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^^ Thanks for the article, very interesting
"Entertaining - I find watching algorithms endlessly fascinating, even mesmerizing. Particularly so when randomness is involved. And while this may seem a weak justification, don’t underestimate the value of joy! Further, while these visualizations can be engaging even without understanding the underlying algorithm, grasping the importance of the algorithm can give a deeper appreciation."
CodePen just got a lot uglier. Featuring blogs and collections. How stupid
the entire reason I go to the site is to look at pens, not read
True, there are plenty of blog sites out there
@joshhunt the comparator shuffle on Firefox graph is hilarious, hahaha
I must say I don't understand a lot of it but one day I will
I love how he visualizes everything, it makes it much easier to understand and far more interesting
12:22 AM
just need to take your time to understand
Oh shoot
that guy made d3
I think I need to practice more, I find it hard to learn just by reading, I actually have to be doing it for it to make sense and stick.
so try one of the algorithms :)
I will when I get home.
ah, forgot you were in different time zone for a bit
bl.ocks.org/mbostock/3943967 Stuff like this makes me wish I was able to work on big projects where I actually have the time to make cool stuff
12:30 AM
!!help summon
I either a) have a shitty isp at work. or b) work with an a-hole who sometimes shuts off my pc
I'm torn
1:13 AM
@rlemon c) your computer has consciousness and a sense of humour and blocks you to amuse itself.
the only thing I'd add it a heavy (meaning a lot) scroll to go up/down
1:50 AM
^ Yea I was thinking that this morning when I was looking at it
2 hours later…
3:28 AM
Lol someone couldn't get their form working because they didn't realize that <textarea> isn't a self-closing tag and then when I answered them they deleted the question.
1 hour later…
4:48 AM
2 hours later…
6:30 AM
dunno if it has been posted already, but: google.com/design
also mornings
@Wesabi welcome back
after so long time...
6:46 AM
:D thanks
@Wesabi where were u?
in antartica extracting carrots containing alien DNA
lolz... and did u get that?
can't tell, it's classified
6:50 AM
@Wesabi hehehe.... ok... now onwards u'll be here only?
for some days for sure, i don't know next week, especially since i'll will need to move to another city for a while and not working at home then
@Wesabi ah ok... but atleast now this room will become live again... :D
:D that is only the proof that i don't have a life
6:56 AM
@DarkAshelin where's the PHP for retards room????! morning :D
@Wesabi I found out I was too retarded to actually help people
@DarkAshelin that is not required, in fact i started this successful room even being a retard :D
7:08 AM
posted on June 27, 2014

New Cyanide and Happiness Comic.

7:31 AM
^ lol that totally works
7:55 AM
Do I see a new trend ? coreos.com orchestrate.io/why
@Wesabi You're magical
posted on June 27, 2014 by kbironneau

