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1:52 AM
2 days ago, by Zach Saucier
I feel like you remember all of your answers BoltClock
@ZachSaucier Holy shit you're right. Someone just asked a question and in it they quoted an answer, I looked at it, and the first thing on my mind was "I wrote that"
Q: CSS: background color long as text length

Alexander CeruttiI'm building a web site and I have this: Link of 3 images: Here's the fiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/SLbTG/2/ (1) - first image. but to do this, I inserted two box-shadow on the side of the two elements. Anyway, this is giving me a lot of problems with the responsive and I know, this is not the...

(new-user so they couldn't link to it)
2:10 AM
Question for you guys: If i have a robots.txt that disallows everything on the server, but I also have a sitemap.xml (that is listed in robots) and contains some links, will those links be indexed or not?
@kin3tik Does this help you? ragepank.com/articles/robots-vs-sitemap
@joshhunt It does, thank you
@kin3tik So I think robots.txt will just stop them from being crawled (for meta, content, etc) but the pages themselves will still be indexed
Yeah it seems that way, thanks josh
No worries
1 hour later…
4:00 AM
^^ That's pretty handy to know
mornings [tag:!!]
4:30 AM
@ICanHasKittenz It always makes me laugh that you say morning when I'm about to finish work
@joshhunt blame the sun
4:56 AM
morning @ICanHasKittenz
@Justcode o/
5:30 AM
Does anybody know the name of the blog that Zach often links to that has web animation and math stuff?
Found it! acko.net
5:46 AM
Anybody seen any websites that they really like lately?
6:23 AM
6:33 AM
Hey guys, what do you think of this piece of code: codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/55213/…
7:02 AM
posted on June 26, 2014

New Cyanide and Happiness Short.

7:42 AM
good news
we get to go home early coz there is some water maintenance going on in the building
@ICanHasKittenz "Good news everyone!"
Thing is this happened before too but best on a thursday xD
friday would be better
thursday here is equivalent to the friday of the other parts of the world
coz weekend here falls on fridays and saturdays
7:56 AM
posted on June 26, 2014

I sat with coffee in hand, a smile on my face and the now defunct plans for the workplace on my desk. I thought about framing the plans… could make a good picture. I settled back into my work routine. Oddly happy. A few weeks later as I was hanging my new picture the phone started ringing. Me: Blast it… Putting down the frame and nails I walked over to the phone. Me: IT… VP: Airz!

Would you guys rather px or in for responsive design?
posted on June 26, 2014 by kbironneau

/* by gulymaestro */

@ICanHasKittenz 3 day weekend!
@Bas in as in inches?
@Bas I will post a proper answer later, but use the variable name. Its easier to change.
8:09 AM
@mikedidthis yes! >:D I'm gonna spend it wise since Ramadan starts from next week
@ICanHasKittenz eat all the things?
@PatsyIssa o/ o\
@mikedidthis lol yea, planning on going healthy during Ramadan so if I have any last wishes for junk, I shall fulfill it
@ICanHasKittenz no junk food -.- go for fruits
@mikedidthis 1st: Yes

