AM
nono, I mean static width or have to fit page
static width; at full zoom the total image will be much larger than a single screen
I'd likely load it all with js
have to prioritize the visible elements
start with just a container - js adds all of the images
that way you can load and fade in and such as well
Each image is 256x256
and the grid will generally be about 60x40 or so
starting at that size would be fastest load - least amount of elements to load
right now it's achieved via ugly flash
by 60x40 I mean 60 units by 40 units, not px
so 60 images of 256x256
just for clarification
1:57 AM
I know :P
A 2x2 example
I need to lern 2 canvus
I keep putting it off
it's not that hard, especially the basics
can learn what you want to do with it just tonight
1:59 AM
yeah I mean not really sure if canvas is the best approach for that
but it is an approach
Well, tonight I'm going out drinking, so probably won't be learning anything useful about canvas :-P
for example I needed to create some static bg's for grapple hero
I just needed them created once and then I save it off to a static image
but yeah that code does what you need basically
I think it's faster with canvas
w/o zooming
Neither L4D nor Counter-Strike guy, but I'll be off to play TF2
2:01 AM
@BoltClock you're my kind of guy
These images will be updated from time to time
@TylerH could just pull from an array
Do any of you guys use SASS?
2:01 AM
^ we are a tf2 family
my kids made "sandviches" today
lol hats
and my daughter put on her best "heavy" hat lol
@m59 ya
@Loktar Awesome
need to find my favorite tf2 fan vid
2:02 AM
alright, I'm out all
see ya
I want to use sass on my current project. It's pretty important that I write clean and maintainable code here... I'm not sure where to begin.
I thought I had you on steam guess not
I used to frequent the arqade chat
anyway loktar00 if you want to add me
Do you use a framework or write a ton of styles from scratch for each project?
@m59 nesting CSS selectors is best way
and that depends on project/who I'm working with
can give you a start if you want or you can do it yourself
It's just me for now, but may grow into something huge.
2:04 AM
My favorite TF2 short: newgrounds.com/portal/view/493932
omg the ads..
@m59 care to see some of what I was working with just today? large project
so long
that would be awesome.
2:04 AM
have G chat?
@Loktar It's Newgrounds
I can't share many details (NDA) but I'm building a kind of social media platform.
I havent been there in forever
The initial launch will only have a few views.
me neither, just have it favorited on it
2:05 AM
I should get around to doing something for Clock Day (Aug 15)
lol that video is umm..
@m59 need yo email/chatting platform other than this
my gmail is johnnyhauser at gmail dot com
2:06 AM
you see the new 15 min "short" Valve did?
its awesome
@m59 g+ chatted ya
or hangout chat
w/e they call it
2 hours later…
4:01 AM
To everyone who responds to everything by saying they've 'lost their faith in humanity': Thanks--I'll let humanity know. I'm sure they'll be crushed.
4:31 AM
@ICanHasKittenz morning
@Justcode sup! o/
what's going on?
5:11 AM
1 hour later…
6:33 AM
@ICanHasKittenz XD
That bite was freaking hilarious XD
7:03 AM
@PatsyIssa o/
hi all how to write “ quotes in html?
@ASR Exactly how your wrote them now...
but its showing some symbol
@SecondRikudo tinyavatr bra
Apr 29 at 12:52, by rlemon
Tiny Avatars, In the Stack Chat,
Tiny Avatars sent from Imgur,
Tiny Avatars, In the Stack Chats,
and their questions, all the same.

There's a pink one, and a green one,
and a blue one and a yellow one.
And they're all sent from Imgur,
And they're all ignored just the same.

And the Users behind the Avatars,
all went to Vampurversity!
Where they were given Avatars,
Identicons all the same.

The entitlement, and the begging,
The Vamps love to berate you!
But none of them will bother me,
Because now they all look just the same.
7:16 AM
@SecondRikudo “This sentence is surrounded by “ and ”, which are a type of quotation marks.” i wrote like this
@ASR Just use “
but printing like this “This sentence is surrounded by “ and ”, which are a type of quotation marks.â€
@ASR Then your encoding is wrong. Use UTF-8
Happy reading ^
@SecondRikudo thanks
i added <meta charset="UTF-8"> in <head>
@ASR That doesn't exempt you from reading the article. If you ask another question regarding encoding which is answered there I won't answer. Keep that in mind
7:24 AM
@SecondRikudo hmm ok'
hi madara
i mean @SecondRikudo
@malcolmX is it really you :O
yup ... why?
You here to set us free?
7:48 AM
@PatsyIssa dafuq
@PatsyIssa dat rock
Kris just posted it on facebook
@Purify o/
I got some random spam viagra content injected into wordpress posts...
7:58 AM
they know
@Purify check your plugins
Are you using the poll one?
list of plugins plz
The WP plugin authors are reckless, 1.5mil downloads and he has an sql injection vulnerability that has yet to be patched.
seo plugin
custom permalinks
xml sitemap
display tweets
revolution slider
@Purify Disable all plugins
8:07 AM
@CarrieKendall because @loktar is mean / awesome.
Review the code, of all plugins, and search for query
One of them is likely to have SQL injection.
If that's not it, it might be something like XSS
posted on June 25, 2014 by kbironneau

