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5:00 PM
@SterlingArcher while you were driving?
@SterlingArcher some mods are inactive right now and there’s not a whole lot of chatter in our private room so unless a mod speaks up there they may as well not be around to help out
@SterlingArcher Maybe it called one of the other tires by the wrong pronoun
@GeorgeStocker your health and mental health is not worth a moderator overlap. You’re a volunteer, if you get in trouble for not addressing this for 74 hours straight well that’s pretty crappy and you don’t deserve that.
Take a break.
Moderators are not Staff, they should not be the ones taking the brunt of this. Pleaase pass our concerns up the chain and go to bed. Thanks, have a good sleep.
oh Better yet throw on some heavy metal. Might I suggest some After the Burial to calm the nerves
5:04 PM
Strapping Young Lad is quite soothing
Machine Head for days
Well that’s because Devin Townsend is incredible
Q: Report a single comment or multiple comments

TokenyetIf I saw an user that made a bad attitude to the others, and even insulted others on comments, ex. Why does it work? You should just delete your answer I guess. Please delete your answer. I don't see how you can not understand my answer at all. I can't talk more who is the user, and even the...

Before I go (yes I'm going, seriously I'm not too worried about meta right now)
As the person who will become the oldest elected moderator on Stack Overflow after Robert steps down, and as someone who has just been back on the site a full month as of today after vanishing for 5, I'll be issuing a statement of my own soon (and I may not necessarily even do it on Meta). For now, I'd like to focus on some side projects I'm excited about for the coming week or so, and I've sent Robert my utmost regards in private. — BoltClock ♦ 14 hours ago
I'm not stepping down, in case anyone who reads this thinks I am
thanks for the clarification
5:06 PM
(Apparently one person has read it that way, oops)
Totally thought you were
So did everyone in discord
Yeah sorry LMAO
yea, that's how it reads
As the #10 runner up in the 2019 election, I accept this responsibility to ruin things further.
@SterlingArcher Welcome aboard
5:06 PM
If you can copy and paste, you should be fine
SO should just shut down main and move focus onto the chats.
Yas queen
@Cereal it seems like Ctrl, C, V is indeed the official Stack Overflow keyboard. ;)
@SterlingArcher that brings up something I hadn’t thought about previously, but is worth noting. The rancor (however well deserved from your perspective) may affect SO inc, but it’ll certainly be seen and handled by volunteer moderators first who have been charged with keeping the peace. Maybe an unintended side effect of this model.
@Zoe Let me just be a little more explicit here. You're okay with excluding everyone who doesn't buy into the transgender claims from moderation, and maybe eventually the site as a whole?
5:07 PM
@E_net4theMeta-Skeptic If they really want to make some money, they would make an SO branded keyboard with only 3 keys
Going to get some sleep. Bye!
@GeorgeStocker ergo, PRs problem :)
I've never seen someone complain about volunteer work before
One time I volunteered (bc school) for a political campaign and I complained constantly
really? never?
5:10 PM
@jpmc26 I'm sorry - what?
Volunteer work blows. Unless it involves puppies.
Hiya \o
@BhargavRao hi
@Zoe You think requiring people to use the pronouns of a person's choosing is a good idea. So you're okay with excluding everyone that rejects that doing so is a good idea from anywhere that the CoC would require it?
5:11 PM
> good idea, bad implementation
@rlemon I mean you kinda sign up for it
Bolt has sniped me already in featuring the post. :)
There's a huge stance difference between "requiring the use of pronouns" and "forbidding the deliberate misuse of pronouns"
and you're not forced to stay
5:12 PM
second option would've been a much better way forward
you can also complain
@jpmc26 that’s a pretty massive leap
@jpmc26 I'm saying disallowing the widely recognized gender neutral pronouns and disallowing the use of names is taking it too far
@rlemon but it doesn't make sense
5:13 PM
not just a leap, cherry picking part of the quote
> [...] I call it a good idea with bad execution
@OrangeDog What do you mean? They already apparently demodded Monica just for expressing some possible difficulties with it.
Can somebody tl;dr me why the use of names is being considered rude?
That's a logical fallacy @jpmc
@jpmc26 yes, and that is a real problem
Zoe didn’t de-mod Monica
5:14 PM
Zoe also said it was poorly executed.
@SterlingArcher it isn't in communities who are affected by it
So it’s a no-op?
