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12:19 AM
Can someone that isn't a mod request access to chat.stackoverflow.com/rooms/197298/…, preferably twice (with the second time being after Boson (hopefully) tells you no)? Science experiment done, tanks you
well, that failed fast
Seems to still await a decline/approval? Or does it just remain like that forever if declined?
I know what I did
Re-request declined.
12:21 AM
it should be sending a message too
Nope, no message 3rd time either.
Hold on, let me give it a good kick to the head real quick
Posting messages into the room every time somebody requests access only adds noise to everybody else.
It shouldn't do that.
It's set up to delete it after 60 seconds, and only send a message once per user (per session)
Still a bit of noise, though.
12:23 AM
And if a user requests twice, they should be shadowbanned with read access
Harsh test subject treatment.
Something is wrong with my code and I'm not sure what
I think I'm using the set wrong
                if (badUsers.contains(ev.user_id)) {
Give me a sec, I still need to recompile and restart
Damn it, your logger is snitching on me.
Not logger, I'm a RO in that room too. I get a big banner and a ping every time you request access :p
@Zoe Impressive.
12:29 AM
@AndreasmovedtoCodidact I am truly the greatest programmer to ever have lived
@Zoe Yay, that means there's collateral damage on the other ROs.
There's only one RO online in that room IIRC
Try now
^ @AndreasmovedtoCodidact
oh crap, I did a dumdum anyway
in Meta Stack Overflow Comment Archive, 15 secs ago, by Boson - StandWithUkraine
@AndreasmovedtoCodidact This room is read-only; do not request access here.
12:35 AM
read access shadowbanning isn't going to work because I set the wrong fucking constant
But my request has not been declined.
It has, but it happened fast enough that chat might not have picked up on it
Give it another 30 seconds before trying again though
And we're good - try again
Refresh the page if you're still stuck as pending
And because it restarted, it's going to send another message, but that's normally a non-issue. Uptime on my server is high, and people tend not to try twice anyway
It's declined now.
Requested access again, see the message.
It was immediately declined this time too; refresh and try again, and you should be given read-only access and not be able to request again after that
Read access works \o/ and that should mean the request button is gone, but I'm not sure what that looks like
Indeed, I am now on public display.
12:42 AM
Yes, the request button is gone.
The system works
Thank you for participating so I never have to handle requests manually again :p
Do I get one of those dentist trolls now? :D
A what?
You know, those tiny cute trolls the dentist pulls out of the drawer as a reward for being a good patient.
12:44 AM
Nop, my dentist did lollipops IIRC
Which is a bit of a paradox now that I come to think of it
oh well
Capitalistic dentist.
Feed the cause, cash in on the fix.
Tbf, only happened when I was really young. Might've changed since
I haven't been to a dentist in a few years
12:48 AM
And that was to remove a wisdom tooth with little wisdom
So little wisdom, in fact, that it grew in the wrong direction
Still lost some wisdom.
You mean it didn't conform to the oppressive rules?
It was an outlier, a rebel!
A true hero of freedom!
@AndreasmovedtoCodidact yes, and for its troubles, it was cut up into four pieces and lifted out
A martyr was made of it.
Eh, it was it or me :p
The tyrant won again.
12:52 AM
One does not simply stop the fox takeover, silly human :p
laughs in evil canine overlord
Hearing the faint noises from the weak fox, and simply can't bother giving it any attention
@AndreasmovedtoCodidact perfect, exactly as we planned. You silly humans are so busy focusing on your AIs and your learning machines that you won't see us coming until it's too late >:)
@Zoe My robotic security guards powered with general artificial intelligence will take care of you.
You mean the AGI that's secretly just outsourced to your future fox overlords?
Foxes cannot understand the encryption I use.
2 hours later…
3:29 AM
@Zoe last time, someone gave me tips to not decline the request and just let it stay so that they can't request it again, so.... ¯_(ツ)_/¯
@AndreasmovedtoCodidact nah, I'll just refresh the page and those banners are gone :p
1 hour later…
4:48 AM
@Lamper46 sneers in #24-this-week
5:00 AM
why do I feel like I've seen this non-answer somewhere else before... stackoverflow.com/a/78498070/11107541
man it's kind of ridiculous that this isn't fixed yet (imo)
any idea what this is?
6:07 AM
Q: Why my rank is not visible in stackoverflow?

JagroopI saw today that my rank is not visible in the stackoverflow. Yesterday it was visible to me. Is it bug or something else.

1 hour later…
7:21 AM
@super-starball-ultra I'll generously call it NAA. Rather than R/A. It's nonsense anyway. Might even be an attempt to "protest" (or troll) the platform.
8:15 AM
Found another thread on the fediverse that reeks of hatred towards moderators. :( Some folks are expecting them to look the other way in terms of vandalism.
8:26 AM
@NewPosts so... the change was implemented on Friday...?
Guess so
2 hours later…
10:28 AM
@AndrewT. Hey, that’s cheating. >:)
3 hours later…
1:47 PM
Oh often can a question become a hot network question? Is the answer to that seven times over the spam of 3 seconds?
Q: Very hot network questions found

GlorfindelThe Boardgames Stack Exchange question How would an instant or sorcery with an effect that targets work with Feather? became a Hot Network Question three times, according to its timeline: All three events have the exact timestamp (19:14:39 UTC - shown when you click the 'toggle format' link or u...

