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12:01 AM
Q: Looking to integrate button with block in slack

Eric DsilvaI'm looking to integrate the button with block id using modal in slack, not able to successfully integrate so far now, not sure what I'm missing here also I'm a newbie in JSON so definitely might be missing something minor here. So basically when someone clicks the review button it should pop up ...

12:13 AM
Q: Should we synonym [email-integration] to [email]?

Machavityemail-integration Questions related to integrating e-mail functionality in an existing application email Use this tag for questions involving code to send or receive email messages. Posting to ask why the emails you send are marked as spam is off-topic for Stack Overflow. Questions about confi...

12:37 AM
Q: These review audits are unfair

AnonymousI have been suspended from reviewing because of these two failed review audits: Apparently link-only answers are so bad that all of them should be completely removed from the site, but there are some link-only answers that are perfectly acceptable (albeit not high-quality). Assuming that this l...

1:13 AM
Q: Why is there now a long list of tags and those badges recently achieved by named individuals down left hand side of SO home screen?

QHarrWhilst logged into my account there is now a long list of tags and badges recently achieved by named individuals appearing down the left hand side of my screen when I navigate to https://stackoverflow.com/. It is very distracting. I have disabled userscripts and ad-blockers and no difference. The...

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7:31 AM
Q: Seeking the best algorithms for use case in giving recommendation for choosing the right car and house to buy based on their surveyed questions

JoeI have a use case such as getting the information from the clients; their gender, location, current work, salary, age, pref_car1, pre_car2, pref_car3, pref_house1, pref_house2, pref_house3, pref_house4 and which_prioritized. I wish to use machine learning algorithms or deep learning algorithms in...

Q: Why was my question closed due to "lack of focus" when I've included code and a JSFiddle?

user310291I asked javascript iife doesn't work after refactoring with some sample code, and it was closed due to "lack of focus". What's that close reason and why would my question be closed for it? Note that the images in the question are the output of the script and not the actual code itself.

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9:19 AM
Q: Can similar questions in different programming languages be duplicates?

JonasA while ago I answered this question on a regex problem in Python. The question was later closed as a duplicate because an answer in the JavaScript implementation of regex already existed. I agree that the regex part of the answer about capture groups is very similar. But Python uses a different ...

10:07 AM
Q: Question closed, stated it should be more focused, which it is

alexandernstA few days ago I asked a question and this morning it got closed. The reason is (quote) Closed. This question needs to be more focused. It is not currently accepting answers. IMHO the question is as focused as it gets. It clearly states a specific problem and the ways I tried workarounding it. W...

@NewPosts I was going to provide my feedback on the subject, but after that comment, I say never mind.
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11:55 AM
Q: Why does table in stackoverflow had different view perspective when editing/asking question and in an actual question

Milan DesaiI have been trying to create table in Stackoverflow question and struggling to get my table right. Here's the perspective in Edit view, However, when I hit Post Question, the table is messed up. Been looking at the markdown plugin but can't spot what's wrong? Here's my table : header h2 ...

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2:18 PM
Q: My question was downvoted because of my formatting and now overflow doesn't want me to ask questions for a few days

Vladislav Skronts I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: Error when I try to put a switch statement inside of a switch statement I don't feel that this is at all fair because the engine I use doesn't automatically format. I have another question now I can't ask it. What do I do?

2:30 PM
Q: Can we please stop making martyrs out of junk?

CerbrusObviously, I'm talking about the recent hot topic: Is downvoting harmful and should it be removed completely? It is yet another "downvotes bad" rant (still, even after the edits). It got downvoted to smithereens, closed and eventually deleted. That mess of a question was then picked as the subj...

2:57 PM
Here we go.
3:18 PM
Q: Is there a way to block a Stack Overflow user?

Bryan WilliamsThere are a lot of people on here with serious ego problems, and I have been having increasing problems lately with people getting upset that I mark their answers as wrong, then stalking me and going around downvoting everything I do on this site. I need a way to block users so that they can't ta...

3:54 PM
Q: Jobs search returning unexpected results

AndyI have performed a job search for the string "director" with "Remote" as an option selected. My query URL: https://stackoverflow.com/jobs?q=director&r=true&ss=1&sort=p I am not sure what this result is showing me. The first several results are for developer positions. The string "director" does n...

Q: Suggestion: canonical Community Wiki "why Stack Overflow has/uses/allows downvotes" question

Ian KempThis would allow for a single question that outlines all of the points that are brought up every time this question is re-asked. We could also move some of the (very good) answers from the most recent question on this topic, to this canonical, to alleviate the issue that deleting said question wo...

4:25 PM
Someone stop me from going full Meta
4:35 PM
@E_net4wantsmoreflags Stop. Don't. Come back.
4:48 PM
Q: What further clarity does my question need?

R_DaxMy question was closed because it "lacked clarity". Can somebody please clarify for me what further clarity is required? I have reviewed the question posting guidance yet still do not what extra information I need to include; please advise. I provided information that was sufficient to generate ...

5:30 PM
Q: Should users be able to review their own decisions?

cigienI recently noticed something interesting when looking at the timeline of a question*. At 06:19 the question was reopened. At 19:47 the same day, the question entered the Close votes review queue, and was voted to be left open. Looking at the actual review item, it appears that the item was presen...

4 hours later…
9:24 PM
Deleted. I guess we wait for the pendulum to swing back to undelete. It's a bit like the tick-tock of meta right now.
funny how none of the other dupe + quickly delete posts on mso received any attention

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