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9:08 AM
@rlemon Good stuff. That is more like what I had in mind. Too small probably still though
@OliverSalzburg rlemon is afk: 🌙
Yeah yeah
About that Ctrl+Click navigation thing I opened earlier this week: github.com/Microsoft/TypeScript/issues/23742
but, okay
9:16 AM
also, fwiw, I like the idea to make this room gallery, so we don't have to deal with most new trolls. +1
I'm wondering if !!mute still works (cc @Zirak @rlemon )
Jeez, what happened here
Rough times, rough times.
9:31 AM
looks like it was removed github.com/Zirak/SO-ChatBot/commit/…
@BenjaminGruenbaum oh maybe you will know; Overexchange came yesterday saying how extends is bad, trying to have a discussion, but he couldnt say why and said that he worked something through with you. Would you mind putting some light on this for me, as I really couldnt understand his point (or lack of one)
guys i am using $(document).on('click','.addProductButton', function () {
but it often doesnt fire the event, I have to spam click it often
@KamilSolecki as in composition over inheritance?
@BenjaminGruenbaum Seems harsh. Have I missed anything that triggered this proposal?
@BenjaminGruenbaum I have 0 idea what he meant, but maybe?
@OliverSalzburg we are being posted over twitter, then also a meta post appeared
@OliverSalzburg a user came in yesterday while an OT discussion happened, the user communicated (in a way people didn't find clear) that he wants it to stop and was kicked after being aggressive about it (discussion did stop, the user was aggressive and possibly misunderstood about the actual discussion) - he posted on twitter which caused drama.
for that thing when the guy came and said that we shouldnt talk about prostutution
That stuff needs to be in the ticket IMHO. I also took the liberty of adding a link to the explanation what a gallery is :D
Trying to put my mind inside sam saffron's post on meta is interesting, just as someone who grew up in chat rooms and the like
9:35 AM
@KamilSolecki to be fair, we probably shouldn't.
Thanks for the pointers. I'll read up
@BenjaminGruenbaum sure, but how he said that is what fueled the drama
but yeah, nvm
i am currently doing a form with 2 inputs, problem is that when they get stacked (cuz of responsive) they have no margin anymore. how could i fix this?
@BenjaminGruenbaum should I link the meta post link to the issue?
@KamilSolecki You're welcome to
@AltayAkkus Please create an MCVE illustrating the problem, I recommend on jsfiddle.
9:40 AM
@BenjaminGruenbaum I still cant edit / close. Can you move me from member to owner?
You are an owner I believe, checking
Kamil Solecki
Whoops, this is so confusing, there are GH org owners and an "owners" group - you were in the latter but a member in the former, I've amended that. We should probably have a procedure for adding owners.
I'll write an .md up a little later
@BenjaminGruenbaum its extremely difficult cuz I have so many files 1 sec
9:44 AM
@AltayAkkus here is a guide on how to ask: stackoverflow.com/help/mcve
@KamilSolecki what do you say to my implementation of your idea :D
@AltayAkkus ill look in a moment
thx :)
10:07 AM
Im really sorry for bothering you but I dont think you did this correctly this time either :P

Check here: https://github.com/orgs/JavaScriptRoom/people
same goes for KevinB, loktar, ryan, and florian
@KamilSolecki you have access to add anyone else now no?
@BenjaminGruenbaum oh wait I can
ok thx
@KamilSolecki do you mean me?
Man. Now I'm really sad that I missed that prostitution discussion :(
10:17 AM
@OliverSalzburg do you know that the EVP of SO culture had his team look into that tho
@KamilSolecki I know that he wrote that in a tweet
Which is like "Your opinion is really important to us!" you get for every complaint
Ehh, last few months have been really frisky
First the inflow of trolls
now the dramas
Im all in for gallery until it all calms down.
