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2:08 AM
Yvette's question now shows "This question was removed from Meta Stack Overflow for reasons of moderation." What is up with that?!
3 hours later…
5:04 AM
Tim Post deleted it.
After Shog9 answered the question, even.
5:41 AM
And Tim disagreed with Cody's reasoning and intends to have a discussion. Huh. I totally agreed with Cody and was so happy to see them back...
5:52 AM
can't we all just get along
6:53 AM
Q: Review audit which seems like a possible answer

DinoToday I was reviewing low quality posts and I came across the answer for this question. How to read the flash card Android on Mac OS? Error "the disk not readable by this computer" The OP states that after formatting a flash drive and connecting it to Mac device, he get's the error The dis...

7:35 AM
@CindyMeister And meanwhile nobody cared that I referred to the commenter as "he / himself" in my answer.
Yay double standards
I see I missed a lot again. It has come to the point where I am no longer curious what has transpired over the weekend, I kind of dread finding out.
7:41 AM
It's been deleted, any way...
@Gimby don't go to MSE
It's like the springfield tire fire
7:57 AM
@Magisch ... how can I not go to see now?
... you were warned
@cerb anything I miss in here over the weekend?
I could screenshot the thing, but I'm not posting it in here
@Cerbrus other room?
Oh, duh, of course
gimme a sec
I spent all of my energy this weekend on the tavern, didn't have any time for here unfortunately
8:05 AM
Q: Viewing what posts link to your posts

RPatel99Is there a way to see what SO posts link to your questions and answers? Such as posts reported as duplicates of one of your questions, comments that direct someone to one of your posts, etc, kind of like external links for websites, except only internal to SO.

1 hour later…
9:15 AM
@Magisch Nothing except "Feeds" happening in here. Nothing much on SO Meta, either, until Yvette's... contribution.
Yvette's thing might still get a follow-up, though. Tim indicated he was deleting it because he didn't want to leave it around unmoderated during the night
It appears to me, since TPTB are letting comments "flow" - and at the moment mainly on SE - that people aren't drawn to this room. It was, originally as I understand it, called into being as an outlet for what was no longer being tolerated in comments. But little SO Meta traffic, and what there was not being so strictly moderated as to block comments, people don't "need" to come here so much.
I really hope it won't affect Cody too much
Why does it feel like this whole place is collapsing in on itself
@ErikA Agree.
9:17 AM
@ErikA If they fire cody over this there'd be hell to pay
I don't think they'll do that, even if just to not add a chlorine fire to the tire fire already going on
Then they'd have to fire Shog too.
Shog agreed with Cody
> I'm not trying to moderate how folks feel; I have no say in that. What folks do is what matters here. Over the past few days I've been holding my nose moderating a massive volume of comments that I would never have wanted to see anywhere on our network, and still trying to be objective about it - to do the right thing for the site even if I hate it, even when the way people talk to each other, talk about each other makes me physically ill.
> Cody took action on your flag even though it personally bothered him - IOW, he put his personal feelings aside and did his job. What more can I ask? – Shog9♦ 7 hours ago
@ErikA If yes, I do have to wonder which direction it would go. Very few people found the question "reasonable". But Tim seemed to support it...
It's interesting to see two community managers that (as far as I can tell) disagree with each other this much.
@CindyMeister That's not what Tim said, though
> Dude is, in fact, harmful. While it might not be intentionally sexist, the assumption that anyone using this site must be a man (or the appearance of that), actively discourages others from engaging. I'm sorry, but we can't agree here, and there's just too many things in this answer that we need to talk about for me to leave it up overnight. – Tim Post♦ 7 hours ago
Tim agrees that the word is bad
That's all I read there...
9:23 AM
@Cerbrus meta might not be the only place in open conflict right now
Well, Shog agreed Cody's intent was right. I think we can all agree on that. He hasn't actually made any claims on whether the use of dude was harmful or not. So I don't see it as disagreement
@ErikA I can't disagree with that interpretation either...
So now I have two opposing opinions
@Cerbrus Right, thanks for the quote. I read it this morning, first thing before doing anything else, and interpreted "we need to talk about" very differently at the time.
Interesting side note, here: I'm so used to "speed recognizing" my name - and there's seldom another that looks similar, that I'm really having to re-read "Cody" - at a glance it's just too similar to "Cindy" - the C...dy. But I'm happy to need to, if he'll just stay around :-)
I don't get it though, the word "dude" has become gender-neutral. At least to the kids it is, maybe not to old farts who will forever call Jeff Bridges "the dude".
I trigger masculine on it - but I'm one of those "old farts" <eh-hem>
9:31 AM
There might be cultural differences, though. I don't know how usual the gender-neutral Dude is in Australia. It's just Mate there I think.
Mate is better
I love that word
is "kumpel" masculine?
i've always used it interchangeably with my friends
Dunno. It's the feel I get when it's used here in Switzerland, but since I didn't grow up in the language...
But, then, I would never, ever have used "dude" as an equivalent to "mate" (which I think is closer to "kumpel"). Many people would use "friend". But for me that has a special, more intimate meaning, so I tend to use "colleague". Granted it's longer to say and to type, and isn't "cool"...
I don't use any colloquials in SO comments
9:36 AM
Even so...
Assume good intent
As I recall, when I was in the teens-twens it would have been (for all genders): Hey, man, what's happenin' / goin' down
9:52 AM
What's up, what's happening, what's going down?
Now I'm disappointed I didn't open the original question when I had the chance. I skipped over it thinking it was relatively mild.
I'm sure it'll be back later. Maybe with an answer missing.
@Gimby To be authentic, without the "g" at the end :-) And a long drawl...
@CindyMeister pardon, I will do better next time
10:17 AM
Q: Is there any open source JS library that can record mouse and keyboard event?

