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1:29 AM
Q: Request to merge [onclicklistener] with [clicklistener]

I_love_vegetablesonclicklistener and clicklistener has the exact same tag wiki A Listener Object that reacts to 'click' events triggered from an input device, such as a Mouse The questions asked on both tags are similar too It does make sense to merge them right?

2 hours later…
3:31 AM
@TylerH their timeline can
3 hours later…
6:41 AM
Q: Don't refer to comments or other answers by variables like position or username only. Instead link to them directly too

Sabito 錆兎TL;DR: Please link directly to the comments/answers that you refer to in your posts. It takes only a few seconds but leads to a less confusing and more convenient visitor experience. When referring to comments or other answers under a post please refrain from using such lines: ... the other a...

7:29 AM
Q: Proper place for resource discussion?

InQusitiveWhere/How do I ask help in CS book exercise and discussion in SO/related sites? For eg: In chat I couldn't find any room for 'Compilers'.

7:41 AM
Q: If a question is answered by a collective's article then what action should be taken?

PaceNone of the choices that jump to mind seem great: You could close the question as a duplicate (I suspect this may be the correct action but it is unintuitive to me) You could post a link to the article (though this would become a link-only answer) You could copy/paste the article content into an...

Q: Close flag and providing answer before close

InQusitiveIs it ethical to give answer by myself to a question which I flagged as duplicate which hasn't been closed yet.

2 hours later…
9:35 AM
Q: Which is the benevolent-bounty-doner badge?

InQusitiveIs there no badge for one who gives bounties to many questions? i.e he gaves away lot of his reputation as bounty.

9:55 AM
Hm, this board isn't looking too good
Need a wall after 8 hours of silence or 3 or more meta posts from one user including a meta post about a meta post
I can complain about downvotes and closures, if that would make you feel better.
I'm genuinely surprised we got to wednesday with neither
Great, my bingo card (board?) has "Three or more questions from the same user"
I have programming question, free, status-complete, complaining SO is toxic, and three or more questions from the same user
0 0 0 0 0
0 0 0 0 0
0 x x x x
0 0 0 x 0
0 0 0 0 0
hard board though
Whatever it's called xd
2 hours later…
11:47 AM
Q: Merge [sonata] and [symfony-sonata]

Stephan Vierkantsonata is a project based on Symfony, so it makes no sense to have a symfony-sonata. Questions about Sonata Project can be tagged with symfony (or symfony4 or symfony5). The descriptions/excerpt of both tags are outdated, I'll update it when they're merged. See Merge [symfony2-easyadmin] with [ea...

4 hours later…
4:05 PM
Q: Appropriate tag for Raspberry Pi Pico

LlamaxI have noticed that there is not much of a home for Raspberry Pi Pico related questions Stack Overflow. Some people have taken to using the 'pico' tag, but this appears to be related to the SI prefix, as the older questions tagged like this indicate. In addition, the 'raspberry-pi' tag is somewha...

4:23 PM
Q: What should happen to the Pico tag?

LlamaxAfter a recent suggestion of mine to create a Raspberry Pi Pico tag (only to find out that one already exists), I wondered what should happen to the 'pico' tag. This tag is currently used by three topics: The SI prefix (1 question) A brand of VR headset (1 question) The Raspberry Pi Pico (6 ques...

2 hours later…
6:45 PM
> Downvoting without comment is extremely rude. Change my mind.
We have a challenger.
On meta?
@Zoe Nay
Wanted to get that field xd
Well, last time I challenged one of those, I was called... many things. And the time before that, a fascist.
Extremely rude is a one way road, it seems.
> Just curious, is the lack of a comment the part that is the most troublesome? or, would a comment stating your answer isn't useful be just as frustrating?
7:05 PM
7:25 PM
Or maybe logic: the code of conduct forbids rudeness and allows anonymous downvotes. Therefore, anonymous downvotes are not rude. QED
If you really want logic, then invoke the burden of proof.
that's easy
i'm upset
therefore they are rude
i mean
that argument is enough justifcation for a wide range of other things SE has introduced in the past 4-6 years
7:41 PM
Q: Why do some people answer my question in comments?

Aleksandr NovikSometimes I ask questions on StackOverflow, and some people don't just comment my questions. They literally answer them. Why don't they write full answers that are displayed under the question itself?

2 hours later…
9:41 PM
Q: Syntax highlighting sometimes doesn't work

gurkensaasSo I recently found the highlight.js supported languages. I was wondering why there is sometimes a need to add lang- in front of the language and sometimes not. Here are some examples: Python without lang-: "Hello World" AppleScript without lang-: "Hello World" AppleScript with lang-: "Hello World


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