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1:53 AM
@MwBakker yes
5 hours later…
7:19 AM
user image
7:38 AM
do you know any good save/read/write files library for android?
for what? files? prefs? database?
what exactly do you want to do?
7:43 AM
in this particular case I have to download and save and apk from the server
> WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE no longer provides write access when targeting Android 11+, even when using requestLegacyExternalStorage
and this popped up
you need to use SAF (storage access framework) developer.android.com/guide/topics/providers/document-provider
yes, but I wanted a quick solution but I guess nobody wants to fuck with stoRAGE
that is a pretty easy and quick solution
yes and no
8:26 AM
isn't it because external storage targets SD cards?
Most phones don't have these anylonger
9:15 AM
10:04 AM
This was the most starred message last year on this day:
Hmm. Actually, nothing interesting was said on this day last year.
@MwBakker yes and no
3 hours later…
12:35 PM
I was wondering. When using Kotlin Flows, is it any difference if I use for example .onEach { }
I was wondering. When using Kotlin Flows, is it any difference if I use for example .onEach { doSomething() doSomethingTwo() } or if you write it divided like .onEach { doSomething() } .onEach { doSomethingTwo() }
How do you guys prefer to write similiar use-cases?
I guess calling onEach twice will be more expensive ??
prefer to write separately. If you do 2 unrelated things, make 2 onEach, if you do 2 related things, make 1 onEach
1:00 PM
1:12 PM
@Tim thats what I thought aswell, but I can't find any information if calling it separately is more expensive just like @grrigore suggested
I guess it's worth calling it separately because it looks so much better imho
you shouldn't care about little details like that, nobody is going to notice the difference
yeah you're probably right
@Tim xD
1 hour later…
2:37 PM
Apr 13 '18 at 11:22, by Akash Singh
Here waste on time , i leave this group. Bye
what's up with the room being so quiet during the day
2:51 PM
I wish there was more paste random photos going on
3:04 PM
went to nearby vaccination center they told me don't get vaccinated if you are gonna travel to a different country within next 2 years
we have so many good references
yes, we had a lot of fun :D
@asim what's the logic behind that
on my deathbed I want to re-read all the messages I've starred here over the years
@Mehdi some countries require vaccinations from there own facilities and don't accept others
3:12 PM
@Tim starring this in case your grandson joins the chat and decides to fulfil this request
mehdi are u moroccan?
yes, how did you guess
cuz your name is mehdi XD
that's a bit racist
3:14 PM
I'm from morocco too
oh then it's ok
what brings you here karim?
I was just browsing stackoverflow until I found myself here
that's lucky, this is actually known to be the best place on stackoverflow
3:17 PM
@KarimSinouh it's a bit of a stretch, I could've been from Iran / Algeria / Tunisia / Morocco :D
@Mehdi well, I'm lucky I got it right from the first try
:D welcome!
Thanks :D
3:20 PM
a Mehdi delivered my uber eats the other day
I thought of you mehdi
didn't know you were in toronto
that's probably the second mehdi bb
all mehdi's live in morocco I learned today
ahhhhh true true
we don't have uber in morocco, we have krosa
do you guys use jetpack compose?
