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1:00 PM
my country sucks with free wifi tbh
every tim hortons has free wifi
so Canada has decent coverage
i dont understand react
I started watching an half hour video of him coding in like 5 files, in the end he had an ugly login form with 2 input boxes and 1 button
so you are complaining that the demo was too simple to showcase react?
react gets more useful the bigger your codebase gets
react is pretty useful even on small projects
separation of files is a good thing.
1:04 PM
@rlemon sure, but not for 2 inputs and a button
why not?
@rlemon Jesus Waves
it can, but it would be faster to use vanilla, even for typing
lol, holy fuck you are inconsistent.
I'm about to start a react project that's just 6 inputs and a button
1:04 PM
if you're already very familiar with react and setting it up, then sure
> I'm making this stupid robust and over complicated because what if I want to change something in ten years.
but he's just learning about it
that was literally you like two weeks ago
now you're saying go simple and write rigid stuff
"in ten years" probably won't be my problem :D
you people are frustrating. But then so am I
1:07 PM
@AltayAkkus what bothers you? The simple demo? The five files? Or the ugly css
the 5 files
so much code
but nothing made.
That's actually a better approach
Everything is modular and organized
how much code did those 5 files end up containing?
I'd rather 100 20 line files than one 2000 line file
exactly, but 5 10k line files... now you're using Angular
1:09 PM
what about vue?
or Redux :(
@ssube or Java
i just want to have a dynamical website,
what about Vue? it was cool, now it's not
@ssube Did you catch my ping?
1:09 PM
vue can be used both ways. Writing small files is just not as encouraged as it is in react
someone should make a programming related morning show and call it "The Vue™️"
@MadaraUchiha yeah, TS resolves everything and breaks your split-filters
I wish react handled canvas better. I don't know how it could, I just wish it did
the only possible work around I can think of (right now) would be to emit a typedef from each file before you run strict compilation and use those instead of the real thing
1:10 PM
@Cereal You want svg
I probably do
I need to rewrite everything using canvas before june, so I might do that
or you want functional canvas
1:11 PM
I'm already using svg elsewhere
I want to do an Pizza Delivery Service Website
which isn't the common usecase for canvas
i dunno what to use regarding backend and frontend lmao
react-canvas is pretty sweet, almost like SVG for canvas
but instead of SVG it's JSX
@AltayAkkus pretty much doesn't matter today
pick one and learn it
1:12 PM
I looked at react-canvas, but "This project is a work-in-progress. Though much of the code is in production on flipboard.com, the React canvas bindings are relatively new and the API is subject to change." turned me off
they are designed to solve different problems, but can be used to solve the same.
So I just use a ref and draw everything manually
The only issue I have is updating the stupid canvas when something changes
im currently using laravel and bootstrap
it is kind of static i think
eh, it's been a WIP for ever
all the javascript stuff
1:13 PM
well if you want to continue using PHP, you can
and bootstrap plays okay with React
I dont understand react thats the problem haha
so learn it
it's lifecycle and JSX
everything else you can figure out while you go
as long as you don't care about interactivity, you can implement your own canvas (or some other renderer) backed components easily enough
@towc no, it is
1:14 PM
@towc so you've even up on even seemingly-technical trolling?
> learn its lifecycle and jsx
is what I thought you meant
This is the plugin I've implemented btw
import firstline from 'firstline';
import glob from 'glob';
import { zipWith } from 'lodash';
import path from 'path';
import { promisify } from 'util';
import { Compiler } from 'webpack';

const globAsync = promisify(glob);

export class CommentTestPlugin {
  private _matchingPaths = new Set<string>();

