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12:00 AM
oh jeez, and if your platform goes down...so do their sites
heh does your induction pack include a copy of 'Refactoring' by Martin Fowler?
gawd i miss working in a codebase which i had the freedom to make better...
Oh, it's come a long way since I started, but there are still many dragon nests
there's just something therapeutic about cleaning a codebase
We've got a clean up as you go policy, so tech debt is always being worked on. It's actually 1% day today.
what's 1% day?
Where you tackle a whole bunch of little things that wouldn't otherwise be important enough to do in your usual work
12:05 AM
that's amazing
in the last codebase i worked in
We do it once a month
the mandated CVS made it an active disincentive to refactor
it was easier to c+p a new function, change a small piece of functionality and commit that
it was messed up
heh @monners, you should implement ember into your codebase as part of your 1% xD
then your codebase will be the one framework to rule them all
Needs more cow bell
theres a library for that
Of course there is...
12:56 AM
good morning lovelies
oh my god i may have a drug problem
factorio y
what if they made a game where you need to develop factories to create materials to create spaceships to settle colonies?
factorio meets ksp meets rimworld
I think such a game would probably end the world
1:08 AM
i suppose thats kind of like civ
they don't have external cases for NVMEs..
only msata.
@derp Civ doesn't have the creative aspect that those three do
what if you cut a hole in the box it came in?
that's not the issue, no USB3 to PCIe/NVME that I can find
or thunderbolt to PCIe
thunderbolt carries PCIe, but the intel license forbids selling empty drive cases. only ones with drives in.
and I have a spare drive, so that's useless.
huh.. this thing will do it.
it's big, not pocket size, but i can use it as a poor man's docking station (has display port and usb on it)
1:55 AM
hey did i get this right?
Use wordpress, or jekyll.
Telling somebody to use wordpress is the equivalent of saying "hey, you should try cancer"
i hear it's great
Wordpress.com is a better blogging platform than Blogger.
WP's codebase is bad, but what's wrong with it as a blogging platform?
Actually, I've heard good things about ghost.org
@SterlingArcher Fun fact: The reason humans have such big brains is because evolution broke a brain tumour suppressor gene while separating from the other apes.
2:08 AM
So basically brains are tumors
Maybe? lol
Why do you make me question all of everything
+1 reference
@SterlingArcher Because questioning everything is the best way to not be fooled.
2:10 AM
I was happy being a daily lucky 10,000 and you ruined me with your... science.. and shit..
to be honest, i might as well use jekyll, im writing raw html most of the time anyway
but eh, blogger works, its fine
What is up my fellow humans
2:27 AM
levels of generalized anxiety and fear
that really sums it up tbh
@derp check out gohugo
Sigma really sums it up
you are very smart
S-M-R-T smart!
2:38 AM
nothing like a little throwback thrash to put me to bed
Q: Can I run VueJS and NodeJS or related apps on Server that doesn't have NodeJS installed?

Kay SingianSo I'm new to Vuejs and doesn't know anything about npm, node, and other javascript apps. I wanted to switch to VueJS so that I can take away from JQuery. Been using AdminLTE for my projects before. I wanted to use vue-admin now since it seems to address all of my needs. However, I have specifi...

