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1:00 PM
I'd have said it in a few more words than that, but that's essentially what it boils down to
@JuzzCoding where else can you find cheap engineers?
there are a few places
India is one of them
Certain areas of Eastern Europe too
and other parts of Asia
@FlorianMargaine ahh.. Is India really that cheap?!??!!!
where's Zirak today ??
yeah it is @JuzzCoding
@DannyBeckett where you from?
1:03 PM
Liverpool.. yeah
@DannyBeckett so, did u moved to Bangalore ( India ) ?
@DannyBeckett i live where Abhi is at present.. M.P.( India )
no, moving there in January
ah I see, MP... should have guessed because I know that's where Sumi is :p
@JuzzCoding MP.. that's cool. FYI, I did my engineering from there.
@DannyBeckett :)
@TheLittleNaruto are you an Indian?
@JuzzCoding Nope a canadian.
1:06 PM
@TheLittleNaruto is awesome
are you still studying @JuzzCoding?
@TheLittleNaruto Residing in India?
@CapricaSix is not awesome
@DannyBeckett yes, i am in that ***** College ! :(
1:07 PM
you can swear in here ;)
@KendallFrey Thank you ^_^
@JuzzCoding Yeah!
when do you finish college?
@DannyBeckett in 2015 !
least interested..
in college
1:08 PM
then move to Bangalore with Sumi :p
then she has a female friend there lol
i'm still in my learning phase !
I know how to speak Hindi :D :D
But do you know how to speak Hingli? @TheLittleNaruto :p
yes sometime I make mistakes
what's Hingli?
1:09 PM
Hingli o-O? I am not sure about it @DannyBeckett
@TheLittleNaruto what other indian languages you know?
maybe the word's not quite not "Hingli"... I heard some girl from India describing the mixture of Hindi and English in conversation... she called it "Hingli" (or something like that) lol
@DannyBeckett lol, thats called "HINGLISH" !!
@JuzzCoding Just HIndi.
@DannyBeckett Hinglish
1:10 PM
@TheLittleNaruto where you live?
@JuzzCoding I was in Indore. But now in Jaipur . where you live ?
do you work?
or study?
yeah! kind of. after studies I decided to work for small organisation not for big
1:13 PM
where you work?
@DannyBeckett LiverPool!! must be a nice place.
I like it out of all the UK cities @TheLittleNaruto! But I dislike the UK.... so... not my favourite place in the world
@JuzzCoding you know in Canada, second national language is Punjabi, I am sure you must know about it.
@DannyBeckett Why is it so ?
The 2nd national language is French
anyone who'd know ruby? ruby room is empty :(
1:15 PM
@JuzzCoding check this
I don't like the UK because it's full of violent closed-minded pissheads
Anyone here who knows C++? The C++ room is emp—oh wait.
@DannyBeckett and?
@DannyBeckett I love hooligans.
@tomcat a couple of people know ruby, yes
1:16 PM
and I prefer more relaxed places... like Amsterdam
Ahh! See in every metro cities, these things are common. @DannyBeckett
where the Brits invade further
@florian how do i get mysql last insert id with mysql gem, i did try a very funny way but which execute sql stmt select last_insert_id but returns 0;
@TheLittleNaruto that's you.. i guess?
@JuzzCoding Yeah! ;)
1:17 PM
@tomcat can you tell me why I, who doesn't know ruby, got the answer in less than 10 seconds on google?
A: is there an option on Ruby like mysql_insert_id() for PHP?

zimbatmIt's pretty much the same in ruby, except that the mysql connection is wrapped by an object and that the library is available trough rubygems ( gem install mysql ) require 'mysql' db = Mysql.connect(hostname, username, password, databasename) db.execute("INSERT INTO mytable VALUES 1,2,3"); db.in...

I'd have just posted a LMGTFY link @FlorianMargaine
require 'mysql'
db = Mysql.connect(hostname, username, password, databasename)
db.execute("INSERT INTO mytable VALUES 1,2,3");
# => last inserted id
@FlorianMargaine let me check this link Thanks btw
1:18 PM
good enough?

MartinI have a MySQL question that I think must be quite easy. I need to return the LAST INSERTED ID from table1 when I run the following MySql query: INSERT INTO table1 (title,userid) VALUES ('test',1); INSERT INTO table2 (parentid,otherid,userid) VALUES (LAST_INSERT_ID(),4,1); SELECT LAST_INSERT_ID...

