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12:00 AM
@BenjaminGruenbaum haha sorry!
well who doesnt love yoda?
Uncaught Error: You haven't made that character yet, you dolt // thank you, past me
He is the most logical being clearly
@JanDvorak I've got a long response an my own proposal. Should I post an answer?
@Gilles It has become a problem on once in one room in SuperUser, people have been using bots in multiple rooms for years. It has by the way - been working really well for us in the rooms that have bots like that JS chat, C# chat room, Rebol chat room and so on for years without any issues. It's not a site wide problem, there is no point in meta discussion about it and it was blown out of proportion in superuser too. — Benjamin Gruenbaum 1 min ago
12:05 AM
@Shea Go ahead, I'd like to hear it.
jesus there is so much to keep up with now
A: What should be the limits for chat bots interacting with regular users?

SheaI have noticed that newcomers often do not have a good grasp on chat functionality. They see people pinging back and forth, pick a random person, and ask them a question. Sometimes that leads to users responding bitterly when really, all they were trying to do was see how pinging works. Excessiv...

is btoa in IE?
@Gilles given the fact I've been a participating member of a room where it has been working very well for years and where users expressed their opinions about it countless times (and are constantly encouraged to). Given the fact every single user in the JS room (for example) does not think its an issue (and we have a fairly active community). Given the fact you've not been a part of that community and had a chance to see it work well/not as well - I find your claims extremely groundless and somewhat rude. Let us moderate ourselves, stop inventing problems that don't exist for people. — Benjamin Gruenbaum 4 secs ago
@Shea That's actually a pretty solid suggestion - +1
12:14 AM
@gilles IIUC, the reason a moderator stepped in in the SU room was that there were too many greetings, not that people reacted badly to beeing greeted — Jan Dvorak 2 mins ago
So the real problem is that a whole bunch on new people entered the room.
@phenomnomnominal and none of them were greeted! If the bot were on, they would have read the rules!
multiple people were greeted in quick succession in the main SU chat room -> a mod found that too much -> mod suspended the bot because he did not know the die command -> mod posted a message for the bot owner -> the bot owner asked on SU meta anyways -> mod decided that greeters were illegal and sent another mod to tell us -> another SO meta post was created
am I correct?
was on SU
12:28 AM
And now we've got to fill out TPS reports for the whole thing.
If that is the case, it seems like the trigger for the whole thing is an edge case.
Fucking TPS reports!
Do you know I have 11 bosses?!
@JanDvorak It's actually all because of a mythical beast. Quite charming really. Has four legs and likes to spit. You guessed it!
@JanDvorak honestly, and I might be wrong. but I think the largest factor here is that the creator of the chat, and an SE Employee is considering it an abuse of the system. I personally disagree, but that is what the discussion is for now..
12:29 AM
is it an abuse? is it intrusive? and does it actually help anyone?
@rlemon Actually balpha doesn't disagree. Read his post.
I want to use escape - is it really that bad?
@rlemon for the last question, that's a definite "yes"
@phenomnomnominal what'cha using it for?
in the chat didn't he call it an abuse of the system?
as well how do you become one of these niche rooms?
who is excluded?
12:31 AM
@SomeKittens Average
they will not tell us what qualifies a room (outside of being locked) that would make us allowed to have it
and I realize there are answers floating about, but there are contradictory answers as well.
@monners Blast. Now I'll need two midgets for step 22a.
to me it seemed like a rushed decision that may or may not have been overkill considering what we are actually discussing here. but I will wait for the outcome, I really hope we get some further input with someone who is making this decision
Our API is throwing a bit of a hissyfit because a cookie contains a '<' (thanks to so keyboard smashing by a tester). I guess I could use replace but i'd rather just encode and decode them. I wanted to use btoa and atob, but not supported by IE on Windows Phone.
@SomeKittens I can stilt-walk if that helps?
12:32 AM
By hissyfit I mean, "that looks like you're trying to do something dodgy"
@monners That might work. Can you spot-weld?
@SomeKittens Why yes, yes I can. Oxy or Mig?
Either'll work, so long as you're in a kilt.
Can it be a Utili-kilt?
12:34 AM
!!google utilikilt
@Gilles Over 5000 people joined the room since the feature was implemented. So your argument is that every single person out of the people who got welcomed and didn't like it was terrified and left the room immediately? (Hopefully, not losing too much sleep). You're making a lot of assumptions on a community you've elected not to be a part of. Like yoda said - you have a strong opinion on people happily using a bot in a room you don't visit and would like to impose your (opposite) views on them. Let rooms decide for themselves, it has been working well for years now, don't invent problems. — Benjamin Gruenbaum 5 secs ago
How do you hope a generic bot to be constructive? It doesn't know anything about the user. — Gilles 28 mins ago
I was thinking about this comment, and I realized that he did not doubt the bot's ability to be friendly, and on that logic his total attempted argument is flawed, because we're talking about whether the bot is harassing people or not.
@Gilles Show me the unhappy users (meta posts, more than a handful comments, etc.)... otherwise, I have strong opinions as well on people spewing unsubstantiated claims willy nilly and driving away users. You don't see me asking for their commenting privileges to be revoked, do you? — yoda 3 mins ago
@yoda I like you.
12:39 AM
@allquixotic there was a suggestion to rename the javascript room to not sound official. Not sure how that went. To the drain, I think. — Jan Dvorak 30 secs ago
@JanDvorak The chat rooms can not imply any form of officiality because they're full of people who do not represent stack exchange :P
What's spawned this recent room identity crisis?
If traffic and language popularity push a room into 'official' then we really need those limits defined. When does a room bump into this 'official' status. (This is not as a direct response to anything in this comment thread, this was stated in the chat and if it is going to hold weight I think it also needs to be addressed) — rlemon 10 secs ago
15 mins ago, by Jan Dvorak
multiple people were greeted in quick succession in the main SU chat room -> a mod found that too much -> mod suspended the bot because he did not know the die command -> mod posted a message for the bot owner -> the bot owner asked on SU meta anyways -> mod decided that greeters were illegal and sent another mod to tell us -> another SO meta post was created
in Root Access on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 17 hours ago, by Tim Post
That bot has some pretty cool plugins
12:45 AM
The bureaucracy is strong with this one.
damn. I really need to go to sleep anytime now. Within minus two hours or so.
Haha, me too
@BenjaminGruenbaum yet Tim thinks the greeting must begone
@JanDvorak In the SU chat, which he participates in.
but not in the "special-purpose rooms" - a term which he never clarified
12:48 AM
well I would still consider us a special purpose room
yet that's not what seems to have happened
but that is conflicted. The only definition I've been given outside of Tims comment was that official rooms are auto generated by the system
Hm. So. I'm interested in creating a webpage that is like this. On the left side is a scrolling list of like "tabs" or "buttons". You click on one and it goes to its own like window.
So, say...
Tab 1 = Embedded Video
Tab 2 = Contact Form
Tab 3 = Random HTML
Tab 4 = More HTML
And so on...