this sounds like a complete trainwreck
oh gawd
i feel sorry for the guy
it sounds like he's got a task to do that's due very soon
but to even begin to understand would require nerding up on fundamentals for at least a week
@derp Don't we all?
@SterlingArcher That there is the stuff of nightmares
@littlepootis hmm but most of the time what we are asked is within our skillset
or maybe not
@monners no, this is:
2:46 AM
a python's guide to java
Was about to say
@SterlingArcher tingaling
My favourite is when .NET developers try to write javascript
Why isn't my editor telling me all of the methods available?
2:57 AM
it's prolly broken. Mine does that.
Well, I guess these days that's not really relevant (mine does too :P )
what should I watch while I shower
these ted talks are getting old
in the shower?
while I'm showering, not randomly sitting in the shower with it being off
that would be weird
I've known people who liked to hang out in the shower, usually post party
2:59 AM
@Mosho I've been discovering blackpenredpen recently
It's blasphemy is what it is
Shower time is sacred
@KendallFrey I do enough math
no such thing
and what I can see skimming is very basic
@monners it's private time for you, your thoughts, and if you have too many thoughts, a beer
3:01 AM
Showers for beer, baths for wine
any interesting podcasts
I tried an audiobook once but it was painfully boring
My favourite audiobook ever is Sean Carroll's The Big Picture
came across this:
dunno what this paradox is
but the video starts off in the most retarded way possible
omg that's a good one
what do you mean by the most retarded way
the chocolate
3:04 AM
auto close for me
the video
Vsauce is great
I don't like eli5
3:05 AM
that video is great
maybe some carl sagan
i'm not a fan of shower beer
cuz the water is warm and then the beer gets warm
drink faster?
if i wanted to drink faster, i'll be drinking out of a goon bag
come to think about it...if you hang a goon bag in the shower
cleanup will be...minimal
the science checks out
I'm not sure what a goon bag is, but I like the sound of it
3:11 AM
the science does not check out...not without repeatable experiments
you know boxed wine?
and how there's a silver bag inside them?
that's a goon bag
!!urban goonbag
I've spent time in kitchens passing those around
the clear ones are harder to burst
oh you were/are a chef?
I went to college at night, but only on the weekends.
not restaurant kitchens, shitty apartment kitchens
oh like a dorm?
yeah, sometimes like a dorm. Sometimes like the back of a pickup truck full of surf boards. It varied.
3:18 AM
which places had the finest goon?
not sure. Most of my experience there was from the east coast, by the time I moved to the midwest we were drinking more vodka.
ive somewhat recently discovered cinnamon whiskey
its my goto drink after a depressing day at work
@derp I go boxing
much more cathartic, unless you drink a whole bottle
ended up watching that ted talk about universal income
then googled a bit and found out ontario has a pilot for such a program
pretty interesting
3:34 AM
anyone have experience with lisp?
when i wear retainers. yup
@William I did in uni
@Tavo what is the long form of [x 23]
@William no clue. I thought your question would be more general
that is pretty general IMO
3:41 AM
Hmm, let's say I used the ^ as the index and then get the range 6
@William even so, I still don't know, sorry
aw man, i'd read some redex.
4:04 AM
1 hour later…
5:10 AM
\o morning
5:48 AM
Hi :)
I have a question thats a bit too broad to ask on SO.. :) How exactly does localstorage prevent access from other sites? Whats the mechanism? Does anyone here know much about this?
6:10 AM
what about boot box alerts?is it ok?
@JK. each localStorage object (Storage) is stored in a browser's origin. More specificially the tuple origin is being checked if a script has access to a given Storage object
you can read on tuple origin standard and SOP (Same-origin policy)
When calling localStorage's getItem(...), it checks the tuple. If there is a match, then the script retrieves a DOMString. If there is no match (eg because it's not set yet), then an empty DOMString is returned. (edit: naming)
@SuneelKumar Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room rules. Pleasedon't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
6:38 AM
@CapricaSix Thanks
@SuneelKumar fyi Caprica six is a bot :)
@SuneelKumar it's a bot. he says it to everyone. AND there's never been space between "Please" and "don't" in his welcome message
yeah, that really gets me everytime
Guess I'll just go ahead and pull request that
Caprica's internals is somewhat dirty. Ya know that Zirak did some nasty things on her.
So touch it at your own risks
the naming there is otherworldly :D
Object.iterate(deliciousObject, function (key, prop) {
6:46 AM
oh.. it's a she
is Zirak really 97 years old
yeah, and hes also a WW0 veteran
