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12:41 AM
^ these two just popped up on my feed, only just realized they are from the same user.
@Nkosi That they both have the same primary tag, share at least one other tag, and were posted 12 minutes apart makes it very likely that anyone going through or the other tag would see both questions. Thanks for preemptively explaining.
Yeah wanted to take front before the pitch forks came out. :P
@Nkosi I can understand that. :-; OTOH, even just looking at the information in the requests, gives an indication that they are quite likely to be seen in succession by someone who's not targeting the user (i.e. only going through the list of questions in a tag). It's something that happens from time to time, depending on the characteristics of the questions involved. In low traffic tags, it's possible for questions to be right after each other, even when they are several hours apart.
1:14 AM
ok found a meta pertaining to something I would like to ask, but now I am wonder if I should still ask my question as it may be seen as a duplicate.
a question with accepted answer was hijacked by bounty from not the OP as the accepted answer did not work for them. They then proceed to edit their problem into the question.
same as meta question so far.
thing is that the edit was approved by two in the queue.
wondering how to approach this one.
the edit changes the intent of the original question and now the accepted answer no longer applies.
@Nkosi It's not really clear what's going on. Did the edit invalidate any answer? That the edit was approved by users in the review queue doesn't necessarily indicate that it was good. General re: bad approved edits: If the question has not subsequently been edited, you can flag for a moderator and ask the moderator to reject the edit, even after it was approved. This removes the +2 rep the person got. If it's already been edited, then you can roll it back.
It sounds like it invalidated one or more answers, which is usually not permitted.
ok roll back looks like the path to take.
1 hour later…
@Makyen If an OP is belligerently objecting to the closure of their post in the comments, are we permitted to del-pls the post and to list that as the reason? Or would that look like user targeting?
3:16 AM
@HovercraftFullOfEels Both the question and its answer are low quality. Are they worth deleting, or just let the Roomba get them?
1 hour later…
4:27 AM
@EJoshuaS That's a good question. I know I've seen such beligerance mentioned in a few del-pls requests in the past. However, a belligerent user is really something that should be left to moderators through mod-flags. It's a relatively easy thing to just raise a custom mod-flag and disengage from the situation, particularly right now while mod-flags are handled rapidly.
While we should continue to flag posts and comments that are R/A, deleting a question that's not itself R/A feels like it's stepping a bit over the line for us to do in an organized manner. If mod flags were consistently taking a long time to be handled, I might feel that it was the expedient thing to do, but that's not the case at this time.
entered the room when Makyen was building the wall of messages...
@Makyen Yeah, I did end up posting flag-pls requests on the OP's particularly belligerent comments and mod-flagging.
@double-beep It's just a short wall. :-)
4:33 AM
@Makyen yeah, I've seen bigger :P
a usual wall
A slightly more clear case is if the OP is actively refusing to improve a low quality post, especially if they're being belligerent about it... Then it should be deleted since it likely won't ever be a useful post.
2 hours later…
6:20 AM
@Makyen this confused the archiver, so I think it may need a manual move.
@EJoshuaS 2 posts confuse the archiver - I don't know how exactly it works, however, 2 questions in one cv-pls isn't that good for it.
@double-beep Actually, it does a reasonable job when there's more than one post. It requires either: All linked posts to have the requested state (or locked); or, for the case of cv-pls, it requires each question to be locked, be closed, or be the dup-target of a linked question which is closed. The issue with the one which you linked earlier was that one of the proposed dup-targets was neither closed nor used as a dup-target for a linked closed question.
6:45 AM
@Makyen The OP already published relevant information so I ask you to delete this chat message
@eyllanesc chat message
1 message moved to SOCVR /dev/null, by request
7:33 AM
The SD hit on Javascript alert not working on live server in codeigniter seems to be true SPAM, even though two others have voted fp. The answer contains links to a site that is not mentioned in the question at all, and the code is given with zero explanation. Thoughts?
