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12:00 PM
I think it will be a life experience, with pretty much no cost to me
when you get to work off the books
that's the reason I'm ok with it
@KamilSolecki you make it sound like a good thing
@towc wrong thinking. It should be not only at no cost to you, but also should net you money.
@towc if you were female, you would have been human trafficked and addicted to opium by now
@KamilSolecki it nets me experience
@ndugger I'm almost sure you're right
I'm struggling to find out if I'm very incompetent or very selfless
ofc the chat will say very incompetent
12:01 PM
Definitely incompetent
in the case of this company, if I don't get anything from them, it's incompetence
but as mentioned, there's more than money that I can get out of it
There is only money
@towc you have to start realizing that you can get much more in life if you attempt to fight for it. Nobody will come and offer you best things right out of the bat, because nobody wants to spend more money than they have to
I don't want much money
Have you guys used jqGrid before? I've managed to add datetime masks, custom filters, whatever, but can't find a way to update live.
12:02 PM
Fake volunteer work for a shady company will look bad on a resume, not good
I wanted to work for the other company because I liked the product
I.e. submit filter data every time I input a key.
if they came upfront saying there would be a low salary, I wouldn't feel disrespected, and I'd agree to it
maybe someone can help me out, I think I'm not looking at the right part of the API, or I'm looking for the wrong parameter
@towc not for today. Not for tomorrow. But there will come a time when you will want a car, a house, stability and much more. You are priviladged to fight for it today, but for some reason are throwing away all the opportunities.
12:04 PM
@KamilSolecki are you offering me a job?
I believe in the morals of selling light pieces, so it works out
@towc While I have enough workload for a developer, I cannot afford one over other things that I need more
what's the salary offer?
0, cause im not hiring
a promotion to a uber hobo
12:06 PM
@KamilSolecki I see your offer of 0 and counter at -200
@hilli_micha holy shit -300
was trying to say that if the developer was cheap enough, maybe it would be worth it
@towc hey do not judge
but how cheap is cheap enough for you
I'm not seriously considering this, but might be handy
most of us knows that you know how to develop, but look at this view: you are a rough piece of a gem
you need some polishing
12:08 PM
kamil owns a polish company
that works right?
Nevermind I got it.
sometimes you come up with very wrong ideas
Just apply some polish shoe
we says to not continue that way yet you persists
12:08 PM
Kamil is a traveling lamp salesman.
@towc there is about 20 places where I could put a shitton of money into before I would legitimately hire a dev. Because all my dev work is either little integrations or in-company apps to help ease things (but only a little).
if you are going to work in a team you have to accept advice if they are reasonable and not being stubborn all the time.
@KamilSolecki ok, sure
ofc you can go in debate but if there are 5 that says B and you are saying A then you have to understand that B is what you should take
unless B is seriously wrong. Then come up with damn good arguments
12:10 PM
@rlemon lol read the rest it gets more fun
I read that as "Hardware AAAAAAAAAcceleration"
no, it was me laughing at you
Ha ha!
@rlemon that was the shady company I was talking about btw
I pay my workers in casino coins
12:11 PM
I hope this helps in portraying them as actually shady to you :P
I can't cushion this any more than it is, you are shady
their offer is a temporary contract
so it's no wonder your job offers are shady
@KarelG not even
ofc it is weird but such thing happens
@KamilSolecki "consultancy" work is a form of temporary contract
12:11 PM
how shady am I?
I can think of a few things, but don't know how many of them you know about
You could cast a shadow ontop of a shadow.
well not slim
@KarelG they didnt offer any kind of paper for it.
to avoid taxes ( moonlighting )
you're basically shadow the hedgehog
nothin personnel kid
12:12 PM
Employers like "team players"
just play the part
maybe you'll even be one some day :)
believe me, I did that when I was a student
I'm not sure I want to be an employer
I worked for an electrician, but in moonlighting
no taxes, no official docs
It's enough to be an employee
work on the employer later if you want
We call that being employed 'under the table'
12:14 PM
only a contract on paper that described the tasks and how much I would earn
@hilli_micha *ahemblackmarket*
@KarelG sure, but word of mouth is not a binding contract. I know its a thing, lotta people do this, but I also know he could get better terms if he simply tried
@KendallFrey is Hubbles bithday when it was launched? or when it worked?
Disadvantage for me is that I do not have insurance when something goes wrong. but he is reliable and did everything ... ehm ... correct
12:14 PM
today is the 28th anniversary of the launch
once I signed a contract that would allow the employer to constantly monitor what I'm doing
I asked about it, and he was like "nah, we never actually do this"
why would you celebrate when it worked? You don't celebrate someone's birthday as the day they stopped drinking and could see straight, do you?
you do not want to accept non-contracted work but you do not want sign contracts?
@towc this could mean so many things
I was 15, I just signed it
12:15 PM
@rlemon is towc 0 years old
@Neil no, but it isn't alive. so is it 'born' when it is finished, or when it was sent.
nothing wrong ever came out of it, but I found it kinda funny
he wants to see if you are not slacking off ...
@KarelG did I say that?
@rlemon if we're being technical, it can't have a birthday then because it wasn't born
12:16 PM
@towc you somehow have a problem with contracts
he is vegan, he's allergic to contracts
I'm an anarchist trying to fit into the corporate world (not actually)
That's the most 90s teenager shit I've ever heard.
you should go to russia then
@hilli_micha he paints his fingernails and wears Disturbed tees?
12:18 PM
You should work for us. I'd love to have employees sleep under the table or in the office shed
gawd @ this question
Q: How to loop my For loop variable inside my string using JavaScript

