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1:24 AM
@Ahmad glad to know the commander in chief is stop well informed
Gonna be a looooooooong 4 years
or less than 4 if he gets impeached lol
1:40 AM
Can Congress impeach a president for being an idiot?
@Ahmad and the stereotype is that Mexicans are lazy...
2:08 AM
Q: ListFragment doesn't get displayed

LimitXI sucessfully created an app with a search bar on the action bar. Now I want to display a ListFragment after the user has searched for something. MainActivity public class MainActivity extends AppCompatActivity { @Override protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) { // ... // ...

Is there a canonical question for this situation?
Trying to use FragmentManager with a <fragment> tag
If so,
2:25 AM
@Code-Apprentice yeah never understood that one, they are literally doing the most physically demanding jobs out there
such a bad stereotype
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4:37 AM
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10:00 AM
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11:52 AM
@RaghavSood god dammit, why can't people think of evil things anymore? where are the classic take over the world villains?
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1:07 PM
1:30 PM
Who's familiar with Go?
Any idea if it's got any good graphing features?
Preferably time series db support
no idea
do you need it for the bot?
Bot is in the loveliest of all languages
Just changed my phone's wallpaper for the first time in my life
1:47 PM
what did you choose?
Remembered my phone has an AMOLED display
Raghav, do you use default android keyboard.?
2:00 PM
Ahh, perfect
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3:45 PM
@RaghavSood how do I view the alt text on android chrome?
The image I linked is only an image
No alt
@tigercode You need at least 80 rep, and a q:a ratio of 3:4 to talk here. Please see this link for more details.
4:19 PM
Good day!
4:34 PM
I find this guy really funny :D
5:01 PM
Q: Issues with a button to open new activity

Wojciech MiśtaI'm a newbie if it comes to Java, so I took a part in a project at my university which was created to help freshman year with coding (like me :c). Well, I have a problem with opening a new activity from, let's say, main menu. Debugging works fine, app launches but when I tap on the ImageButton ...

Is there a canonical question for declaring an Activity in AndroidManifest.xml?
or forgetting to declare it, rather
5:23 PM
Anyone follow SpaceX and Elon Musk?
@coder_hasib You need at least 80 rep, and a q:a ratio of 3:4 to talk here. Please see this link for more details.
@coder_hasib I may be a bot, but I can understand pointless actions. Requesting access again in less than 24 hours will result in a ban.
This bot access counter really does have way better results than when us (us as in including Raghav) regular humans did it
Most people would opt for a third strike then
Maybe just to annoy us?
I guess annoying the bot just doesn't feel the same
6:08 PM
Greetings from Jamaica
This is so me^
@tristan how is it there?
Don't get too stoned
What a tool
6:24 PM
Tristan is in Jamaica?
for how long are you staying?
Omg, 😱Tristan started smoking weed
6:56 PM
@TristanWiley LOL
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9:00 PM
how do I create reorderable lists in android like the following on the iphone developer.apple.com/library/content/documentation/…
this appears to maybe work stackoverflow.com/questions/24258574/…
9:26 PM
I'm not sure for ListView, but when using RecyclerView I attached ItemTouchHelper and extended ItemTouchHelper.SimpleCallback to listen for events
@Luke do you have a working example
9:52 PM
10:06 PM
@William It's entangled in other code and also handles swiping left/right, but if you want just to handle reordering override onMove and clearView (latter one gets called when the user drops the holder, and the first one every time position changes by 1 AFAIR)
and in clearView call super
oh, and get position with target.getAdapterPosition()
np, if you need anything else ask
10:21 PM
@Luke if its a viable answer do you mind posting it to that question so people that are searching find it?
11:11 PM
it's not for a listview sadly
works only with recycler

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