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4:00 PM
posted on June 23, 2014

var gaJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https://ssl." : "http://www."); document.write(unescape("%3Cscript src='" + gaJsHost + "google-analytics.com/ga.js' type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E")); try { var pageTracker = _gat._getTracker("UA-3727700-1"); pageTracker._trackPageview(); } catch(err) {} KERPOW!

is there a way to turn off all js events for an element? I can use jQuery. .off() seems good but do I have to manually specify each that I need to turn off?
perhaps I'll layer a transparent overlay so users can't do anything
4:31 PM
@TylerH So, this answer
A: Difference between id and class in CSS and when to use it

Rohit AzadUse id to identify elements that there will only be a single instance of on a page or single div. For instance, if you have a single navigation bar that you are placing in a specific location, use id="navi". For a header, use id="header_section". For any used function in jQuery, use id="slider_le...

That you edited
I thought it was highly suspect that this user would get so many upvotes on this answer
Aaaaaaand boom first two paragraphs are plagiarized
A: div class vs id

JimUse id to identify elements that there will only be a single instance of on a page. For instance, if you have a single navigation bar that you are placing in a specific location, use id="navigation". Use class to group elements that all behave a certain way. For instance, if you want your compa...

close as dupe?
Yeah close the question as dupe
The plagiarism isn't too bad
he changed a couple of things..
or just make it by community
I removed the copied portion. No point deleting the answer
Since he'll get to keep the rep anyway
Deleted questions remove rep don't they?
4:37 PM
Not if they are > 60 days old
When they're old enough and have at least 3 upvotes, the rep gains are kept
Ah, ok
Which makes it a stink when you realize the votes were earned through illegitimate means
For all that I contribute to the site
I'm quite honestly surprised I'm completely unfazed by the very real possibility that my answers and/or my code have been stolen by someone somewhere
Maybe because there are some things in life that you simply can't control no matter what
Someone stealing your code is quite trivial compared to someone stealing, say, your motorbike
(you hit a bit of a nerve there)
@Billy :/
Sorry about that
Haha dw
4:44 PM
@Billy how'd someone do that?
With a van
and it depends on the code
@Billy no more ladies :(
My brand new replacement got nicked as well. Pretty soon after I got it. As in, a few hours.
@ZachSaucier I got it replaced, and as you can see that one went too, now I have a slightly older, cheaper one
£9k down the drain in one month
expensive hobby
Idk. What if my code was like.. A new algo that would make me billions?
I wouldn't give a shit about a bike or car then.
4:46 PM
True, true.
But it would have to be a pretty epic scenario for it to work out that you get nothing
People steal lememe all the time. I would care more if my car was stolen. It depends on worth.
My thinking was that most times that someone is stealing code it's probably just a snippet and even if it's not, it's unlikely they are actually affecting the original developer's business
But of course it could have huge effect
Unfortunately a lot of times it does.
Mostly brand devalue
@rlemon by stealing code?
I make a cool something.. You rip me off.. People see your half passed version and think less of mine.
4:49 PM
I think that is more than just stealing code though.. that's stealing a whole idea/concept/something as well
I'm just a selfish bastard is all ;)
@Billy well that is still code :P
But really though. I hate the idea of someone getting credit for something I was the one who spent time and effort on
(I mean in most cases I get my own credit too but... ugh)
I don't care about monetary gain from my public code. I just want credit for it.
I'm selfish in the sense that I contribute to the community to make myself better known in the community
the fuck do I care about your work ? :P
^ The true rlemon showing through
4:51 PM
eh, if it leads to contribution who cares right
he is always showing
also, 4/4 tests pass
time to ship to QA
(disclaimer: I'm also QA)
I feel like you're the only one making those things @rlemon
making what things?
4:53 PM
that it's you and some owner
Or he's the only one in QA
the meter things that your company makes - I feel like you do everything at it besides own it
ohh, I am the only dev
well, there is one other dev but he's working on another project all together
he's more of a hardware dev
all up in that C
we overlap a bit. but not much on this project (last 6-7 months)
@BoltClock Oh, thanks for catching that. I didn't look to see if it was plagiarized; I only added explanation of # and .
@ZachSaucier this is the control system (two of them actually)
5:01 PM
@TylerH np. I only had reason to suspect because I'm familiar with this user's contributions
I was going to ask why you thought it was suspicious
@ZachSaucier and this is the inside of that box
also, bummer about that typo re: forwards animation
the thing I outlined in red is what i've been building / developing
it is an add-on / expansion board
@TylerH Well, "forwards" is an acceptable spelling, I probably see it used a lot where I am
More so than forward I think
Oh well
5:03 PM
Just like backwards is acceptable for backward
they're both wrong but people use them anyway
It's in the same camp as linguists arguing that "irregardless" is a word because people use it
Q: Flexbox alternative for IE9

GoldBishopI have developed a website with Chrome initially (easiest to design for) but now am getting to IE support model. That being said, i started with IE11 and made the necessary changes for the quirky differences between IE & Chrome. But now i am stepping down the IE versions. Was able to get 90% o...

