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10:23 AM
Q: Closed Question: Development Processes

MarvinI asked a question about how to package php command line tools to avoid dependency conflicts. This was closed as off-topic due to "seeking recommendations". Naturally, any question about packaging and deployment will include discussion about tooling that supports that process. However, my questio...

10:41 AM
Q: Get the row values according to the dates given in column in pandas

Sijin JohnMy column has date of last 31 days, so I want the row value based on the column name df['EG']= np.where(df['AP']>df['today'],0,1) where I am taking df['Today'] which is 03-08-2121, So I want for last 31 days. 03-08-2021 02-08-2021 01-08-2021 31-07-2021 ......................... 0 1 ...

2 hours later…
12:33 PM
Has anyone modflagged this undelete spree incident by the way?
The "turn meta off" Q has an undelete again. As does another question that was re-deleted yesterday.
12:48 PM
This probably calls at least for a modflag.
Can you cast a re-open vote on the same post more than once?
Or was that restriction not enacted?
You can cast undelete votes more than once, which is why this is a problem.
Oops, I meant "undelete" not reopen.
Yep, there's no limit, which is why moderators deliberated on a related rule. Where's the link...
Ah, here.
1:05 PM
That applies to meta?
This incident makes it pretty clear it should.
Q: Map [tag:mjs] to [tag:javascript]

Wenfang DuSince we had mapped javascript-module to javascript, I think it make sense to map mjs to javascript as well.

1:36 PM
@E_net4lovesGATs That's what I meant by "was that restriction not enacted". I remember it was added as an FAQ proposal. Can't remember if it was officially accepted and implemented.
1:46 PM
As it became a , I do believe it was.
Which means this totally merits a flag for moderator attention.
Even if we don't have all the details here (since we can't see who cast the undelete votes until the actual undeletion occurs), this is something they ought to look into.
1 hour later…
1 hour later…
4:13 PM
le sigh
5:11 PM
Q: Merge [symfony2-easyadmin] with [easyadmin]

Stephan VierkantI just discovered there is a easyadmin and a symfony2-easyadmin tag. Since EasyAdmin is based on Symfony the latter doesn't make sense in the first place and secondly, we've got multiple symfony* tags. A question about EasyAdmin and a specific Symfony version can be tagged with both easyadmin and...

5:29 PM
Q: Merge [symfony3.x] and [symfony3]

Stephan VierkantBased on the suggestion made in Define a common pattern for Symfony version tags, I'd like to propose to merge symfony3.x and symfony3. Starting with Symfony 3 there is a clear Release Process. We should create a common pattern based on this process. To make this discussion more clean, let's star...

6:22 PM
@E_net4lovesGATs can mods see who has cast a pending delete vote?
Or do they have to wait til the question is completely undeleted/deleted to see?
I find your lack of faith in the omniscience of mods disturbing.
6:49 PM
@TylerH Not sure, but as a backup strategy, they can always undelete and redelete to see who cast the votes
@Zoe true
5 hours later…
11:47 PM
Q: How can i detect if my webpage has an iframe embedded in it?

Tom ChambersI am all too familiar with questions like how to tell if my page is in an iframe.. however this is the reverse of what i need and i searched for a solution but appears this question is rarely or never asked. My first attempt was since i am working inside a php program, to use Php to search for so...


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