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8:00 PM
@BenFortune Oh. You're right
What a drama llama
That's why it was delayed though.
Whoever tinkertim is, he's really cringey
He's basically towc in 20 years
8:01 PM
I was never a big fan of unity, this might make me go back to ubuntu
I didn't like unity either. I always installed gnome right away to get rid of it
Yeah Unity is lame.
!!afk cleaning cat poo and making nachos
Manage your own PPAs and just install Debian and Gnome and be done with it I say.
Unity? Diversity?
8:02 PM
@ndugger that's Tim Post
How many conversations are going on right now?
@OliverSalzburg yes
@OliverSalzburg let's bring them all together into one conversation
never heard of tim post, but I scrolled through his tweets, and I want to do drugs now
@ndugger only now?
fair enough
My IQ isn't high enough to view that image
@ndugger he works for SO. Director of community stuff
He shouldn't be directing anything
8:04 PM
@BenFortune you should just assimilate. It's for the best.
@Shmiddty BenFortune is afk: cleaning cat poo and making nachos
@ndugger definitely try heroine first.
@BenFortune I hope not at the same time
@Shmiddty Are you offering?
meh, so they're going to encourage more garbage questions and duplicates. great
8:06 PM
Welcome to StackOverflow, where the content is bad, and the points don't matter
At least everyone is happy
fake internet points always matter
@rlemon Tf? Cry baby much wth is that about
@OliverSalzburg none of my words were indicative of an offer.
i'll keep downvoting them
as will I
8:07 PM
@Shmiddty Can't blame a guy for trying!
That's Tim?!
Talking about holding his head in his hands and sobbing like a baby? Jesus man...
if you look further up you'll get the context for his tweet
or, what I believe to be the context
> It was hard to accept some of the (valid) criticism, especially the idea that women and people of color felt particularly unwelcome.
@JayHanlon If you want to make Stack Overflow more welcoming, terminate Shog9.
8:08 PM
!!giphy mj popcorn
i mean... are those the only kind of people who feel unwelcome?
i doubt it
no, but it helps
i'm sure they're among the people that are
@Loktar How tf do races and genders feel unwelcome in an anonymous platform
8:08 PM
@ndugger to be completely fair, that guy is a bit unpleasant
Nobody knows what color anyone is
is it possible for handlebars to handle an object literal?
@Jhawins yea exactly
@Jhawins I know what colour you are
Not Shog, the tweeter
8:09 PM
I mean I'd understand if they were referring to Indians
@MikeTheLiar Isn't he a mod? I don't know if I've had too many run-ins with him
@Jhawins we sometimes have to kick when people start making creepy comments to 'female' users.
WHat a fuckin joke those guys just call themselves activists for absolutely nothing
im trying to pass one from an express server to the client with handlerbars, but whenever i do {{object}} it gives [object][Object]
it's a real thing.
8:09 PM
@ndugger he wanted to be a mod
since I imagine there is a HUGE percentage of Indians with closed questions and dupes
WHat heroes.
@Luggage that happens in C#, too
@MikeTheLiar oh. I don't know who this is then
I only remember bjb
@ndugger I've had some interactions with him in The Heap on dba.se
8:10 PM
I don't think we can deny that women get treated differently sometimes on the internet and SO is no exception. Mostly it's subtle and benign or non-existant. but real.
@MikeTheLiar a bit?
@Luggage mostly friendlier being honest.
he's been booted from one (or more?) elections for recent bans
I'm trying to be diplomatic
He's a giant dick if you want the truth
known far and wide for trolling meta
8:11 PM
And not the good kind
@Luggage We do a pretty good job of putting the kabosh on weirdos targeting women in here, though, as far as I can tell
Evan Carroll
that doesn't mean there are no weirdos, but we usually nix it
@Luggage we had a user on here masquerading as a female if you recall.. that Traitor guy was Haley
and lo and behold, they weren't even a female?!
it's odd that the internet can be anonymous heh.
8:12 PM
not all women are paid crisis actors, though :)
just the creepy ones
my point is no one really knows who anyone is, so it's hard to credit the casually and poorly sighted comment that people "Especially females and people of color" are marginalized on SO.
I know for a fact that Jason is actually african-american in real life
you hide behind a web of lies, sir
July 23rd is my second birthday because it's the day I found out I was really black
8:14 PM
Look what happened to me last time I insulted a feminist by mistake
SO is great to them.
he wants to live a life of lies, but we know the truth
boi's a canuk
Lest we forget
people "feel" marginalized. that doesn't mean they are being marginalized.
8:14 PM
I never saw that tagline
But if I call someone that. Yeah we've seen what happens
That is pretty good..