/* by Junior Senior */

@web-tiki give him a chance to edit it?
@DarkAshelin well I think his aim is clear and it already has been answered so it should be closed as a dup (not talking about the low quality of the question witch he could have made better by editing)
8:22 AM
@Purify and you are as usual a noob :D
although you fixed it in a way I wouldn't have.
the correct way
not sorry
funnily enough, you're right. I would've moved the elements around.
he did it without having to.
Good morning all
yea @Purify
8:27 AM
I thought he would move the elements around.
you can animate all properties but with transform:translate you'd get better performances
but since your animation is really simple, it's ok with that
One of my git repos has gotten up to 5GB when the working copy is like 200/300 mb
Not great
anyway guys @Purify is a pretty good designer, i would have never thought he was, since his noobness
8:31 AM
@Wesabi thanks Wes. :>
:D i like the site you are creating
In the middle of building the admin dashboard.
Struggling a bit.
but just in the design phase atm.
8:34 AM
@Wesabi that reminds me, can I buy some of your time? :D
@Wesabi it's no where near complete xD
@mikedidthis i felt like i abandoned you to your javascript painful destiny when i leaved, so my time is free for you :D
@Wesabi dude if it wasn't for you or @rlemon I would know nothing about javascript.
@Wesabi thank you :D I need some advice on setting up a server for ghost theme demos.
My usually guy has moved to Poland and for the last few weeks is MIA.
!!define MIA
8:37 AM
missing in action.
thanks :D
I think he went dark.
anyway @mikedidthis i probably can't help but you can try asking
8:39 AM
Sounds promising :D
I have credit with these guys minivps.co.uk
I need to set up a theme demo, using ghost. If you visit demos.mikedidthis.co.uk/ghost/eston it will show the demo.
apart from that, I am clueless.
I make pretty designs.
did you try to access the server? ssh?
I haven't bought the server yet. I wanted to get a rough idea what I am supposed to do when I have it :(
you will have to setup basic services like node.js, ftp, dns
mysql or some other db that is probably used by ghost
unrelated but cool: i.imgur.com/wt6NuqL.jpg
8:44 AM
ok, I will get ghost running on a server
if you can choose what OS to install on the vps i'd suggest debian/ubuntu
Hi guys, I'm hosting a jekyll website using github pages. Does anybody here has experience with adding multiple languages using such a set-up ? It seems like jekyll plugins are not supported at github pages
but apart from this it would be better if you ask to someone that uses node.js :D
I can do the ghost install no problem, its setting up the OS on the VPS that I will cry about :(
server oss are pretty easy to install these days, also yours is a test server so i wouldn't care much about details
8:48 AM
kk, I will try and do it after lunch.
Thanks :D
9:06 AM
No football tonight, what do we do?
play with your own balls
@DarkAshelin urm...
9:08 AM
I have heard worse ideas.
Looks like USA are gonna get knocked out of the WC next game.
Why lol?
They're playing Belgium.
oh really?
9:10 AM
well tbh noone even knew USA played in the WC
they always have
just mostly never qualify.
Brazil v Chile and USA v Belgium should be good games.
I think Jurgen has done a great job with the USA team.
I thought USA had a crappy team, so why?
@DarkAshelin German coach.
9:12 AM
I'm starting to entertain the idea that Germany could win.
they'll win their next game.
@Purify everyone thinks that, hope they will
also italy is out, your worst nightmare :D
only team that we have to really worry about is brazil
and they're not playing that good.
9:23 AM
anyway this is a weird world cup
All world cups are weird, that's the point :)
many squad that reached the final stage didn't actually deserve it
@mikedidthis final parts of wc are most of times with the same teams, italy germany argentina brasil portugal spain england uruguay
this year is a lot weirder :D
9:25 AM
@Wesabi calling bs.
The knockout stage of the 2010 FIFA World Cup was the second and final stage of the World Cup, following the group stage. It began on 26 June with the round of 16 matches, and ended on 11 July with the final match of the tournament held at Soccer City, Johannesburg, in which Spain beat the Netherlands 1–0 after extra time to claim their first World Cup. The top two teams from each group (16 in total) advanced to the knockout stage to compete in a single-elimination style tournament. A third place match is included and played between the two losing teams of the semi-finals. In the knockout...
In the 2006 FIFA World Cup, the knockout stage was the second and final stage of the World Cup, following the group stage. The top two teams from each group (16 total) advance to the knockout stage to compete in a single-elimination style tournament. A third place match is included and played between the two losing teams of the semi-finals. Note: match kickoff times are given in local (German) time; this is CEST (UTC+2) during summer time. Bracket Round of 16 Germany vs Sweden {| width=92% |- | | |} {| width="100%" |valign="top" width="40%"| {| style="font-size: 90%" cellspacing="0"...
(i forgot netherlands)
At the 2002 FIFA World Cup, the knockout stage was the second and final stage of the tournament, following the group stage. The top two teams from each group (16 total) advance to the knockout stage to compete in a single-elimination style tournament. A third place match is included and played between the two losing teams of the semi-finals. Note: Match kickoff times are given in local (South Korea and Japan) time; this is KST and JST (UTC+9) during summer time. Bracket Round of 16 Germany vs Paraguay {| width=92% |- | | |} {| width="100%" |valign="top" width="50%"| {| style="font-si...
Mexico man!
Netherlands play Mexico next
should be interesting.
mexico never actually did well, apart in the mexico world cup
teams are always the same
9:32 AM
hmm, spilled fanta on my keyboard yesterday. now one of the keys seems to be sticky inside (kinda hard to press it down), any tips?
take the keys off and clean it?
Or put it in a dishwasher and leave it to dry for a few days somewhere warm
O.o never took the keys off a keyboard before, afraid I'll break it
Not tried it but saw that advice somwhere
Just be careful . You can normally pull the key up a bit to see how it is attached.
also, you are going to be grossed out.
I did the same a while back. spilt orange juice over the thing!!
Thought the lid was on then went to shake it!
OJ everywhere
@mikedidthis thanks
no problem. Its a tedious task, but do able.
9:40 AM
@DarkAshelin don't take the key off or it will eventually start to get stuck
buy some distilled water (you can buy it in a petrol station)
@Wesabi I was about to
should be safe to just take the keys off no?
and get your keyboard a bath
you can do it without problems since distilled water doesn't conduct electricity
you can even continue to use it while it's still wet
9:42 AM
You can take the keys off if you are careful
it's just 1 key so I'm going to try taking it off
well ok, good luck :D i did that for years and i always broke my goddamn keyboards
you are ham fisted though. ita rage mode.
is it a mac keyboard?
lol @mikedidthis
9:44 AM
no, Logitech corded
Ah I am no help then :P
trying to take it off with 2 knives know, I'm scared to put strength on it, it's making cracking noises
nvm got it
just be sure to take it off perfectly perpendicularly.... next time perhaps :D
9:58 AM
everything went well (y)
@Wesabi I've put keyboards, including wireless ones, through the dishwasher a few times and they always seem to survive with no issues as long as you dry them out properly
@DaveRandom that just sounds unwise
posted on June 27, 2014

