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7:33 AM
@VLAZ Single dose, yes. At least as established so far.
> I'm deleting my account due to unwelcoming bastards downvoting my posts, despite me being a "New contributor".
8:26 AM
@E_net4lovesGATs Hope you're feeling better.
9:20 AM
@VLAZ Ah yes, the fever's gone. Now I just have a mild localized pain.
9:43 AM
@E_net4lovesGATs eyy, complaining about being unwelcoming in an unwelcoming manner
Natural selection in practice
Also reminds me I haven't been playing bingo enough :eyes:
10:25 AM
:eyes: Do we need a comment bingo now?
10:59 AM
Q: Recruitment Agency with Human Resources Specialists

kalpsolutionsThe Human Resources feature performs an crucial position in the success of any business. As such, it is crucial to locate the proper specialists to fill open jobs inside your IT Recruitment Consultants in India, and India is an remarkable companion to assist you fill these roles. Whether you are ...

11:25 AM
@NewPosts what? How?
They have one rep and 0 posts, how the fuck did they post anything?
@Zoe SO Teams...
Yes, having SO Teams is a quick way to get Meta access
Please hold, imma desk my face real quick
waiting :)
11:30 AM
that's a hard spammer
Does Charcoal even cover child metas?
doesn't seem so, our residence flower seems actively manually report them
correction: child meta are covered too
oh, good
11:53 AM
Q: Are all the links here providing benefit?

LarnuI recently raised a flag on the below answer, as being a link only answer, which was disputed. I can understand why this was disputed, as the answer does include additional detail (though I think it contained less when I flagged, and it may have been updated in the grace period, but I can't evide...

12:17 PM
Q: How does Stack Overflow prevent bounty answer spams to gain reputation quickly?

Praveen ThirumuruganI have read thoroughly on issuing bounties for a question and helping the question get more attention from the people. However, I was puzzled like there is a big opportunity to score reputation in an unethical way. The Scenario The question has been awarded a bounty for the best answer. The ques...

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2:05 PM
Q: Can we remove the [styles] tag?

I_love_vegetablesI just saw this Should we go off-[script] question. Which made me think of a similar tag that I also think should be removed which is the styles tag. It is stated in the tag wiki excerpt that it should not be used: DO NOT USE THIS TAG. This tag does not currently have a single, well-defined mean...

3:00 PM
"Is this another nasty downvote?" they say, while leaving a nasty comment complaining about it.
Q: What is "Worked With vs. Want to Work With" and "Loved, Dreaded, Wanted"?

David GibsonThis post aims to clearly explain Worked With vs. Want to Work With and how to interpret the visualization we chose. It can also explain the intuition behind Loved, Dreaded, and Wanted if this is your first time reading our survey results. In our annual 2021 Developer Survey results, we introduce...

Let us not go and resniff the stench.
It should be gone soon-ish.
In somewhat related news, I ran out of comment flags again.
3:15 PM
@NewPosts Oh...so it's exactly the thing we didn't want to happen?
I still didn't quite understand the purpose of that post.
But anyways, why exactly did people start unearthing deleted meta questions now? It turns out that the one I reported here yesterday was not the only one.
Let's send this one back to where it's supposed to be.
3:32 PM
Is peterh overly exercising his new undelete abilities?
but it needs 2 3 to tango?
Delete votes never expire
all the most recently undeleted things had their last vote cast by peterh
they're all Qs that were closed...
/tools maybe
there's quite a few questions sitting in the undelete list at 2 votes, just waiting for a 3rd
where's a moderator when you need one
Shine the Mod signal in the sky.
3:42 PM
@TylerH peterh needs to be disappeared
3:56 PM
Strong words yo
I don't have the patience to sugar-coat stuff atm
Q: Where are the breakdowns of the open-ended questions in the 2021 Survey?

NickCan we get some details of the breakdown of results of the open-ended questions in the 2021 Developer Survey? In particular, when asked if we visited another developer community, we were asked to name them, but then no breakdown of what those other communities were was provided. What's the point ...

posted on August 02, 2021 by ihonestlydontKnow

I want to check if there is already an existing username and password in a text file, I wrote some comment code as in how I tried to figure it out. #include <iostream> #include <fstream> using namespace std; int main() { string user_input, pass_input; cin >> user_input; cin >> pass_input; fstream test("data.txt", ios::app); t

4:12 PM
O no they didn't. Delete please. We already have rene's version, and the other version is too aggressive.
At this point we may have to revisit the recently undeleted questions and vote to delete them again if deemed appropriate.
@E_net4lovesGATs I like your suggestion of letting rene re-write all deleted questions.
Not all of them have to be deleted again, but these three have indeed crossed the line of acceptance.
@E_net4lovesGATs ugh. This is why we can't have nice things
2 hours later…
6:17 PM
Q: User copies answers (with suspicious upvotes)

Stephan Vierkanthttps://stackoverflow.com/users/16579850/google This user copied two answers: Unable to start a micro front-end app in single-SPA application is copied from this Unable to start a micro front-end app in single-SPA application How do merge 2 lists of different lengths in python is copied from How...

Q: Is Stack Overflow useful for getting help on "duplicate" questions, or is there another community (or part of Stack Overflow?) people would recommend?

interI've only used Stack Overflow a few times, and I'm trying to understand the etiquette/purpose. I asked a question today but my question was nearly instantly marked as duplicate. The mod/admin person who flagged it as duplicate was right though! -- I was asking a question about a very common topic...

6:41 PM
Q: How did I have access to Suggested Edits without 2k rep?

blackbrandtI was clicking through my profile and noticed I had received the Custodian badge 4 times (once per review type), and one of these was for "Reviewing Suggested Edits". It says that I had rejected a suggested edit on one of my answers. However, at no point have I ever had over 2K rep so it seems li...

6:52 PM
@E_net4lovesGATs yeap
3 hours later…
9:51 PM

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