second: what do you mean? on the code review link you mean?
@PatsyIssa during Ramadan no junk, I was talking about this weekend
8:12 AM
I meant ever
Inches won't work with responsive CSS due to DPI.
u don't get the cravings, ever?
And yes your code review link. Use a variable so you only need to change it in one place.
we need to get your DNA sampled
8:13 AM
I did right? this $max-width variable?
I absolutely hate junk food
@Patsy no junk food ever?
will help reduce future obesity xD
I dont know what DPI is tho.
@mikedidthis ever
Haven't had pepsi and co in over 2 years now
Water >
8:13 AM
No burger unless it's a quinoa burger :P
DPI = Dots Per Inch
My diet is mostly veggie with some meat from time to time
Haha, so how would you calculate that from a specific resolution or actual inches?
Good morning all
8:15 AM
@Will o/
Neither, its an impossible calculation.
Ah okay, so thats why people do it with px?
In is for print
And holy fuckballs WELCOME BACK @Wesabi
8:16 AM
morning @Will
@Wesabi oh hey! are you back for real?:D
@Wesabi you have been missed
Mr T?
@PatsyIssa not sure i'm back :D
hola :D @DarkAshelin
8:18 AM
@Wesabi If you leave again I ll start putting ketchup on pizzas
So i'd just use px then? (wich is the width of the screens)
> I don't know how to star messages properly. I should be banned from the PHP room and Stack Overflow chat in general. I am a disgrace to myself, and my fellow PHP programmers.
XD @Wesabi
Add the html/css room to that sentence :P
8:25 AM
@Wesabi wazaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
hola :D
so what are you guys been doing lately? some exciting work?
@mikedidthis i heard you became a flexbox endorser/groopie
@SomeGuy dat coincidence O.o
There was a glitch in the matrix i guess
8:33 AM
heading home! bye guise:D
I hate it when I type out an answer and just as I go to post it someone else beats me with the same answer!
@Will I know how that feels, but still post it xD and then edit it and add more stuff
someone ever had to deal with dbms dead locks?
certified by satan®
@Wesabi you heard wrong.
8:40 AM
my <3 is back @Wesabi
morning everyone
hy all
@Mr.Alien i will cause you all only suffering and pain :D
(insert evil laugh here)
8:43 AM
@Wesabi I am very good in redirecting things..
and this must be some sexual joke that i'm not sure i want to get xD
@Wesabi did you learn English?
not yet, actually it's quite rusty now :D
don't worry, @mikedidthis will teach you
@Mr.Alien nope @SomeGuy is a lot better than I am.
8:49 AM
I recently saw Grand Budapest Hotel, I feel that was released in England, god, the language was so frustrating, and the move was bullshit
@mikedidthis good to know Indians taking over
9:05 AM
@SecondRikudo do you have experience with mysql table / row locking?
@mikedidthis @Mr.Alien o/
Outdated Browser: outdatedbrowser.com
@Mr.Alien o/
Will that site display correctly if they are using an outdated browser? @mikedidthis
@Will irony
@PatsyIssa RIP
I have been including a outdated warning for a while now.
Easiest way to make 3-D like buttons using CSS in just 3 steps!!!
9:31 AM
@Justcode o/
@PatsyIssa o/ ssup bro
@Mr.Alien changing jobs, got a new place moving this weekend :
@PatsyIssa gratz :D $ $ all the waty p@t$y i$$a, aah too many $
@PatsyIssa congrats
Have you seen the news about kim-jong un being really pissed of at a seth rogen film?
Yeah he wants to wage a war :P
dislike film idea = wage war
Friendly reminder. Lets all use descriptive variable names!
var descriptive;
Wouldn't that be fun.
The lemon disagrees
var cumtime = 0.5;
This is why we can't have nice things!
10:14 AM
Client's site got messed up, someone installed WP ontop of it.
He asked me to fix it, which I did.
Then he asks me what was up.
"Using the back-end SMTP program, I synthesized the online transmitter.
and then I navigated the application, so I could get to the ADP card through the solid state SQL bandwidth."
His response
"And then you computed all that into the tricorder?"
Best client ever
anyone here that knows how htaccess rerouting works?
10:32 AM
@DarkAshelin Yah
@SecondRikudo yay ^^
well I want to reroute 1 specific url to another specific url. I'm not familiar enough with the htaccess (or regex used) to figure it out by myself :X
I want www.url.com/keizalig to be rerouted to www.url.com/index.php?page=keizalig
no other pages, not dynamic, just static
tried googling but just ended up really confused
@DarkAshelin Well, simple
route /keizalig to /index.php?page=keizalig
No fancy regex, no nothing.
10:49 AM
@SecondRikudo but hao
@DarkAshelin Same way as you normally route
(I don't remember the exact syntax, copy/paste from a different .htaccess :D)
I just have this RewriteRule . index.php
@SecondRikudo more fun here reddit.com/r/wastedgifs
11:04 AM
@DarkAshelin So everything is already redirected to index.php?
@SecondRikudo no that's what I have from a different project
I just have no idea how to edit this to work for my static url
@DarkAshelin RewriteRule /keizalig /index.php?page=keizalig
doesn't seem to work
oh no it's doing the thing again where my relative paths don't work