So, if the user clicks on the tab it displays what's in that window. Make sense?
How would I go about this?
12:53 AM
@MatthewH Bootstrap
@SomeKittens Bootstrap?
If Gilles' comment is to be taken to its logical extent, then we should remove the help and FAQ pages from all sites as well, because these are "generic", all-purpose, one-size-fits-all pages that attempt to help users at great length. The sheer number of characters there vastly increases the chances that one phrase or sentence might be interpreted as offensive, condescending, or scary. The humanity! We should eliminate all help text from the site entirely! (No, I do not actually believe that, but reductio ad absurdum is quite nice...) — allquixotic 2 mins ago
Nevermind. I found it. Interesting
Hold up, so the whole argument hinges on the potential for Cap6's greeting to be interpreted as offensive/intimidating?
@Gilles Over 5000 people joined the room since the feature was implemented. So your argument is that every single person out of the people who got welcomed and didn't like it was terrified and left the room immediately? (Hopefully, not losing too much sleep). You're making a lot of assumptions on a community you've elected not to be a part of. Like yoda said - you have a strong opinion on people happily using a bot in a room you don't visit and would like to impose your (opposite) views on them. Let rooms decide for themselves, it has been working well for years now, don't invent problems. — Benjamin Gruenbaum 21 mins ago
12:58 AM
Well that's silly.
@Gilles so it has devolved to justifying out of context quoting (his quote is about that SU room), and ad hominem? Kind of disappointing... well - I guess I needed to go to sleep anyway. Good night and happy coding :) — Benjamin Gruenbaum 50 secs ago
!!afk sleep
@rlemon ^ fix that
Couldn't we just amend the greeting to something of the effect do not be offended. Do not be intimidated. If you find yourself offended and/or intimidated please report this to your Apeture Testing coordinator immediately
@monners haha
> the cake is a lie.
I second Benja's comment - your last comment is ad hominem, @gilles — Jan Dvorak 18 secs ago
1:02 AM
Caprica Six: Welcome to JavaScript! If you get raped, mugged or abused in this chat room please report to the authorities. Happy JavaScripting!
That'd get me running ^
This whole argument is something Zirak would be really good at.
Caprica Six: Welcome to Fantavision! Please enjoy this fantastic adventure.
damn, no one else has his level of wit + charisma to pull off a job like this
At least the votes or SO meta are conclusive as to what the community (ahem) opinion is
Where is @Zirak?
@monners Rehab
He gets weekends off though
1:13 AM
Also to make an official statement on the command that caused controversy (the age one). As the person who introduced it as a user taught command, which makes me ultimately responsible for it being in the code base in a way.. I am sorry and it is removed from the codebase once Zirak is available to accept the pull request pending on it! It was a mistake and I regret ever introducing it for our room in the first place. However this discussion shouldn't be tainted by a single misguided command. Just remember that everyone. — rlemon 17 secs ago
@BenjaminGruenbaum not every weekend though correct? or was that just for the start.
@rlemon you'd have to ask him
Rehab for what, PHP?
he's a pizza addict
can't stop
@rlemon I'm not sure I agree though - I think the ability to have !!fuckable is perfectly legit. I only (recently) suggested doing it because of bad tase.
400 lbs and going
1:14 AM
@monners Alcohol, he has a drinking problem, he's working on it hough.
@BenjaminGruenbaum the command name is not proper
the site does in fact say no profanity
it is just such a relaxed rule
@rlemon Life's not proper.
@BenjaminGruenbaum it's really none of my business. I was just using it for humor
I should have called it overunder
@BenjaminGruenbaum Wait, what?
1:15 AM
@monners You're right, it's not. We all wish him luck though, he's a strong guy and he can beat it.
@SomeKittens Geez, I didn't know it was such a secret.
I think he talked about it several times in the past here.
