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posted on April 12, 2021 by shows

In this episode, Donn talks with DevOps expert, Will Button about everything DevOps-related. If you're ever wondered how and what DevOps is, then listen in. Shownotes Will walks you through the definition of DevOps and how it's used in a company. You'll learn the 20% of DevOps you should know that will get you 80% of the benefit. You'll also learn about a bunch of automation technology that wil

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2 hours later…
7:42 AM
morning everyone
8:09 AM
@Mehdi what? I am lost :D
he stole your joke
I can't remember that I did such a joke
8:25 AM
@asim Thanks I solved it, by the way withContext(Dispatchers.Main) is used for UI operations i think.
it's for main thread stuff
8:41 AM
so if i want to set text on textview should i use it right?
9:06 AM
Synced starred message data. Took 155695 ms.
9:17 AM
Sup gents
having to deal with BLE today so...
9:37 AM
@WarrenFaith you made this joke when ahmad was talking about looking to buy a nice bike but was unsure which one XD
@IvanMilisavljevic is that bad innit?
9:50 AM
@grrigore Not bad, but sucks
10:04 AM
This was the most starred message last year on this day:
Hmm. Actually, nothing interesting was said on this day last year.
10:40 AM
Had my doctor's appointment
hello every one
how did it go
i want to ingress Reputation in stackoverflow
what can i do?
11:01 AM
@Tim she said I may suffer from autism spectrum or compulsive obsessive thoughts disorder
what did you say
"what am I paying you for, I knew that already"
then she took out my report from before I went to the doctor a few years before I studied my IT degree
She said that it's odd that instead of finishing that 'traject' (whatever that word in english may be) I finished my studies
but that it proved that I can tackle the problem, and has faith in that
@Tim I said I needed an efficient cure, she was not happy with that answer cause there are a lot of mental problem cases due to corona
So again, the timing is just perfect
But I told her I was worried that if it does get control over me, it could cost me my relationship or even my prospect in career. I need to be on top of this problem and no longer ignore it
we both agree'd and now I am being sent to UMCG (shrink-temple)
11:23 AM
are you happy with the result
11:34 AM
@Mehdi I see, I think somewhere in the dark I can remember :D
@Tim im happy that I'm working on it and no longer ignoring it. Furtheron it will take a long time since there are so many mental cases due to corona
@MwBakker compulsive obsessive thoughts disorder what is this
i might have this
@grrigore i'll summarize it for you: imagining you have a subject you are very attached to and means a lot. You have a rational connection to it but at the same time you start doubting the situation: "is X enough, what about Y" and especially to cases you have 0 control over nor will influence any enjoyment on the subject
the over analysing goes on and on, everytime you have spare time that time gets wasted on gathering info on that subject and every interaction with a person you feel like being 50% present because the other 50% of your brain keeps running these analyzing processes
kind of an overthinking stuff?
over analysing
over thinking up to a point you lose a complete (free) day while a workday gets involved also. In free time with no distraction, the mind gets the possibility to free roam untill you end the day with a migraine attack and then it's already evening and most the stuff you had planned are unfinished
it also gets someone late to any form of appointment in his life
simply said, there never is rest in your mind untill you realise what actual rest means: a null point
11:51 AM
there is never rest in my mind
unless I really focus on something
I mean I cannot just stay and look at the trees me mind will start thinking at stuff
that is not considered abnormal imo
but if you too lose houres in a process like I desribed above, you could consider fighting it
yea idk i was just comparing myself to what you wrote
i didn t tell it's that
I m happy for you tho :)
I may add to it that when I was younger I had compulsive neurosis as in "the closet door NEEDS to be shut, otherwise I can't do X"
oh so that's it
instead of excitement of going somewhere, I was just lost in my mind "what about that closet door"
rationally speaking the closet door never has any impact on anything wether it's shut or not: it didn't make any sense at all
11:55 AM
I got it now
morning o/
and if you'd ask me why it mattered: I had no answer. I'm dealing with the same issue now except there is no longer a physical thing involved
o/ jbis
I feel you tho I don't think I have that like all the time, but sometimes it happens
11:57 AM
I think many people have a small form of this phenomenom some point in their life
yes true that
I used to say I need to close that door in order to sleep
I feel like if a door is not closed I cannot sleep
but ofc I can, it's just in my mind
well hopefully for you it doesn't involve your daily routine up to today
true story
it's like a though that you know disturbs me a little
when I go to sleep
but not for long
12:00 PM
physical excersize helps a lot for me
and being with friends, they put me back in place from time to time: "wtf are you on about, doesn't make any sense" to know what part of me is being rational or not
i m sure pe has it's advantages
maybe if you work at NASA with endless variables to be considered, furtheron 90% of my analyzing processes are useless waste of time
im not even good at maths or such, can't make anything functional about this
in the meantime I now have the risk to hurt a lovely person (relationship) so I am determined to take action now
good for you man
if you ever need to talk you can dm me
just wanted to say that you should maybe try to be careful about you post online with regards to your medical or mental health / state, it can be a basis for discrimination at work
@grrigore thanks man
@Mehdi I'm aware of that, thank you. But I'm open to it about my manager which is risky but I considered that risk for myself and decide to remain transparant
12:09 PM
I frankly highly discourage you of sharing this kind of info with your company
you are bringing a naiveness that can hurt you, people and companies are not as nice as you think
businesses see gains, losses and risks, and this kind of stuff are risks for an employer
Do they have laws against that type of discrimination in your country @MwBakker?
yes, but it is not easy to prove that you were discriminated
@Mehdi I have a different state of mind in this: take me for who I am or there are 10 other's waiting
If someone runs an IT company and get scared for someone having a menal thing to conquer, one should never run an IT company
do you usually share with people what the density of your poop is?