@Allenph make that not a direct reply
2 messages moved to Trash
8:15 PM
I want my name in the stars
I don't need silly flags to bring mods here
@rlemon y u invite me to Trash I don't wanna go
1 message moved to Trash
@Allenph stop please
do it one more time
I didn't realize that's why you trashed them.
8:16 PM
We can still star it in the trash
and that's where the mods will come to see whats up
not here
Q: jQuery get() not working, Laravel 5

Supreme_BUsing Jquery in Laravel 5. When a select option is updated by the user, the next select option will be updated and populated depending on what was chosen in the first. Everything works fine until trying to run $get(), then nothing happens. Everything works when routing manually with the url in ...

@KevinB don't you dare downvote it, or the stackoverflow police will get you
can you even freeze a sandbox? does cat urine freeze?
8:16 PM
@Allenph the rooms been frozen recently. trying to avoid it again
I don't care who you are back on main, you give the chatroom's position away like that again, I'll bleed you, real quiet.
i mean.... /create10 is quite different from /create/10. which is it? — Kevin B 3 mins ago
don't wanna end the convo. just avoid saying things that would be easily flagged.
@ssube yes... yes it does :?
my fav instagrammer
My point in linking that question is... How do they (the powers that be) want us to respond to a question like this?
8:17 PM
@Loktar she's hilarious
answer it stating that two urls are different? downvote it because it's unclear and leave a comment? close it and don't downvote it because feelings?
@KevinB first, find out who they are in real life
@KevinB put our head in our hands and weep
^ in reality
@KevinB > “belittling language is not okay”
8:18 PM
@Allenph It's not rlemon you have to make happy; it's the potential flaggers and moderators
No condescend, bad
all it is is a slap in the face to people who have used their freetime to help curate the site
i didn't leave any belittling message
yeah same, snide comments are just dumb imo
@KevinB Joel will be the judge of that.
8:19 PM
regardless of the site though.
@ndugger Good point.
@ndugger I'm glad you get it. I'm not trying to be a prat about things, I just don't want two hours of drama if the room gets frozen again because flags drive in mods
yeah for real.
github's site is nice but not that nice
@Loktar Did I miss context here? Is that your niece
8:20 PM
And can I come to dinner
All right. I have to like, get some work done. Peace.
@Jhawins she's black
lol was in ref to my comment above about my 2nd birthday
Hi. Real examples of OOP use in web development (that aren't related with DataBases)?
@Loktar just like Shaun King
@ndugger lmao yea
8:21 PM
@Loktar ohh, that's crossing a line, is it? :)
@Luggage no, she literally claims to be black in her posts
I know, I was joking.
i downvoted it and closed it both for the same reason: because it's unclear. an error handler is being called, but the user isn't giving us the error message. And, the two urls don't match, so maybe that's what is wrong? dunno, could be. or maybe it's something else
i dunno. I wish there was a way to easily teach people how to debug.
but we can't be doing that on every question that gets asked, it just doesn't work
8:23 PM
@KevinB obviously you're just a biased jerk and should be banned for not being nice
Can we not both moderate effectively AND point people in the direction of some kind of guide
@KevinB only if you hold their hand it seems.
Sounds like we need a canonical "how to debug" question
@rlemon and no one aint got time for that
said guide doesn't seem to exist at the moment
8:25 PM
I also disagree with not telling answerers to not answer bad questions and to close vote them instead. Are we supposed to encourage further bad content? Especially by users with 100k+ rep; they should know better. I don't understand why everyone is so sensitive to downvotes and closing bad questions
at least, not in some form that's clearly there for the purpose of profit
there's plenty of blog posts about debugging, supported by ads etc
Honestly though, we do try to point people in the right direction @KevinB
the SO Documentation for javascript had a pretty nice entry for debugging
But as soon as you let their hand go
Yeah, i mean, i could have just not left a comment
8:27 PM
they will come starving
@KevinB lol docs
I forgot about docs
@MikeTheLiar lol same
i feel like SO needs a heavily restricted Wiki
SO Docs!
SO Docs was too open
WAY too open
8:28 PM
@Loktar lmao okay I get it now.
I spent weeks just moderating the arrow functions page in the JS docs, because dummies kept trying to do bad things to it
That was hilarious ^
Q: How can I debug my JavaScript code?

CanavarWhen I find that I have a problematic code snippet, how should I go about debugging it?