> The underlying issue here has (hopefully) been fixed.
2 hours later…
3:31 PM
@VLAZ Drink!
3:57 PM
@Zoe I disagree with automatically declining those requests for access and posting into the room.
Posting into the room is just noise wrt. the purpose of the room, and likely will not be seen by the user, due to deleting the message within the 2 minute window.
Even though you include the user's username in the message as an attempted ping, the user may not be pinged, as they may not be a valid ping target (maybe, maybe not, at least depends on their prior actions). Deleting the message so quickly may either leave the ping hanging, without them being able to see it, or will clear the ping prior to them being in another room, which are the pages where the WebSocket would be active for them to get the ping and/or see it in the sidebar.
The user is already informed that access will not be granted in the room description, if they bother to read it (which many people don't, of course). We could make the statement not to request access more obvious. Done. I've changed the room description to have not staring and not requesting access in bold.
Declining the requests opens an abuse vector for someone to keep pinging all of the room owners infinitely. I now see that you're adding them to the read-only list upon second request, so they will only be able to ping twice, but the only advantage to that over not handling the request is that the request is handled. Once requested, the user can't re-request, until the prior request is handled one way or another.
The easy solution is to just leave the requests as never handled. As a room owner, just ignore the request (i.e., just clear it from the notification bar without acting on it). We're never giving write access to that room to users, due to the nature of the room, and as explained in the room's description, so there's no need to respond to any of the requests, ever. Auto-handling such requests doesn't prevent all the room owners from being pinged upon re-request.
So, auto-handling just allows the user to re-request and re-ping. All that had/has to happen is do nothing.
@Zoe There was never any reason to handle those requests. Just dismissing the notification and not handling the request does the same thing, and prevents the user from re-pinging all the room owners by requesting again. Given that you're a moderator, and mods have all abilities in a room as room owners, you could just not get the requests by removing yourself from being a room owner. IIRC, the only difference is that you don't get notified for access requests. Hmmm... that's a good point. I've removed myself as a room owner.
4:34 PM
@Makyen if the goal was to not decline requests, why does the room have that many ROs then? Why not just leave a bot as the RO?
4:59 PM
@Zoe Other than you, all of the room owners were added within 3 days of when the room was created in 2019, which is substantially prior to the purpose of that room being established, and definitely prior to the creation of Meta Stack Overflow Comment Archive Workshop which was split off for discussion, leaving the archive as Gallery and just for the comment archive.
You were added as a room owner, prior to you becoming a moderator, because you started running Boson, in case you needed to make any changes as you brought the new instance of the bot up. That you shortly thereafter became a moderator made being an RO there superfluous, but you did end up needing to have the abilities which being either an RO or moderator gave you.
As to why continue to have so many ROs: Inertia; no real reason to clean up the list; no real reason to remove people; being an RO was mostly a historical list of people who were involved in the initial concept/work. Once the room was made gallery and all discussion was moved to Meta Stack Overflow Comment Archive Workshop, there was a greatly reduced need for there to be a substantial number of users as ROs.
If the notifications from people requesting access were annoying to someone, then they could remove themselves from the RO list, if they remembered that was a way to not get notifications and were sufficiently annoyed by the notifications.
Fair enough
@VLAZ "over the spam", heh
Removed the code for it
OK. Thanks.
5:37 PM
Q: My JavaScript question was closed for not being about programming

Danny BeckettMy question is clearly about programming: How to slow down the scroll speed in Microsoft Edge? I am shocked that a user with 119k rep could think otherwise! To prove that it is about programming, I made a solution in JavaScript (yes, I know, it needs to detect whether the user is inside an input ...

5:52 PM
@Zoe I remember I cleaned up a few starred comments, I guess that's a privilege of being an RO. But you are now a mod :)
That explains why I've never seen anything starred ^^"
Q: What is the point of [reopen-closed] if you can't post a question asking for a closed question to reopened?

Danny BeckettMy closed question #1 on SO: How to slow down the scroll speed in Microsoft Edge? The close reason is totally invalid and outright WRONG, so I posted on Meta: My JavaScript question was closed for not being about programming This was insta-closed for not being suitable for Meta. So what is the po...

2 hours later…
7:55 PM
@NewPosts I like how the reopen-closed question was closed
8:05 PM
many such cases
8:20 PM
87, as shown by this search: meta.stackoverflow.com/…
huh, OP actually accepted my answer on Meta. Definitely didn't expect that.
Happy resolution I guess.
@Lamper46 too bad we can't filter by close reason....
meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/423778 it seems I've had a similar answer for a similar OP before. Maybe we need a FAQ about the perception of unfair treatment
8:40 PM
I just realized you have a question about people asking how to fix SO questions on Meta. meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/426282/…
yes, but that's from the wrong perspective to be useful to the people making the requests. It was just my idle wondering at the time
I should definitely cite that,though; good eye
9:11 PM
We're now seeing post edits that allegedly "add new AI enhanced capabilities" by replacing "site" with "hotdog" and "npm" with "seagull". What a time to be alive.
9:27 PM
... based?
I mean, disruptive and inappropriate, but I appreciate the apparent underlying sentiment.
9:58 PM
OakBot Online.
@Lamper46 poof
1 hour later…
11:26 PM
@Lamper46 Don't bring OakBot into here.
what actually is the purpose of that bot?
@KarlKnechtel Fun
@KarlKnechtel As far as I've seen, it's, mostly, intended to be "fun". The problem is that people playing with it takes over the substantial majority of traffic in the room, if not overall, then at least at times, to the point of driving away other people who want to actually use the room for the room's stated purpose.
11:43 PM
ah, should have guessed

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