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Q: When asking for help finding a way to program a solution, why would the question be marked "not about programming"?

LighteningKidI posted this question on Stack Overflow: How do you change the properties of a file type, or make macOS forget it? Essentially, it's a question about finding a way to have macOS recognize a change to a file type that I had previously created in Xcode, but now need to slightly alter. Ideally, tha...

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1:42 AM
Q: What is the meaning of the number displayed next to "related tags" on same tag?

wimOn https://stackoverflow.com/tags/blogger/topusers it shows this: What is the meaning of the number × 3684? It is not questions tagged, because that shows above as 2,925. I'm just using blogger as an example, it is the same on other tags. Also, why does the tag itself show in related tags? This ...

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3:31 AM
Q: Something's fishy in [dolphindb]

PhilLately I've noticed a slew of low quality, mis-tagged questions all with one thing in common... the dolphindb tag. They all seem to be posted in batches from a handful of user accounts and rarely concerning that particular time-series database. The posts to me almost seem automated and very suspi...

4:18 AM
man, people hate being given advice they didn't ask for, no matter how much they need it. Especially if it means they might have to stop doing things they way they're accustomed to. :/
@NewPosts *Something is mammal-y
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5:32 AM
@VLAZ the first one is clearly a DDoS; you can tell because they helpfully included "ddos" in the edit text.
I assume this is similar to setting the evil bit in the IP header
Of course, how silly of me to not recognise DDoS when it is clearly labelled as such.
In other news, I only now looked at the anonymous feedback in the 10k tools for the first time. And wow:
> Anonymous Feedback 45.4m (59.10%) up / 31.4m (40.90%) down
> Registered Feedback 865k (87.87%) up / 119.4k (12.13%) down
There is a huge discrepancy in up/down votes.
I suspect this is heavily because 1. upvote privilege is easier to get 2. downvotes are "punished" with reputation loss.
nit: answer downvotes are punished
Yes, however, I've also seen a lot of users express they think question downvotes are also "punished". Presumably because there is no intuitive way to find that downvoting one type of post behaves differently to another. And since users are already disincentivised to downvote, they don't notice the difference. Because they don't downvote.
6:00 AM
Hmmm, fair point. I hadn't thought about that.
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Q: Can I ask this question here?

DeltaIVI think this is in-topic, but I just wanted to double-check in case you think I need to move to the more AI-related groups: How to perform hyperparameter tuning and model selection with Optuna and nested cross-validation I have a list of regression models and a dataset. I want to do two things at...

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Q: Why is my username banned from this meta?

ingotangjingleWhy am I not allowed to post any questions? Replies to all my questions are spammed with trolls (I ran out of flags) They refuse to say any improvements to my questions, outside of vague troll responses about my character. (making new accounts is against the rules) My question is: Why am I not al...

Q: Error: unusual error updating your profile

Abdulla NilamWhen I try to edit my profile, it redirect to new page with this weird message. No VPN Connected

> It's something to do with my username, because some posts have had identical wording to other, non-deleted posts
Yeah - no.
@NewPosts Editing profiles has been deemed unwelcoming. Awaiting the ProfileAI that will fix everything.
11:47 AM
BTW does the trusted user privilege not count for answers on Meta. I don't see a delete button on a negatively scored answer.
@AbdulAzizBarkat I see it on another per-site meta where I have the privilege. I've, uh, never actually had that privilege on SO, though...
@RyanM Just 600 rep away, not that it really would give you any new privilege ;)
I actually got the notifications for all the remaining privileges when I got my diamond :)
12:15 PM
@AbdulAzizBarkat The answer score needs to be lower for the deletion to be allowed on meta. -5, I think.
Oh, ok. Can't seem to find anywhere where this is noted.
just found a reference. It claims it's -8
OK, tested with few answers to verify the number is still correct: I indeed cannot delete a -7 answer but I can delete a -8 one.
I thought I had seen a -5 allowing deletion but must just be general insanity. Or faulty memory. Or both.
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Q: The company I work for block imgur resulting in many Stack Exchange questions not loading if they contain images

FreelanceConsultantThe firm I recently started working for have an IT policy block on imgur, which of course breaks the whole of stack exchange. Any questions containing images simply don't load those images. If the images are important to understanding the question, then question then becomes totally useless. I sp...