I was told he was joining the Army.
@SomeKittens huh?
I was told he was sheltering from a massive hurricane
1:15 AM
Like, he's from Israel and all...
@SomeKittens if he was from Israel I would have met him before...
I know where he is from, it's not Israel, and he's not in the army.
@SomeKittens they turned him down. a 93 year old fighter pilot isn't fit for action
TS says Israel.
@BenjaminGruenbaum he ruined it for himself on TeamSpeak
He's getting better, he'll hopefully be back here in the weekend.
1:16 AM
he has admitted this all
@rlemon wait what?
the only thing he has every kept to himself was his age and his face
Aren't there limitations on species for the Army?
one of which I know, but I will never say! muahahaha the power flows through me!
@rlemon what?
1:17 AM
@BenjaminGruenbaum you need to join us on TS more often
@rlemon Why?
geolocation busted him. he admitted to his location and was very open to everyone about where he was going
When did he "admit" being from Israel?
you are one of the few room regulars who hasn't made his way on TS while Zirak was there
you miss out on so much fun non-so conversation
Is this the same TS you use for Awesomenauts @SomeKittens ?
1:18 AM
@monners We usually use Steam voice chat for Awesomenauts
Just saying ;)
@BenjaminGruenbaum ask him about it then
because he is
Can you link to where he mentioned rehab?
You totally missed my point - and my wink. That's ok though, you thought he was from the US for a while.
@rlemon We knew before you guys though. Zirakertan + Titani -> Guild Wars Wiki -> His name and she found him somehow on facebook
1:19 AM
@SomeKittens That'd mean going through thousands of messages :S
@BenjaminGruenbaum no I perfectly understood it, but hiding it at this point isn't important for him. He said on TS "yea I don't care anymore"
@copy Who's "she"
@BenjaminGruenbaum Your mom
I'm sure it is still funny for newcomers but for regulars he doesn't care
@copy You're*
1:20 AM
(or so he said on TS)
you are mom?
@rlemon No, you really really didn't :P
but you were confusing poor somekittens by arguing information he knows to be correct
@copy I guess @BadgerGirl is really good at tracking people then.
1:21 AM
that was mean
poor, poor, pitiful me
@rlemon I was confusing you.
into thinking that you know less than you do?
i don't see how that is an accomplishment ;)
Zirak's clearly from Australia. How else could someone possess that amount of poor taste and funny?
1:22 AM
although @BenjaminGruenbaum if you have any recording of yourself speaking I would be interested in hearing it
I expected Zirak to have an accent
@rlemon Sure, one sec.
I hear none
@rlemon What accent? You still think he's from Isreal? That's as clueless as your US guess ^^
(To be honest, I do have trust issues with people lying to me like that. Not that you knew that, but parts of elementary school never really leave)
@BenjaminGruenbaum ohh yes. I am such a fool. What a fool I am Benji
please! Show me the light!
1:23 AM
@rlemon a 2.9 fool :)
no i'm a 2.9 machine. or at least that is what your mom calls me!
etv.err.ee/arhiiv.php?id=143380 start watching at 10:07 , it's the first one I could find but there are better ones.
I have a lot of accent there - way more than usual - my English are particularly bad there because I'm trying to use very simple words in very short sentences.
That's because I'm interviewing for a foreign newspaper.
Yeah, that does sound like Zirak a bit.
Except Zirak's WAY sexier.
Like I said, bad sample.
@copy I think you should totally go for it.
@BenjaminGruenbaum it isn't bad. not that heavy of an accent (compared to other nationalities and how thick their accents can sound for me)
1:31 AM
@rlemon It's usually much better - that was just how I interview to foreign press.
It was not me who found Zirak.
Zirak probably has better accent. Mine sucks and he's a native speaker and all.
mines posh british
I don't have an accent, all you guys do :)
1:32 AM
After listening to you and thinking back, I think he does have a bit of an accent but I didn't notice it online. I thought that was just his energetic tone
Q: Require two clicks to join a chatroom

