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5:12 AM
Q: How to get the time the audio is actually played?

DracI want to execute a function after the audio is actually played for a certain amount of time (not counting the time the audio is paused). How can I do that?

5:36 AM
Q: Why can duplicate questions be voted upon?

Shambhav GautamFrom what I know, duplicate questions are just there so that future visitors can find the original question faster through search engines. But then why can they be voted upon? The only quality that can exist in a duplicate question is the title, so is the voting done according to the title? Votin...

3 hours later…
8:18 AM
Q: How to use add-to-cart functionality in Django and after adding item in table the button should be hidden/disable?

Santosh ChauhanI'm using Django as a backend and PostgresSQL as a DB and HTML, CSS, JS as frontend. Well, I have successfully added data to Django and also in PostregsSQL with models. And the data are fetch to the item_list successfully. So, while doing this I have stuck in a major problem that is ADD-TO-CART, ...

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2:55 PM
smashes head against wall
1 hour later…
3:57 PM
Ey there, good heads ain't worth smashin'.
@Catija Please, be informed stackoverflow.com/companybeyondtime 2 hours ago
4:27 PM
@E_net4thejanitor Yeah, but smashing others users heads against a wall is against the CoC
6 hours later…
10:27 PM
Can a moderator please edit out the private ssh key and remove the edit history from this post? https://stackoverflow.com/q/67550785/7939871
Poster should be notified of the consequences
Q: What to do with [kubeadm] questions?

Jonaskubeadm is a tool to create Kubernetes clusters. This activity is almost always off-topic for StackOverflow, at least when done with a command line tool - as kubeadm is. The tag kubeadm is driving questions that are off-topic and should be asked on ServerFault instead. What to do with the tag and...

11:12 PM
@LĂ©aGris It is best to just flag the post for moderator attention, explaining the problem in detail. This is just a chatroom, and moderators might not see your request.
(although it might be the case that the matter has been resolved by now; hopefully the advice is still useful in the future)
@E_net4thejanitor thank you, it is flagged

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