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6:56 AM
@ballBreaker You played yourself lol
2 hours later…
9:18 AM
does anyone use xtb or interactivebrokers?
10:04 AM
This was the most starred message last year on this day:
Aug 4 '20 at 19:36, by JBis
how newton was a liberal racist who created laws just to drag people down
10:40 AM
I use ccp library . but i am not able give the radius in flag . so help me . i will give report 15: 30
Jun 14 at 20:49, by Tim
classic CCP
11:04 AM
please kill me
11:40 AM
can't kill my only r15 gaming buddy
12:17 PM
no gaming recently :(
and I don't have my laptop with me, only the work one
1:09 PM
Word up
1:32 PM
Busy this morning :D
How about this: In Kotlin is "error" and "this.error" synonymous ?
for any given scope
android sucks
Not the technically complete and well worded answer I was looking for, but...
What's up Grrigore :)
I'm working with shitty code
and I cannot take it anymore
so I'm grumpy af
what about you?
I'm okay. Trying to get my junior to concisely tell me something.
1:53 PM
tell what?
2:11 PM
He's added a PR changing a reference from error to this.error
When I suggested that was exactly the same thing, he told me it wasn't because he checked the content of error on one run, and it was different in this.error on a different run
I'm pretty sure this.error and error are identical no matter what scope or other factors. But I haven't been doing Kotlin long enough to be 100% sure :P
So I'm trying to get him to prove to me it's different, and convince me
2:38 PM
if error is a method parameter this.error and error are different
or something I'm too tired to use me brain
2:50 PM
Oh yeah, that is a good point. You're right.
I mean, it's not applicable in this instance but yes :) That is an example
See! It's that that I wanted
Anyway, ran him through the code as a pair and he figured out they were the same afterall
My armpits never smell no matter how much i sweat, yesterday had to travel in local transport, got my left shoulder smelling bad (possibly because of the person next to me) and then my left armpit
Washed it all i could but the smell didn't go away, almost didn't sleep at night
Google suggested lemon + baking soda paste, it worked, great releif
3:08 PM
3:34 PM
@JBis what's going on with cuomo
I remember you liking him and I see some controversy but no idea what it is
What up BB
Have you noticed "BB" is a girls name?
how is it a girls name?
and not much man just in a meeting lol trying to somewhat pay attention but also bored af
how u doin?
BeeBee ?
I've heard baybay before
like from south park
I'm okay - Hubby is going back to UK for a month so I'm going to be insane for a bit
need to find things to do
3:38 PM
or it's spelled BeBe I guess
dont u have like 3 other husbands
Nah - a boyfriend but he's not really... reliable
I mean, be nice to use this time to get another boyfriend I'll admit
Do you know anyone? I'm all for being set up on dates
yeah thats fair, hmm I do know one great gay man, one of my close friends, are you into phillipinos at all or nah?
also he's like .. 31? not sure if you have desired age ranges
31 is kind of young for me as you know :)
yeah wasnt sure what level of cougar you're at
@ballBreaker In the least biased way possible: Months ago Cuomo was accused of sexual harassment (verbal) and some sexual assault (physical) by a couple women who had worked for him. Many called for him to resign. He called for an investigation. An investigation was conducted by the AG. The results were released a couple days ago. Nothing really new. People are again calling for his resignation.