Where do you draw the line, etc.
> Chrome initially (easiest to design for)
Is there even a question in that post?
It looks like "how do I achieve flexbox results without using flexbox"
The difference between irregardless and backwards is that irregardless isn't accepted as standard anywhere... backwards is listed in British English dictionaries (with backward as an alternative spelling lol)
Sheesh. Can't people agree on anything
@TylerH Pretty much
5:11 PM
@BoltClock How old are you?
If you don't mind answering that question..
I really want to rat on how the research he's done makes his original decision to design for Chrome first even more poorly-informed... but I'll keep it here
@Billy 22
(It's on my profile ;)
(I should update my bio though)
> teen
I was about to say to update your bio
Thirteen plus nine
And I don't know why I didn't look/see the "age" on your profile
I'm not looking forward to not being able to boast my teenagerie
5:16 PM
D-: That reminds me; I'm turning 24 in 9 days
I'm old
age = experience
Okay, does anyone know what flot actually means
and a bad back
@TylerH I'm guessing something like Flow/Plot?
(merged words)
That's so dumb
I really hope not
Just a guess..
5:21 PM
yay back to fun work
@Billy I wouldn't have been able to find his e-mail from the link you provided :-P
@TylerH I hope you would have been able - it was in the page footer
I was being sarcastic
Haha :P
@TylerH Ohh. Lol, fair enough. Thought I'd just make it easier for you, as I probably got there first
Billy has super speed
5:24 PM
He controls the speed force
I'm glad I developed a taste for sugared coffee
The fact that I had already read halfway down the page before I sent you the link brought me to that conclusion..
@ZachSaucier I prefer unsugared. Or very little sugar if any
@Billy cool.
@Billy You assume I was looking for the creator and/or his e-mail address :-P I was just complaining about the name
A lot of my friends have 2-3 sugars - it just ruins the taste of the coffee
5:28 PM
*improves ;)
I like the tastiest coffees
@TylerH You asked what the name meant - I suggested asking the creator, and provided you with his email.
they're so tasty they probably don't have any actual coffee in them
I didn't assume you were looking for him I just suggested that he would behold your answer
In saying you were faster you did assume it
You can't say you've beaten someone in a race when you were the only one racing ;-)
5:29 PM
Yes, I assumed that.
@TylerH I think that's fairly un true
I don't see how it could ever be anything but true
If we're standing at a street corner and you say "race you to the next block" and take off, you don't know whether 1) I've agreed to the race 2) I was ready 3) I was even trying to go to the next block at all
I may be trying to go into the nearest building
he's one of our nazis, best to say, "Yes, Tyler. You're correct"
because he usually is and it's not worth arguing anyways
You can't say you reached that e-mail address faster than me, because I wasn't looking for the e-mail address to begin with.
But if I got there first it would be correct to state that
No, Billy, that's a loaded statement
5:33 PM
But I did reach that e-mail address faster than you
in fact, you didn't reach it at all
so, I got there first
^all of the above is true
let me explain
ok :)
The only line that is true is the one saying I didn't reach it at all
Saying "I got there first" or "I got there faster than you" implies that we were both trying to get there at the same time
No it doesn't
yes, it does
5:36 PM
Does it?
By your logic, Usain Bolt could have proclaimed that he crossed the finish line for his world record setting 100m run in 2008 "faster than" Barack Obama
but it doesn't really make sense because Barack Obama wasn't in the race
yes, Usain Bolt did cross that finish line before Barack Obama crossed it
Barack Obama may never cross that finish line
but it is a pointless statement, and ultimately indefensible one, to say he got there faster
would he in a race? Probably
did he actually "beat" Barack Obama? not really
But did he?
Yes, he did.
You can't beat someone at a game if they aren't playing.
You arrived at your destination before I arrived there. But I wasn't trying to arrive there at all, let alone arrive there before you. So what is the point in trying to say you got there first? There is none.
I don't proclaim "I just blinked before you did"
okay it might be true but
we weren't racing
So I can't run around proclaiming I'm faster because that isn't being honest
It doesn't matter whether there is a point or not. I'm just saying that the statement is true. I did find that e-mail address before you, regardless of whether or not you had any intention to get there at all
you guys have no work do to, do you?
5:39 PM
Arguing pointless topics is more fun ^.^
@ZachSaucier At the moment my current task is writing up video editing documents so people just think I'm typing as usual
Someone's messing with the Community Bulletin CSS
I havee finished work... i.e see you later guys
@Billy Wrong and wrong; 1. Intent is everything 2. The statement of you being faster was not true.
5:40 PM
@TylerH I'm going to beat you to my house
Doesn't mean you're faster than me at arriving there
Because I'm not trying to get there
You should take an intro to logic class sometime
You would learn a lot
But I will arrive there in less time than you will.
I won't arrive there at all
so my time is not calculable
i.e infinite
which is a longer amount of time than, say, 60 mins
maybe you wouldn't learn a lot; maybe you would just fail it
It's not infinity, it's undefined
Until I get there you don't know if I ever will or not
5:43 PM
@Billy go so he stops
Okay, the maxiumum possible time
is infinity. Any less then it is defined and it is calculable
You also can't put a limit on infinity
or it isn't infinity
You should listen to Zach because you're not going to win using erroneous logic
I'm half pulling your leg at this point.
Sorry. It's quite fun.
Gtg now speak later
it upsets him
5:46 PM
@ZachSaucier All of this Just to flip an image...
@TylerH lol
I don't know CSS transforms
But I'm pretty sure that's not how it's done
@BoltClock but you have 12k css xD
(ok so I know just a little...‌​)
that's disappointing TBH
I expect more of you, haha
5:48 PM
It's all from selectors
don't let him fool you
Let's see
i've only just begun with CSS animations, but they do take a bit of code
@TylerH that's nothing
(code length wise)
@TylerH That's not a lot actually
Just an animation property that corresponds to a @keyframes rule
To me it is :-P
5:53 PM
I mean not a ton, but still
It's a lot for one thing
relative to the amount of code I'm used to writing for pages
it's two things
Evenings People
@ZachSaucier Right, I mean one "thing" as in "look, here's a swinging door"
Cute door though
5:54 PM
you could take out the door frame and it'd be less
@BoltClock It's Ana Tudor's
@ZachSaucier I like your succinct comment on that post, by the way :-)
@TylerH it's wrong I removed it
Too much CSS to achieve?
Quick question: Firebase v Parse
@BoltClock How do you get 3 upvotes for a "You can't do this" answer? :-P
5:59 PM
@TylerH no, he's handling the logic in js and using a class to flip it as he should
@TylerH because it's correct
Sure, but then there are quite indepth answers on questions that are also correct and get no upvotes, even some that are accepted :-(
Imperfect world makes me a sad panda
I'd much rather close it as a dupe
@TylerH people who upvote don't see every question
Q: Is it possible using current browsers to use pseudo-classes to detect first and last of a certain class?