Ugh, that sentence feels awkward
Though you could argue that anyone who hasn’t resigned is tacitly agreeing with the new CoC - though we’ve only got reports of what it says
5:15 PM
I think to be safe and cover my butt, I’ll proceed every sentence with “I’m sorry if this isn’t worded correctly...”
Then I can say whatever I want. #loopholes
@Cereal Considering it already happened...
@OrangeDog could you tho? the new CoC isn't public, and we have no idea if they are (behind closed doors) advocating for Monicas position
@rlemon that’s what I said...
Re-featured the post, I'm here and I can take care of it
@jpmc26 again, horrible move from SEs side
5:16 PM
The fact that we need to unfeature a post just because one moderator is going to bed is not something which we do here
@rlemon We don't even know what Monica's position was. Caleb explicitly said she was more accommodating than he would be.
what does strike me as something noteworthy is that we have seen (or I have) very little from Staff besides the copy pasta post.
@SterlingArcher Deliberately calling someone by the wrong name is rude. What is the correct name? The not universally accepted answer: the name they ask you to use.
Where was this logic when Time to take a stand was featured?
@rlemon expect a blog post detailing how today's events make them sad
5:17 PM
@ndugger don't forget it's our fault
@Raedwald I don’t recall the mentioning on deliberate uses of a wrong name
The users, not the mods
Definitely not the staff
@Raedwald except apparently the policy is that calling people by the name they have chosen is also not allowed
Of course that’s rude
The thing with disallowing names is that pronouns aren't going to be nearly as visible as names, unless SE decides to implement something.
5:18 PM
pronoun autocomplete
If a pronoun is requested, it must be used
I tried to request a new badge on meta.SE. long story short, it didn't go well.
Display names are always visible, and there's extremely few reasons that'd be considered offensive.
Actually, no it does not
I mean, I have no problem calling someone by their preferred pronoun, so I'm curious about the rest of the CoC, because otherwise this whole thing seems blown out of proportion
5:18 PM
@OrangeDog if I ask you to call me Him/He and you call me rlemon, that should not be a slight.
At least not for me
@Raedwald I don't think anybody has an issue with this. However, the new rule (as detailed on the christianity resignation) would ban calling somebody whose name you know by anything other than the name you know, in your example.
@him Exactly
@rlemon exclusive use of pronouns doesn't make sense either, depending on how extreme it is. If names are entirely disallowed, who the pronouns actually point to ends up being unclear
5:19 PM
@OrangeDog This is going to lead to abuse, when someone wants to use 🌟 for their pronoun. What does someone unable to reproduce that do?
@Zoe also true.
@Mgetz they make a meta post
I would just flag any comment about pronouns in comments as not constructive
I don't think jumping to that conclusion is fair. It's the same argument I would hear back when homosexual marriage was illegal; "If we legalize it, what happens if someone wants to marry a shoe next!?"
@Mgetz passive agressive about me section
5:20 PM
It's just not realistic
You can identify as whatever you want in my book, that choice is all yours. However, my choice to not participate is just as equally mine.
most of the time
@ndugger that's a slipperly slope, I linked it up above
5:20 PM
@Mgetz That's actually something I didn't think of. Bet you there's a few dialects out there with pronouns you can't easily spell out using a standard qwerty keyboard
@Cereal more often than not slippery slopes actually happen. Then people call it progress
@rlemon While I as being a bit factious the point stands
@OrangeDog what?
@SébastienRenauld or like, arabic
I can't write arabic, I have no idea how
I think assuming bad intent from someone who just wants to be called he/her is a bit ridiculous
5:21 PM
I'd need to install keyboards on my device
@Mgetz as was I
That's another thing, you're always supposed to give people the benefit of the doubt
Assume good intentions
That goes both ways
I don't see the point in getting all worked up over a CoC we haven't even read
@SébastienRenauld not just that if you allow anyone to pick or redefine arbitrary pronouns things break down pretty quickly due to abuse. Pronouns exist to do indirect references.
5:22 PM
@KevinB somebody is wrong on the internet
@KevinB that ship sailed along time ago
@KevinB You cuold say maybe SO shouldn't have fired a mod for a CoC that isn't released
They're free to do so
Mods are free to resign as well
@ndugger It isn't about assuming bad intent. It's about being able to speak consistently with what you believe to be true.