@asim that stupid because how would you get to the country to get their vaccine haha
I wouldnt listen to that goober that told you that
3:26 PM
only one person here already does compose, he is not present
@ballBreaker he was right, dubai did say they would only allow people who got vaccinated in their country
thats the dumbest thing I've ever heard
gotta wait till the fog of vaccination stuff gets cleared
don't go to dubai then
they're dumb
yup, they are because they are rich
3:28 PM
if a country isn't letting you in because you didn't get the vaccine in their country, then you're never getting into their country so it doesn't matter
so get the vaccine now in your own before you get the delta or lambda variant and die
@ballBreaker i can think of a few other things, but this one gets immediately appended to that list :D
hahaha yeah
pretty confident covid ain't gonna be able to do much harm to me
sorry you must get the vaccine here in order to come here, but you can't come here because you didn't get the vaccine here, please die
i may already have recovered from it
3:31 PM
so basically saying: non residents shouldn't come visit us
lol yeha
which is fair if thats how they phrase it
almost everyone else around me is vaccinated
might as well be clear: we don't accept tourists during the pandemic
thats good jbis
it's asim XD
3:32 PM
I just tell people who I know who haven't gotten it yet taht they're going to die
I don't have patience for it anymore
"oh you're not vaccinated? sorry bro youre gonna die"
@Mehdi he got the wrong kind of vaccine hence the side effects
@Mehdi haha yeah, that makes more sense to me
@Eenvincible thats not how you null terminate
@asim vaccine is good, they will inject some dependencies in you
3:34 PM
Oh no you didn't
Bro, I have gotten 2 vac jabs and I have not experienced a single side effect... besides that, I have lost the ability to criticize the Chinese government
Damn, you are made of stone
my province has great vaccine stats though so I can't really complain too mich
we're at 80%/75% (first/second dose)
no wonder the internet connection is so fast up there, so many relay antennas
so many 5G hotspots
we've been #1 vaccinated in the world for a month or somthing now
feels good man
3:38 PM
o/ all
heya daves
oof lol
USA's vaccine % sucks
you guys need to start offering free beer and concerts and guns again
Why is the USA such a shitshow when it comes to vaccinations?
Why is the USA such a shitshow when it comes to vaccinations?
Pakistan has no chills...learn form it lol
@ballBreaker Now that's an understatement XD
3:40 PM
not enough social adhesion I guess
Bro, like seriously. Why? I don't get it
too much focus on the individual and zero focus on the community, would be my guess
people have no social obligation to do the right thing
how is it a shitshow regarding vaccination? they're at 70% first dose
no they aren't mehdi
they're at 57.6/49.4
3:43 PM
@Mehdi that's for adults
let me upload an article that says Pakistan is 100% vaccinated
@ballBreaker isn't that the strategy world wide?
strategy is for everyone to have it
oh its ap, I thought it was a..
@ballBreaker in many countries, it's only for people 16+
3:45 PM
these are stats for everyone
Canada: 132.3 (71.8/60.5), Israel: 132.3 (67.0/62.2), Mongolia: 127.7 (66.9/60.8), United Kingdom: 126.2 (69.1/57.1),

Spain: 123.3 (69.8/59.5), China: 119.9 (?/?), Italy: 116.0 (64.5/53.8), Germany: 111.9 (61.6/53.2),

France: 111.4 (64.0/48.7), European Union: 107.6 (60.1/50.4), Sweden: 107.1 (64.0/43.0), United States: 104.1 (57.6/49.4),

Turkey: 88.1 (49.0/33.0), Saudi Arabia: 82.1 (56.1/26.0), Japan: 77.7 (45.4/32.3), Argentina: 73.8 (56.8/17.0),

Brazil: 69.3 (50.8/20.4), Mexico: 53.4 (37.7/20.3), South Korea: 51.9 (39.7/14.4), Australia: 50.2 (34.0/16.2),
anyone here likes age of empires?
I think under any president other than Trump you don't see the shitshow happening with covid in the US that we're seeing now. This is the result of 4 years of a deranged lunatic attacking the basic integrity of anything that doesn't fit the narrative and telling people that their bullshit is valid.
@Mehdi that's the strategy for curbing deaths but i yu want to eradicate the disease it has to be for every citizen
Not sure who's included in european union but if it's everyone, then USA is like 20th or less
Dave, holla
hey een, long time no see!
3:48 PM
which is still decent globally, I guess, but relatively, is bad
@DaveS makes sense honestly
Too long, I almost forgot you
I imagine it'd be at least 10% higher if not for that
@Eenvincible how have you been? what have you been up to?
not sure that I can blame trump specifically though when the social infrastructure was already there that elected him in the first place if that makes sense
but it certainly factors in
also I can't remember the last time you were on this early dave!!
Yeah alt-right, "attack on christmas" victim crowd played right into and set the stage
3:50 PM
hhahahah attack on christmas crowd, yeah hahaha
I've been at work this early for the past few months but not sure if I always log on and chat
exactly right
Just started a new job recently in Missouri, Colombia
ahhh fair !