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Other than the answer below also note that Stack Overflow uses a dedicated subdomain of imgur being i.stack.imgur.com. — Abdul Aziz Barkat 20 mins ago
If somebody already believes Imgur allows adult content (banning it was a Big Deal), then I don't see why they'd think a different subdomain is safe.
Didn't they go back on that anyway?
Imgur? I don't think they unbanned adult content.
hm, might be mixing them up with tumblr
@VLAZ it would go against Stack Overflow's Code of conduct so I would imagine we take down all such reported content permanently.
Maybe it's slightly softer than a total ban. I know Imgur was used to host images put on Reddit and you could browse images from a subreddit there. Which includes NSFW subreddits. But I'm not super sure how that has changed with the ban. At one point I think they made these feeds private (that was before trying to ban adult materials). Not sure what the arrangement with Reddit is nowadays.
1:34 PM
@AbdulAzizBarkat AFAIK, we don't
@AbdulAzizBarkat Well, you can upload an image without posting it on the site. I do that often to post images in chat. OK, chat is still "the site" but presumably I could then post them off-site.
Largely because taking down any picture content requires CMs, so it's easier to reserve it for really bad stuff (or sensitive stuff, i.e. redaction but for images)
But Imgur do have some moderators and some automated systems that watch out for content. I don't know how effective they are, just that they exist.
@VLAZ I don't think that applies for subdomains
I also don't know. I'd assume they'd at least do some light automated scanning. For worst offences.
But that's just just conjecture.
1:43 PM
My U/U flag on this comment was declined. Now the question is, should I once again ask why on Meta? Or should I just assume it was declined by mistake?
@Zoeisonstrike Really? IMO they should really allow moderators to do this. I've never noticed such content in all my browsing of Stack Overflow but given the scale of the site such content probably does get uploaded and IMO moderators should be allowed to easily nuke it.
@AbdulAzizBarkat Yeah, really. It's one of the many not fun quirks of the system. The migration to self-hosting images might give us tooling, but we haven't been told anything about the migration internally, so who knows
@E_net4 It's a decline and delete, so probably intentional
But I agree it was incorrectly declined
On a related note it seems they are going to put up some protections against such content in the new image hosting: meta.stackexchange.com/a/399129
@Zoeisonstrike Decline & delete by mistake is not unheard of.
@E_net4 yeah, but it's less likely because of button positions
2:03 PM
:[ me go full meta?
Unless you can bribe a mod to ask the mod before you do, yeah
i went full meta
haha, LOL
Okay then
2:17 PM
You never go full meta!
Q: Why is this comment not unfriendly/unkind?

E_net4Two days ago I reported this comment as unfriendly/unkind: Whoever downvoted my question, you really are a weird person. Downvoting with a comment as WHY downvoted makes sense so that I can at least fix the question or something. But anyways, good luck to you as a developer who only knows to fin...