bah I'll just use a html redirect :X
thx anyway tho ^^'
most of this is still black magic to me
11:31 AM
Hola guys, a quick question how to make li aligned center on 100% ul . My fiddle : jsfiddle.net/T8x2r/259
#main-menu ul {
    list-style: none inside none;
    text-align: center;
@mikedidthis thanks
You know one of the things I hate about WordPress? It's such a massive ballache trying to find to do something with raw code and not having to install a bloated plugin
Hello, Im using this:
@font-face {
  font-family: "Gotham Book";
  scr: url(fonts/Gotham-Book.otf) format("opentype");
  font-weight: 400;
but it doesnt get the font in mac, and is working in windows Chrome
11:42 AM
What browser on Mac?
Does the windows machine have Gotham Book installed?
Chrome in Mac
Doesn't matter, you have a typo.
scr: url(fonts/Gotham-Book.otf) format("opentype");
Should be:
src: url(fonts/Gotham-Book.otf) format("opentype");
My gf just got a spam email. clicked the link and now had sent spam to everyone in her inbox.
@mikedidthis both lines are the same
@MGE nope, check again :D
url(fonts/Gotham-Book.otf) format("opentype"); vs url(fonts/Gotham-Book.otf) format("opentype"); ??
hint - look at the first 3 letters.
scr !== src
11:54 AM
The coding love
when Q.A. cannot break my app
12:22 PM
@mikedidthis a quick question: Does jQuery('#myvideoTag').trigger('pause'); (media . pause()) stops the media buffering too. If not then how can we stop the media buffering too?
no idea, sorry. You asked in teh JS room so leave it there.
I thought its related to html5 too so I posted it here as well. its more of a html5 question.
not really considering you are using jQuery.
no, it's not related to HTML5 at all in fact
@ZachSaucier don't you think <video></video> is html5 dom
12:28 PM
the tag is, but your javascript isn't.
@softgenic i don't think the spec defines the behavior of this since UA may want to implement different behaviors depending on various factors.... like on desktop may be convenient to continue to buffer the video even if paused, while on mobile browser it would be better not doing it
@Wesabi came back for me.
use the networking panel of your browser's developer tools to check what happens
ooh, good world cup games today
yes ;D
12:32 PM
@Purify sure ahah
gonna have fun watching USA get smashed.
yeeey i get to leave early :d
I don't think they will tbh.
I m out gonna go crash for a bit and pack
oh they will.
12:33 PM
I'm gonna call at least 2 goals ahead.
@Purify The goal is to lose by the least margin possible
yeah but... Germany>USA
@PatsyIssa bye
@Purify did you try to bring bad luck to italy, right?
12:34 PM
@Wesabi yes, because they failed England by not winning their previous match.
We could've been kept in if you won.
I updated the color names answer by the way stackoverflow.com/a/8561913/2065702
rely on the italy and look where it gets us. ^_^
i thought the greatest empire of history wouldn't need to rely on anything or anybody
neither did we. :p
also I didn't personally play any match, otherwise you would have seen me eating suarez and the referee alive
12:39 PM
I don't doubt it
I just hope Germany or the Netherlands win.
and both are playing pretty well.
I suspect a latin american country will win tho.
I have uruguay in the sweep ironically.
uruguay sucks, argentina sucks
best play seen so far was france's or germany's
(i have watched all the matches, yes)
12:45 PM
You forgot Holland and Chile.
But its ok, I will let you off.
I hope uruguay get knocked out asap
fricking suarez, bellend.
I don't. Its £50+ if they win.
suarez is a fucking psycho, i can understand pretty much anything in football, the worst fouls or even a headbutt in a world cup final
but what suarez did is fucking sick :|
All geniuses are mental.
12:49 PM
anyway holland has a strong attack but defense is not so good, same goes with brazil and argentina
england had a pretty good defense. was the midfield and strikers that let em down.
what? it was the other way round. Englands defense was awful.
cahill/shaw did fucking amaze.
man, seriously if THAT italy succesfully scored only against england there must be a reason :D
after seeing that, I'm frothing at the mouth at the possibility of Shaw joining United
12:52 PM
So hold on. Two of the four defenders played well?
let me rephrase
england had a pretty good defense (in the last match when they played good defenders)
anyway imho germany will win and i hope it will
I sure hope so!
@mikedidthis and by good defenders I mean 2 united and 1 potential united defender. ;D
12:55 PM
clean sheet.
Sad state of affairs when a united fan is clinging to a one game England clean sheet.
naw. we'll destroy the league next season.
finish top 2.
I'd also wager that after 5 games, United are 1.
Yeah, I agree. They will have 1 point.
12:58 PM
#1 in the prem. :p
Also, your first 5 games are easy.
new lineup + van gaal.
oh god, so much destruction.
3 mins ago, by mikedidthis
Just wait.
the only shit part about next season...
the shirt looks ugly as fuck.

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