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I know what you did heree!!!
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Greetings from Jamaica!
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5:21 AM
posted on February 18, 2017 by Tor Norbye

We have just released Android Studio 2.3 RC 1 to the Canary channel. Assuming no surprises, we will promote this to the beta channel in the next few days. This build contains a small set of important bug fixes.Gradle: https://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=233777 Layout editor: https://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=234221 Layout editor logging to help us track down http

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7:13 AM
wow, linkedin got beautiful now
8:10 AM
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9:34 AM
Good noon
10:09 AM
@SimonShedrack You need at least 80 rep, and a q:a ratio of 3:4 to talk here. Please see this link for more details.
@PomeGranate You need a q:a ratio of 3:4 to talk here. Please see this link for more details.
10:31 AM
Good noon everybody
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12:55 PM
Trump's performance today will be taught in the history books. RT if you think he had an excellent press conference. #TrumpPressConference
@Carlos You need at least 80 rep, and a q:a ratio of 3:4 to talk here. Please see this link for more details.
@genaray You need a q:a ratio of 3:4 to talk here. Please see this link for more details.
can't wait for it !!
They're already done with Season 3?
Damn, I'm out of the loop
I lost track midway through Season 2
lost of interest? or because of time?
understandable, I had to book 2 days to watch every season :D
1:55 PM
@FayazAralikatti You need at least 80 rep, and a q:a ratio of 3:4 to talk here. Please see this link for more details.
2:07 PM
Java 9 is already a thing, i am so behind.
Rupin take it easy :D
tell yourself that most big systems on production are still running on Java6, when you have a great customer you'll find him at 7.
only a few are at 8...
3:02 PM
@McAdam331 bullet span PR is still pending
3:13 PM
Anybody here is good with google forms? lol
3:30 PM
I've filled out a few
and worked on some draft ones
what do you need?
He's applying for a job at Google
Different kind of Google Forms
howdy Raghav
How's it going?
fine enough, bit of coding, bit of learning for next exam
What's the exam on?
3:39 PM
advanced microeconomics
consumer/market/game theory mainly
Ahh, fun
@cygery I kinda solved it. I wanted something like "Choose a product and how many"
4:23 PM
I think I'm being stalked...
hahaha :D
4:42 PM
Well, I'm on to them now
gotta go. need more foil
5:16 PM
I need some suggestion. I have a list of options, say 5. These are declared as separate integers. But, a user's device support only 2th, 4th, 5th option. How should I block/ban other options so that I wouldn't need to show unsupported options to user.
They are displayed in a Dialog with Radio selectors.
How should I attach an option with enabled/disabled flag?
Should I create a class, and use something like isEnabled(option)
You could add a filter() method on the dialog where you pass in what criteria to filter on?
or do the filter where ever you set your list of five items
so, the best option is to check if option is supported and add it to an array, and then show the array.
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10:42 PM
is there an equivalent to the div in android xml formatting files?
might be a stupid question not sure
@William - RelativeLayout, LinearLayout, FrameLayout, ViewGroup and more
you may wanna read about android layouts it's quite an important topic
can't be all of the above can it?
10:57 PM
well, it all depends on the structure of your UI
Linear are more to store elemnts on a successive order following a certain orientations such as Horizontal or Vertical
and Relative is more a flexible layout where you can put whatever you want wherever you want in it and you can put relationships betweens elements, such as belowOf or toEndOf
@MehdiB. where are the styles applied to the elements like is there an equivalent to style atttribute in html
Yes, you can either style inline or on a style file, just like HTML and css
thank you
you're welcome
can you link an example
11:01 PM
inline styles
it's the default way
Q: Android Imageview FITXY Image shrinking issue

Adithya`Hi All, I would like to pick an image from my phone gallery and show it as a background of a imageview.I am able to show it and even I am able to make the image fit whole screen via(FITXY property of imageview). The issue is image actually shrinks , so I tried Fitcenter and adjustviewbounds pr...

but as I said
you may wanna read about them from the beginning
thank you it appears there are only inline styles in a sense
you can put generic and widely used styles on a separate XML file "styles.xml"
thank you for the help I have to go bye
11:05 PM
11:52 PM
@Code-Apprentice what the f
what even
does this guy know english
or can he form a normal sentence for once?
why is he not briefed on anything?!

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