5:23 PM
@KevinB Mortals haven't seen it yet, but enough people who have are getting worked up about it
Right, and they have every right to
What brought this isn't the fact that a mod was fired over it, but the way the mod was fired over it, tbh
@SamuelLiew ot
Sure, they are, but when you see people who give great deals of their valuable free tie leaving a site that they obviously love based on some new policy that is emerging, I feel like people have the right to be greatly concerned about it.
Like, the firing itself is fair game - the way they did it was dubious at best
5:23 PM
@KevinB Because, from the description, it sounds like it'll only decrease LGBTQ participation. At least the way it's currently set up. I'm also willing to bet they haven't consulted anyone with some form of experience with it when writing it. Currently, it's only destructive for both sides. And, as usual, SE doesn't give us anything.
@SébastienRenauld One begets the other...
but we haven't, we don't know what lengths the CoC sent to push that agenda. For all we know it'll be changed by then.
darn keyboard jumping it's jkeys all over the palce
You can't be fired horribly if you're not fired
@jpmc26 I'm not disagreeing with the overall events happening right now. I was just responding to Mgetz trying to make logical leaps about people next wanting their pronoun to be a shooting star emoji
5:24 PM
Wouldn’t all this be avoided with avoiding pronouns in the first place and just using names?
Repairing is a lot harder than preventing problems in the first place
@KevinB A few of the posts allude to the staff having zero interest in budging from the current state of the proposed CoC.
We need to choose our language carefully during this time
@SamuelLiew I'm still awake - this whole mess hey
@SterlingArcher usually, as names are absolute identifiers (usually)
5:24 PM
@SterlingArcher that's against the new coc
@YvetteColomb Get rest - this will still be here when you wake up
Or you can just not choose your language carefully, and deal with the few cases when someone objects.
You have to do what the user requests
Did I just solve the internet problems
@SterlingArcher It should, but names can be 35 characters. Repeated use would significantly reduce the comment ability
5:25 PM
I think I did
I don't believe it's just the new pronoun rules that are in the CoC, so many mods wouldn't resign over just pronouns
And likely will have ballooned making for some wonderful breakfast reading :|
The problem only arises when you refuse to after being asked to change.
@Makoto :D
@Makoto :\
5:25 PM
@Mgetz Only 'til you encounter non-binary people.
@Zoe if it avoids all this crap I’d say it’s worth it
I think it's obvious it would be abused (forced pronouns) because there are enough people who dislike it and would act in bad faith. The reaction to the alledged proposal speaks clearly to that. But that isn't why this is a bad idea.. for the love of Pete, don't make that the issue people argue about.
@SterlingArcher There's still better ways
I mean this is what I'm doing with my breakfast - well, kind of, sort of, not really - just taking a break now
At least now I feel better in knowing more context in at least one position
@Zoe like?
5:26 PM
Mandated language is a scary idea when put up against western freedom of speech. It's the same reason why Jordan Peterson got in trouble, was his pushback against mandated language in Canada. It's a very slippery slope. Yes we should be respectful, but proceed with caution.
@Zoe I think they're trying to make the place easier for LGBTQ folk- honestly that is a fact
@ndugger While specific predictions of the future tend to fall flat, it is true that the gender issue continues to be pushed much further than any of us would have imagined some decades prior. We may not know what is coming next, but something is.
Unfortunately the ones i'd rather see step down will likely not be among the group that does.
@ndugger Freedom of speech doesn't apply to any institution other than the government which instituted it. It's conflated with the privilege of free speech that certain platforms provide.
5:26 PM
@YvetteColomb and I was trying to cook dinner. not burn down the kitchen.
@Makoto oh where did that come out?
@YvetteColomb And that's fine and welcome - but making it easier for a part of the community at the expense of another part of the community is... yeah.
@rlemon you cook? good on you. I have up cooking
@YvetteColomb Update to the resignation post - I'm just perusing the resignation notice on Christianity. I wish I could just skim it.
gave - dammit typing in the dark
5:27 PM
@rlemon It appears that it will be considered offensive to avoid using pronouns in favor of names. That's what I gather from that Christianity.SE resignation.
@YvetteColomb As someone who is LGBTQ, this won't have nearly the effect they think it will. The use of pronouns and other indicators is too diverse to fit into the system that's been presented. If names really are disallowed, what about people who don't use pronouns?
I'm still not entirely sure why they can't just throw in the CoC that repeated, deliberate misuse of somebody's pronoun is a flaggable offense
@MaxLanghof yes, that is being discussed right now
@SébastienRenauld there's nothing hard about it. It's as simple as respecting people
We’ve all seen the metrics, the LGBT+ community is quite small. I’m not saying we shouldn’t accommodate, but to accommodate by alienating others is only going to hurt SE.