Kotlin it is
3:51 PM
nice een
in the US? we usually list City, State so it sounds like you mean colombia the country
Oh, Colombia, Missouri, The Show Me State
welcome to our shitshow
Tell me about it huh
Missouri is really diving right into the deep end too
3:53 PM
user image
@DaveS too much Fox News fans I guess
we need to start a campaign that teaches people not to fall for propaganda
Hope they treat you alright out there
if you take a trip out towards AZ let me know and we can grab lunch or something
You bet; I have heard nice things about AZ
4:05 PM
@Mehdi me these days, took on a task of reviewing a PR for a release end of next week, little did I know, the branch was 30 commits behind master, and altering over 48 files in a major way, and whoever wrote it left the company. I wanna cry
That must really hurt
it does 🥲
sounds like a decline PR to me
wait for the ticket to reappear and start over
4:08 PM
can't do that, it's either merge or reimplement before end of next week, other teams depend on it for an urgent cross teams POC...
oh so the ticket is open dang
better pull master into the branch and get started
Life is hard, sometimes
that's what I'm trying to do but that PR varied code too much, implementation of new features + "refactoring" all in a giant commit
just tell the boss to shut the company down and start over
seems easier
4:10 PM
is it re-implementable in 1 week?
so reading the Jira story it definitely is, but looking at the code, I don't know wtf this all has to do with the ticket XD
maybe that's why he's no longer with the company
He just walked outta there like ...before anybody sees this code
That dev is the true definition of "What bad code costs companies"
4:15 PM
i only realised after I took the task that the PR has been submitted 10 months ago and that no one dared to touch it XDDD
quick give it back before anyone notices you took it
XD too late been 2 days already hahaha
I guess I better start brushing up my CV
You might need it soon
user image
hahahaha 😂😂😂😂
4:20 PM
Has anyone heard anything from @CodeMagic ?
He left us?
@Eenvincible eeh sorry to tell you man, he left us permanently
he passed in his sleep about a year (maybe 2) ago
I'm not kidding either in case that came across liek ajoke
That hurts, again
Wait .....
Mar 4 at 10:39, by R15-Zucc
Mar 4 '20 at 0:41, by Ahmad
Deeply saddened, @codeMagic has passed away. You will be missed my friend. Rest in peace.
4:21 PM
Oh shooot,
That is sad
yeah :(
@Eenvincible didn't know services like this existed :D
@Tim I really feel saddened to hear this right now; anyway, we soldier on!
Is anyone doing some serious Kotlin in the room?
Resume.io for $3, you can create your resume in different formats
I think @Graeme and @CarlAnderson are both doing kotlin atm
yes we all do kotlin
since 2-3 years
4:27 PM
and tim, how could I forget tim
@ballBreaker cool
@Tim lmao xD have you kept him in your party? he's just the best nihilistic POS of all time
I swapped him out for tristian as soon as that donkey agreed to join
harrim is decent at everything but not good at any
4:31 PM
I have a strange behavior where I have 1 fragment (call it A) that has a header view, a TabLayout (which uses a viewpager); The idea is to allow collapsing behavior in the fragment A when content of the fragments in the viewpager are scrolled; I have managed this; but the problem now is my floating action button does not show before scrolling content
It appears as though the viewpager overshoots the viewport
@Graeme and @CarlAnderson and @Tim if you have some ideas
what does that have to do with kotlin though
I think I asked for Kotlin/Android just in case someone is doing it (assuming not java background)
I don't think I can help, I use motionlayout exclusively, no collapsingtoolbarlayout etc
I see, yeah I have tried using a coordinatorlayout (then appbar which has a collapsing layout)
Iirc you can set behavior on the FAB that tells what it should do in the coordinatorlayout
like show on scroll and variants
4:40 PM
I have considered using WindowInsets; but yeah, setting behaviors dont really work
window insets are unrelated
@Eenvincible that's strange, you could look at moving the FAB to somewhere else in the layout, doing it custom, doing a hook to scroll after render (hacky) and checking the size boundaries to see if it's rendering off screen
Yeah that could be feasible; I also thought of moving it outside, but there are variant CTAs (fab-like) buttons for the 3 fragments inside the viewpager
I will investigate further
the FAB must be a direct child of the coordinatorlayout afaik
4:54 PM
Yeah, since my goal is to have the FAB (bottom-center) when the view is rendered; then onScroll, it should hide as it is with the normal behaviors
i use like / unlike icon in adapter but not change icon with position wise when i onClick button event
so help me
item show in adapter by directly model class object. not initilize arralist object in adapter
where is your clickListener declared in your adapter
I don't understand the question
5:11 PM
I guessed that he has an RV, with on each list item a like button taking 2 statuses: liked / not liked, and his issue is that the button doesn't get "checked" onclick
couldn't understand the last sentence
and i also not got it current position by clicklistner in adapter
clickListener in override method "onExpandableClick"
override fun onExpandableClick(
expandableViewHolder: PViewHolder,
expandableType: Parent
) {
last line :-
item is show in adapter by directly model class , not show by arraylist. like arraylist.get(position).name . i have do the item show by model.name.
