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2:43 AM
Q: How's https://stackoverflow.com/questions/67239036/file-writing-script-just-creates-empty-file-named-0 not about programming?

Someone_who_likes_SE The question File-writing script just creates empty file named "0" got closed (image above). But it is about file writing in PHP! Why was it closed?

3:13 AM
Q: Should I create a tag for a completely foreign-language library?

ti7This Question How to generate word cloud for a group of URLs? uses a library called jieba (translated to US English) for Chinese word segmentation. It seemed not-impractical to create a tag (so I did), but does it make sense to do so, given the site is English-only? Specifically for this case, t...

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4:43 AM
Q: What is the right way to access REST docs pages when using Swagger with Spring Web

Aditya BhuyanI am using Spring Web and Swagger 3.1.x. I am not able to get information about proper configurations. What I mean is : Which java source files need to annotated? Which Swagger dependencies need to be added? What is the url for accessing the documentation page?

5:31 AM
Q: appealing question "not on topic"

Darren OakeyI just asked a question on stack overflow, and got a few responses quickly, fortunately one of the answers perfectly answered my question - so I'm happy. however - someone then closed the question as being "We don’t allow questions about general computing hardware and software on Stack Overflow"....

2 hours later…
7:31 AM
Q: adding more options in 'belongs on another site flag'

kesarlingI have come across this problem multiple times wherein when I have to request a mod to step in if the question belongs to (in my case) codereview and has been posted on SO. It has surprised me constantly that this cannot be achieved using a dedicated flag that we already have in place! All we ca...

7:55 AM
Q: How newcomers can be successful on stackoverflow?

SorousH BakhtiaryMy question is about newcomers to stackoverflow. As a person who recently started to participate in this great website, I've noticed that being a high reputation guy is now really hard for people like me. I have few options to answer questions because : Answering the question was a little easier...

3 hours later…
11:07 AM
Q: No option to self-answer questions

LalalaWhen asking a question I see no option to self-answer anymore. Can you add it back?

2 hours later…
1:13 PM
Q: writing a prediction function for SMS spam classifier

Işıl Berfin KoparanI built a SMS spam classifier with random forest classifier but I can't make my prediction check a list of strings more than one sentence for example it can give answer for the following : def predict_message(pred_text): pred_text=[pred_text] pred_text2 = tfidf_vect.transform(pred_text) pre...

2 hours later…
3:13 PM
Q: Why not use the international metric prefix consistently in stack overflow (and generally in stack exchange)?

SoleilI was seeing the usage of k for kilo = 10^3 for reputation and people reached, but I was surprised to see m (which means milli = 10^{-3}) in place of M for Mega = 10^6. There exist an international metric prefix which should be used, ie., M instead of m for million, which is well known by progr...

3 hours later…
6:13 PM
Q: Unsure about this review audit (late-answers/28986244)

Logan DevineI was going through the Late Answers review queue, when the second thing I reviewed was an audit (late-answers/28986244). I upvoted the post, as it did seem to contain potentially useful information. These kinds of audits where I do feel there is good information have blocked me from reviewing tw...

1 hour later…
7:25 PM
Q: Requesting to reopen a question

Konrad VilterstenI asked a question and tried to make a minimal example. However, due to unfortunate diagnostics of the error, it wasn't sufficient, so I chose to close it (even deleted). Later on, I realized that I had the issue still but didn't realize what it was, so I undeleted and improved. I'd like to have ...

7:37 PM
Q: Why was my good explained (IMO) answer downvoted, as well as all other answers?

ProgrammerI today answered this question, along with some other guys - most of the other answers work too, but they do not contain any explanation why the OP is getting this behaviour. Mine does. It was downvoted. I thought, maybe I did something wrong, but could not find any way to improve my answer. And ...


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