@KevinB and then it gave you rep for existing
8:28 PM
He was pissed
XML Parsing Error: no root element found Location: chat.stackoverflow.com/chats/leave/51909 Line Number 1, Column 1:
thanks cap
@MadaraUchiha remember when I said cap wasn't leaving rooms? happening again ;/
lol nvm
cc @Zirak
In Greek mythology Sisyphus or Sisyphos (; Greek: Σίσυφος, Sísuphos) was the king of Ephyra (now known as Corinth). He was punished for his self-aggrandizing craftiness and deceitfulness by being forced to roll an immense boulder up a hill only for it to roll down when it nears the top, repeating this action for eternity. Through the classical influence on modern culture, tasks that are both laborious and futile are therefore described as Sisyphean (). == Etymology == R. S. P. Beekes has suggested a pre-Greek origin and a connection with the root of the word sophos (σοφός, "wise"). Otto Gruppe...
8:29 PM
did you guys read this article linked on twitter? twitter.com/JayHanlon/status/989589926458032128
@ssube no
she leaves the room. then rejoins it on her own
link to tweet instead.
> a company whose mission is to heal suffering in and around the tech industry
8:30 PM
Wtf does that mean
@rlemon She's not open anywhere else is she?
not tmk
but she does leave the room
then rejoins it
so something is happening. the logs are not helpful
You can see current logins on the SO account page
It's worth study deeply OOP in JavaScript? I have no idea about cases in real world that I'll need to use OOP
Oh god guys I am having a existential crisis over this SO shit. It's just too hilariously unreal
8:31 PM
!!afk smoke
does the socket have anything to do with what rooms you're in?
@BenFortune where?
I think this article stemmed from tweets?
@AngelLuis OOP is a bit outdated as a term, but JS does have classes and such now, so you need to know those
8:32 PM
@Jhawins It's just a microcosm of national politics. You need to think longer term, not what some asshole said today.
@CapricaSix Oh nvm I thought you could, I know you can delete all sessions when you change your pw
even if she is logged in with another pc. the bot code is only running on this login
@ssube yes, it have a lot of stuff about "classes", but, for what I could use that stuff in real world projects?
@Luggage The very premise is insane. These poeple's lives are so empty that they have to project this crap. Same thing with politics
@AngelLuis ... everything?
if you have a large program and you need to structure it, that's what they do
8:33 PM
!!unsummon 51909
@Loktar I don't like how he is pointing out that SO is not welcome for women
@ssube I can see an example?
!summon 51909
how is it not?
8:33 PM
she's out of the room now
i have a hard time keeping interest in that article
@AngelLuis of classes?
give it time, she'll rejoin
and she rejoined
@ssube projects with classes
nothing in the logs
8:34 PM
um, that's a lot of projects
i guess because it makes a claim that i disagree with up front and then bases most of the conversation on it.
@rlemon is that whole issue documented somewhere? I might have time to debug this evening after boarding
@KevinB it read like a generic news article honestly, even claims were the same
I understand classes and how they works in JS, but I doesn't know the utility
in web development*
@KamilSolecki heh this article outlines how people feel
> As I said, I felt emotions. I felt frustrated that Joel had not mentioned the survey or taken any responsibility for how the culture of his site excludes women and others. I felt sad for all the people I’ve mentored and worked with who have felt excluded by the site and more generally by the tech industry, which influences and is influenced by the site’s culture.
8:35 PM
the only thing that makes sense is I don't ever actually leave the room because of the error and the system fixes the 'invalid leave' and makes me rejoin
@AngelLuis classes group state and behavior
because I still listen in f#, but you see the animation and the user list that I left
@CapricaSix lmao
> Object { event_type: 3, time_stamp: 1524774832, id: 85831275, user_id: 1839506, target_user_id: 1839506, user_name: "Caprica Six", room_id: 51909, room_name: "F#" }
but I am seeing myself join the room
@AngelLuis Many modern apps have a lot of JS code. not just a little bit of scripting, but most of the App is in JS. In this case, you need all the traditional programming patterns at your disposal.
8:35 PM
so what the fuck @Zirak? did we do this? or is SO fucking up ?
like, if SO is sooo unfriendly to women and people of color... why can't we find proof of that.
so I've used OOP in PHP and I know the advantages, but I've never worked with OOP in JS real projects
all the examples i see are simply of people being assholes in general, not because someone is a women or of color
@Loktar ok, but rather then claims supported by generic statements, I have not seen a single example of SO excluding women
@KevinB the bad stuff gets deleted, as it should
8:36 PM
@Jhawins no, I'm not even sure what the actual issue is besides she never leaves a room for good
> A woman posted this in a Facebook group I’m in:

“I’ve really been struggling…this week. I’ve been in tears for most of it, and now I just got a snarky response on Stackoverflow telling me how easy the solution is and that I need to learn how to debug my own code. I’m ready to throw the towel in.”
yeah I'm sure dudes feel that way too...