Gvs AkhilGuys this might be a silly question. But really I cant figure it out whats wrong with my code. I have some 72 pics names fun1,fun2......fun72... So instead of writing 72 img tags I just wanna create img tags using Script. But I am unable to loop between these 72 pics because I have no idea of h...

typo error but got 2 +1 answers
@OliverSalzburg well I know where I'm going if I ever need a job
@OliverSalzburg do they warm up your feet?
@OliverSalzburg Just put a bed in the office.. he'd have to put the money down for the mattress of course ;)
@OliverSalzburg that's tough, I've already got a salary offer of -300 polish bucks, you're telling me I can just sleep under a table instead? tough sell
12:19 PM
We have a bathtub in the bath room. That should be fine for sleeping IMHO. In the morning, you just turn on the water for a minute and you're good to go to the desk
can't I just phone it in?
I'd even match that tempting 10€/hr salary if I have to!
@KarelG he also called template strings Concatenation instead of the first example
@KarelG -1. Needs more jQuery.
@OliverSalzburg I don't know, bathtubs are constricting. Do you have a roof?
12:20 PM
@OliverSalzburg if I take money i only accept monopoly money, i want to clean house at my weekly game with friends
@KarelG there is a typo close reason
@towc Yes. You can sleep under the solar panels if it rains
yeah just voted it. Was distracted by a huge error on my terminal
@OliverSalzburg under? Are you trying to oppress me?
12:22 PM
hey, when does Oliver get an italic name?
You can sleep on top too if you want.. only when it rains though
@KarelG 48 more hours
unless Florian jumps the gun again
boo. We belgians may come up with a problem for solutions but we at least work on it
there was an OS for RO vote?
I must have missed it
12:24 PM
This keeps up, Trump is gonna be talking about the 'Factorio epidemic' rather than opium.
"Kids are injecting factorio at least 3 times a day, this has to stop."
waves hands to make them appear larger while speaking
trump has a more simple speech
> kids are high of factorio. They inject it all days. THIS MUST STOP.
@towc It's on the starwall
but the opioid issue there is starting here too ...
oh damnit, I thought it was something only ROs could look at
12:26 PM
And I see everything is developing according to plan...
Soon, you'll take over this room with German memes and plant pictures.
Thursday will be sausage day
@hilli_micha I did nazi that coming. I'll pine over that moment when it comes
@OliverSalzburg as long as you're paying
@hilli_micha Germans don't have memes. that's humour talk.
12:30 PM
I was unironically trying to figure out if German memes existed.
I mean... there this.. youtube.com/watch?v=8s22PZRXAIY
@hilli_micha "Es ist Mittwoch meine Kerle" is a national treasure here
@hilli_micha I made a factory. It's a very good- Did you ever hear of a main bus? I didn't, I came up with it and I built, I constructed a factory that makes everything. Everything. Even red circuits, I just finished that. People are coming up to me like, wow, you're so good at this game. And I am!
@hilli_micha well, Bielefeld doesn't, we know that much
in PHP, 20 hours ago, by Paul Crovella
you js people never know what this is
@FlorianMargaine What what is? Dignity?
12:31 PM
@KendallFrey I'm literally the best at this game. Just ask anyone. Red circuits galore!
@OliverSalzburg this
it's a joke
@OliverSalzburg Regional variants of the Wednesday frog make me happy.
The germans have the Bielefeld meme
If you'd call it a meme
whats Bielefeld
The Bielefeld Conspiracy (German: Bielefeldverschwörung or Bielefeld-Verschwörung) is a satire of conspiracy theories that originated in 1993 in the German Usenet, which claims that the city of Bielefeld, Germany, does not actually exist, but is an illusion propagated by various forces. Originally an internet phenomenon, the conspiracy has since been represented in the city's marketing, and referenced by Chancellor Angela Merkel. == Synopsis == The story goes that the city of Bielefeld (population of 336,352 as of December 2016) in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia does not actually exist...
12:34 PM
If I have a box-shadow: 0 0 1px somecolour, 0 0 2px someothercolour is there any way to override only the 1px shadow in a more specific selector?
By the way - Today's Amazon Gold Box is a mish-mash of discounted Computer peripherals - amazon.com/s/browse/…