Monday morning. Slightly scared, slightly confused, slightly angry. I look at the ticket queue to calm down. New Ticket My email isn’t working. -HRSad Email, not working. How… vague. I open up the ticket and email the user. Hey HRSad, it’s Airz in IT can you clarify what’s not working? About a minute later the phone rings, its HRSad. HRSad: Awww, hey. It’s me, HRSad. Airz: Oh, um

my mom also vaccuumed her laptop before and then wondered why it kept saying "no harddrive found" and wouldn't start up
Easiest way to make 3-D like buttons using CSS in just 3 steps!!!
10:07 AM
@DaveRandom hola :D never tried, but with distilled water always worked for me
> Hello, yes, IT support? The cupholder has broken off my computer
@Wesabi Sounds legit, like the dishwasher idea though because it properly cleans out all the bits you can't get at with actual water pressure
NB: not a recommendation, just saying I've successfully done it in the past
That said, I've also thrown a keyboard out of a 9th floor window so I'm probably not the best person to listen to regarding keyboard treatment in general
LOL, you see @mikedidthis there's always someone better than you :D
@Wesabi heck, I know this. I never claimed to be good at anything. Grump I am decent at :D
10:20 AM
talking about IT support, do you remember those '00 cabinets with those funky power on switches that are "camouflaged" with the cabinet's front? once a client of the shop i used to work in, brought to RMA his brand new computer three times, saying that it wouldn't work, before we realized that to turn it on he was using the reset button
and also once i had to explain in details to an old man the difference between a male and a female connector... really embarassing
pee pee / fu fu.
nearly :D
I want to display the login button on the right side of the page,exactly like the one in the image given below,using html.Please help me out in doing this. Thank you.
10:32 AM
in PHP, 13 secs ago, by DaveRandom
@AlmaDo Free repz: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/24435266
sigh :D
I'm not sure but AlmaDo prob will have some worthwhile thoughts on the matter
is it a terrible question, right?
tbh I'm not sure, it's not my area of expertise. I can get by in MySQL but some of the complicated stuff I just have no clue about
me neither, in fact i have no idea why i decided to switch to innodb in the first place. LOCK TABLES worked awesomely in my code for a decade
10:38 AM
Well full table locking all the time isn't ideal, tbh (assuming you were using MyISAM before?)
also contrarily to what some say, it is not slow, in fact i can't even notice it even on tables that get locked frequently by dozens of sessions at the same time
I'm not entirely clear on what you are trying to gain though by doing that that a transaction on it's own (without explicitly locking rows) won't give you?
FOR UPDATE locks the rows
yeah myisam, i installed mysql 5.7 past week and i noticed innodb started to work decently on windows, so i'm trying it
10:41 AM
Well yes I know that, but why do you need to do that instead of just $db->beginTransaction(); $db->query('UPDATE ...'); $db->commit();
It's still transactional, the row locking is implicit
like I say, not my area of expertise...
nope, you still need to lock the rows
beginTransaction doesn't block other sessions from modifying data while you are in a transaction
hello guys :)
SELECT * FROM blah WHERE foo = :xxx LOCK IN SHARED MODE <- prevents other sessions to lock the row for writing but it allows others session to read the row
SELECT * FROM blah WHERE foo = :xxx FOR UPDATE <- prevents other sessions to either read or write the row
hola @JohnRobertson
10:48 AM
transaction just creates a "temporary branch" of the table that can be either merged in the actual table when you commit() or vaporized when you rollBack()
want your suggestions
which method/answer is relevant out of 2
Q: keyup event not working inside contenteditable:true tag

user3782454I don't know what the problem is with my code. My keyup event is not triggered inside a contenteditable tag. Here is my code : $(document).on( 'keyup' , '#editable_div span' ,function (e) { e.preventDefault(); $(this).removeClass('abc'); }...