3:46 PM
oh sweet ill read and respond in a few, just in a meeting
Didn't the results say there was credible proof?
@ballBreaker New Yorkers are split on the issue, and NOT on party or gender lines. Many believe what he did wasn't egregious others think it was. He released a response in which he denies ever touching anyone sexually. He says things he says were misconstrued and misinterpreted. Many comments like "are you into older men?" and "Getting married decreases your sex drive", weren't misinterpreted but simply banter. There's more to it, but that's the gist.
@Graeme It is all he said she said from what i hear
classic cuomo
No, not him, the investigation has come back saying "Yeah, the ladies are telling the truth"
In my opinion, he made some inappropriate comments but nothing super egregious. Kissing women on forehead/hand I believe wasn't sexual. In his video, he showed pictures of him (and his parents) kissing many men, women as a way of showing a connection when meeting them not anything sexual. Anything more than that physically, he is denying and I have yet to hear any proof so I am waiting for the lawsuit that has been filed to be resolved.
There is also question of whether the AG is after his job, tho I don't buy it.
And lastly, Biden called for his resignation which imo is super ironic because women have accused biden of basically the same stuff.
3:54 PM
how's the baby bb?
heyo peeps!
oh interesting, sounds like a bit of a messy situation but nothing too out of the ordinary for an american politician
just another monday
Didn't Ford do something
4:05 PM
@grrigore the what?
@JBis the mayor or the premiere?
rob ford smoked a bunch of crack
but hes dead now
doug ford hasn't really had any scandals like that that I'm aware of, but his daughter recently made some anti-vaxx videos that are blowing up
the crack smoking mayor story was amazing when it broke
hahahaha yeah
that was comedic gold
still one of my favorite videos on the internet
"I'm happily married. I have enough pussy to eat at home"
that man was a legend
lmfao 'doing lines at the bier markt'
that bar is amazing
I've got more than enough to eat at home, what a guy
I miss that controversy, was so juicy
yesterday, by grrigore
he is prageant
4:13 PM
oh the baby is dead, I "fell" down the stairs
delete that lol
@JBis Wait... but... didn't he ASK for them to run the inquirey? How can he not accept the findings ?
@Mehdi here's some work music for you, this used to be my go-to homework album youtu.be/c3fZ8LXNs_E
first song is unlike the rest on the album you can skip it if you want
4:17 PM
@Graeme yeah, ik. I think he wanted someone else to do it, but idk.
Who is AG ?
Like... I doubt just some random agency can do it, surely there is one specific agency that can do it and no one else
attorney general
If they say he done it and he's guilty, he can't just say "nah, I know I asked for an investigation but I don't like the results"
I agree
I mean. He can but it means he shouldn't still have support
American public man, pretty sure worse than general public elsewhere.
4:19 PM
I think calling the investigation bad, is wrong to do. I believe the investigation. I just don't think its as big of a deal as people are making it.
I mean the investigation and the report is basically 150 pages of:

- Background
- Woman claims x
- Aftermath
With very little proof.
Isn't that saying the report is bad?
Let me be more specific, calling the investigation biased because of who conducting it, is wrong to do imo.
But the investigation is probably as good as you can get given the lack of proof that exists in he said she said cases.
I don't fault the AG for a poor investigation. I just don't know how you can conclude anything on he said she said.
If anyone is interested you can read it here int.nyt.com/data/documenttools/…
So what are the existing proofs, I don't think a legal entity can convict with no proof
They didn't convict and won't
these some spicy allegations
so far a bunch of them had witnesses so I'm confused how these aren't legitimate
unless we're discounting witnesses as hearsay
4:28 PM
@ballBreaker i don't think the most of the physical ones had witnesses
comments aren't as disputed
he just needs to follow the NYC mayor trend and start sending pics
I think it comes down to a couple things. Do you believe that superior should never make advances to someone working for them?
I don't believe that's fair.
I don't think it's always going to be wrong, very situational. But making advances on a married woman and making sexual comments about her in the work place is 100% wrong
especially when you have power over them
Sure. So it comes down to the content of those comments. Many of which I agree are inappropriate (e.g. asking an aid if they wanted to play strip poker). But I don't think he should have to resign for that.
anyway, @ballBreaker did you get your new job yet
4:38 PM
@JBis hmm I haven't read through everything, but from what I've seen so far on the executive assistant and trooper#1 it's definitely fucking creepy
dude sounds like a cartoon
just showing up to ask @ballBreaker if he brushed up his linkedin profile and opened it to recruiters (given that it's only a checkbox button to check)
@JBis nooo the application hasn't gone up yet, I don't even know if it's going to be a good fit for me, so I'm going to apply for other jobs at different companies as well as apply for it
@ballBreaker aw alright. You gonna apply to other places to do same stuff or try something differnet?
same but newer hopefully, I'd like to get into a company that does their own products but in a newer framework than java6 haha
4:43 PM
LinkedIn annoys me. It shows me as working somewhere that I used to worked but don't work at anymore. Even tho i set it as leaving in January, it still shows as I'm working there.
I think I'd like to actually go up the normal route of developer -> team lead -> architect kind of scenario instead of what might happen here going from developer -> architect.. I feel very over my head already thinking about that role
@Mehdi just turned the checkmark on now, thanks!
still need to update shit though
Ah ok. Good luck on your job hunt!
thanks man :)
Just going to casually go about it since I have a job still
@ballBreaker good! :D
@JBis that's some creepy stuff
4:52 PM
> We have many competent people and lots of vacant beds for you to fill while you tell your story.
it's satire, right?
Filthy Peasant Using Android Phone, even one for y'all :D
the real joke is in the content "You must become a premium subscriber or login to view or post comments on this article."
what's it called when you use git/CI/CD tools?
I know there's a word for it
dev ops
that's what I was looking for
5:02 PM
here it is just part of the job
@ballBreaker ew
do any developers actually like doing that?
I don't hate it
I'm just adding stuff to my resume/linkedin
and trying to find da best wordsies
I can't stand that kind of stuff. It has nothing to do with development
would be happy if someone else took care of that stuff and releasing app updates etc
StackOverflow Chat Enthusiast: 2015-Current
- Typed words into a box and pressed enter
- Only banned twice
- Always prioritized over my real job
@JBis I love the idea of it... until it's the 10th time you've run a CI job that takes like an hour to complete, and you still haven't figured out how to fix the big in it.
5:10 PM
I like it because it's way faster than manually doing it
I just do a PR into the dev branch and bing-bang-boom it's kicking off pipelines to build and deploy everything for me
Yep, in the long run it's great.
yeah, a tad annoying to setup initially but way nicer in the long run
Also, I have no idea how anyone does manual releases of apps. Do companies just like keep an extra Mac laying around for that or do they just accept that one of their devs is going to do nothing that day?
@ballBreaker And it can definitely be extremely annoying depending on what you're doing. haha
@ballBreaker he's out the shop
5:26 PM
@twiz hahaha yeah true