oh god where the hell is the welcome message text
@KamilSolecki You giving up yet? :D
@MadaraUchiha no, not at all. It's 90% complete, actually. The thing is, this week has been really harsh on me, giving me only about 2h a day for my personal stuff :/
For example, yesterday I went to sleep right after work, and woke up today :D
btw: please tell me that welcome message text is hard-coded and not taught.
6:55 AM
Hey do any of you guys work with node?
No, what is it?
@KamilSolecki It's hard coded.
@KamilSolecki Haha, I did that.
@KamilSolecki It is
im tryna find it, its nowhere to be found :O
6:56 AM
@Chenny Yes, pretty much all of us
but there is a space in teh code :O
is it that lemon didn't update cap?
@KarelG thanks, that makes sense that it uses SOP. I have a problem with an old verion of an ios app writing something to localStorage, and then the updated version not being able to read it. From what you've said I can rule out the possibility of the new version not having access to localstorage because both versions will have the same scheme/host/port tuple
Oh okay, well i downloaded a package with npm - node-dev globally but when I went to remove it I noticed in my npm -g ls that there's a bunch of other packages downloaded as well, were these like additional packages that were downloaded with it?
And is there a way to delete them all so I can start over easily?
7:00 AM
Removing your package should remove its dependencies.
hmmm.. so do you have any idea why i might have these other packages in my npm -g ls?
like its a lot of other packages, so much that I cant read them all in the terminal
@Chenny They're dependencies of node-dev
Also is there a way to only see the main packages?
for starters, I suggest you don't install npm globally, but project-specific.
@Chenny npm -g ls --depth=1 or something similar to that
@KamilSolecki Also that ^
7:02 AM
yea, I just realised that after installing it globally ='(
@MadaraUchiha I did npm remove -g node-dev, and it there's still a bunch of other packages installed
npm uninstall -g should do the job
@KamilSolecki That would remove npm
So no
yea im getting an error
Could these be packages that maybe came with npm?
cus i dont think ive worked with npm at all before this
7:05 AM
npm ls -gp --depth=0 | awk -F/ '/node_modules/ && !/\/npm$/ {print $NF}' | xargs npm -g rm
^ this removes all globally installed packages
@KamilSolecki Or just find the global node_modules dir and destroy everything in it
it looks like it did something but it im still getting a bunch of stuff in npm -g ls
for example validate-npm-package-license@3.0.1
okay i found the node modules dir, deleting everything in here wont ruin anything?
@MadaraUchiha yeah, thats another one :
likely safe
But yall have to agree that doing this with a command is much cooler.
+ you get temporary chills down your spine hoping for stuff not to mess up
100% Adrenaline at work
7:13 AM
i think it broke something, i couldnt npm -g ls anymore, i got an error looking for npmlog
i restored it
you guys dont have anything in your global packages?
@JK. if it depends of the browser version, then there will be always issues after each browser update. Most major browsers provides at least one update each 3 months :P
@Chenny rarely. If you use a npm package across all projects, then yes. Otherwise keep it local.
idgaf about the extra memory space this takes
ahh. Okay well I think i broke my npm, im just going to do a clean reinstall
okay reinstalled it but theres still a lot of packages downloaded, i think they came with node.js, but i guess its not that big of a hassle as long as i use depth=1
morning java scripters
7:29 AM
Hi guys
Can anybody please tell me that is it allow to use multiple parameters for http verb delete ?
what do you mean with "http verb delete" ?
@Learning "parameters"?
like we have multiple http verbs like http get,post,put
This doesn't have anything to do with JavaScript now, does it? Anyway, do you mean like query string?
@Egoscio Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room rules. Pleasedon't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
7:34 AM
@KarelG There's GET, POST, PUT and DELETE as the primary HTTP verbs
Most know/use only GET and POST
@Egoscio It's not like there's an HTTP room
i have read some posts which says that you should not specify request body in case of http verb delete
oh the HTTP method
It's reasonable to expect node devs to know a thing or two about HTTP
I got confused with "verb" ... they're actually methods
My first time here, I don't know about topic lenience. Sometimes it's strict.
7:36 AM
That is why i am generating parameters as query string in case of delete endpoint
@Egoscio Fair enough
you can. Why not?
@Egoscio well then welcome to everything but coding room :)
@Learning What kind of parameters do you need for a DELETE command?
You have a resource, you want it gone
Q: Pass multiple parameters in HTTP DELETE request