5:28 PM
@StephanS The mods are generally resigning over how Monica was treated because she raised concerns/questions about the policy.
@Zoe: A side argument. "Makoto" in Japanese is a gender-neutral name. Without me explicitly telling you my gender, you have no way of knowing what pronoun to use.
But of course the middle ground appears to be mythological
using pronouns such as they instead of default goto of he or she. Don't make assumptions. It's something I lobbied for years ago - just for women alone
@SterlingArcher no one needs to be alienated
Including people and not making them feel outside doesn't have to make anyone else less included at all.
5:28 PM
I absolutely agree, but the methods shown don’t agree with that
Yvette, I don't have anything pressing for you atm but good to see you at this er, time of day
@BoltClock hehe you too! always
@Makoto Freedom of speech still applies as a value and a principle, even if not as a law.
I'm actually going to make a move now
I really don’t think theres
5:29 PM
@Makoto that's why the "they" is the best goto
much more to say here besides quoting Zoe, bad execution.
@YvetteColomb Exactly.
@SterlingArcher The critical issue is the name part, and presumably the gender-neutral pronouns. Allowing those two alone is enough to not offend most people, and not trigger those who are against it.
@YvetteColomb We're in agreement on this. What we're not in agreement (well, by the looks of it) is this bit: "Now if I avoid pronouns altogether by sticking to proper names or disengaging from the individual, that's being considered an insult too."
@Makoto watch what happens in congress over the next few years, in the US. There's already discussions being had asking if platforms (namely facebook) should be beholden to the first amendment or not
5:30 PM
@AlexanderO'Mara eh?
@YvetteColomb not sure why people have issues with neuter pronouns
@jpmc26 not if it's at a cost to another's well being. we have to be accountable for what comes out of our mouths and keyboards
@Makoto There's also an increase in gender-neutral names in general
Sure, but I don't want you to fall down the slippery slope. Remember - we're on their site and this is their site to govern. These are their rules, and how they want to regulate speech is their choice.

**Our** choice is to disagree with them and decide that with our clicks and attention.
@AlexanderO'Mara I was planning on voting green this election, so they're alt-right
5:30 PM
@Mgetz People don't. SE has a horribly, horribly wrong perception
I think some see it as deadnaming?
@Mgetz me neither. It's just holding onto old ways while the ship goes down imo
@ndugger Facebook has more issues tbh - it really needs to be regulated in some way but I'm not so sure it would become a government agency, since that's...kinda the only platform that can be required to enforce free speech
well, because 'free speech' has nothing to do with a private companies platform
@YvetteColomb You can't expect me to lie because it makes you happy when I do.
5:31 PM
Hmm, wonder why my chat message is being flagged...
@Zoe I had a TG friend that did have an issue with it. But they had other issues (they had a very very rough transition sadly). Using any other pronoun than their preferred would cause them to get angry.
@Mgetz Possibly some. Haven't met anyone like that though. But there's always going to be extremes of everything. At some point, you just have to say "this is good enough" and allow some leeway
The point is that in an ever-increasingly online world that we live in, rights are being extended to include online communities, and I think we have yet to see what that truly looks like as it unfolds. It will have a greater impact than just facebook
@AlexanderO'Mara that's very negative. It's not about agenda, There's people who have served the site and come out and discussed their private issues - I'm trying to be delicate - and they have not been well supported in places - we've lost good people. The site is trying to fix that. One good thing of having altruistic employees
@AlexanderO'Mara initial guess is because you pulled the alt right blame finger out?
5:32 PM
@Zoe Another TG friend (who just finished transitioning) just takes that attitude. They expect best effort.
Idk maybe I missed somethinf
@rlemon that's not exactly true but we'll go with it
@ndugger Yeah, but legislation moves at glacier's pace. What matters is how the law is being applied today. It could change tomorrow, but it doesn't make sense to speak of it as if it will change.
@Mgetz From my experience, that's the general attitude.
@AlexanderO'Mara because you're totally dismissing the validity of people's experiences. I will tell you a story. Mind this will take some time
5:33 PM
I love story time
Agree to disagree; SE is already trying to be forward looking by enforcing language. I just think they're betting on the wrong horse. History will tell.
@Zoe In my experience (three people) it really depends on how the transition goes. Those with fewer issues tend to be more relaxed about things.