@MwBakker ahhh congrats man!
omg lmao
@Mehdi amazon recruiters are fucking vultures
I turned that linkedin option on and within 5 minuiites have 2 different amazon recruiters messaging me
@ballBreaker sorry bout that, got a new job
@ballBreaker it' s called sidequests
@ballBreaker thats all linkedin recruiters
@Tim me too, in my last job we all got involved in this but no por favor
@JBis yeah I find amazon to be substantially worse for it than others
I get 1-2 emails from amazon per month from recruiters
how many times do I need to tell them that I don't want to work for their shitty company, who knows
it's kinda funny how shitty amazon's web interface is when most of their businesses is eCommerce
5:40 PM
haha yeah
it's cause it's built on PHP
I'm assuming they're also kinda legacy-locked
well it's a shitty interface but it's quite performant
well they have all the computing power in the world so...
@JBis My guess is that SEO is probably a top priority.
5:41 PM
why would they, they are already booming
would be hard to justify a rebuild when something more client side heavy like react would also probably have more trouble doing all the things they do
@twiz selling educational obligations? I doubt that
sounds weird
Although yea, I really wish they would just improve their filters and stuff.
@MwBakker search engine optimization
maybe jbis should reinvent amazon
5:42 PM
that sounds plausible
@MwBakker what even is an educational obligation? lol
@twiz it's where you learn to go as far as decided to use even want to do more like
@ballBreaker hahaha which is good, right? :D Amazon is a well renown tech company and they work on nice problems, definitely good for one's CV and technical growth
Of course, Amazon absolutely could achieve the same thing and still have an awesome client-side app. I guess they must have just decided it wasn't worth the effort (which it probably isn't for the most part)
@MwBakker That's almost English.
maybe not for their desktop web interface, but their mobile amazon and alexa app is difficult to use
5:45 PM
@twiz thanks, I learned it by educational obligations
Like i've avoided ordering things on mobile because of how bad i've found it
@JBis Good point. You just made me realize that Amazon has trained me to never use Amazon on my phone.
@JBis jeff couldnt buy his lambo cause of you
1 sec later he could
... get 50
I think I prefer it on desktop anyway. Researching things on your phone is a hassle for anything.
It is rather odd though, because you're definitely right.
Ok, I'm going to go stop being distracted now. ✌️
5:49 PM
@Mehdi pfft lmao
i'd rather work for apple
i'd love to do crypto for apple
the amount of horror stories coming out of amazon's developing roles is enough to make me never consider working for them for any amounts of money
they do some cool shit
they also do some shitty things
@ballBreaker i'd rather work for myself XD
and I hate myself
5:51 PM
would you fire yourself if you worked for yourself?
I'd probably have myself convinced that I'm a good developer
...wait a sec
i came to the stage where I think companies are all the same, given they provide the environment and stuff I'm looking for, I don't care about the name or notoriety
you could work for a company that went against your beliefs?
same, our company is known worldwide and has 5000+ employees but I liked it much better when it was just a few hundred
5:53 PM
@ballBreaker of course not, that's included in the "stuff i'm looking for"
gotcha, so you mean more on the positive end
you don't care if they're a big name or whatever
@ballBreaker is that why you don't want to work there or because you don't like bezos?
the work environment is toxic is why I would never work for them, but I also dont' believe that they are a good company
my beliefs would stop me from applying, but the environment stops me from even considering applying
i really want to work for cloudflare
that's my #1 right now
I'd rather wear a wig and a dress and work for Cuomo
hahaha no sorry was talking about amazon still
5:56 PM
ah gotchta
@Tim lost that "convivial" feel?
cloudflare would be cool
brb lunch
@JBis been there done that
@ballBreaker exactly, pay me well to do cool stuff that interest me, where I get to learn and grow while maintaining a work life balance, nice colleagues, I'd come even if only 2 people know about the company :D
yeah I'm the same way Mehdi
'positive stuff' like brand recognition and name doesn't really sway me at all, but negative stuff surely doess
5:59 PM
google says "sway == influence", correct?
nice, TIL
it's usually with a positive connotation as well
but thats more colloquial
typically someone will sway you towards something rather than against, but it works both ways
6:00 PM
nevermind, I'm back.