I dunno, I experienced it differently. A lot of that stuff didn't phase me
I replied to our tickets on GH
@OliverSalzburg neither, but it might affect the room itself, if it actually gets approached by SO without any concrete discussion between us and them, and then is when it does become a problem.
I'm not phased nor am I making it adversarial, the SO team are on our side - my concern isn't fighting with them it's antagonizing them or creating an adversarial situation.
10:21 AM
Its like the work nobody wants to do, but if the media (twitter) presses enough, someone will probably have to
My solution to these sort of dramas and attacks has always been to not have a twitter account - it helped me immensely in Node.js core - if I help someone and get a passive aggressive tweet in return - I just don't see it :D
I'm open to having a discussion with the team. I just don't see any proactive measures as necessary. I'm not anticipating any specific action, so I don't have to prepare for any. If this is really a problem, they'll let us know and then we can discuss further actions. Nobody has done anything wrong from my point of view
Although I generally find the whole situation baffling, I'm all for having more women or minorities here given that they interact constructively.
sure, why not
Although this room is full of creeps who prey on unsuspecting young women who don't even vim yet trying to talk with the bot like @copy
If we're being honest about it though, @BadgerCat was harassed by newbies in the room all the time when she had a female name.
10:24 AM
I actually don't give a shit about the gender or origin of anyone coming here
all I really care for is that they are participating users rather than trolls, no matter if they are men, women, white, black, or any other skin color.
I do, but I don't think lesser of anyone because of gender or origin - people here have some really interesting stories and I learned a lot about their cultures and different experience.
I think the amount of work we do helping people or coordinating canonicals goes unnoticed.
I can name quite a few bits of open source software that originated in people who were active members of this room while happening. It's the only way I got involved in Bluebird with another room owner - and bluebird has move than 18m downloads. That's how I got involved in Node in the first place.
Heck, I even mention the chat when discussing inclusivity in 2015 here:
btw, was it madara that got you into the company, you that got madara, or yall just met there?
the one yall worked in together
This is not a support chat. This is just a regular chat with regular people who have regular opinions, which might not be in inline with your own. Everyone gets shit for something everyday. You have a beard? People make fun of you looking stupid. You don't have a beard? People make fun of you not being able to grow a beard. I don't want to be in a chat room where it doesn't matter if you have a beard. This is what the fun is about
It's not a problem with the culture of the room. Nobody ever said "Hey! We need to be dicks all the time"
This is a problem with people, who can't deal with other people
And you can't change people
People are the fucking worst
@OliverSalzburg I cannot grow a beard :(
10:28 AM
@KamilSolecki yeah, we hired Madara and Mosho due to chat, I met a bunch of people too and made friends
@KamilSolecki Hah! You suck!
@OliverSalzburg expect to be on twitter fam
@OliverSalzburg you see why they people object to coming to a JS room and seeing stuff relating to sexuality? You agree someone could find it generally offensive?
!!afk I hate ironing
10:30 AM
@BenjaminGruenbaum Everyone will take offense to something. But, yes, I obviously see how sexuality triggers a lot of people
So on the one hand we've build a bunch of helpful stuff and on the other we're antagonizing some users - I think that's an expectation problem which renaming to ECMAScript can help with.
I think when I first got here, @KendallFrey pulled a "your mom" joke on me in the first 30 seconds
After all we don't want nor do we care about publicity or making the room "famous".
@OliverSalzburg reported
@BenjaminGruenbaum people open rooms with me because my girlfrieends in my avatar
@BenjaminGruenbaum True. But I enjoy it being lively and open, even though there is obviously still a certain barrier after joining the room
10:32 AM
Mar 7 '13 at 22:06, by Porizm
@BadgerGirl never say No to me
@Cereal well, the point people are trying to make is that it's easier for SO to shut chat down entirely, I disagree with that being a good idea in general since chat is generally a good thing (tm) for site culture.