@ArijitMukherjee neither solve the OPs issue looking at the comments.
no actually we are into heavy discussion
so thought of takin neutral opinion
which mine is. Neither are good answers.
ignoring all the comments just the ques and the ans
10:54 AM
Neither are good answer. 1) doesn't fix the OPs issue. 2) lacks any explanation of how to fix the OPs issue.
@Wesabi That would only matter if you were doing an UPDATE based on the exiting values in the row (eg SET foo = foo +1), or is there some good reason that you need the read lock?
If anyone feels differently, they will chime in.
@ArijitMukherjee jsfiddle.net/W2P9t/12
Sorry for the potato resolution.. but is there any way to stretch the video so it always goes right to the corners of the screen? Or is that inside the video player ? i.imgur.com/bM0cuYD.jpg
@Schoening inside the video player, based on ratio.
10:55 AM
@Wesabi that changes for all css :(
Arh.. damn thx @mike
for all span @Wesabi
10:58 AM
@DaveRandom i'm not so sure, in fact from what i've read past week everybody states the opposite of what you are saying
i think it depends also by the isolation level, which i didn't actually grasp yet
@Wesabi I'm talking logically, there may be something I'm missing. It doesn't make sense to me to require a full lock on the row unless you need to prevent others reading during the operation. Otherwise a transaction will guarantee that all those actions are applied to those rows before another connection is able to modify them.
I'll freely admit I may be wrong
I suggest you pester AlmaDo, he's in the PHP room and he is the closest thing we have to a MySQL guru
i don't have the right mood to tackle the php room right now :D
maybe after a case of beers
anyway in an article there was a very simple example that was illuminating to me, let's say you are updating a row like:
id | parentID | name
5 | 3 | hello
UPDATE table SET name = 'test' WHERE id = 5
11:04 AM
the article said (at least from my point of view)
that you should lock for writing both ID 5 and ID 3, because an other session may delete id3 and all its subtree
I hate legacy code. if ( 0 == 1) That code will never run. If you didn't want it to comment it out...
while perhaps you are still manipulating the database, like UPDATE tableCache SET cachedName = 'test' WHERE id = 5
SESSION 1                                                                                  SESSION 2
UPDATE table SET name = 'test' WHERE id = 5
                                                                                          DELETE FROM table WHERE id = 5
UPDATE tableCache SET cachedName = 'test' WHERE id = 5
that wasn't clear, right? :D
11:22 AM
i need to reload/refresh the handsontable any ideas ?
i have used destroy for reloading it
any ideas ?
I have no idea what a handsontable is
Does it have documentation ?
11:25 AM
implemented it
uploading the xcel
if iupload the next 1
it displays exist sheet
I get free next day shipping but I am not in tomorrow #firstworldproblems
I am not sure tbh. I would have thought you need to change your data destroy and rebuild your table.
11:59 AM
@DaveRandom go to "deadlock example" dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/en/innodb-lock-modes.html
posted on June 27, 2014 by kbironneau

