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8:54 AM
Q: Send data chunks to http server in correct order

schwieteThe following code is intended to transfer a file to an http server. The data arrives at the recipient in any order!? I suspect that this happens due to the asynchronous calls. Shouldn't waiting for the response ensure that the data arrives one chunk after the other in the correct order? Does any...

Q: Should profile icon of Adolf Hitler be considered offensive

AbraI found an icon of Adolf Hitler in Nazi uniform and giving the Nazi salute on a user's profile page. Personally, I find that offensive. Should I simply ignore it?

2 hours later…
10:42 AM
Q: Am I allowed to post on this site?

ingotangjingleGiven posts like these, where the content of my post is identical to another user: https://meta.stackexchange.com/questions/398937/should-moderation-focus-on-consistency-on-every-part-of-stackexachange An obvious question arises: Am I allowed to post on StackOverflow meta?

1 hour later…
11:51 AM
@NewPosts this user's back at it again...
12:48 PM
Q: Why was my answer removed as SPAM?

ZappySys I have a question about my Stack Overflow answer: UPSERT in SSIS Why was my post deleted as SPAM? I spent 30 mins to craft this reply and it was flagged. I understand I mentioned 3rd party product but I mentioned all other solutions too along with 3rd party product. Not sure adding link about ...

1:30 PM
> I don't understand the downvote. To restore the justice, +1.
To restore my vigilante justice, vote fraud for everyone!
@AbdulAzizBarkat I flagged it despite having been deleted already, because the edit made it worse.
2:00 PM
> And still, after 4 years, no one will comment on why their down vote. Quite a friendly place to learn in. Likely down voters don't know themselves. Will start writing here periodically until I get a responsive comment. Enjoy the pings.
I wouldn't get pinged, but now I'm curious. Let me follow the post so I can flag all the comments
4 hours later…
6:11 PM
@E_net4 you do NLN flag these comments as you report them to us, yes?
@AbdulAzizBarkat It says something that I knew exactly what username to expect from your comment
At this point we really should just make it an official "no", IMO. For the main site too
4 hours later…
10:06 PM
Q: Using grep information

dprestonsrI've ran out of thoughts and trickery to get "grep" to work for me. Below you can see that "Charlie Morton" is in the list (fan_draftees) but exp_fantasy_picks[33,3} is not in that list. However, exp_fantasy_picks[33,3] has the name of "Charlie Brown" in that location of the data frame. I obvi...


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