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10:19 AM
Q: I got banned from posting questions on stack overflow and i want to make up for it

French NoodlesI was banned a long time ago (sorry I don't have an exact date that I know) from posting on Stack Overflow, at first i was not sure on the reason for that but I found out the hard way after asking on meta stack overflow. I tried improving my questions, re-typing most of them and using my deleted ...

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4:06 PM
Ey, will you look at that.
Where? 👀
there's a 24 min old post that hasn't made it here yet
Q: Accessing WampServer virtual hosts from local network

Michael Scannell I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: WAMPServer, access server from mobile phone The latest versions of WampServer allow people without special computer or Web skills to to enable network access to their virtual hosts (which the latest versions of WampServer now enforce.) I am a com...

oh, it's a FR, not gonna be posted here then...
oh, i didn't know feature requests were ignored
4:17 PM
specifically, FRs and Bugs are ignored
4:43 PM
Q: What is StackOOM?

xjclWhile googling some error message I came across https://stackoom.com/ which seems like just a Chinese ripoff of StackOverflow: However upon closer inspection of the most-upvoted questions it seems like those are just the most-upvoted StackOverflow questions, either translated automatically or by...

5:22 PM
Well, seeing as we didn't get an auto link, lets put a link for posterity anyway meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/407716/…
5:40 PM
i can see it now, a new popup with a "select your reason" list, followed by a "Have you heard of SO for Teams yet?"
6:13 PM
Q: 2 deleted answers with bounties; only one linked in profile's "Earned bounties" tab

Ann ZenI noticed a bit of inconsistency when it comes to bounties on answers that got deleted (or more accurately, questions that got deleted along with the answers that earned a bounty). Here is one case, where a user earned a bounty from an answer (10K+ link) that later got deleted: We could see the "...

6:59 PM
I logged in to AskUbuntu just to flag a comment.
1 hour later…
8:29 PM

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