@Loktar 100%
making it a gender/race thing is so bottom of the barrel
@Luggage can you tell me another project easy to read for learning?
@AngelLuis PHP's OOP is a mediocre example, as is JS's, but in different ways
classes in JS are sugar for prototype
8:37 PM
@Loktar yo go work hard like every other coder before you expect something
i'll admit, a lot of my comments have some form of sarcasm in them
@KamilSolecki dude, watch the flagbait
ooc that looks super bad
The genderification stigma in IT is probably what I hate the most
@ssube I want to work with OOP in JavaScript, I understand the Object Prototype, some classes patterns, but I don't know how to apply it in a project
8:38 PM
but like... some of these questions are just so.... i dunno. not needed. not necessary if the user just took a step back and thought about it.
are you sure you mean gentrification?
they assume they aren't getting help or are attacked because they are a gender minority statistically
@AngelLuis not sure what you mean by that. Classes are used to model real things
when I work with PHP I say "ok, I can use classes for better organization", but in JS I don't have that ability
sure you do
8:39 PM
yes you do.
@KamilSolecki it's a psychological thing: when you're more likely to be harassed or attacked, you view everything as an attack
it's not entirely bullshit but is easily smeared into unrelated things, like asking poor questions
i'm waiting for a new "lets hide downvotes" meta post to pop up or similar
Where's that Glitch chrome extension? The prank one
the one I wrote?
I think chrome killed it
I suck at woodworking because I enjoy wearing apparel adorned with the American Flag
8:40 PM
Wasn't there one on a timer?
the lag one?
because you're an alt-right nazi
eval(b='for(c=new Date;new Date-c<c%1e3;);setTimeout(b,c%1e3)')
I don't even remember it was like CRAZY random
It could be weeks before it happened again
8:40 PM
@ndugger that's the reason I suck at Wolfenstein
the other one was a random freak out of colours
No it changed colors
@Loktar that seems backwards, if anything
@ssube exactly, and I know it happens everywhere but IT is my sector, so it touches me personally and I have to rant ;)
but between you and lemon, we have two samples, which is enough for cause
8:41 PM
@ssube in what kind of features you need to make instances of an object in real projects?
@ssube look man I need to blame something other than my inability or unwillingness to take the time to learn it properly ok
@rlemon lol thats good
@Loktar I feel bad; I've never play a wolfenstein game
heh, "Change the negative symbol from -28 to (28) instead"
@ndugger you should feel bad
they're mostly really good
8:41 PM
@Jhawins copy wrote that code to one up my lag script. he's always golfing
I discriminate against fruits and vegetables because they taste dumb.
I want meat and candy.
what does dumb taste like
@AngelLuis the classic example is a dog and cat. You create an interface for Animal which can speak, then implement it as a Dog that barks and a Cat that meows.
@Loktar i wont play games with you, you own many so you are probably a tryhard!
@hilli_micha all the more reason to eat them
show dominance
8:42 PM
@KamilSolecki just because I'm a try hard doesn't mean I'm a good player
they taste great. You just need to apply butter or some other chemical
@AngelLuis considering you've used php, this might make sense
@KamilSolecki I think the inverse is true, so many games means you can only care so much about each one.
gonna get my oldest one of the hats
8:43 PM
@hilli_micha I was making a continued joke
no jokes pls
@Loktar lol from that page
@rlemon is that dugger?
8:44 PM
lol yea I love pewdiepie
@ssube yes, but in the universe where he's a youtube king
lol that's not a real universe
@ssube yes ssube but in real world projects, in what cases you need to make instances?
8:45 PM
I have nothing against pewdiepie, but i never got engaged in his channel and stayed for long
@AngelLuis I don't understand the question
Oh no.. I just read that blog post Sterling put up. and connected the discussion you guys just had.
Someone go buy nicksworld.com right now
classes represent objects, which have state, then you create and call them to make your program run
nah get nicks.world instead!
8:45 PM
@rlemon he be a good president
the animal example, where each one speaks differently, is about the best example there is
anyone write an extension to make a cool particle effect when you downvote, to show like hearts and flowers growin?
@Loktar why limit it to downvotes? particles based on where you click
hell, procedural particles based on the element
why limit it to user input
8:46 PM
downvotes should feel special though
why limit it to click? Particles everywhere!
hmm good point
particles every friday!
im ordering some confetti to Kendalls address
every downvote click plays an encouraging song for them
8:47 PM
@ssube in web development you can develop forums, trading, shop sites... in what cases you need to make classes for that kind of sites?
in front-end JS
ok, take a shopping site. You would have an Item class, a Cart class, a Store class, etc.