  public constructor(private comment: string) {}

  public get matchingPaths() {
    return this._matchingPaths;
  apply(compiler: Compiler) {
    compiler.plugin('watch-run', async (watcher, next) => {
for @Luggage 's suggestion of splitting based on a comment on the first line
like 1 problem of me is the following
I have a website where I want the user to add rows to a list dynimcally
these rows have input boxes and a form to submit them
why is "its" possessive
how can I do that
1:15 PM
It works well, except using different loaders to begin with doesn't work
Why can't english just follow the rules
@AltayAkkus look up every todo demo
that's like half of it
!!tell 42265664 why
@MadaraUchiha because TS follows imports?
@Cereal because you touch yourself at night
1:15 PM
@ssube Yes
which you can't easily turn off without breaking those same imports
Even starting from the leaves wouldn't work
Because the only important file is the entry point
my javascript code gets so fucked after a while thats my problem.
If the entry point is strict, everything else is strict
If it's loose, everything else is loose.
@AltayAkkus bitching about it won't help. check out some real world demos
1:16 PM
@AltayAkkus have you tried splitting it into more files? ;)
@MadaraUchiha right, that makes sense. I still think you might have better luck running both and comparing the output, like if you can get a list of type/lint errors from the strict side and compare that to the file list...
Holy shit this hail right now
cc @BenjaminGruenbaum
1:19 PM
I mean, show us some pics of that hail!
@rlemon connect with thy god
I'd play it
@MadaraUchiha ohh, you made a plugin? Fancy. I was just thinking you use node fs module to get a list of files and stick it in the config like:
@Luggage Right but this works for watch mode
2077? This advertisement seems premature
1:21 PM
{ include: getAllFilesWithcomment() }
i see.
guys :|
bots :|
ladies ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
1:23 PM
@OliverSalzburg cyberpunk.net
@CapricaSix rude tbh
@rlemon wouldn't be surprised if the character was included as an easteregg
I want to start calling people "ya egg" like they do in Taika Watiti's early movies, but it doesn't work without a New Zealand accent
I want to start calling people "dial-up", but it doesn't work when speaking german
1:24 PM
windows group policies by day and iptables by night is hard on the brain. different worlds
@GNi33 yeah, that would be like them
@Luggage the chart of iptables chains is enough to give me nightmares of a city under the sea
@GNi33 don't be a dial tone, bud.
works great in a Canadian accent :D
I got the idea from Letterkenny, obviously
wait, no, what was the name of the show?
1:27 PM
ah, alright, wasn't sure there for a moment :D
letterkenny problems was the youtube shorts before they got a real tv show
I wonder if the name Letterkenny was chosen intentionally as a reference to Listowel's strong Irish culture...
Those are some huge balls
1:28 PM
@KendallFrey didn't they answer that once?
could be
And the car comes with a hail ball receptacle. How useful
@OliverSalzburg Those Jews think of everything!
@KendallFrey well if they are named after the actual letterkenny, then it is irish
so you're probably right
@rlemon I hope that they would work on cyberpunk with care
1:30 PM
hello everyone
hi dr nick!
@MadaraUchiha I'm trying so hard not to make a holocaust joke
and that the year notation in the title is not the release year.
@MadaraUchiha :D
@KendallFrey concentrate, it'll come to you
1:30 PM
@KendallFrey Hail!
@KendallFrey I know it's burning you up, but take a cold shower before you hop on that train
his shower is in a chamber with a gas valve outside to adjust the warmth of it
inches away from ssube
1:33 PM
Guys, kendall is busy right now. take a number and he'll get back to you.
ffs guys
hey. Could I ask a question in here.. Something I don't want to make into a stackoverflow question?
you sure could
!!welcome PerrinPrograms
okay cool
1:34 PM
@PerrinPrograms Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
you do not have to ask. Please ask your question
The real question is, how do you feel about all of us nitpicking your question and making fun of it?
'tis a silly place
okay so I've been tasked to make an "offline" web application because I work in the machining industry and some clients don't have internet.. I want to use angularJS but.. I don't want the user to have to install any kind of local server like XAMPP. Can angularJs run completely on the client side? So the user can just open my webapplication.html page and they're good to go? Kind of a weird situation, I know.
1:36 PM
@PerrinPrograms Of course
Take note that the file:/// protocol is.... iffy.
Electron is fine
just make sure they have decent computers :D
lol and Chrome
or firefox
or do you mean for electron have decent computers
Electron is not a browser
but basically.
yea got it
1:38 PM
Electron tends to be a bit heavier than some other solutions. but it's easy and fast enough
and can work offline perfectly fine, right?
it also won't change across platforms
you can use local storage (more than chrome allows)
