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Q: Trying to learn calling methods

fancyslimshadyI am an amateur trying to learn Java. So I am trying to learn method calling but I get an error "The method adding(int, int, int) in the type Add is not applicable for the arguments ()" I am also aware that the compiler goes line by line and the System.out.print(); would be unreachable if after t...

This is a surprisingly good noob question. Granted...it is probably a dupe and it certainly is answered in any basic Java text or tutorial. Still, the MCVE is short and contains all the necessary information to illustrate what the OP is asking about.
2:45 AM
Have you found a solution to this? — McAdam331 Apr 27 '15 at 19:12
I find some amusement when I stumble across posts (questions, answers, and comments) from people in this room.
2:57 AM
Alright, I have a branch of this JS VM's repo with connections to the original author removed so I can do a hostile fork if I need to.
in Lounge<C++>, 58 mins ago, by Mysticial
I don't have any evidence to back that up, but it's true because I said so and I have alternative facts to back it up.
He has 150k rep without clicking on the rep button! WTF?
I have twice as many answers and 10% as much rep...
3:27 AM
Where is the "badges" tab now?
3:48 AM
Interesting. Well, I don't support supporting browsers that don't support standards, but if SO wants to support it then I guess that's fine @rene. — Tiny Giant yesterday
I support this comment
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Goooooooooooooooooooood Morning Everyone!!!! :D
gooood morningo
A: As a Canadian, what are appropriate gifts to bring when travelling to Europe?

CptEricwhat i would love if i was your host/hotelier/renter? Some sort of weird, local / regional / national sauce. As an example, i haven't been able to find uk's / ireland's mint sauce in spain, and i love putting mint in things. syroup will do fine. A local / regional / national recipe book ( this ...

still amazed i keep getting upvotes here
why tho? it's a really good answer :O
feels weird people getting advice from me
i need a guide to tie my own shoelaces
yet i help canadians give stuff to strangers
7:06 AM
but it's worse if you have the pickaxe out xD
8:13 AM
poor cat
8:33 AM
I need help with Toasts, is someone there?
Have you tried Butterknife?
My Toasts are appearing too late.
data-binding? no. I didnt. yet.
It was more of a toast->butter joke, but okay
omg, I am so absent minded.
public onCallbackReceived(){
    asyncTask().execute();     // takes 40ms
My toasts show after onCallbackReceived() is fully executed.
including asynctask time and condition checks.
what's da question?
8:41 AM
toasts are late.
toasts are never late nor early.
android.widget.Toast is late :/
they arrive precisely when they mean to
@rupinderjeet what do you mean by late tho, the toast isn't executed precisely when the callback is called?
toast.showAsSoonAsThisStatementExecutes(); plz
8:44 AM
you might have the UI thread cluttered by other things
toasts show, but after callback is completely done.
toasts render on the UI thread
make sure you're not clogging it
you mean runOnUiThread maybe?
I wonder what your asynctask code does
Saves an image, and calls MediaScanner.scanFile
8:46 AM
can you pastebin your asynctask class code?
entire? or doInBackground()
entire if possible
8:48 AM
warren , you better get free2move.es & free2move.fr anytime soon
bc they're ready to be bought
that is not part of my business :D
@GurumoorthyArumugam Denied for 40:16 q:a ratio
where is the bot when you need it!?
I dunno, it died :(
Not sure why
It was fine a few hours ago
I'll take a look when I get home
8:53 AM
here is my SaveFile asynctask.
Can you review its performance too?
do you guys know a library that is able to scan inverted QR ? (white dots on a black background)
Just invert the frame to make it normal?
could you elaborate a little bit more on that ?
I can't find an obvious issue with your asynctask
does the toast appears when you remove the execute() line in your method?
Just invert the colours in the image you're receiving from the camera
It'll be a normal QR then
9:01 AM
now I feel an idiot
you mean by not calling asynctask at all?
I will give it a try
thanks Raghav
you can also apply inverteffect on the camera preview that scans inverted QR.
too much work though
warren, do you need a look at callback code?
@rupinderjeet yes
9:11 AM
Here is my callback method that calls SaveFile task @WarrenFaith
and have you tested it without the asynctask execution? Does it still delay your toast?
umm, I am trying to run it without asynctask, gradle is taking time. 7 mins in.
Any good online documentation service?
like, a place to mantain well doccumented things
but not wiki
classic wikis are a mess
facebook just went full retard and added a super crappy bottom navigation
9:22 AM
that's just a docs repository
then I dont understand the question
something like SO Documentation?
no, he wants a good service
i need some service that generates me a website where i can create my own documentations
for our internal libs
or the external libs we use
that doesn't look like a 1992 freshly liscensed wiki
Oh just noticed you fixed your problem yesterday Tim, nice
9:36 AM
Great start of the day boys, going trough your back.
yeah it actually didn't work before because I had 3 selectors, when I removed one it worked
Eric, we used doxygen @uni
@WarrenFaith logs
Tim, the new CSS god
did the job, nothing too pretty, dunno about alternatives
9:41 AM
I am more like a css Judas
I am around css for now, but there will be a time when I ditch it
sooner rather than later
readme.io is awesome
but expensive
9:47 AM
i mean 60$ a month is :I
Is Confluence cheaper?
atlassian's products dont usually fancy me
but yeah
10/mo only
probably cheaper to build your own doc service
9:52 AM
Atlassian didn't take into account that we changed our creditcard number last month and just shot down all our services. No more bitbucket, no more confluence, no more jira.
Every Friday: a new big problem
It's like we are located on an old indian cemetery...
areh indian cemetery..!!! :P
i mean couldn't they add a damn "buy your liscense for 199$ but you gotta self host it on your crap server" like everone did before the cloud was a thing?
swagger is just for APIS
You not a fan of Atlassian Eric?
We're very much in Atlassian's ecosystem: Jira, BitBucket and Confluence
Who wants to win a fridge? Easiest way to draw a marker over a blueprint (the marker is just a simple cirkle with a number in it).
10:02 AM
i want a fridge
create the view over the XY coordinates of the image
Is that a clean way? Just loading a view at a certain X/Y point?
Possibility of 200-300 markers each blueprint
as clean as creating 400 mapMarkers on a google maps :P
not so clean dus :p
which is the same. a view over a x/y coord. literally
10:05 AM
Hmm, will try it. I trust on you guys.
make sure it's not a gazillion pixels image
Its more like a very simple circle, probably around 35x35px
you could try to work with a canvas / surfaceview too
Q: how to add a pin marker on image view in android