@JimGarrison I don't think it's spam
Looks like an attempt to ask a question to me
@MadaraUchiha I'm referring to the answer. It contains only code that seems unrelated to the question, with no other text. I don't see a question in the answer.
@JimGarrison Yes, I think it's a bad attempt to ask a question.
On that note, is there a curated list of good auto comments by this room somewhere? My list seems to be terribly out of date.
@MadaraUchiha I don't understand... are you saying you think the isolated code block is a question? Can you clarify what about the code indicates it's a question?
7:42 AM
@double-beep Cheers
@JimGarrison Yes. It's an unrelated piece of code that's supposed to be an AJAX login submit form to another domain with the admin path clearly visible. If it were spam, I'd expect to see a landing page or the homepage or whatever. The question isn't about authentication per-se.
It's possible that it's also a very bad attempt at an answer, but still delete-worthy in my book, and not spam.
@JimGarrison This rejected suggested edit, which was on another answer to that question, implies they are wanting to ask a question.
Note that tp was for a different SD post, not the one I just asked about
1 hour later…
9:16 AM
@JohnDvorak experimental reasons
FR: promote an experimental post to a full report when it gets validated by a flag
would like it
9:34 AM
Would it be a better fit on Software Engineering?
@JohnDvorak that one^?
nope, it is a very specific C programming concept from the standard.
Hypothetically, what would be the worst that would happen if SO automatically reopened every question with score > 0?
this can be used as a dupe target for "what dis" on stack overflow.
@JohnDvorak that would be utterly awful
most of the questions I vote to close have upvotes.
it is the "million flies" syndrome
if you're what you eat and that's transitive so.. :F I don't wanna be a spider
There are spiders that eat spiders.
I've seen a jumping spider that was plucking an orb weaver's web, pretending to be a wounded prey. Worked like charm.
10:05 AM
@Shree opinion based?
@double-beep meh, TB works too
"point me to" also indicates off-site resource
@double-beep +1 for opinion based , +1 for "point me to" -> off-site resource , +1 Too broad
Also no MCVE if you consider the first line
1 hour later…
11:29 AM
@yivi has been edited to add code, is it still too broad?
11:54 AM
@SamuelLiew re this metasmoke post again: Here's the GitHub pull request that I created in response to your flag: github.com/Charcoal-SE/SmokeDetector/pull/2898
12:05 PM
@Zoe You are not a privileged user. Please see the privileges wiki page for information on what privileges are and what is expected of privileged users.
yeah yeah xd
12:20 PM
How should this be handled? There's a comment (or was if the flag was handled) saying it's a troll answer (which it to a certain degree is)
Mornin' \o
@Zoe I mod flagged it as it's just a rant
@Zoe valid concern but doesn't seem to answer. Or it does.
@Machavity yeah, that makes sense
12:24 PM
@Machavity actually it does answer
OP asked whether OP did anything wrong and answerer says it is laravel that is broken and nothing can be done :d
i.e. why'd you flag it?
I've read it three times and I can't get anything remotely close to an answer out of it. He rants about Laravel, he talks about using something else, then rants some more
will it help future visitors learn how bad Laravel is? It is anyway opinion base @AnttiHaapala
It would be like posting a C++ problem and answering with "C++ sucks. Have you tried Ruby?"
@Machavity paragraph 3 says "should you choose to use laravel, then install this and perhaps then you'll not leak credentials"
Fair enough. I edited the ranting out and it does seem to be a passable answer now
12:31 PM
"I've read a pile of books and now ask one-paragraph question about it, can anyone explain me what I didn't understand from these books"
@AnttiHaapala Oh, you mean the part from the "How do I ask a question on SO" book?
@Zoe well I guess that's one of the books they didn't read yet
@Zoe you mean the mushroom book
1:11 PM
1:32 PM
@dur Now has code, any better?