I think the methods have changed a bit. It's now db.last_idNic Aitch Mar 14 '11 at 22:00
@tomcat ^
@FlorianMargaine it works man, i found few solutions but those were either for active record or mysql2
i'm not use to mysql 2 and can't install active record on windows so thanks to you
heading to home. bubye guys Cya tomorrow @DannyBeckett @JuzzCoding @ALL
1:25 PM
Hey guy
@TheLittleNaruto Cyaaa!
i have a best pratice question
lets say you have an ajax function that runs once when the script is loaded and then is lickly to be runned again doing the page interactions
Now when the page is loaded you wish to check if the ajax has completed and then update a value that the ajax call generated..
How would you go around doing that?
    req.onreadystatechange = function (aEvt) {
        if (req.readyState === 4)
              // loaded
@DannyBeckett was that to me?
1:28 PM
yes @MarcRasmussen
@DannyBeckett was is req?
your AJAX request
/XHR (XmlHttpRequest)
my ajax looks as follow:
        type: 'POST',
        url: myBaseUrl + 'Products/ajax_get_subcategories',
        dataType: 'json',
        data: {
            id: id
        success: function (data) {
            var length = data.length;
            var div_subcategory = $('#subcategory');
            var select_append = "<select id='select_subcategory' name='data[Product][subcategory_id]'>";
            for (var i = 0; i < length; i++) {
                var id = data[i]['Subcategory']['id'];
@rlemon I copied it from an SO answer... fixed it after sending ;)
ah, you're using jQuery
I unfortunately don't speak jQuery
as a guess though, it might go into success: function(data){}
@marc: please use the "fixed font" button in the future when posting code
1:34 PM
Q: Whar parts of functionality should be refactored into a directive? [AngularJS]

SprottenwelsI am creating an application from legacy code using AngularJS. I wonder what parts of my code should be moved into a directive. For example, i had thought of moving a table which is used multiple times across the application into a directive. The tables alter from headings and size. Is it wo...

@DannyBeckett you made my sister pissed of all that debate i guess
why @AbhishekHingnikar @JuzzCoding
we were talking fine :s
room topic changed to JavaScript: WE LOVE JUICE DAY! Room rules: rlemon.github.com/so-chat-javascript-rules [consistency-of-suckiness] [ecmascript] [horse-grooming] [javascript]
delicious juice
today is for you!
@rlemon I awoke on Tue, 12 Nov 2013 07:44:11 GMT (that's about 5 hours ago), got invoked 9 times, learned 203 commands, teleported 56 goats
@AbhishekHingnikar, yeap, that was fine.. till now :)
1:41 PM
@DannyBeckett most likely when she said real brother thats it she was a lil bit pissed
hrm.. so what happened at 3:40 am that caused my FF to refresh the page
you don't like your brother @JuzzCoding?
(not Abhi)
who would. it is Abhishek
Looks like it's time to juice up...
1:42 PM
@rlemon I don't mean Abhishek
@DannyBeckett sure you don't ;)
I got ya ;)
I don't, I'll tell you why
The Juice drinking his Juice
apparently they're not actually brother and sister
1:43 PM
thats juicy
so by him saying she was pissed off when she said "real" brother
it makes me think that she considers him more of a brother than her real bro
that's how I read it @rlemon
could be wrong
@rlemon so you dont like me :-(
1:45 PM
@DannyBeckett I like him as my REAL brother.. now end the discussion please!
no problem @JuzzCoding
what's your first name btw?
Suja Kushwaha. :)
^ thats me
1:46 PM
you dont even realise how funny that is
as a non-brit
!!google chav
that is fuckn funny
that is a picture of a "chav"
brb, going for a "walk through the woods"
1:48 PM
@DannyBeckett dont get eatin by slender man
or raped by a deer
lmao no deer here
i ate plenty of them in norway though
fucking delicious
@DannyBeckett Why are you leaving me!?
they are protected specie here
we dont eat them we hunt them for different reason
@CapricaSix cause hes cheating on you
no really, this machine hasn't been rebooted in like 3 weeks. I'm shutting down for a few minutes.
i was about to say
Not sure if caprica or the drum rolls king lemon
1:51 PM
@AbhishekHingnikar "and misuses meme afterwards"
@rlemon I awoke on Tue, 12 Nov 2013 13:57:21 GMT (that's about 1 minute ago), learned 203 commands, teleported 77 goats
@DannyBeckett Where were you!?
1:59 PM
1 message moved to Trash can because we don't speak msn here
@FlorianMargaine this one was for you : Combattons l'alcoolisme par la consommation de vin
@CapricaSix With the girl @AbhishekHingnikar told you I was cheating on you with
@dystroy rofl at the last one

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