2:28 PM
@aynber Truly unheard of :p
2:42 PM
@aynber Oscar worthy performance
2:52 PM
@VLAZ it's worth pointing out that imgur.com itself also provides a UI to search and discover content
subdomains like i.stack.imgur.com do not
most people who use imgur probably do not know there are subdomains, let alone that i.stack.imgur.com exists and where to find the site that hosts images there, I would imagine
so you're pretty much guaranteed to only have programmers uploading images to stack overflow for example
and given that both imgur (now) and SO have policies in place that disallow NSFW/inappropriate images, any IT team should reasonably accept a specific subdomain whitelist, IMO
if they're that concerned they can periodically harvest the user's traffic for imgur URLs and inspect them to see what kind of images the user is looking at
3:07 PM
... :)
@TylerH If we're looking at abuse potential, there is some. Is it reasonable enough to block the entirely of Imgur? Highly unlikely. It makes as much sense to block all common CDN sources because some nefarious websites might be getting jQuery from there.
I don't see why there's a reason to block anything because there might be NSFW content on it. Just seems like a pointless, overcontrolling solution to a usually non-existent problem
@Zoeisonstrike Same.
I mean, I can see the abuse vector, though. It's just so tiny and basically paranoid, that it comes off as insane.
3:23 PM
@VLAZ I don't see the abuse vector for imgur
But you can have some party try to use the Imgur platform (even through the stack subdomain) to post abusive images and then the employee would *gasp* seek them out and see them on company computers. There is also the reverse where an employee might try to exfiltrate some data via imgur, e.g., try to leak private data.
Again, though, this seems to border on paranoia. I mean, it's on the wrong side of the border.
If the concern is "an employee might try to hack a site because they saw something gasp offensive on it", quite frankly, the entire internet should be blocked
A normal user randomly stumbling upon some NSFW material from Imgur should be almost entirely impossible. Even if Imgur hadn't banned that.
Any site, regardless of rules, can have something someone considers offensive or similar, and trigger a reaction of questionable legality. The only way to stop that is to either monitor everything every employee does every second of every day, or block the entire internet
Because the problem isn't the site the image comes from. The problem is that Imgur is used as an image repository, so you'd visit some other site/resource/whatever that pulls its images from there. But that nefarious location can also just as easily self-host or use any other hosting service or whatever.
Even if you went to directly browse Imgur, you'd have a very hard time finding adult materials. And if you are really after that, well, any sensible IT team should be able to eventually figure it out. If one user has an unreasonable amount of requests to Imgur.com. And these are direct, not just images.
3:28 PM
Over HTTPS, it isn't possible to tell what's being requested (aside the site)
but an unreasonable amount of requests to imgur without any other domains making more of an appearance is probably enough of a red flag anyway. But honestly, this seems like a US-specific problem
You can put a reverse proxy on the network.
@VLAZ Won't that result in HTTPS validation problems?
My university had that and the proxy checked if you entered your university password on any non-university site. OK, known locations like Facebook but if you did use the same password on the more common sites, they'd automatically block your account and you had to reset the password.
@Zoeisonstrike It's not great. But you can do it. You can still also look at the base URLs, even if you don't get the full resource path. i.imgur.com is different from the base site.
3:34 PM
yeah, but that's still down to DNS resolution
But we can also ignore all that network tomfoolery - the IT team should have direct access to the machine. They can just log in and sniff around. Like check the cached resources.
@Zoeisonstrike it's an easy thing to do to help workers do their job
No it isn't
sure it is, there are tons of curated blacklists available to users of vendor supported firewall products
Like, I can't really imagine how blocking one site (or several) would be the only way to prevent company users from having access to "bad materials". If you really want to prevent that, you audit the users regularly. Maybe blacklist some sites they should really never visit. Dunno, say Silk Road (although I think that one is dead? Whatever - just an example).
3:37 PM
It only causes distrust between employees and their company if the company continuously monitors everything the employees do
continuously monitors? I don't think that's really the case here
@TylerH Yeah, all of which are built because employers are paranoid, not because there's any actual evidence it helps productivity
Nobody is sitting at a computer watching what users access in realtime
@TylerH In far too many cases, especially in the US, there is significant amounts of unnecessary monitoring
@Zoeisonstrike uh, are you saying there's no evidence that blocking e.g. porn or social media prevents users from spending time on porn or social media websites while using work computers?
3:39 PM
On a more amusing note - I knew a guy who had a similar story with the company IT blocking sites unreasonably. They blocked the Perl Monks website (the resource for Perl programmers). The reason IT gave was that they don't allow religious websites.
Oh, and that was a Perl-based programming shop.
@VLAZ ironic--only religious zealots would use Perl in the first place
@TylerH Anyone who really wants to watch porn can bring it in without needing an internet connection. Portable USB drives have existed for decades, and it's really cheap. Instead, the firewalls end up blocking access to resources the employees need because "it might contain porn somewhere if you look really hard"
Well, that was also a while ago, when Perl was used a lot more.
@Zoeisonstrike There's a big leap from "it might contain something inappropriate if you look really hard" and "it's inherently designed to be something that's inappropriate for work"
@TylerH you made that exact leap in your first message. I was never talking about blocking dedicated porn sites, nor has that been the focus of the discussion up to your message
3:43 PM
You said there's no evidence it helps with productivity, but that ignores the fact that ease of access is a major contributor to actions people take.
If an employee wants to bring their own device into work and access stuff on it, OK that's fine, so long as it's not inappropriate for that company policy (e.g. viewing images on i.stack.imgur.com)
but if you want to view content on the company's equipment and network, now the company needs to discern if that's a job need or just you wanting to look at whatever you want to look at because you like that thing
regardless of what it is
most of the time it's harmless, but it's also not needed as part of your job
@TylerH Yeah, for blocking imgur, not something like pornhub. You have to look really hard to find porn on imgur, and it does contain a lot of useful content
I agree, and as I mentioned in the comments I got my own IT dept to allow the stack subdomain after they blocked imgur.com.