I realized I may have a reason to do something @JBis was talking about.

So say you have a system for shadow-banning shitty users. What do you do when that user wants to delete their account?

Would you just delete everything and let them recreate their account without their ban or would you retain their email in some form?
I can't decide if I should just not care about it or store a hash of the email to avoid privacy issues.
(not that I really need to be worrying about this)
not a GDPR expert, but I would hash it, and only keep the hash on a blacklist db if the offense if grave enough I don't want them back
interesting, yeah i think hash would be best
@Mehdi But from a practical standpoint, is it even worth it when you consider how easy it is to create a new email address?
Well it depends how and why you want to ban them. You can IP ban as well.
@twiz it's not, but showing them that the email is "banned", could stir a change in their behavior: new identity = new man, otherwise you can concat with other attributes such as IP etc..
6:06 PM
quick tip, for gmail emails remove anything past the + before hashing

are considered the same by gmail
I'm definitely overthinking this problem for my current scenario, but it's a subject I've never really come across.
Good point. I always forget it lets you do that.

I never use that myself. I'd lose my mind if I tried to keep track of all my different email variations. haha
i was gonna start using it to track who sharing my data but then i got lazy, like if did +walmart@gmail.com and then i get marketing emails using +walmart from someone else i know walmart was sharing my data.
@Mehdi IP bans are kind of asking for problems though, aren't they?
But that's a very good point about just making it really annoying for them and letting them know it stays banned.
@twiz definitely adds a complexity layer, hence hashFunction("email:ip"). The goal is to just be annoying enough
you could also add a cookie if its a web app to be even more annoying
99% of users won't try to clear cookies or switch browsers, they may think they can switch devices but that's a pain
6:15 PM
sorry, doesn't make sense, you'll need to store hashFunction("email"), hashFucntion("ip")
don't think you need to hash the ip
actually there is no point in hashing the ip
and you check on both, however it becomes problematic if your app may be installed by multiple household members like FB
@JBis it is PII
@Mehdi But a hash doesn't protect it
simple dictionary attack, even precomputed will reveal ip address
when I say hash, I mean a BCrypt hash with a salt added
meh, still doesn't eliminate dictionary attack
6:19 PM
if you don't target EU or countries with data protection laws, you don't need to hash/encrypt it, but you also don't want your data to be leaked and expose your offender users
@JBis it definitely does
@JBis You use a unique salt on each one and store that too.
+ n rounds with n salts
yes, still
6:25 PM
5 mins ago, by Mehdi
because people will spend 100k$ for 1 email db entry ;)
@JBis Does that mean you're joking? If not I would be interested in seeing a source describes whatever it is you're referring to.
@twiz no, the keyspace is too small
it doesn't matter how many times you hash it or how slow the hash function is or how much salt and pepper you add
the fact is, with such a small keyspace someone will be able to perform a dictionary attack quite easily
Isn't that the entire purpose of salts..?
6:34 PM
the keyspace for passwords (what bcrypt was designed for) is much larger
salts help a bad situation (people using shitty passwords) but it's still pretty easy to run a dictionary attack
Q: Mathematically, how long would it take to crack a bcrypt password hash?

madcrazydrummaSo I'm currently using bcrypt to hash passwords with a randomly generated salt (as seen in the pip bcrypt module), with 12 rounds. I have been looking around, but I cannot find a detailed and clear mathematical way to estimate how long it would take for a strong GPU (or even other methods of cra...

ok, with that settled... back to not being distracted. ✌️
i still disagree, just not about that
@Mehdi for the record ipv4 has 32 bits of entropy (so exponentially less), and 4 years isn't a long time
and a company, government, or someone with some resources could crack even faster
i wouldn't consider hashing an ip address sufficiently protecting it
6:42 PM
@Mehdi I don't know what that means but I think the answer is yes
but then again the enforcers of gdpr probably have bigger issues to deal with :)
like not enforcing it
@JBis it is definitely enough of a deterrent for most intruders who don't have an unlimited budget and patience
6:58 PM
decided to keep the phone, could have earned max 40 euros in the end from it but that wasn't worth the hassle to me
@Mehdi indeed
good good
@Tim i took it from french, luckily it exists in english :D "(of an atmosphere or event) friendly, lively, and enjoyable."
it's all good and well I just have no clue what 99.5% of the company is doing lol
7:13 PM
@Tim the one you're working for?
me sis got covid :(
and work sucks
awww poor sis
and people are shit
except you guys
no vaccines in romania yet?
7:16 PM
you are my kind of shit :)
we got em
which one?
well all of them
pfizer moderna astra
no I mean which one does your sister have
7:17 PM
plot twist
haha yeah
yea well nice bread dude
can you cut it?
I'll refrain from saying anything mean, hopefully she gets better man!!
she will yea but it sucks
yeah :D I had some last night with butter and cheese
I ate 3/4 of one of those loafs at like 12:45AM lmao
passed tf out after
7:18 PM
classic stuff
adios people o/
ciaos amigo brochacho
haha yeah that was my first time ever making bread, and it turned out pretty well
master chef
is there a new timer for sending messages?
I get the fking retry stuff
- You can perform this action again in 1 second. - retry / edit / cancel
don't think it's gotten any worse, sometimes its just really bad
especially if you're editing stuff

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