Please note that if the planned and re-planned maintenance gets re-scheduled it might interfere with our roommeeting. This is just a heads-up. I keep you posted
1:52 PM
@revo welcome to SOCVR! Please take the tour and read our FAQ especially How and why do I need to format my cv-pls (and other requests)?. There are also some userscripts to make life easier. From your last cv-pls request, it is not clear which question is a dupe.
also, it is , not
@revo It wasn't clear what you were asking for so I binned the requests. Check out the FAQ for formatting, or consider using our CV generator
@double-beep It was a shame. Thank you for pointing out.
and after that you can delete the target :P
@revo also try to ping the gold badge holder who reopened it to learn their opinion!
Anyone know why this regex is not detecting whichever file extension is the last one in the list? regextester.com/?fam=109007
2:04 PM
@TylerH $ is in wrong location / doesn't work in a multiline string / offtopic here anyway (is there a regex room)
@halfer Yes, there is code, but for me it is not enough. Maybe a better close vote is no MCVE. What's wrong with the code? No error message, no problem description. Just "I want...." However, someone already vote for "unclear" and I could follow also. Some user accounts all with the same password and email address seems very strange.
@halfer I added a comment to the question. Maybe OP will answer or edit his question.
@AnttiHaapala it's not off-topic; non-moderation discussion is allowed
also, thanks; the test input was a bit misleading... I didn't realize it was counting that as a multi-line string, thought you just put new entries in separated by a newline
in reality the multiple options are irrelevant because the regex is being applied to a fileupload control which only takes one file
@dur No worries - I wasn't looking for a discussion, just a heads-up that the Q had changed and you might want to take another look :-).
2:22 PM
@TylerH seeems to work here: regex101.com/r/tPz4HO/1
@NathanOliver Yeah once I moved all the formats to a single line separated by commas it worked
I assumed newlines would count as a delimiter
I would as well, since they do with regex101
@AnttiHaapala There's nothing wrong with a simple question. It's no worse than normal banter in that regard. If he needed detailed help, we might ask him to take it elsewhere but I think you covered all the problems in one fell swoop
And I prefer regex101 myself
2:33 PM
I wonder if Theresa May has thought of regular expressions to solve Brexit?
@Queen alive
Sure thing buzzing around
@NathanOliver Yeah, I was trying to find regex101 but couldn't remember the name/URL
I even have it bookmarked...
@NathanOliver My earlier frustration was with having .doc before .docx and it complaining when I uploaded a .docx file
I think at that point I also was missing a $
@halfer I have seen many regular expressions on her face already ...
2:44 PM
> This queue has been cleared!
... sitting at 999 reviews.
@SterlingArcher They're on to you now :P
2:53 PM
now if only I could clear the file from the byte stream on button click...
@SterlingArcher yeah, you need 25 more reviews.
Btw, @SterlingArcher now I get the reference of your name
What changed the game for you? lol
Someone who thinks knows better how comment replies work care to check here and fill me and the other user in on details I missed?
3:08 PM
@rene She's got a fair number of backstabbers in her party, so she's pretty good at lookbehinds :-)
Weren't they called backbenchers?
@rene Once upon a time, yep :-)
Ah, progress. I see.
@rene might take a mod or CM to answer that one...
3:31 PM
@TylerH I left a message in the Tavern.
@rene Regarding your comment only dupe hammers are pingable on a gold badge hammered question. Your edit only applies to those cases.. This isn't actually true. They are only pingable if they are the only close voter. If there is another name listed then they are no longer pingable.
> You've earned the "Steward" badge (Complete at least 1,000 review tasks. This badge is awarded once per review type) for reviewing "Late Answers".
you think you could escape?
What on earth is that
Oh snap
@SterlingArcher everything is monitored these days
3:44 PM
brb taping my webcam
@SterlingArcher I'm already on it. You're looking great today!
Thanks, go Caps! Gonna seal the first series tonight :D
@SterlingArcher Too late, we've already run the geolocation software. can't you hear me knocking?! :P
See this is why I told security we need a roof tiger
Wasn't the 10k requirement for delvotes being closed for 2 days?
3:46 PM
But nooooooooo
@Zoe 2 days
yeah, just remembered that part
15:54:50 20.05.19 was 2 days and ~2 hours ago
@Zoe stay put for 4-18 business days, I'm ordering the tiger.
