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6:12 AM
Q: Hardware Specifications for hosting llama-2 which should support atleast 100 users simultaneously

Vigya2115 Python Paradox I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: Suggestions for Deploying Document-QA system using LLaMa-2 model I have built a document QA system using llama 2 8bit quantized model, now I have to deploy across the organization. The problem here is only one user can log in to the system and in...

6:24 AM
Q: Very Low Quality Flag for Questions rejected - Why is it available?

Mr. IrrelevantI recently got some Flags on Questions declined that I have evaluated as very poor. The Flag got rejected with the following Justification: "Declined - Questions should NEVER be flagged as very-low-quality" I sort of understand the reasoning behind this, but why give this Option of a Flag for Que...

7:00 AM
Q: Stack Overflow - Ban on Generative AI

ZdubCan someone from the stackoverflow team clarify this - I often use AI to help reword and reformat my questions. As someone with ADHD often my questions go in circles or tangents. Is this new rule permanent? How will it address issues such as - language barriers and learning disabilities for the A...

7:47 AM
Is it possible to lose flag privileges? Other than suspension (or losing enough rep to go to under 15, I guess).
8:21 AM
@KarlKnechtel Of course!
Shockingly, I also don't repost every comment I flag here.
8:39 AM
@VLAZ You can't lose the privilege but you can temporarily get flag banned: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/173878/…
9:11 AM
@AbdulAzizBarkat Ah, right. I forgot about that. Thanks.
2 hours later…
11:00 AM
Q: Proposal: A place to ask valuable opinion based questions

zozoDuring my like 13 years as a member of this community I noticed multiple opinion based questions that actually would be valuable. This is an example: Advantages and disadvantages of using base64 encoded images. I wrote that question a long time ago, is clearly opinion based, but it was super appr...

11:32 AM
Is [What is the best anti-virus ? ](stackoverflow.com/beta/discussions/78365780/…) fit for a Discussion?
@VLAZ IMO no, even though the discussions guidelines don't explicitly state it, I'd say for a discussion to be on-topic it should at least be about programming. Even if it is a discussion looking for recommendations it should be for a package, API, etc. Antivirus recommendations isn't a programming discussion.
@AbdulAzizBarkat I thought so. And I agree. However the guidelines were vague - they don't mention it's supposed to be exactly programming-related (although, IMO, it is implied from being on SO). Didn't want to flag due to my own assumption, though.
3 hours later…
2:12 PM
Q: The review queues are even more broken now--claiming normal items are audits

TylerHOn top of the bug in review queues greying out audit items (happening for the last month or so), now the close vote review queue is suddenly telling me "this is an audit" on review items that are definitely not audits. I tried to leave a comment on this review item but was greeted with this error...

Q: Article Submission and Approval

Sina SalamThe Problem: My articles were closed three different time without reasonable excuse. I don't know who are responsible for article review. This will be the third time my article will be closed because of non-complete article submitted. The instruction for submission is to submit a draft and should...

2:24 PM
Q: Pin [how to ask](https://stackoverflow.com/help/how-to-ask) to the "asking questions" column on the SO help center's home page?

traktorNew user welcome comments A frequent comment I have added to questions from new users is to direct them to the SO site tour, the SO help center and the "How do I ask a good question?" article. Typically this occurs for users with a reputation of 1 who haven't taken the tour (what tour?) and as pu...

3:12 PM
Q: What to do about harassing or intentionally inappropriate edits?

DaveA question I asked a few years ago just got a proposed edit from an anonymous user. The edit leaves the question unchanged, but adds this text at the end: "So my question is if this is racist." I will, of course, reject it. The edit was made by an anonymous user, and is abusive. Is there any way...

@NewPosts Um...
Someone adding "So my question is if this is racist." to the end of a question only seems trollish, but not a form of harassment, unless I'm missing some nuance.
3:35 PM
@E_net4 Seems user means "I don't know if they've done it more than just this instance"
Sure, if this becomes a pattern, it must be stopped.
3:52 PM
I checked the anonymous edits from today, and I can't see a pattern of such trolling. I found few others which were odd and definitely not appropriate: one (rejected) - dunno; two random changes. Edit summary is copy/paste of the answer; three - keyboard mashing
one and two might be related. I don't think three is related to anything.
4:36 PM
Q: Should we always update the [java] version?

dan1stFrom time to time, there are suggested edits like this about the java tag wiki and I agree that these would be an improvement over the previous tag wiki when a new Java version comes out. However, there are many, most of them coming from a user who seems to want to "maintain" that tag wiki and in...

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6:48 PM
Q: Python 3.x is just "Python". Any way to get rid of python-3.x tag?

wimThe tag python-3.x is pointless these days. The only supported versions of Python are Python 3.x, for many years now. Python 4 isn't happening ("probably there never will be a 4.0 and we'll just keep numbering until 3.33 at least" - GvR). Tagging a question with both python-3.x and python does no...

7:00 PM
Q: Can't post question

Steve SummitI'm trying to post a question to SO and I'm hitting a weird brick wall. After typing in a title and a body, and selecting a few tags, I click the "Review question" button as usual, and... nothing happens. Nothing at all. I've tried using two different browser versions (both Safari), on two diff...

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10:18 PM
Q: Restricted access

dprestonsrI got disenfranchised from asking questions. I thought this site was where on got helped with coding problems. But alas, it is for those perfect coders who can write questions that only the judges like. If you don't like a question, delete the damn thing, don't make it a social attribute of "I...

11:16 PM
@NewPosts it honestly bothers me that people oppose this.

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