GillesThere are two camps with very different positions regarding how users should be treated when they join a chat room: If you join a chat room, you've signed on to be addressed by random people and bots. It's expected that you may be pinged by anyone or anything. If you join a chat room, you're lu...

now I'm stating to think it was a slight accent as well
@JanDvorak that's actually not a bad idea
What are the browser dimensions of the iPhone 4?
A: Require two clicks to join a chatroom

SomeKittensStudies have shown that adding even two clicks to a process like this one reduces the number of participants by 80%. I love the chat rooms, I'd like to make it as easy as possible to join. My vote's to keep it the way it is.

1:37 AM
if some one is put off by two clicks we wont want them in chat any way :P
do we really want to convince people to want to stay?
I only stay for the free pizza
@JanDvorak look at my suggestion. The extra click isn't for joining but to start chatting.
@JanDvorak That's a stupid idea
Simply because SO isn't going to change the chatroom for this little problem.
Q: delay submit with loading picture javascript

user2972389i have this javascript code of quiz with a submit button , once i click on submit it reacts directly anf quick i wanna make it take little of time to react and show longing image while loading answers or reaction , these are the codes : <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> var speechstr='"'; ...

1:48 AM
@Shea it doesn't seem little
given so many people have voiced about it
That's maybe top 3 of the worst code I've ever seen.
@Dave actually, it felt like Gilles v. State
:( just ate too much
now I feel so jQuery
@rlemon you feel popular yet no one likes you ?
well that, but mostly bloated
1:55 AM
Rebol room are just the nicest people available. Watch how they treat a vamp with a question ban:
Read on, seriously. It's crazy
It feels like meta. Little feedback from the people who make the final call. ......
@rlemon no call will be made
Q: Room owners should not be throttled in the Chat systems

rlemonI see a point in the throttling system, however for regular chat users and room owners it can become quite a nuisance. The room owners already have no star limits for the rooms they own, would it make much sense to remove the message throttling for those users in their rooms as well? I know ma...