d3514514I want to pass the id and dept field in a DELETE HTTP request and fetch inside deleteData() but I'm receiving null in deleteData() for id and dept. $http['delete']('webapi/Data/delete?' + cdata.id + "&&" + cdata.lineUp) @DELETE() @Path("/delete") public String deleteData(@QueryParam("id") Strin...

7:37 AM
usually deletion happens by an identifier (or two)
Within V8 engine, does event loop work with callback queue, something like this?
I thought this might be relevant.
So lets say i am having a delete endpoint which is deleting a record from my table with 1 primary key so my url will be like this :
@KarelG If you need two identifiers, then neither of them is an identifier
err ... shared environment
7:38 AM
Can someone reopen a question I closed by error ?
Q: Retrieving the variable value to act as a name

BronzatoI need an object in Typescript declared like this: queryParameters = { flagged: true }; Now I would like to have the flagged to be retrieved from a variable name. Something like: var param = 'flagged'; queryParameters = { ValueOf(param): true }; Any idea ? Thanks.

@DenysSéguret Different dupe or just reopen?
reopened to start with. It's probably a dupe but I don't have the right QA right now
I discarded my files in sourcetree
in git ?
you can restore it
wasn't commited/pushed yet.
7:40 AM
Is Nashorn tolerated here?
@Egoscio I doubt you'd get an answer for anything Nashorn specific
Most of us dislike Java
but asking is still ok
@DenysSéguret Done
and some of us while disliking java are chained to it...
@Nick unstage the rm operation
7:41 AM
isn't java === javascript? /roll_eyes
@Motocarota Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room rules. Pleasedon't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
@KarelG That's a thing? o.o
Haha, I figured. When I did specifically JS development I hated it too till I switched to Kotlin. Anyway, I'm trying to get a custom REPL autocomplete setup for a CLI interface. I've searched everywhere but I don't know where to start.
yeah... git keeps track of almost everything you do. However some are cached temporarily. You cannot undo a rm that got done a week ago eg
that's awesome
gonna do tat
7:43 AM
Q: git recover deleted file where no commit was made after the delete

HomanI deleted some files. I did NOT commit yet. I want to reset my workspace to recover the files. I did a git checkout .. But the deleted files are still missing. And git status shows: # On branch master # Changes to be committed: # (use "git reset HEAD <file>..." to unstage) # # del...