/* by Rober */

@SecondRikudo I suspect XSS
@Purify Check and see if the crap data is in the database too
If it is, it's not XSS but most likely SI
was just looking into that. :p
it's in the db.
oh shiz
@Wesabi :D :D hai
oh, think I've figured it.
Think one of the accounts were compromised.
username: admin
password: 12345 ?
8:34 AM
Good morning all
@Will o/
username: admin
password: password ?
nothing like that.
8:47 AM
Uh, any one good with licences?
Was gonna suggest the js room :P
I think WTFPL + Beer should cover it.
updated wp and it didn't ask me to upgrade db.
9:41 AM
hello everybody
Keep a change log: keepachangelog.com
9:59 AM
preg_match vs DOMDocument to get the src off an image
can any one help me in alignment of text in the image? this is my fiddle
Yay, my bug on Chrome is actually a real thing: code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=388202
iam getting text below the image i mean right hand side
Where do you want the text?
I imagine you want to add a clear:left; to the #sub_content
Damn it. Got rep. Now I am no longer 1337 :/
10:18 AM
@PatsyIssa still using gulp.js?
@Will thanks
No worries.
1 hour later…
11:25 AM
posted on June 25, 2014

New Cyanide and Happiness Comic.

@Will hi
how to change the color of the list buttons?
@Will i have written like this
<li>The computational correctness of the code statements is verified through formal logic rather than being inferred by a response to data.</li>
<li>Interfaces are verified by simply adding modules, programs and systems together.</li>
<li>Data is evaluated as a set rather than data points.</li>
<li>The scope of the data set determines the scope of correctness.</li>
is there any way to change
oh @Mr.Alien welcome back!
11:34 AM
@ICanHasKittenz :P
this room is dead
Please have a quick google before asking. It is a very simple answer easily found. @ASR
gets active at the time I go home
@Mr.Alien all busy working today :P
@Will ok
@Will yea
11:36 AM
@Will train
@Will color is changed but color is applying to text also.. i dnt want to apply to text
@Will got it
lol u pinged yourself
Didnt want to break the train
damn I broke it! ._.
11:38 AM
@Will sorry
Hi, can anyone find a solution for this one ? stackoverflow.com/questions/24406942/…
@user1012181 what is the second link supposed to do?
Are you able to see the content in that page?
11:49 AM
The second link is a test server with all database connection. The first link is just the HTML/CSS prototype
So the code given in the question works well in the first site while it is not in the second site
.vertical-center {
  height: 100%;
ha!!!! you saved my a** man :)
@mikedidthis Haven't had the time to work been moving back and forth with apartments, just came back found a huge one that's cheap as fuck, owner is my mom's friend
.vertical-center:before {
content: " ";
display: inline-block;
vertical-align: middle;
height: 100%;

.vertical-center {
min-height: 768px;
width: 100%;
text-align: center;
font: 0px/0 a;
height: 100%;

This thing works!
11:55 AM
font: 0px/0 a; = wat.
@PatsyIssa awesome! I figured it out in the end.
@PatsyIssa what are the prices of renting apartments at your city?
Thats to remove the gap between inline(-block) elements
@Purify nice aren't they.
shame they're expensive as fuck
@will hi
11:58 AM
@Purify what? They are dirty cheap.
$42 is the cost for a designer for one hour.
15$ for icons? lolwut
no, those font icons look so similar to the glyphicons and 22$?
I could find most of those icons for free.
Totally disagree here. Icons make / break a design, well worth paying for if you use them.
@Purify then find them for free and stop bitching about someone selling them in a set for you :D
The UI kits are kinda good though.
I'm not bitching, I don't need them. :p
11:59 AM
but the point is, when there are so many font icons out there to choose from, who would pay
To support the designer?
Flat icons maybe worth it though
To get a proper licence.

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