VyomSo I want to register mouse and keyboard events inside a browser and return the XPath of that element as well. How can I do that?

1 hour later…
11:34 AM
SO duplicate police, it's a thing
Where do I sign up?
12:11 PM
@Gimby Well, as long as you're not called a "creepy groupthink censorship police representative".
1:05 PM
Q: Symfony4 application should work with database or should authenticate with third party

NachieSymfony4 application should work with database or should authenticate with third party, Authentication decision will be taken based on username. If username is xyx format authenticate with database or if username is abc format authenticate with third party service. Application is mostly consume ...

1:48 PM
@E_net4onstrike What, that's not factual.
We're not creepy, we're outright scary.
2:05 PM
Halloween came early this year.
2:22 PM
Hello, when some user downvotes an answer and gets thier reputation reduced by -1, can't I see that (anymore?) in their reputation history?
Q: vote breakout not correct

TokenyetBefore going to the issue, I must say I don't have 1,000 reputation, but the vote breakout working now. This is what I've got before I clicked the vote (post): And this is what I've got after I clicked the vode: It's not as same as the introduction of vote breakout I saw: It's the bug on m...

@Selaron I'm not sure. What do you see in my rep graph today? stackoverflow.com/users/1835379/cerbrus?tab=reputation
no change today
I'd assume as much... I downvoted 2 answers today
@Selaron you can never see rep gained or lost from downvotes cast on answers
as in if you downvote 10 answers and get 5 rep back from deletion, it won't show up for anyone but you and mods
2:28 PM
@Zoethetransgirl ok thank you. I was somehow sure I have seen this in the past, maybe I'm mixing something up
It might be that you've seen it on your own profile. Memory is weird some times ^^" Or there might've been a bug
2:57 PM
Newest conspiracy theory: SE rolled out the voting A/B test to push down the pronoun discussion with a flood of duplicates on meta
@ErikA I mean. There is no proof that this is not true.
@Cerbrus I find that comment the most problematic thing in the entire thread
it takes the position of intolerance and bad faith (and handwaves away the effort Cody put into explaining and backing up his position)
Hm, I've actually flagged 2 comments in there as bigotry.
I agree wholeheartedly with Cody's answer, and personally am thrilled to see his position evolve into assuming good faith
3:06 PM
Is it back up already?
Nope, still deleted, and I'm not that sure it's going up anymore
Tim deleted it "overnight" so he will either undelete and respond, post a separate question/announcement about it on MSO/MSE, or do nothing
your bet is as good as mine on which of those occurs
Then you guys should stop talking about it ;-)
There's no issue with discussing deleted posts here in chat. I'd provide a fullpage screenshot since you're under 10k rep, but Firefox removed its command line that I used for that a few versions ago and it's really annoying
Afaik deleted questions are on-topic here. Especially since a comment was left that sparked discussion, and we have nowhere else to have it
3:10 PM
though I think there's still some way to take fullpage screenshots in Firefox, I haven't found it yet
I already screengrabbed it earlier: i.imgur.com/aaPqjL0.png
@TylerH the "page screenshot" addon will probably do it
@Gimby Yeah, but I don't want to have to run an extension for something that used to be built-in to the browser
Anyway I found it; :screenshot --fullpage in the Dev Tools Console
@Cerbrus bah, imgur link, blocked for me :-P
i.sstatic.net/1xP3B.jpg - here's a stack imgur subdomain link with all comments expanded that I just took
though many of the comments were deleted
well, that's not very zoomable
The letters are also tiny, @TylerH.
Stack imgur has a 2mb file size limit
so this functionality is actually worse than the previous functionality
3:16 PM
@Cerbrus Wow, that's long...
But good reading, I'm glad I could.
@ErikA I didn't mean that it was off-topic. Just that I felt people were talking about something I/people who weren't there were missing out on.
Anyone can always ping me for a screenshot if I start talking about something that's deleted, btw
3:36 PM
@GeorgeStocker excellent analysis of the current problems and feasible solutions, but I think you're talking to deaf ears
3:46 PM
Q: That didnt solve my problem button