Deepak Swamii am working on a project where i need to add pins on image view as shown in below image. how could we do this. i successfully created a zoomable image view using TouchImageview.java class TouchImageView extends ImageView { Matrix matrix = new Matrix(); // We can be in one of these 3 stat...

might also be worth a look
Thanks :) will try it out
10:37 AM
19 hours ago, by OcuS
or a very strange hamster
ohhh, too late.
10:57 AM
@VijayParchani You need at least 80 rep to talk here. Please see this link for more details.
> db.changes().on('change', function() {
omg best docs example evah
now i'm singing it
11:12 AM
the new UI of LinkedIn is awesome
not sure, what's the thing with changing headers lately, SO - Github - Linkedin :D
should i make a linkedin?
LinkedIn has been changed for a while
why tho?
I find LinkedIn good for finding out about new opportunities / getting connected with recruiters
I have no idea what to write for my description of my role though
I've written stuff already but I feel like it could be better
and discovering companies you didn't know (through your connections)
Mark - something tike that?
I'm a XYZ Developer with N years of enterprise working experience, currently working at Y.
The main fields I'm working on are: A, B, C, D.
And my main interests are: U, V, W.
or is it too short?
11:19 AM
and i like warm hugs
not sure that's relevant for recruiters, but you could put it there XD
That's my profile atm
sent you an invite
I think you should definitely detail it more
Accepted. I went into specifics for what I did at SAP and in my current role.
Heard it's good to do that so recruiters can find you by what you've worked on, which is probably why I was contacted about that Senior Android role because I had BLE in my info
11:23 AM
pick good keywords
that'll make you appear on search queries
Q: Mistook new faculty member to be a student, how big a fauxpas is it?

PushpendreToday I was introduced in the cafeteria by a professor who I know to someone new by just their first name. Because of admissions season, I thought that the new person was a prospective grad student and I asked, "are you here for admissions?" and the reply was that "no, I just joined as an assist...

how to suck at socializing
the academia way
@WarrenFaith should I move toast notification to onPreExecute() in asynctask?
I am extremely good at socializing. I sit in the virtual chat room all day
haha :D
11:31 AM
no, rupi. I would suggest you use Hugo to measure how long what methods are taking in general.
I think the mistake is somewhere else up the caller hierachie
> Petrols auto-ignition temperature is 280°C, Diesels auto-ignition temperature is 210°C. If your fuel pump is managing to approach anywhere near these numbers, the fact that you are using fuel as a method of transporting heat away is the least of your problems.
nice, thanks.
the German-English google translation looks incredibly accurate
english is technically a germanic language
latino-celtic [anglo]-[saxon] germano-celtic
@MarkO'Sullivan Sent you an invite :)
11:47 AM
@TimCastelijns not a part of the Android community on LinkedIn but apart of the Python one?! Shame!
Q: How onStart() is calling after onCreate() method?

Voora TarunI am learning about design patterns in java. In Android, every time I read that, first Oncreate() is called and next onStart() and then onResume() called . How they are calling internally ? Which design pattern they are using ? How these Callback functions are implemented ? were they used observ...