Idk what I'd do if they shut down chat
I'd have to ask questions on main
and that's just not a welcoming experience =D
We'd just go to slack, I do most my chatting there - and slack is really exclusive
If someone tells us "Hey guys, you're too offensive and your room name is inviting to a lot of people, who are then insulted when they're joining. That's not cool. Get off the stage" So be it. But for now, I don't see call for action
Or discourse, but honestly I like it here - I like the fact it's related to my SO so I can answer questions or comment on them easily.
@Cereal loktar still thinks its your mom :P
10:39 AM
jsfiddle.net/g1ozpdy4/4 can someone help me fix my problem?
@AltayAkkus What's the problem?
You have to what the button?
Do you mean not responsive as in they don't do anything when you press them or
I dunno, I click the grey rectangle and the pizza form slides open, I click it again, slides shut
That seems satisfactory
It's also very responsivey
I have inputs jumping all over the place
That's racist
@GaurangTandon Please don't post unformatted code - hit Ctrl+K before sending, use up-arrow to edit messages, and see the faq. For posting large code blocks, use a paste site like gist.github.com, hastebin.com, pastie.org or a demo site like jsbin.com
It's also very responsivey
I have inputs jumping all over the place
this doesnt make any sense at all @OliverSalzburg haha
How do you test if its responsive or not? I am using that shitty chrome thing that fucks everything up
10:51 AM
@AltayAkkus I'm just sliding the splitter around
Why is it not capturing the mouse cursor?
hello, sorry for the interruption, I have a small problem again:

var req = new XMLHttpRequest();
req.open("GET", "https://api.crossref.org/works/" + doi, true);
req.setRequestHeader("Content-type", "text/plain");

req.onload = function (e) {
// stuff

I need to specify a Use-Agent header in my request. It should contain my script's name and my email. I've searched Google for "specify a user-agent header in xmlhttprequest via javascript" but I got [this question](https://stackoverflow.com/questions/23248525/setting-a-custom-useragent-in-html-or-javascript) which seems to be a
Can you not just use setReequestHeader for User-Agent
@Cereal like so: req.setRequestHeader("User-Agent", "script-name; email");?
ok let me try
I made the request; went to DevTools/Networks, then clicked Headers and it shows User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/65.0.3325.181 Safari/537.36 Doesn't seem to be correct :(
Must be overriding it
What are you trying to achieve by sending your script name and email in the user agent?
CrossRef requires me to set the UA so that I'm interpreted as a polite user
polite users get a specialized advantage
in terms of handling of the response
11:01 AM
@OliverSalzburg I dont understand you
Is it my accent?
no what do you mean by not capturing the mouse cursor
also click on the lil button
I mean my screenshot tool does not show the mouse cursor when I upload the image to Imgur, even though it's in the content area
@Cereal please read: github.com/CrossRef/rest-api-doc#etiquette and see if I was potentially misinterpreting their requirements (point 3)
ye because it tabs out
but click on the little button which icon isnt rendering on the pizza margherita in the right corner
and was the its very responsive a joke or what :D
11:03 AM
well, nevermind, I think I'll just add a mailto: parameter in my query parameters. but still...
@OliverSalzburg ?
You need to explain your problem more clearly
Because I'm not seeing it
ok then my pc is shit
is the dropdown also responsive?
oh yea wait
go on verschiedene größen and select Ja
another form will appear and that form is very unresponsive
I had an problem with the button
By "responsive", do you mean "it is working as intended" or (the correct interpretation) "it follows responsive design"?
I couldnt make it the same height as the other elements and now its not working on mobile
responsive design
11:13 AM
Pretty sure that is your problem
You have to click the button, not margin
nah its just jsfiddle
semantic ui has cheated on me
It only works if you click at the center of the "button", because that's where the button is
how could I do that :D
Fuck. I just can't manage to snap a pic of this magpie that's visiting me every day
atleast someone visits you lol
nah its not that I think
11:16 AM
That's because I put free food out
i click into the middle but still nothing happens
when I click on to the cog directly it works
how could i fix this..