p.s. java isn't that bad
my guess was right
Well Nashron doesn't strictly depend on Java. I use it with Kotlin, like I said before
But yeah I guess
I hate kotlin
@Nick You have no idea what kind of abyss you're standing over
I suggest you don't take the final step :P
7:44 AM
We're all entitled to our opinions, yet my heart is equally shattered. Anyway. Has anyone ever made a custom REPL tabcompletion module yet?
Madara, tbf, it is somewhat better since Java 8 got released
(BTW I do use Nashorn)
Java 8? I write android apps, still working with java 6-ish (??)
Before that, many things were a f***in pain. Even working with date(times)
Now there is LocalDateTime eg
7:46 AM
"chained to it...". Doesn't seem like you're in a happy marriage now, does it? :P
or lambdas
or functional interfaces :D
@Nick I started Java in 1995. I have more rep in java than most. I feel competent enough to say that Java evolved into an horrible stupid mess
javascript has generators, so we win.
@KarelG The typesystem is bad, the abstractions are ridiculous, the dumbness of the compiler is appealing, you need to declare types everywhere 7 times
That has not changed (much) by Java 8
To be honest, I have no idea how it was in 1995
7:47 AM
type inference <3
@MadaraUchiha i didn't say it's good. only " somewhat better " :P
Only lambdas have type inference, you still need to prepare 3 days in advance if you want to pass a lambda that's not one of the built-in interfaces.
you also didn't mention the gc
Java isn't a bad language per-se, it's just not very good in almost anything
Having said that, Java has great tooling and an extensive ecosystem.
7:48 AM
an average tech then :D
That's about the only thing that it's good at.
I love using it in an IDE. I never had a decent IDE experience with JS. I even tried tern...
JavaScript, for example, is very good at driving Java devs mad.
@Egoscio Try vscode with TypeScript
It's not the same level as Java, but the experience is very good.
TypeScript seems like a reasonable solution.
Or compile Kotlin to JS :D
haha I'm quite the missionary..
I played with TypeScript once
7:49 AM
@DenysSéguret @MadaraUchiha sorry for double ping. But is this SO post not a dupe for that question you recently un-closed ?
how hard is it to work in typescript, when you need other plugins like google maps,
@MadaraUchiha about the ecosystem. It's part of what drived the Java world into verbosity and that furious habit of declaring anything at least 5 times, preferably in XML and annotations
Well there's a giant repository of typescript headers you can use.
@KarelG I think you're right. Can you close using it?
@KarelG That it is. Hammered.
7:51 AM
I need google maps, and markerclusterer. I have to access the DOM a lot, is it worth to try typescript?
@Egoscio Yes, with vscode, it will use the typescript definition files for normal JS as well
And if you use JSDoc religiously, you get pretty good intellisense
@Nick Yes
I tought that it was annoying to access the DOM in typescript (not sure why I tought that)
You can use TypeScript as a replacement (or supplement) to babel
7:56 AM
ahh babel, that's something that I know
Hi, anyone knows a js plgin for video-frames parallax scrolling?
@rlemon @KendallFrey I told you my wallpaper is the best 😃 imgur.com/…
most of us inspects the link first
^ please delete this irrelevant message.
8:01 AM
@KamilSolecki weak.
@MadaraUchiha phh, you think killing a big fox makes you strong and all, duh.
anyone has read a good book about node.js?
any recommendations
Hi, anyone knows a js plgin for video-frames parallax scrolling?
like in apple.com/homepod
Anyone please
You already asked
No need to repeat your question so soon
8:34 AM
@Paz if anyone knows and wants to help, they will. Also, a lot of regulars skim through the transcript, so they might just answer your question later
Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP)
shouldn't this be MMVP?
A dude has an incomplete answer, and gets upvotes, because ... he has high reputation (?)
@Nick link
ah now he got another downvote
A dude with that much reputation should know better, why would he answer an incomplete answer, just so he can edit it later on
I'll wait for the snippet before downvoting
You can "mask" the IP away by using data- attribute. If you need it, then pick it by using .dataset (or its jQuery variant) — KarelG 1 min ago
@Nick to yell "I haz answerred first" ?
8:47 AM
That is how you do it
I'm not sure which is worst, that or using other's answer to edit corrections to your answer
i've experienced the latter sometimes because I took time to write my answer
I don't understand that dude his comments
so.. is he adding a snippet or not
he got inspired by other answer / comments
Q: jqgrid sortableRows and bindKeys

Hoang NguyenReason why bindKeys doesn't work $(selector).jqGrid("bindKeys", { "onEnter": function (rowid) { alert("You enter a row with id:" + rowid) } }); If I use sortableRows $(selector).sortableRows(); this is jqGrid 4.6.0

@NguyễnXuânHoàng Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room rules. Pleasedon't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
8:54 AM
I learned a new word: spoonfeed
It's obvious that the "spoonfeed" argument is just bs, he wanted to be the first to answer
Well. His answer is partial, not perfect, but it's the best there is for this requirement I think.
You're a little too focused on the fact his initial answer didn't have a POC IMO.
I voted on his first answer, not the second
So the downvote stands, I guess

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