JaiIf you have the HTML: <section class="column"> <p> Some Test </p> <p> Some Test </p> <p> Some Test </p> </section> <section class="column"> <p> Some More Test </p> <p> Some More Test </p> <p> Some More Test </p> </section> <section class="someotherclass"> <p> Some More Test </p> <

But I don't think this is a very findable dupe
I feel like you remember all of your answers BoltClock
I don't understand how questions like these get so many views when actually useful ones I have don't...
6:06 PM
jQuery slideshow script
Imagine how many times that has been pumped into Google Search
@ZachSaucier, look at the timestamp on that question.. Give your question time...
I guess manual keyword-driven SEO is still a thing
I really should use my time to make actual websites
and not fiddles
i am in a foul mood today, so i probably should've stay away from the question feed, but this just made me rage: stackoverflow.com/questions/24372486/…
@BoltClock Agreed
@CarrieKendall I know that feel.
> Please, help me how can I off those css for IE8?
6:15 PM
please am i agree with all, thanks for tym
@CarrieKendall I just looked at that question seconds before you linked it here
Oh golly
practically half of the internet is a blog post on how to disable/enable css for IE
There was a question earlier on why a conditional was working for 9 but not 8. And there was no code, at all
@CarrieKendall missing friends.
A: How to disable some code for IE8 only