Interfaces: TypeScript’s Swiss Army Knife - blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/typescript/2013/01/24/…
@AltayAkkus Too complex for me to judge, I fear
Oh wait
$(document).on('click','.openSettingsButton', function () {
You're putting the click handler on the icon, not the button
Which would explain why you have to click the icon, not the button
thank you very much
do you have any recommendations on what picture to use
its going to be a restaurant menu and the pizza picture doesnt look that good
especially in smaller devices you only see a lil bit
This seems to be the admin interface for creating new dishes. Is mobile really a target audience?
11:27 AM
not really
But, honestly, if you need a pizza at a certain size, we have an entire PaaS (Pizza as a Service) for that
!!pizza 512 240
they look ugly tho
no I just mean like how can I make a image responsive
At least there's no fucking pineapple on them
I need it to be 100% width
i hope the api has a filter where you can exclude pineapples
11:29 AM
@OliverSalzburg agree
@rlemon ^
@OliverSalzburg rlemon is afk: 🌙
what else do you think about the site oliver
does it look good :D
Yeah, looks fine, but the subject is confusing me
what do you mean :D
i am making a fair pizza delivery website
not only pizza tho
11:31 AM
Because there are a handful of services right now that contact every single pizza place to sell them off-the-shelf websites, payment services, central delivery management. Like lieferheld and whatnot
i know thats exactly my concept
how do you know lieferheld
are you undercover german :D
I am a very knowledgeable guy
no lieferheld and the other services want 14% (!) of your income
11:31 AM
I'm an over-the-cover German actually
you order 10 Euros worth of smth, 1,4 Euro goes to lieferheld
And DeliveryHero is actually larger than LieferHeld
and most pizza delivery services dont make a hell lot of money
they own pizza.de i thin
so these 14% hit really hard
So you're opening up a competing business?
so I want to make a website just like em, but I dont take 14%, instead I just take a monthly fee of 40 Euro
and I will not spend a single cent on marketing because the pizza deliverers will do it for me
11:33 AM
Do you have business experience?
Get someone who does
but I have free time and money
Still though
i should probably
ye im going to finish the basic website and then im going to contact a lawyer to go through legal stuff and so on
11:34 AM
The idea is good. But I have the feeling there are already people trying to compete in that market and it will be hard to get a foot in
my main goal isnt to get rich
and im not going to invest that much money 5k or so
pizza delivereres can just use my service and the other ones too
The best idea doesn't help you if you can't get the word out though. And business is a lot more complicated than selling a good idea
and whenever they ship a pizza they write on their receipt or on a flyer next when you order at thisandthis.de you get a free coke (when 10 Euro is exceeded)
Word-of-mouth marketing also doesn't work well in competition. A pizza place is unlikely to recommend your platform to another pizza place
They are competitors
And if they feel your platform benefits them, they might not want their competitors to know about it
11:35 AM
cool thing is that all their data is publicly avaible, so I can just send ad letters to em
but of course I would contact someone and so on
Business is actually fucked up and you need people who know how to do business. If you're the tech guy, be the tech guy. Get someone to do the business or you'll be fucked over
lets see im still not that far :D
That's just my take on it, YMMV :)
What state are you in btw?
The biggest problem in your case is the fact of marketing. They will likely not be willing to invest time in a brand new service that does not have customers and will likely net them very little in the first few months or so
11:37 AM
so either I'd suggest you start off free
@AltayAkkus Oh fuck. My home state :')
im thinking of a free trial
like 1 month
too short imho
look at this from a customer perspective
the thing is I want like 40/20 Euros, and lieferando takes 140 Euros per Month for terminals
@AltayAkkus Where in Hessen? I need to know more! :D
11:38 AM
why should they use your page, when the prices are the same at your competitors pages?