/* by Stephen */

@Mr.Alien This Party Gettin Hot has been stuck in my head since you shared it and it's great, haha
Fun (I'm learning 100% as I go) security stuff willyouhack.me
this one is a lot harder compared to last week's from what I'm looking at though :P
12:26 PM
in JavaScript, 10 secs ago, by rlemon
Amazon App Store Free Games (US only) http://goo.gl/uXEVik
12:39 PM
Manchester United signed Herrea yesterday, Shaw today.
@ZachSaucier really, that one wasn't too bad
there was a website called Ice Fortress a while ago
it had some really fun hacking challenges
@rlemon ya, I got it soon after I posted. Just assumed it was harder from looking
took me longer to find the js file in the html source than to figure out how to hack it :P
I used the wrong function at first, took a minute to figure out what was up
in JavaScript, 1 min ago, by Illaya
Can anyone pls help me. I dont want to show a slide from a slider when a condition is satisfied. that is.
He's Back!
12:53 PM
oh come on doesn't he ever give up
in JavaScript, 50 secs ago, by Nick Dugger
@Illaya you seem to not understand javascript. I highly recommend http://CodeCademy.com
just in time for Freak Friday
1:10 PM
"Sorry about the title, I meant to say right side. There was a screen shit attached." - my QA guy, haha
my brother said, "I guess that's a screen shot of a crappy design"
Does your brother work at the same place?
ya, for the summer
I was just curious btw :D
Ahh thats decent.
I informed him of the position because it's one I would have taken if I were not in school :P
they hired me too, haha
Ahh nice. 2 for 1.
1:14 PM
should i use php or javscript or ruby to build a social network site? ruby seems the most interesting, but i've never used it before and don't know its usefullness to build such a site
why does everyone want to build a social networking site?
1. they're a ton of work, 2. 99% don't make anything
they see theyre popular and think they make money.
thus 'oh i can b rich'
because developers dont have minds and wouldn't have thought to do that themselves
i don't like bananas
texture is horrible
don't have to explain anything since this chat group is useless, but for me it's somethng i want to do out of school, a personal project, getting bored of python and java and i want to do build something for the web
1:23 PM
What are your guys' thoughts on including "Please Google before asking" in the room description?
@mrahh lol, "this chat group is useless". That'll get us to help you
@ZachSaucier that not enough people read it.
maybe we can make an overlay that appears for new people to the room, haha
"Chiellini feels that the proposed formula to Suarez is "excessive" "
@ZachSaucier I would be for adding it.
jsfiddle.net/VX4HS Rainbow text with Canvas.
1:37 PM
@mrahh you should use jQuery.
(rainbow fill for anything really)
@mrahh yep, that is the way to make friends. Well done.
Do you actually use these things you post or just make them for fun? @rlemon
Fair enough :)
1:38 PM
@Will do we make anything that's actually useful?
I try :P
@mrahh calling a community of peers "useless" when they are currently involved in the area you are trying to work yourself into is counter productive. you should spend your time instead on learning the 101's of social interaction.
Some people find the stuff I write useful. I just don't have any intent on using it when I write it
a few of my "demos" I have actually adapted for production use
I do the same. I wrote a cf backend to a jQuery-file-upload the other day . The actual versionI have used is very different from the one I put on git
@ZachSaucier it's fun
@Alex you know what is more fun? stapling your junk to a ceiling fan and turning it on high.
:P I can't see making a social media platform 'fun'. more likely tedious and a pain in the ass.
1:44 PM
great learning experience if you want to get your hands wet on large CMSs
making a chat system is different. Chatting with friends on something you made can be cool. Making a whole social networking site - not as fun
I worked on a chat server before, that was fun, purely down to the easter eggs we added.
but "fun" isn't the first word that comes to mind
1:46 PM
different strokes for different folks
It would be fun up until it got big.
Then I would just cry over broken / shitty code.
anybody know what "1 tags failed to render in 30000 ms" warning in IE9 is?
it doesn't point to a line....
> We don't have Google Analytics installed and its affecting our search results. This is the number one priority.
@Alex the ceiling fan doesn't stroke. it just causes pain and misery
@ZachSaucier facebook?
1:48 PM
@mikedidthis what? It's on a site I'm working on
@ZachSaucier google search points to facebook like causing the issue. I presume it is not in your case.
do you have social media buttons with iframes
because those are the devil
@rlemon personally, i would like a interpersonal communications course, but not for this reason. anywho, don't mind me, just carry on as you do. i hope i get some help if google fails me.
posted on June 27, 2014 by Krzysztof Rakowski

    One of the most important factors in the success or failure of any IT project is communication. Communicating effectively can be quite difficult, especially when a project involves many people with different backgrounds, experience, skills, responsibilities and levels of authority. The problem compounds when the people involved belong to different organizations with different

@rlemon let me check. It's not "me" adding them if so :P
1:51 PM
@mrahh after your last comment, likely not.
@mrahh I can understand frustration. but really you shouldn't be insulting the community of peers you are trying to be a part of (directly or indirectly)
besides that, there is no one answer for "which technology should I use as a backend for a CMS"
"whatever you know and/or want to know" is the only acceptable answer IMO
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