@YvetteColomb There is literally no end to the "well being" argument in terms of what you disallow people to say. Because it all depends on who is deciding what "well being" means.
I've talked to somewhere around 50-100
Geez mods, can you make up your mind on whether or not that question is featured already?
5:35 PM
Oh, deja vu...
@jpmc26 You will not address me in the second person.
@Cerbrus I was about to say the same thing
Constantly editing it only draws more attention to it...
@Cerbrus It's Featured-ish
Please only address me in the fourth dimension, thank you.
Cool, I'll back off.
@YvetteColomb Yvette, this in response to all the people saying George is the only one on the side of not "going after" SE. Trying to get some balance... Mithrandir is out for another day (all in the transcript from about 30 hours ago) and will, I suspect, be rather... shocked by what has transpired. One of the last things he posted was that there were things the outside can't and won't see, etc. And that we shouldn't over-react.
No, keep editing in the featured tag
It's hilarious
@BhargavRao Good choice. I don't see value in continuing that fight. Clearly there's some disagreement that doesn't need to be in public. :|
5:36 PM
@YvetteColomb I've seen some very specific comments though, like accusations that SE tripping over the be-nice policy so much that they accidentally banned one of their most-leftist moderators.
Kinda silly, though.
I think it already is.
Fortunately, it looks like comments like that are being cleaned up now.
george: complains about having to moderate

also george: spam removes the featured tag all night
no personal attacks on mods in here
5:37 PM
It's a transcription of the revision history
well who can we attack, then?
I mean, that's more of an observation.
I said this would happen :]
and he only did it twice, I'm being hyperbolic
@BhargavRao Not really what I meant.
5:37 PM
oh george
One moderator is forcing their opinion on that "featured" tag, from the looks of it...
I just thought it was funny after what he said
Seems like best thing to do is let this thing run its course, the can of worms is open, you're not getting the lid back on. Wait until the worms are done wiggling around and then assess from there.
43 mins ago, by rlemon
"not wanting to deal with it" shouldn't be the criteria for a featured question on Meta. is it worth the masses knowing about it? yes, yes it is. if you can't deal with the job, log off. and I really hope this doesn't sound rude. but "I don't wanna deal with it" kinda flies against the role you willingly took does it not?
@ndugger Simple: Write a program that takes one (1) line from stdin, and regardless of what the input is, print "sorry" and take more input
5:38 PM
priveledged users should also have control over the tag
just throwing that out there
I think they should make me a moderator
you can't quote yourself, that's illegal
@Zoe canada.sh
> The Sponsored Listings displayed above are served automatically by a third party. Neither Parkingcrew nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.
5:40 PM
@weegee rather, the post they made as a "summary" of what they decided on from that post
Perfect. Just perfect. /s
@weegee That would make a resignation notice exceptional
This is like the reddit mods that lock the entire post because they don't want to mod it
I think it definitely needs to be out there tbh - and the reason that mods aren't having as much support in handling the deluge of flags/junk on the question is probably because of the issues stated for moderators resigning
> The onus is now on moderators. Mods can be biased. Mods can feature whatever they like without caring much about the public opinion. There could be fighting amongst mods, which has never happened publicly.
5:41 PM
Many years ago, over 30 years ago when I was a young woman. I met another young woman at a bus stop. She had started hormone treatment and had budding breasts. She was experimenting with makeup and was preparing for surgery to have a "sex change" I don't know the right way to put these things.
This was in Australia when trans people were ridiculed and unsupported. We talked and she had no one. No family, no support. She was insecure and wanting reassurance. We talked about her makeup and clothes and I said she looked beautiful.
So it's kind of a pain borne unto itself in a way. There's less mods to help with dealing with flags on a question due to a whole slew of things happening on the network, which means more work for the few mods who remain that want to help out on Meta.
Not wanting to deal with it isn't really an option since it's going to be front and center in a few weeks...
...and it's still something that's high profile enough in the network that it's reasonable to expect it to be seen everywhere.
everything is better if it's written in bash
@ndugger no javascript
Joke's on you, I write JS for a living
and I can tell you that no
not javascript
5:44 PM
@AlexanderO'Mara don't listen to garbage. Is all I'm gonna say, I wouldn't be sitting in this room at 3.42 am if I didn't fundamentally respect the people who work for this site. @TimPost knows - he is probably one of the people I respect most on this planet. Same goes for the rest of the team, I respect and care about them. I feel for Sara. She has clunked onto the site with good intentions and has really not effectively shown anyone here who she really is. She's a good person.