@SterlingArcher ... or I can slam down the door and set the phaser to kill :p
It's a glass door so you're gonna have to pay for that
3:49 PM
Also you'll have to go through my (unwilling to block me) boss
@SterlingArcher Already done.
Wow, well that's just rude and inconsiderate to corporate profit margins.
yeah, well, the profit margins can get lost.
But why is 15:54:50 20.04.19 considered yesterday? xd
"Well sir, we had a profit growth of 17% this year, but unfortunately an online vendetta from a single employee cost us 33% GDP in door replacements alone."
3:53 PM
How expensive doors do you have?
... unless it's GMT?
5 glass doors, but you expect me to let you get away with smashing a door and not paying for it? No, it will be war, and war escalates.
First it's the side door, then all of a sudden it's all 5 in one day.
It's not my fault you place glass doors in the way >~<
Let's not even factor window damage, because if doors are getting smashed you know a window nearby can be irresistable.
All this would be stopped with a single tiger, or a pack of wolves. I'm just saying.
Or a fox
I am my own pack :P Now watch it, unless you want me to start smashing windows too!!
And I'lll smash Windows too!!
Look at that, it was in GMT xd
3:57 PM
A pack of wolves can solve any problem
Even finding the next antibiotics?
Cern Supercollider won't work? Atomic wolves.
Nuclear idea, Sterling!
3:59 PM
I don't know what an antibiotica is, but wolves can definitely find it.
Is it s?
yes, it's s xd
No it's wolves.
oh lol
I was like that sounds fancy
It was fancy, until overuse killed the effect
4:04 PM
When I was growing up, amoxicillin was the rage. You got sick and that was the stuff you'd get. Nowadays... I'm not sure if any of my kids have ever even had the stuff
my parents could only afford the cheap stuff - penny-cillin
amoxicillin is the trade name for the stuff. Try going into your local pharmacy for the stuff and they'd look at you loke you're crazy
@StephenKennedy Back in my day, we didn't have any of these fancy penny-sillies.
Then again, you probably wear this shirt, so you might be halfway there
4:09 PM
@SterlingArcher physicists use ferrets, not wolves.
@NathanOliver edited that in, thanks
@NathanOliver Too many ferrets? Wolves.
@NathanOliver that's pretty neat, but I do hope they gave her regular baths
@SterlingArcher This broke me, I can't stop imagining wolf-related stuff now XD
4:13 PM
Never start a war with me :)
I play psychologically
And have a surprising amount of access to wolves
I know his weakness though: jQuery. Naturally wolf resistant as well
@SterlingArcher Or I can throw wolves at you :p
Can we throw wolves at that answer?
Sure, but that would likely break your screen
@Machavity jQuery 1.x supported multiple wolf packs as well. All the way back to Wolf Explorer 6
4:17 PM
Oh yeah
But I really prefer <esc>:wolves Sterling Archer<cr> over jQuery's weird $.wolves("#targetDiv")
You forgot the $.noConflict rule
Yeah, but wanna know how you can get around that?

@Machavity I thought Windows was?
4:46 PM
I guess time to do sometihng else, ran out of downvotes :F
@NathanOliver Does this question seem MCVE?
@Machavity Went with TB as the OP has the code, but they need some API to give them a value to run through it. You could also consider a tool request, but since it doesn't explicitly ask for a tool I went with TB.
@Machavity I wonder if this is an assignment somewhere. IIRC there was a very similar Q last week and just now this popped up
@NathanOliver Heh. They used [wif] instead of [wifi]
Swing and a wiff ;)
5:26 PM
But that's the third or fourth time I've seen a time-of-flight question too
@rene I'm out of stunning ideas, I'm afraid
too bad ...
@AnttiHaapala You could flag stuff
6:11 PM
I don't agree with that one from SD
just unfortunate syntax by the OP that matches some common spam, I suppose
@TylerH I adjusted the regex so it was tighter.