in normal css? no. You can use some state in scss mixins though, I think I ended up doing that once
In search of Todo app for Android recommendations. My current is Todoist and I'm going to start paying unless someone has another one to suggest.
I should try Trello again on mobile..
12:42 PM
!!afk hiding
10 9 8 7 6
5 4 3 2 1 0
those who got seen is busted
@Luggage I'm a huge fan of todoist, wrote a cli client for it and everything
There was a Mac and iOS one that looked perfect. I forget the name. Todoist is the closest.
Car lovers - techcrunch.com/2018/04/25/… - Ford phasing out all 'cars' in its line up except Mustang and Focus Active (which is a sort of cross-over type thing coming out) in effort to focus more on SUVs and crossovers. (For the NA market)
12:47 PM
@hilli_micha I can't say that's such a smart choice
@hilli_micha I saw that. Sad. I like sedans. And wagons.
people are always moving more towards hybrids and electric cars
To decide you'll only make gas-guzzling SUVs is a risk indeed
I can completely see why they're doing it.. Here in the U.S., Sedans, Wagons and other 'car' platforms have been wildly unpopular compared to SUVs and crossovers.
They are doing crossovers which are just slightly taller cars, as is the fashion of the day.
@hilli_micha do ford owners really love cars tho?
12:48 PM
@Neil Well, again, they're emphasizing crossovers too, which doesn't carry the gas penalty of a huge SUV. I mean, they still get damn near comparable fuel economy to their sedan/wagon brothers.
seems to me if they did, they wouldn't own a ford.
@rlemon I love my Focus ST though. :(
Ford has long been a truck company.
they cling to the muscle cars. but everyone is buying trucks
I am sitting in a parking lot right now. There are sedans all over the place. It doesn't look like no one buys sedans.
probably hard to compete in a market saturated with the Mazdas and Kias of the word
@hilli_micha which is not a very high bar, but they do get moderate mileage
Yeah, I'd say so, I mean for reference. Their Ecosport (which they pronounce EchoSport in the commercials why?) gets 27/29
Yea the road is packed with Optima, Camrys, Accords, tsxs, sonatas, c-series
And a few fusions
@hilli_micha Isn't the "h" in "echo" silent anyway?
we have a ton of infinitis and 320s here as well
12:52 PM
@OliverSalzburg Eco - EE-coh. Echo - EH-coh.
Eco as in economical
I would say more than half our traffic is mid-size 2-3l sedans
Not ecological (until recently)
@hilli_micha Got it
I see the increase of crossovers/SUVs taking hold to be honest.
12:56 PM
Wee, Im giving away a lamp
most of them are better in the winter than cars
@Luggage SUV's are popular in europe
more space for cargo/kids/pets
@KamilSolecki I'll take it
@ssube bodies
12:56 PM
sedans ( I use "berline") is having less sales lately
if gas mileage is close to even, they seem worthwhile
tbh I think the Minivan is still the ultimate 'practical daily driver' car.
still I do not like SUVs
give me a good large berline car
@hilli_micha but they're awful in the snow
@OliverSalzburg only polando :/
12:57 PM
@Neil dude, I can hide so many bodies in my trunk
the under-compartment (no spare) could fit a small hooker
I don't doubt it, even with AWD because it's not going to be a good AWD system.
12:57 PM
@hilli_micha yeah, especially when vans tend(ed) to use car platforms
ssube, which car do you have?
@KamilSolecki Looks good
or is it a truck ? :P
much easier to put a functional AWD system in a rav-4 or something
@KarelG a 3 series
A: Could we add a tag-specific MCVE page?

Benjamin GruenbaumContrary to existing answers - I think it's an excellent idea for some tags. Such a page in the javascript tag would presumably: Elaborate on Stack Snippets Include expectations of what an MCVE for a web problem might use. Include links to what's the expectations of an MCVE for common environ...

12:58 PM
@ssube F40, right?
But, being in an area with no snow, when we were moving, we used the mother-in-laws Nissan Quest, and you could move heaven and earth with it.
f30 335xi
@ssube which model ?
ah right
ugh yes I meant F30 lol
good choice. Even for an american
12:59 PM
the gas mileage is surprisingly good for a fun car
If we lose the Focus ST all together, my car will be pretty dope in the scope of the American market.
Why the response in ajax is empty string? I checked the variable I return with xdebug and its not empty.

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