5:33 PM
Y'all hear about the Apple thing
Pretty interesting read
Apple is all about privacy until they're not
Interesting read, indeed
6:02 PM
@DaveS I can't exactly pin point the line, but yeah this
its quite frustrating
I have no clue what the article is about but I voted on it anyway
kind of reminds me of voting on flags here in chat
@JBis "You can't build a backdoor, a backdoor for the good guys is a backdoor for the bad guys" builds global image fingerprinting service for use by the government
My question is why would they do this? This isn't gonna make them more money, and it's just gonna piss off users. Makes no sense to me.
my guess is they won't end up doing it, just an idea someone had at apple
this is kind of weird
what if you take apicture of your own kid in the bath for example
which is like, incredibly common
It's "known" images so that I guess that shouldn't be "known"
It's really all dependent on the hashing algorithm ability to distinguish
6:13 PM
ahh okay, interesting
but that looks like a model representation of a graphQL/SQL query result
That is probably the most weirdest structured code I have seen in a while
Well, I am kind of bored. Want to make a personal project. Any ideas?
apply for jobs on my behalf
Why not automate it?
6:29 PM
you can be my robot
Why do you dislike it so much?
I can probably dish out 50+ job apps in a day
because it is a means to the technical interview which is my least favourite thing on the planet
what is your least favourite thing to do in the world?
Ok dishes are fine
But commuting to the job location
I hate that
with burning passion
damn that's a rough one lolol
everyday is a nightmare for you
When I can do the same work while sitting at the comfort of my house, why not work from home?
"Nah...you gotta come to the office because well...it fuels the CEO's ego"
I don't understand why is not the tech industry 100% remote. or at least it should be the norm to have it as an option
To travel, that means waste of fuel, more use of my vehicle means I will have to pay for the repairs in the future...and most importantly waste nearly a day worth of time while travelling to and from office
6:45 PM
@Taseer It's usually middle manager's ego.
7:06 PM
@Taseer remote file sharing, cross platform
@Mehdi would you sanity-check my resume if I sent it to you?
I can sanity-check mine from yours if you send it to me
I'll sanity check your bank account / crypto wallet if you send it to me
I can send you my crypto wallet if you want
@ballBreaker No need for the resume. I can verify your insanity right now.
I'm not a lobster psychologist though...
Anyone here familiar with Firebase and know where they've hidden the documentation for configuration options (e.g. firebase.json properties)?
I can't find it anywhere. Just a bunch of random examples scattered everywhere.
7:21 PM
lol xD
'//////cc////////////////// /////
That's basically how I picture you. Like you have a chop stick duct taped to each claw, so it's kind of like having 4 fingers.
or is that what the wand is for?
yeah the wand does all the typing for me
it's like a brain to computer interface
7:36 PM
C'mon when are the magic lobster people going to share their technology with us?
I'll have to ask the elders
7:52 PM
@Tim xD
How's everyone?
yo my guy o/
I'm tireeed
waiting for the weekend to chill the fvck out of me
7:57 PM
did you use compose with mvvm?
in your videos? :D
I have!
It's my most viewed video lmao youtube.com/watch?v=XJoVnkVL6i8
thank you
Of course. :)
I'll at it to my endless to read list
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