Ah. Used to live near Frankfurt and Gießen
like1 hour away from me
also competition is known on the market and is validated
you will not be
@KamilSolecki there are no competitors, competitors are lieferheld and pizza.de but they take 14% fee
11:40 AM
@AltayAkkus but customers (people who want pizza) dont care
my users would have to transfer 4 euros per day from their sites to mine to get that 20 euro monthly back
people who want pizza dont see the 14%
they see the pizza price
and they see a long known, popular service that is pizza.de
so they add smth to the receipt or a flyer and say next time you get 5% off or a free coke when you order there
The tough part about delivery hero and pizza.de is, they also own all the web properties
which they know is valid and safe to use
11:41 AM
Your customers don't have a place to put their site on :D
I mean, they're squatting all the domains
They got a list of all restaurants in Germany and just registered every .de that made sense
they would only have to get 1 dude a day that would normally order at lieferheld or pizza.de to order smth for 3,50 euro and their monthly fee is back
We have some restaurants in our tiny town that have 3 websites, none of them are maintained by the owner
but i researched on it
lieferheld and pizza.de have a option for their own website so you can make your own website for your restaurant connected to their service
but legally they aint allowed to just register and squat everything
and most people do because they only charge a small one time fee or so and you get listed better
so more orders and lieferheld or pizza.de have more orders :D
because the people google the restaurant name and see their website imediately
what do you think off my website so fa
lets see guys as I said im not depending on this, I am having great fun programming it, and I dont actually starve to death if it doesnt work, im still a student and my father has profitable job so I can allow myself to fail, even If I dont want to :D
does anyone know a good modal, like I want a popup (javascript not a actual popup) to open and the user has to select an image (the image is shown)
like facebook and google do when you have pre uploaded picutres
We rolled our own
this is a nice library which provides a blob for images uploaded github.com/react-dropzone/react-dropzone
made that using material-ui and react-dropzone
11:49 AM
ok I will do my own :D
I dont understand react
should I use it?
im not sure to be honest
I mean if you have a large part of code base written without it, you are better off not using it
i have to make a higly responsive site but the rest is just regular settings stuff
not much interacting
and the interacting works smooth the only things I want is changing text and so on so no need for high level interacting
Use what you already have and finish it. Reiterate later
You probably still have other issues to solve
^ that
ye Oliver, 1 thing, I have a database with the products and categorys and so on and I want to generate the menu out of it, I have the html for product groups and categorys and so on, I use the blade template engine, how could I generate all this?
I hope you understand what I mean :D
11:53 AM
I understand what you mean, but to answer that, I would need to know a lot more about the technologies involved
Or I'm not seeing the problem clear enough :D
I dont ahve the database yet I need to layout it so that all the products are stored
I gotta run right now. Will be back later
@BenjaminGruenbaum Vetoed. If you still feel the same in a week or so, reopen (or open a new one and link to this one).
i thought about table products( id / productname / productdescription / categoryID / userID ) and table categorys (id / categoryID / categoryName / categorydescription / categoryimg / userID)
and then it gets all the categorys from a userID, then gets all the products for the categorys, so in the end I have an array [{categoryName: "Pizza", categoryDescription: "All Pizzas are made with tomato sauce and cheese",products: [{productName:"Pizza Margherita",productSizings : [{sizingName: "small", sizingPrice:"4.00"}{sizingName: "medium", sizingPrice:"6.00"}{sizingName: "big", sizingPrice:"10.00"}]}]
and out of that array I need to render the HTML
12:45 PM
Go home TypeScript, you're drunk.
In TypeScript, I see accessors to maintain Encapsulation. In Python, I was using both accessors & descriptors(DRY version of accessors), for maintaining Encapsulation.. Looking for similar construct in TypeScript
Just use private/public for encapsulation, Python doesn't have that so they use accessors. You can do everything with has and get with proxies or Object.defineProperty but probably don't since it's hard to debug.

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