Hive7Add this to your css: div { display: none\0/; }

6:16 PM
the actual f
@BoltClock Why not close it as dupe already?
I found 3 it could be a dupe of no issue on my first search
> possible duplicate of half the internet
Eh. Not a very good dupe but what the hell, it's a dupe
6:20 PM
@BoltClock I have others if you want
!!doge rage, rage, rage
she's down
Oh the answer in that dupe links to a nicer dupe ok
Ssup bitches
@Mr.Alien Don't call @rlemon mean names
6:24 PM
Oh, I didn't see the mod is here and he may ban me, /me hides
I'll smak u in ur gob. I swear on ur mum I will!
Not me mum!
I kowtow to you
Thats for you Tyler
Someone said Kautau the other day
And I had to tell 'em, no bro, that's a city in Northeastern China
Whoa. I just noticed the change in Community Bulletin. I miss the bullet points
You know, that made it a bullet in
6:27 PM
*goes to buy Saints Row IV because it's on sale for $10* "You already own this game" Huh. That's odd. OH! http://t.co/swg6gVcR5e
@SomeGuy first ride in metro today :-D
Had fun?
It gets crowded, but it's pretty good
Yea, who cares when we get ac, crowd, ac, quick ride == fun
Nice security
I hope our people don't paint the walls red again
6:35 PM
I considered getting Tomb Raider yesterday when it was like $4
but I was already hesitant, and some of the reviews warded me off of it
I've heard only good things
Almost got Dragon Age: Origins as well but I realized I didn't have enough time to play it
For $4, its a steal. Great looking game, decent gameplay.
I quit playing it sadly as I couldn't hack the story line.
I've gotten The Walking Dead S2 and Prison Architect so far
Battleblock Theater tomorrow
@TylerH I have TR (the ultimate edition or w/e) for PS4
6:36 PM
I'd heard lots of good things as well, but when I looked at gameplay screenshots and started watching clips and reading, I saw it wasn't so much about tomb raiding and cool exploration/archeology as it was about 50 mini arenas of "fight this mob of bad guys" etc.
GF has it for PC
it is worth the couple bucks.
Its a female Drake, from Uncharted?
the mini areas are full of exploration
the storyline is, eh. she gets shit on a lot. but it isn't the worst I've seen
It just seems like they took a Call of Duty campaign, put it in Tomb Raider universe, and added Assassin's Creed acrobatics
also she has a nice ass for a computer character
6:37 PM
Q: Why don't more languages use preprocessing?

RevanProdigalKnightIs there a particular reason that scripting languages (mainly javascript, these days) don't implement a preprocessor? I understand that for web applications you're usually running your code through a minifier, in which case you can define certain variables to be true or false to force code to be...

nevermind, closed.
yeah, I don't understand that question
Apparently he wants to use JS outside of the browser?
"most non-browser apps don't understand jQuery"
Yeah I asked him why he wanted to use JavaScript for something other than the web anyway
like "How do I build an OS using HTML"
6:53 PM
Did we forget Coffeescript? I am sure there are a few preprocessors for JS.
@PatsyIssa @mikedidthis @rlemon You guys can get both Castle Crashers and Battleblock Theater for $2.49 for the next 6 hours or so
@mikedidthis it seems like he wants more of a debugger than a preprocessor
Ahh, kinda makes sense, but not really :D
@SomeGuy Mmhm, I already bought it
6:56 PM
Me too :D
No wonder it reminded me of Alien Hominid, same studio :D
Sadly I bought it when it was $6 :( But I guess that's fine too
in JavaScript, 28 mins ago, by rlemon
Fuckin Gabe.
@SomeGuy ^^
Oh, haha
I was wondering what CC was :P
What DLC did you get with it?
@SomeGuy For $.5? I'm getting them both XD
7:02 PM
@SomeGuy both
both DLC's and the two game bundle was < $3 for me
Between TP and water costs it probably is more expensive to take a shit
@rlemon you have some expensive toilet paper
writes scathing review of Phone To Chrome due to Heroku being down @SomeGuy ;-)
@ZachSaucier You can't skimp on toilet paper. A man cannot love others if he does not truly love himself.
@CarrieKendall The .container is mandatory for the bootstrap layout, correct? Or can I just use .row? I just have the following:
<footer class="">
	<div class="col-md-6"></div>
	<div class="col-md-6"></div>
oh, she's gone :( @mikedidthis have an idea?
CC doesn't support linux though :( :( Boo
@ZachSaucier both iirc.
7:10 PM
so I need footer.container .row .col-md-6? kk
<div class="container">
  <div class="row">
@ZachSaucier yep. As you can have more than one row per container.
ya I know
is it syntactically correct to have a footer element inside of a div container?
I don't like it, but I think its fine.
I don't like it either, but I have a bootstrap grid above the footer anyway so I figured I'd just include it
Go nuts.
7:12 PM
kk, thanks
No problem.
@TylerH Hehe, it's back up now
What's wrong with this regex? I want to add a line break <br><br> after each second (2nd) seperator (.)
news.text.replace(/(\.{2,}(\s+))/g, '\$1 <br><br>');
it works without {2,}
7:20 PM
this works: news.text.replace(/(\.(\s+))/g, '\$1 <br><br>');
Javascript room maybe a better place to ask.
@ZachSaucier container isn't mandatory
@ZachSaucier yes
don't think of container as body > .container ..in bootstrap, container is used for a lot more than that
All I know about container is that it does sizing/padding stuff
7:30 PM
what is your goal with the footer?
two columns to show some company info (until xs when it goes into one column)
I have it now I believe
just trying to do it "the boostrap way"
:) containers don't directly relate to the grid, although they can be used together
I always thought of footer as being a direct and last child of body, albeit I've never used bootstrap before
that depends on your layout
and .container has quite a few breakpoints for maximum usability of the screen size
7:37 PM
我 不 要 sticky footer

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