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12:40 AM
ugh just all of
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5:49 AM
Q: Run database migration certificate creation -Open edx

RISCVI am trying to enable certificates on the Ironwood platform on native open edx installation. The documentation here says: Step 3. If it does not exist already, create the folder /tmp/certificates owned by the user and group www-data . Depending on your configuration, this folder might not survive...

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7:37 AM
Q: Chat in stackoverflow

Asa YaI am approximately novice in "stackoverflow". Then, I am not aware of options that this website provide for its users. Sometimes, I read the post(question), which is raised by others and is my question as well, and I need to ask and mostly chat with the person, who left the accepted answer for, t...

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11:31 AM
Q: Install package paython from windows (local) pip install

Asa YaI tried to install package infostop but I came across following problem. Then, I downloaded the package directly from GitHub. Colud you please let me know how can I install package from downloaded file. My OS is windows 10. Solving environment: ...working... failed with initial frozen solve. ...

12:03 PM
@Nick It works likewise for the comment flags as well. Plus, the result gets reflected on all categories.
12:49 PM
Q: Could my closed question be re-open? I have edited it

JinuxThis is the post: Equivalent Binary Trees Exercise, achieving the "concurrency" Explanation for why I deleted and undeleted it (skip it if you don't care) The commenters said that I should clarify the question, so I edited. The question, however, had been closed for the same reason as they said. ...

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2:32 PM
@TylerH leftvote and rightvote. It might end up conveying the community's sentiment better.
@E_net4thecircusstopper what does that convey though
I voted left. Yeah well I voted right
@TylerH Right on.
@E_net4thecircusstopper It looks much better
2:53 PM
Here is another rendition with featuring the acceptance mark. Since it was below the score it could be interpreted as an unfriendly down-accept. However, flipping it makes it seem too much like an up-accept. In general, the accept sort of sends the wrong message as you can only have one. Instead I changed it to a left and right accept. Then you can have up to two!
You can left/right accept an answer or left accept one and right accept another.
This left me feeling empty
3:43 PM
Q: CSS items in one line with expandable width on hover

MAKHave a flexbox container whose width is 1280px. Now I want to divide it in 10 sections each with 128 width and content truncated in it. But when I hover on any of it, I want that section to expand its width to max-content. *{ margin: 0; padding: 0 } .flex_container{ width: 1280px; dis...

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6:32 PM
Q: What percentage of questions can you answer on your feed?

RW77For experienced programmers: what percentage (rough estimate) of answers are you able to answer when you click on "home" most of the time?

6:50 PM
Q: How is 'suggested edit' review queue sorted?

mahbubcsejuWe know that maximum the size of the 'suggested edit' review queue is 500. For a research purpose, I need to know how reviews are sorted in the queue? Is it a LIFO/FIFO queue? Is there any way to get all the past data of this review queue?

7:37 PM
Q: make qml list view to start again at end

amir ahmadihello how o create list view that start at end like (0-1-2-3...8-9-0-1-2) Rectangle { width: 180; height: 200; color: "white" Component { id: delegate Item { id: wrapper width: 180; height: 40 Column { x: 5; y:...


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