Q: support for oneboxing OpenGraph data in the chats

rlemonI had originally asked for ThinkGeek products to be oneboxed and the answer provided made me wonder why support for oneboxing OpenGraph data in the chats does not exist? At the moment we get YouTube and Amazon oneboxes as well as a handful of others, however the important geek sites like Think...

neither has been declined or spoken of
one even has the associating code (maybe in a linked Q)
I wonder what the average lifespan of a feature request is before it is approved / declined
(I have that one with +77 that's very easy to implement)
Chat is too small
They have no interest to implement features. I just wish they'd open source it so we could.
but to just ignore the request outright seems a bit..
at least decline them
2:08 AM
any one on latest chrome tell me what number of frames you get here: jsfiddle.net/ExdeY
@Dave 240
(when it's the active tab)
thats higher than i can get
i thought chrome locked it to 60 fps
My computer is pretty decent.
200 on canary.
unless that does not apply to setInterval
@Dave 227
2:10 AM
Yeah, 200 on setInterval on canary is better than 240 on current build. SetInterval is supposed to be ~5ms
(Linux, Chrome latest)
If you want to lock it, use requestAnimationFrame instead.
You should use it for drawing anyway
@SomeKittens which build ?
2:12 AM
Version 30.0.1599.114
so only RAF is limited
the others can go as fast your pc will let it
No, they can't
so how come canary is getting higher ?
240 is heck of a difference
Q: Wondering if i'm organizing my javascript the best that I can?

user2517626;(function ( $, window, document, undefined ) { 'use strict'; $(document).ready(function (){ // cache some variables var homeTouchSlider = $('#content #full-width-slider') , workListHomeHover = $(".work_list_home a") , workListHover = ...

2:14 AM
> Timers can be nested; after five such nested timers, however, the interval is forced to be at least four milliseconds.
didn't know that.
before that I thought it was always 4ms
can i move with jquery a div element in a other div?, a tried so but that not works for me: $('#breadcrumb').before('#content');
@MirkoSimic insertBefore?
before moves the other element
@JanDvorak i tried so also to move div before this content
2:16 AM
@MirkoSimic jsfiddle?
@monners that works perfectly, many thanks
You're welcome
@MirkoSimic wait, you wanted to put the breadcrumb into the content?
@JanDvorak Don't take this away from me!!!
basks in glory
2:19 AM
@monners how did you know?
@JanDvorak yes, and i used this from @monners, is this solution not good?
@MirkoSimic it puts #breadcrumb into #content. Is that what you want?
@JanDvorak yes, but with .before etc... i tried many solutions, also like .append() before i have asked here
@MirkoSimic before puts the element outside the other element
@JanDvorak I think the issue Mirko's running into is that .before won't move an element in the DOM, it'll just insert it. prependTo will actually move it.
2:25 AM
@monners they both move or insert
if you insert into multiple locations, the first target gets the original element, the rest get clones.
This makes sense:
$('.el').before('<p>hello world</p>');
This doesn't:
In the second case .before doesn't act as a find/filter
@monners ah, right. Some of the methods don't accept selectors, but HTML
That'd prolly work, but ugly
2:30 AM
but you should cache anyways
Also, I think that'd just clone the #target?
@monners it will move the target
Ok, gotta try this
$(".el").before($("#target").detach()); // just if it does clone it, but it won't
I don't always trust jQuery
You're right!
2:32 AM
unless there are multiple els. Then it will move to the first location, then clone to the rest
All of the buttons are now sitting happily before the body :P
@monners wat?
Just the way I tested it. Grabbed the buttons in chat and put em .before the body of this page
@monners 8-)
Now if you excuse me, I'll try to actually sleep, like I intended 75 minutes ago.
2:34 AM
Good luck!
@JanDvorak the drama is just pulls you in!
@rlemon Don't be so dramatic
this time I'll close the lid :-)
@monners sorry. I've been tainted ever since I was forced to watch the bachelorette
2:40 AM
Talk about cruel and unusual punishment. What'd you do to deserve that?!?
got laid.
Was it worth it?
at the time, yes. but hindsight is always 20/20 right amirite?
"the mist on this planet is filling my head with such strange thoughts..."
^ Galaxy Quest
Ok, time for lunch
Retro time
Q: CSS styling or not the scrollbars

sbaaaangMy question is: I know i can style scroll bars in my website, but i'm wondering why nobody does? Is there any reason why scrollbars are always default in all websites out there?

gnight everyone
3:03 AM
Oh noes, what ate MDN?
3:58 AM
jsfiddle.net/EEfFJ/show now you have the data in functions so you can manipulate it however
i'm just not able to think of cool colours

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