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1:45 AM
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5:01 AM
Q: Allowed and prohibited sockpuppeting

Maifee Ul AsadSockpuppeting is prohibited in Stack Overflow. But what kind of sockpuppeting is allowed. Because I tried to do it once, and my other account was deleted. But I heard that my friends' colleagues ask questions and then they upvote, offer bounty etc. But their sockpuppeting is never detected. So wh...

5:19 AM
Q: Error using predefined variables after Go update

ARaoI updated my Go version to 1.16 and since then I see these 2 issues: The program "${​​​​​​​​fileDirname}​​​​​​​​" does not exist: Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, lstat '${​​​​​​​​fileDirname}​​​​​​​​' . I see this error in launch.json When I try to run the program, I see the following ...

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6:57 AM
I kind of wish that question just gets locked forever. On display but without any ability to be interacted with at all. No more close/reopens/deletes/undeletes but probably more importantly, no more comments.
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8:32 AM
Q: Search is Awful - can anything be done?

Graham NichollsI don't much like asking questions on SO for various reasons, so I make sure to research for preexisting relevant answers. Recently I posted a question about golang faketime. It got quickly closed as a duplicate. However, searching "golang faketime" produces two questions about the go playgro...

9:08 AM
Q: Cannot search for answers on closed questions

mckIf I search for closed:yes is:answer, I got the same number of results as searching for closed:yes. Is there any way to search for answers on closed questions? Am I not using the correct syntax for searching?

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10:20 AM
Q: Why proposal improvements to voting, that limit or remove the use of downvotes are met with strong disagreements?

BraiamI've proposed a improvements to the way that voting works on Stack Overflow, but I gather from comments and answers that there are strong opinions against it, mainly because it somehow alters the way that downvotes can be used. It either restricts them or removes them from the system. Why I face ...

@NewPosts faq it :)
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1:20 PM
Q: Merge all generic menu-related tags

Adám Tag Questions menu ‌15044 menu-items  ‌   94 menuitem ‌ 2384 submenu ‌ 1349 Instead of trying to sort out if a submenu is a menuitem or if menu-items constitute a menu, I propose merging them all into a single generic menu tag.

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5:38 PM
Q: Account under attack by a troll and their sock accounts. What can I do to recover my account?

InternetMAnSo, I'd made a post about a program I'd made asking why a few variables had failed to transfer from javascript to php via json, The correct answer to this was that it actually was receiving the data, my testing method was flawed. A troll claimed it was syntax and the question received 4 downvotes...

5:48 PM
@NewPosts we're under attack!
internet man
> a person can easily have 3 accounts. All it would take is a small temper, and a fragile ego and when I told them there question was wrong and boom
O boy, it gets better.
Apparently we are our sock puppets...
1 hour later…
7:25 PM
So, that is where all the socks I lose when doing laundry end up. As puppets.
2 hours later…
9:02 PM
Q: Should friendly language and remarks be categorically removed from answers?

André C. AndersenStackOverflow has long been seen as a hostile platform to contribute to. This notion has been ameliorated with a new Code of Conduct that includes expectations like: If you’re here to help others, be patient and welcoming. Be inclusive and respectful. I recently saw a 1367 character answer endi...

Ugh, do I downvote because I think the question comes from a wrong premise or upvote because I agree that the action it asks about was correct?
9:16 PM
@VLAZ Yay voting on Meta
they should replace the up-down arrows on [discussion] questions with yes-no options
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11:38 PM
Q: How should this specific regex question close-reopen war end?

mickmackusaThere is a dispute on whether or not this regex question should be closed as a duplicate. My position is that the question is a duplicate. Both of the techniques posted as answers are found in the single answer posted by Wiktor at Regex match numbers not followed by a hyphen which I used when I ...


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