She doesn't do meta talk well.
@ndugger "PHP for a living" wants a word
everyone knows that jquery > javascript
@KevinB yea I meant javascript
5:44 PM
@Loktar huh?
but jquery > javascript
my Java outputs PHP which echo's my JavaScript which $(document).ready()'s my page
You're joking but there's probably a SO question on how to do exactly that
@YvetteColomb I think they're trying to say you copied it from somewhere? I don't know if that's true, but that's what it seemed like they were trying to imply.
@KevinB they are the same thing
5:46 PM
@YvetteColomb my recommendation would be to ignore anything Loktar has to say. He's done nothing but stir the pot for the past few months, and that should mean something coming from me
Certified pot stirrer
@jpmc26 you are way out of line. It's none of our business. It's our business as human beings to accept people as they are, not as we think they should be. Sorry, but that kind of comment will get you kicked. This place is not the place for that kind of rubbish.
@weegee don't let rlemon see that comment
they are tho
@AlexanderO'Mara oh thanks. Yeh it was my own story
@Loktar please refrain from blatant assumptions of bad faith
5:47 PM
@YvetteColomb And this is why we can't even have an honest conversation about the issue.
@jpmc26 I think that’s a dangerously naive statement. Hell, I’m conservative and I don’t think that way. Being uncomfortable in your own body is not a disservice to yourself
PSA: butthurt flags on non offensive messages don't help anything.
@jpmc26 No it's not. We (as a society) are way past whether we accept trans gender people - it's no one's business, but that person.
@YvetteColomb This is a conversation, he's not saying that in an insulting manner
5:48 PM
Oh would you look at the time
@Cereal No, that's very insulting.
Let's all get real here; the real problem is discrimination against hair styles in the work place.
@Zoe that ^^
@rlemon yeah but it's a great way to piss off users with 10k+ rep
So how did this suddenly turn into a discrimination thing?
Look away for 5 minutes...
5:49 PM
can we just drop it and move on?
having issue with his original comment is one thing, flagging all additional comments is just a waste of time and not proving any points at all. the original comment has been actioned and is gone. lets move on and focus our rage on meta
Yeah, I didn't see any discrimination. Disagreeing is not discrimination, even if it comes from a place of ignorance, or especially, rather
@Cerbrus was addressing some issues further back in chat.
Educate, but don't point fingers and shut down discussion
That's just dumb
Please drop this and move on people
5:50 PM
We as a company provide inclusive spaces. That goes for our offices, our sites, everything. Conversations about you coming to terms with people not fitting your understanding of what an identity means are for your therapist, not a chatroom we host :)
this is not the place to have that discussion @ndugger
@rlemon I don't know who flagged the comments.
@BhargavRao and girls :P
Stop piling on top of me, I'm just responding
There are other bigger problems out there.
5:50 PM
@Zoe There's a distinct difference between intent to harm and a conversation
@BhargavRao lol @ that edit
@BhargavRao Maybe timeout the room for a minute?
@BhargavRao agree
I don't agree with him at all, but he didn't come in here attacking people
@BhargavRao Would you mind re-featuring Roberts post?
5:51 PM
@Zoe Meh, what's the point
@Cereal actually, he did.
@Cereal this comment kinda hurt my feelings
I'm pro trans-acceptance. I just disagree with "cancel culture" simply on the basis of a disagreement
So eager to put words in peoples' mouths
Tim Post has frozen this room.
1 hour later…
6:55 PM
Unfreezing the room, mods will keep an eye and please try to keep the talk civil
Cesar M has unfrozen this room.
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Brandon_JAt this point, it's clear that the SO community is deeply divided. Much has happened even since my question about what the heck is going on. I'm not going to rehash all of that here. You all know what's been happening. Some actions, at least on the surface, seem unprofessional at best on the par...

I didn't even think about @Feeds being frozen when the room got frozen
Please remain civil and respectful, these are trying times and we're stretched very thin.
Thanks for unfreezing the room. I do hope it helps calm down things.
Hey everyone
@CesarM 10-4 Acknowledged
6:58 PM
@CesarM Thank you 💜
Also people do remember that CMs are just a voice for the company. Please let us not shoot our messengers.
Thanks for unfreezing - I'm also here again as an RO to help manage the place
just posted my answer to the question about its freezing, as well

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