I just think statements like "web filters are caused by paranoia and have no evidence of helping productivity" are very obviously inherently false. Typically sites or content types are only blocked after they've become a problem, either at that specific company or at enough companies that everyone collectively agrees "oh yeah, that should probably be blocked"
Like my last comment on the meta post said, infosec teams would love to just block all access to the internet. Or have one secure IP and port for an employee to do their internet-based work. Because that's all that's needed to do that job. Someone accessing content that's generally not related to work is a problem. If it's on a personal device at work, that's an HR problem. If it's on a work device, that's an HR problem and a potential security risk. That's why companies block stuff.
So long as the user can demonstrate a valid work need to access it, the IT security team should allow an exception, IMO
4:29 PM
@Zoeisonstrike It's basically a MITM attack (SSL decryption to be specific), companies add a trusted root CA into their devices which then issues certificates for any site the user browses to. Tends to break basically every networking request you make via programming though since languages like Python, Java, etc. tend to use their own certificate store. And then you see programmers disabling SSL verification when making requests. IMO not really worth.
@AbdulAzizBarkat now that makes more sense
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Q: Desktop Application For Stack Overflow (Hear me out before closing it as a duplicate)

s4D_t0yI took a look at stackapps.com to find a macos desktop application for stackoverflow, or at least a desktop notification provider. Almost half of them were obsolete. StackApplet seemed like good, but, as a rewrite was in progress, I wanted to wait to get my hands on stabler code. Ik that there ar...

@NewPosts Why is it always apple users?
7:41 PM
Maybe they're primarily I* users?
7:53 PM
@Zoeisonstrike Because an apple a day keeps the doctor away /badexplanation
@VLAZ put a mac on your lap while making it compute anything, and you'll need a doctor afterwards (only half a joke, macs get absurdly hot, and not just on the inside or in the air output)
they really do. it's odd
No, it's just garbage design
When I'd have mine on my lap, I'd have to sit cross-legged, or put it on a pillow. Now I have it on a raised platform, but that's mostly for desk space
It's because there's no fan, and the design intentionally uses the chassis as a giant and inefficient heatsink
But even in old models with fans, some of them have fans that do no actual work to dump heat
8:29 PM
all laptops get hot in my experience
8:45 PM
So do potatoes when you bake them. And lava. You probably don't need to bake the lava, though.
9:18 PM
i mean
to make it lava you probably do
why would you keep a heatsink in your lap
9:37 PM
Note that IIRC only the MacBook Air doesn't have a fan (the name is indeed rather ironic)
@NewPosts has anyone ever posted a feature request for, specifically, web notifications?
@VLAZ If you bake fresh lava, though, it will probably still cool down, unless you have a very specialized oven.
9:54 PM
Q: Do Gold Tag Badges also apply to their synonyms?

ddavisonI want to preemptively say that I do not contribute to StackOverflow for the reputation or the badges. Question: In StackOverflow, I possess the [selenium] Gold badge, but the permissions don't seem to apply to its synonyms. Does this [selenium] badge also apply to its synonym [selenium-webdriver...

10:12 PM
Q: Delete tag [sdl3]

ahcoxFirst time in Meta. It was pointed out in a comment on my question* that I created a tag (sdl3) that doesn't match the existing convention that would render it as sdl-3. If I now try to create sdl-3, it is rejected as too similar to the now-unused sdl3. I would be grateful for any help in getting...

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11:49 PM
@RyanM pretty sure there JS one somewhere

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