@PerrinPrograms with electron you can embed the 'server' into the application
1:39 PM
oo this is a nice solution
google should work at a solution where electron does not come as one package
just two pieces. And when installing an app, it checks first if there is no chrome engine available
if not, do not install the fucking extra chromium core
@OliverSalzburg you seem to be hanging around lately and have been engaged for a while now. I've always found you kind of helpful - would you be OK with me nominating you as RO?
The bears the question though, why are you building a client-server web application if your goal is to write an offline desktop application?
1:42 PM
@OliverSalzburg lots of reasons
OS as RO ? :o
@BenjaminGruenbaum Do I have to tone down my personality?
@OliverSalzburg Because serving assets over HTTP is much nicer than over file:///
1:43 PM
@OliverSalzburg no, your personality is already directly in the middle of the "normal and acceptable" spectrum compared to most of us fuckers in this room - which is also why I think giving you the power to moderate messages makes sense.
@BenjaminGruenbaum Heheh. I appreciate the sentiment and would enjoy being part of the ROs
plus you seem like the type who would use the buttons
@OliverSalzburg These are some pretty nonsensical requirements.. I know
@PerrinPrograms I was just wondering if a C# WinForms thing or whatever wouldn't be better suited and would make your life easier. But you'll probably have that figured out
Hopefully ;D
1:45 PM
@OliverSalzburg You just need to remember who's boss
yea we've discussed it
@OliverSalzburg lol winforms easier than HTML?
since I've already started creating this app with ASP.net MVC
for this app, winforms makes the most sense for an "offline'' version
@rlemon HTML? Maybe not. HTML+CSS? Maybe yes.
they don't want me to start from scratch..
1:46 PM
I don't buy it
I moved into JS from winforms.
Hey, I'm coming from a strong C# background as well
And I wrote Windows GUI applications in pure Win32 API calls
the win32 UI APIs are... miserable
I've also written those, would not do again
Yeah, I'm not glorifying them either :D
1:49 PM
I've fortunately never had to do anything with Win32 UI APIs (at least in an big project sense), but that is not the first time I've heard it's not fun.
Just saying, WinForms is not bad in comparison
Hell, haven't had to do a great deal with WinForms either, mostly WPF.
windows forms is just the .net wrapper to that old windows api for createWindow and the common controls. Sometimes you want just those things.
That's a GUI component library I wrote in C++/Win32
From 2005 jeeze
What a load...
straight win32 was still better than the ATL/MFC stuff
1:52 PM
Fuck that!
there are parts of COM that are interesting and still useful, but fuck ATL and fuck MFC
Css is way better than designer files
@BenjaminGruenbaum also I suggest you rename that to not target ROs only, as everybody is welcome to vote in nominations :D
@KamilSolecki pretty sure we decided ro only
for binding votes, but everyone can comment
1:56 PM
What I really miss about those days is the level of issues I had. Back then, I was complaining that certain Direct3D operation would be implemented differently in Nvidia and ATI GPU drivers and you would need a workaround for certain cases. Today shit breaks left and right and the toolchains are long af and break easily
voted anyways
@rlemon oh, I must have missed that, whoops
@OliverSalzburg hey, be glad that you were not same as today
that would be a lot tickets to issue
everyone can vote but when most RO's vote and it's overwhelming it ends early, so the votes aren't 100% equal
@OliverSalzburg has that really changed much? it just moves faster
1:56 PM
but equal in spirit
@KarelG a blockchain of issues!
@KamilSolecki honestly the room is stable enough at this moment that it won't make a difference
If you found one of those very rare issues back then, you would post on some mailing list and an actual engineer from Nvidia would get in contact with you to work out the kinks of the next driver
@BenjaminGruenbaum yeah, I suppose
No need for tickets. No stupid support people
Everything was better!
1:57 PM
that is a golden age
@KamilSolecki feel free to bring any governance decisions we've made 5 years ago back for discussion - nothing is set in stone and you're an equal-owner now and there is no reason not to discuss things if you don't agree with them.
a stable mess
I recall having two issues being helped out by devs directly: tomcat and kaa
now you open a ticket on github and half the project team, plus a few random people, comment
@KarelG so what's my increase in gold production?
1:58 PM
but it inevitably gets closed wont-fix
@rlemon 0 cus you did not own gold back then.
> Hey there! Autobot noticed that this issue had not had any activity in the past 6 months, so he closed it :sadface:
@KarelG no way, I always set to gold production in early game because it's easier to buy troops than to produce them
@BenjaminGruenbaum inb4 200 issues
jk yall made some concrete foundation
nahh, most of us are in countries that use wood
don't tell @Neoares
1:59 PM

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