12:16 PM
I don't treat linkedin seriously
I use it to build a network of recruiters, should I need a new job some day
otherwise people can just look at my stack overflow profile
does linkedIn work?
for jobs.
Good day o/
How is lemon?
12:20 PM
Green!! :D
might be another joke I am not getting.
They say when life gives you lemon make a lemonade instead
@rupinderjeet for me, yes. In 2016 I got about 10-15 recruiters asking me to come work for their client. But tech is hot in the netherlands
12:26 PM
do they focus on added projects or work history?
@faisal1208 You need a q:a ratio of 3:4 to talk here. Please see this link for more details.
@rupinderjeet they focus on nothing I think. I don't have ios listed as a skill but they ask me to do ios work for them for example. They only want to know that I know some stuff about mobile
stopping spotify
cool. I should try giving it some more time then.
12:40 PM
Eric is now responsible for the RB Friday ritual ? Where's Foamy ???
@rupinderjeet well if you don't try, you wont know :)
yes, right.
12:56 PM
@OcuS dunno. @FoamyGuy you're missing your tasks.
look at this post. stackoverflow.com/questions/42296309/…. N number of times i have seen such posts.
Time to go :D
Have a nice weekend everyone!!! :3
1:23 PM
@Dharmendra your invite has disappeared!
Accepted :)
Dharmendra - Are you buddhist?
1:31 PM
Anyone has used Java constant to Build.gradle?
like a boolean in build.gradle, and use it as a build variable?
I have few Environment based constant files so I want to use that constant and need to replace meta tag in manifest
Yes, that will help me to replace variable into manifest but looking for a solution how I can use java constant variable into gradle so that using manifest-merger i can replace that constant to manifest
1:40 PM
not sure I understand Dharmendra. Why not defining you constants in gradle (in a properties file or directly in one of the build.gradle file) and use manifestPlaceholders + buildConfigField ? This way, values is centralized a just on place and injected in the manifest and/or the java
Actually I need to switch environment runtime instead of compile time. so I have feature to switch environment when I do specific action in the app
so I am uses variables from selected environment implementation
Pretty cool seeing this interview which was taken at the PGA show featuring a demo of my app: facebook.com/shotscope/posts/1820278091572941
anyone an idea why my app now reports the same crash twice? Once as "UncaughtException" and once with the tag "AndroidRuntime"?
1:52 PM
people can change runtime environment from Dalvik to AndroidRuntime
I just read it today
A: How to add metadata dynamically (Not in manifest but inside code)?

Ahmad I want to set app meta data using code.Is it possible in android ? No, it's not possible. The manifest get's parsed at compile time -> you can't add meta-data at runtime.

Ahmad's answer is my answer :D
How can I know when they last changed this page? developer.android.com/topic/instant-apps/prepare.html
try at the webarchive
> Stack Overflow is currently offline for maintenance
2:02 PM
@AliNawaz You need at least 80 rep to talk here. Please see this link for more details.
I got answer
A: Firebase pagination limitToFirst() vs limitToLast()

DerekYou can try this way: int mPageEndOffset = 0; int mPageLimit = 10; @Override public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) { super.onCreate(savedInstanceState); getActivity().getWindow().setSoftInputMode(WindowManager.LayoutParams.SOFT_INPUT_STATE_ALWAYS_VISIBLE); connectDetector ...

@MarkO'Sullivan - that accomplishment feeling :D
Yeah it's so odd seeing it in an interview :D
haha! that's good! should give you more motivation for the next milestones :D
Certainly does
2:32 PM
I wonder if this is the right way to do it: stackoverflow.com/a/608600/4070469
I do that in my app, but I am not convinced it is the best way
Neither am I
but that ActivityManager way is much worse haha
Thanks Tim
why do you need it?
I need to keep sending user position while the app is on the background
and I don't want to start more than one of those.
is it an intent service or a regular?
2:45 PM
it has to keep running "forever"
Until the user logs off
if it is always running, why do you need to check if it is running?
When I come back to the mainActivity I don't want to start a second service
Do you POST the GeoLoc periodically 1 position at a time or do you queue like 10 positions with timestamps then send the whole queue?
as for now, one at a time
2:54 PM
startService does not start a new service if another was already running
Mauker - Seems legit to use a Singleton value
it does however trigger onStartCommand() again
I used to post location one at a time and then a server crashed due to too many requests, so I batch them now
So it'll only be one instance of a given Service? Even if I do something stupid as:
2:57 PM
That's what the Docs say - Tim is wise
Although docs also say startService() call is pretty heavy weight and you should try and use it as little as possible
@OcuS The requests will run on a 5 or 10 seconds interval
but it beats using a static property to keep track of the service's state
What's wrong with using a static variable?
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