6:31 PM
are you using VS2019 yet @TylerH?
I remember saying "prepare to be underwhelmed" and yet, when I switch back to 2017 it feels so old fashioned. it's more aesthetics than features tho.
6:49 PM
Wasn't the whole purpose of this .Net core thingy that we could we fully leverage the command line? Edlin for the win?
I'm making lots more use of the command line since I started using Core @rene, WSL in particular. Doesn't mean development has to be done there too :)... but, if you insist, I suggest you ping @Zoe and ask her all about vim and consoles [but set aside at least a day]
@StephenKennedy no not yet, still on 2017 Enterprise, version 15.9.7
@Makyen nice
ah right, yeah, I'm still on 2017 at work too
7:47 PM
@StephenKennedy Vim? <3
cat /dev/Zoe | grep 'vim' > /dev/null/
@StephenKennedy That's fast as hell. Does it support sharding too?
@Machavity Sure does, and at web scale
@StephenKennedy Err: null output overloaded. Switching to chat output shard.
[ ZoeBot ] Standby.
I didn't know effort could reach - 273 degrees. :p
8:02 PM
@Zoe Yeah, neither did I... but the question shows that it's possible :)
8:24 PM
@StephenKennedy Meanwhile I wish SSMS had a dark theme...
The "blue" theme is still pretty bright
Of course I'm only on version 17.9.1 of SSMS, version 18.3 might have a dark theme by now...
peeks in from the ceiling
September 28, 2017 :)
not all news is new (or indeed fake)
@StephenKennedy ahhh, dark SSMS is so nice :-D
8:32 PM
let's give it a try (news to me too)
@TylerH version 17.x you say? I appear to be on 13.x :D
@M-M This one is rather old, and is not NATO as far as I can see - is there a particular reason for reporting it here?
(I don't feel strongly about the question age rule, but I believe other folks here like it, so the room does not consume too many CVs on Qs that might not be getting much attention anyway).
8:49 PM
Any SOCVR peoples a metalhead? :D
Machavity has a hard hat, does that count?
I'm not sure what counts as 'metal' these days @SterlingArcher - I suppose stuff like Motorhead and AC/DC count as "classic rock" now?
I guess yeah lol Though to be fair, they were classic rock by the time I discovered metal anyways. Metallica on the other hand.. hard to say since they're still putting out some stuff
If anybody is interested, I am absolutely hooked on this song
Harsh vocals, but definitely not crazy growling harsh.
Q: Handling [preload] and [preloading] tags

rlee827I came across this meta question about preload and preloading tags, and it seems the consensus from the comments and the linked chat room is that the preload and preloading tags should be removed. Does it describe the contents of the questions to which it is applied? and is it unambiguous? Pr...

9:07 PM
^ rolled back (vandalism)
@SterlingArcher I quite like that. Don't like the really growly stuff. cc @treyBake
Im hooked
@halfer Besides that it's off topic, answers are not that helpful either. Questions has been on the site for 7 years, if it was inactive for 5 years I would've said let's just keep it under the rug; but it's been active 6 months ago. I know 6 month > ~1 month "age rule" but relative to the age of the question ... all that said, I felt like requesting cv. :/
9:25 PM
@M-M Coolio, no objections from me
10:16 PM
1 hour later…
11:29 PM
@CardinalSystem Off-Topic is somewhat broad. It looks MCVE and none of the other reasons fit. Can you elaborate on why you think this should be closed?
Q: This tag in[var]iably needs to be burninated

Redwolf ProgramsI came across the var tag on a question not too long ago. The tag wiki is not very specific, with the description stating only that var is a keyword in a number of programming languages. It is impossible (as far as I can tell) to be an expert in var. So what, you can type a three letter wor...

One box! Where's Rene to kick this Burnination Feed guy?!
@Machavity I'm not voting to close, but whether that's an MCVE is debatable... OP "found" some code that does one thing and wants code to do the opposite.
i.e. it's not really even a debugging question if the code presented does what it was designed to do

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