@KamilSolecki You know my address?
Cart would, for example, have an add(Item) method
@KendallFrey shh dont tell Kendall
so Cart combines the state (your list of items, counts, etc) with behavior (adding and removing items)
8:48 PM
oh right i forgot i have two personalities
@KendallFrey I could probably figure it out. there can't be that many Freys in your area
ohh ssube. you saint, you
it's all metaphorical, classes are logical namespaces for some data and some changes
@Luggage I've never been accused of any such thing
@KendallFrey I can drop you some google maps link
I zoomed in the best I can
uh, co.uk?
@ssube but what's the difference between do that with a literal object and create a class?
8:49 PM
@KamilSolecki nope
change the wording from "not useful" to "less than useful"
you have Cart = { products: [] } for example
@AngelLuis because you can't run const cart = {items: ...}; cart.remove()
@KamilSolecki yup
8:49 PM
classes tie the behavior to the data
@ssube sure you can, make remove a member of cart in the literal
have a base object to Object.create from
they are sugar for Cart.prototype.remove = function () { ... } or what lemon said
if you want instances
but I much prefer the class syntax
8:50 PM
but class Cart { items: []; remove() { ... } } is generally considered easier to reason about
even if there is some overhead with new
@KamilSolecki I'm not gonna let you quadtree search me mmkay
@ssube but I can create a method that empty the cart, it's not the same?
in a class object, instances share a function
8:51 PM
@KendallFrey crap, our intentions have been discovered!
if you clone an object many times, it clones the method as well
Retreat, towariszi
@Loktar omg they would get so mad
it... might?
yes you load the memory with that
8:51 PM
attaching methods to the prototype definitely shares them
ugh it feels like friday
hmm it does actually
but new Foo() and new Foo() share the same .bar() prototype method
it has since mid-Tues :(
@KendallFrey why? did you get down? have you had your bowl?
8:52 PM
I have a 8:45 meeting on Friday and a team offsite at 5pm
I cleaned my place today literally right after work and did it so fast I didnt even notice
fuck if i know
which was great
@Jhawins 5pm?
I've to change my mind because I've accostumed to much to work with only objects
8:53 PM
So. Not looking forward to being tied up for 11 hours screw Friday
@rlemon I move in 2 weeks so they want to do a team outing
@AngelLuis are you familiar with modules?
@AngelLuis it's still an object. it's just an object with a constructor and a shared prototype
@Jhawins ohh outing.
So I can't really ditch since it's for me lol
8:53 PM
or even just namespaces as a concept
I thought it was like a offsite meeting
or team building shit
@ssube no i've never work with modules
Idk I mean. Beer at the river
@Jhawins gross
Sort of team building
8:54 PM
a going away?
@Jhawins I'm okay with team building if they pay for the beer
@Loktar Nora said she wanted to do an actual going away too.... This is just my team tomorrow. Idk I hope she jus drops it tho
yeah they asked our shirt sizes today
<- this guy isn't traveling back anytime soon
Oh Idk what that's about haven't been asked here
@rlemon yes I know that always we're working with objects, but it's another method of work
8:54 PM
You better not come back as soon as I leave I'd be mad
I'm thinking how to build a Cart with classes xD
@AngelLuis forgive me if I'm explaining things you already know. the limited amount of convo I read made you seem confused about the subject
Dooood dat AMD ticker tho
Apr 16 at 20:07, by Jhawins
All I know is. I bought AMD for $9.53.
@rlemon I've a lot of theory, but definitely I need practice
8:56 PM
@AngelLuis modules control visibility, classes group things
!!afk beer bank baguette
@ssube visibility = scope?
by defining a class, you're explaining to the user and the compiler what data those functions use
No system with downvoting, and close-as-duplicate (or "putting on hold") will ever truly be considered "welcoming". Nor should it be.
i mean, i don't disagree
8:58 PM
Me either.
and i don't think it should be welcoming to everyone
nor should it
er, every question, rather
it should be welcoming to every one, not every question
8:58 PM
@KendallFrey Why do we listen to that guy
People think programming is this pure kind of logical thinking, when it's mostly 99% banging your head against a wall until the wall gives
He says absurd shit like this
hiding username/avatar/rep of the OP would be an interesting experiment
That just means you don't know wat u doing
hiding them until after you answer
or until after an answer is accepted
8:59 PM
Maybe we should start a service where people pay to ask stupid/redundant questions and we google it for them? $$$
i'd be fine with it being hidden for n days
@TravisWhite codementor
I'm always late with the good ideas :(

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