sanyashWhen somebody raised a flag/close vote to close your question as duplicate, you see a button That solved my problem! and a link I will edit to explain how. to edit your question. If you do the edit, this button will disappear (if I remember correctly). If you do not edit, there is no way to hide...

Wow, that was a bit much...
3:58 PM
@Magisch Where is George's contribution?
Hey, if the frequency is high enough, no one would hear it
Or low enough. I dunno which analogy fits.
4:28 PM
Q: What should happen when a question, answer, or edit incorporates a link to a pirated work?

David HoelzerIn an edit to one of my questions, someone added a link to a pirated version of a copyrighted work. I can't find a specific policy on this (I'm likely not using the right terms). What should be the appropriate response?

5:16 PM
Q: mouseover popup doesn't show up on google-related tags

Chuck AdamsI found a strange behavior with google-related tags such as google-analytics, and that's when I mouse over them, I do not get the popup that describes the tag and offers a watch/ignore option. google-analytics is just one of them, I can't recall the others that were misbehaving.

@M.A.R. Both work I think
@Feeds that is now close for a stupid reason. Maybe flag for migration to meta.ai? /cc @Zoethetransgirl @double-beep @ErikA
@rene maybe, but us mortals can't do it
@rene well, that'd work, too
oof, misread the close reason xd
Thought I clicked the "specific site" one (:
5:23 PM
@rene I've done so, now lets see what happens. Same as Zoe :( misread too
I flagged as well and asked for all close voters to be suspended. We'll see how this ends. It was nice knowing y'all ...
Well, the max suspension time was only a couple of years right... You won't like what happens after that >:)
@ErikA Weeeelll....
We've got people suspended 'til next century instead of destroying the account
5:38 PM
Guess I need to find the cure for aging, and keep some for rene too
@ErikA Want to stop aging? Wolves.
Well isn't that convenient
Well, with enough wolves, you won't die of aging, so...
5:46 PM
Q: Would a question requesting recommendations for easy-to-learn/beginner level languages/frameworks be appropriate?

Jack O.For example: I have zero experience coding functional GUIs. I would like to know, in general, which languages/frameworks for GUIs have features x,y,z, are relatively easy to learn, etc. In general, are questions similar to this allowed? If so, what qualities would make it an appropriate post ver...

6:00 PM
@ErikA Exactly! You're welcome! :)
I retracted my earlier flag. You are all saved for another day ...
2 hours later…
8:07 PM
Hey, what should we do with this tag? meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/269550/…
Q: Burninate the [positioning] tag

MoosemanReasons to burninate positioning: You could be positioning anything. (<div> elements, unicorns, etc.) There is no such thing as a positioning expert. (Within the realm of programming) The tag wiki already says "This tag is ambiguous. DO NOT USE THIS TAG." However, based on the number of recent ...

I think we should burninate it
Because positioning is not just CSS related and if the tag is kept
then all hope is lost
People will use it for every instance when there's positioning
I like my version better
8:27 PM
@weegee I think we should position ourselves to kill it with fire
Comrades, внимание
@weegee its Take Action status is Burninate and Bhargav has assigned himself to that tag so I assume it is on his priority list. The order of that list is kept for mod-only-eyes IIRC.
maybe this room should be titled "The Meta Meta Room"
"The Mehta Room"
8:44 PM
it is recursively meta
the room is an organism that has now become self-aware.
2 hours later…
11:15 PM

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