12:18 PM
He usually I'm the one with the extreme metaphores here, what's going on
you don't, why not? because: 1- it's no one's business it's your private life, 2- people might be disgusted by you even though it's very normal and everyone does it
sharing/hearing this info brings no value whatsoever to neither of you, it can on the contrary hurt you
ofc I won't share such info
@MwBakker sorry it's the first one that came to mind that would have the 2 sides "no one's business, can be perceived negatively" :D
@MwBakker iirc Alan Turing had OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder)
@Mehdi no worries, I appreciate your concern. I don't just flap out everything, but my line of seperation to what to tell or what not is thinner. So far that has worked very well for me
@JBis I dk who that is
12:24 PM
The one who decoded Hitler's code machine?
The father of computing? Turing machine, turing test. Saved a couple million people in WWII.
ok, as long as you know the risks, good for you :D
oh whoops I now know who you mean
@Mehdi well aware of them, thank you
Also he was gay, in those days, being gay was something to be looked down upon in UK, as such due to mental harrassment he did suicide
iirc the cause of his death was not entirely solved, suicide is only a hypothesis
12:28 PM
what is "iirc"?
also it's a shame that such a bright mind had to die for being gay
people are assholes
@Mehdi wow interesting
@JBis well he was a genius, I am not which is one major difference here unfortunaly
12:33 PM
@Mehdi permission to speak
wie bitte?
Albert Einstein - "If you can kiss a girl while driving, you are simply not giving enough attention to the kiss"
what the fuck
in which context does this sentence fit?
well people are talking about gemiuses, I gave a quote by a genius
12:37 PM
context null NPE
kotlin has no NPE btw
reminds me of the size of the sewer networks in large metropoles
^ that was posted without context, see how awkward and random it is to read this? :D
"Speaking at a software conference in 2009, Tony Hoare apologized for inventing the null reference: I call it my billion-dollar mistake. It was the invention of the null reference in 1965."
fuck you tony
why does it sounds like - Tony Hore?
12:42 PM
Speaking of sounds, hows everyone doing today?
whatever floats your boat
@JBis you had my drama, how are you?
pretty good
Started my final quarter of high school. About three weeks left of classes.
12:44 PM
@PayelSenapati yes it does
I mean it has, but you need to force it
@JBis nice, hopefully you can kinda celebrate the ending part
but I guess you have to postpone that part
Yeah, they are planning graduation celebration but outdoors and spreadout
@grrigore please delete this
I cannot :(
time's up..
12:48 PM
1 message moved to Trash can
why you delete this?
because of the context in which it was posted
the iron fist must sometimes be used or else it will corrode
@JBis sounds nice still
@Tim xD
I count it
12:53 PM
we did too
@MwBakker mind if I ask a personal question?
go ahead
that sounds intense
is there really something between you and Tim?
a personal question
@PayelSenapati they're married
of course there's something between them
1:03 PM
@PayelSenapati since he lost his mustache some of the connection I had first was gone
but yeah, we're good
@MwBakker hahahaha
don't worry mwb he can grow it anytime
through good and bad times
@MwBakker but that day you were speaking about falling in love with a girl and you being tense as a result?
I have a question, why did you choose to ask mwb and not Tim about it? :D
1:05 PM
because my line of personal info to spread or not to spread is thinner
@PayelSenapati we're working on that
is Tim jealous?
Tim is everything but not jealous
mwb is jealous because i played fifa and hots with tim
@grrigore that's really commendable
@grrigore damnit grrig
1:12 PM
there is also some tension between us
because he keeps asking to meet up, but I fear that if we do that day will be my last
why do I feel like pooping after I smoke a fag?
given your orientation, why not use the word cigarette instead
1:27 PM
I still didn't figure, are you male or female?
anyway it's 6 PM in India, time for me to bully anti-Russian
@MwBakker physically female, but always attracted towards female gender only
ah I see
I am now going to activate my 100+ profiles to launch a cyber attack against Russia haters
0 to 100 real quick
@PayelSenapati you are going to cyberattack the Russian population?
1:32 PM
everyday I create 10 new profiles to compensate the 10 profiles banned the previous day on account of hate speech
gonna attack the russia haters
@MwBakker nope on western population biased gainst Russia and Indian population known to be western butt lickers
@PayelSenapati do you put this stuff on your resume?
@MwBakker All these are my ghost profiles going by the popular nick name ACID
ok, I'll bite: what do you win from all this exactly
A nuclear sub? Files to MH17? A firm handshake from a KGB member?
1:35 PM
> Press ⌥⇧⌘U to open a UML class diagram in a new editor tab.
TIL on IntelliJ, super cool feature!
guess it's the paid version
real Russians provide me with critical input on Russian defense hardware to help me
i bet they are happy you are telling this on a public chatroom
@grrigore maybe just try to upgrade? this is how the output looks like jetbrains.com/help/idea/class-diagram.html#analyze_class
as I said none know me, these are all my ghost profiles and I use sophisticated proxy services to hide my IP, I browse simultaneously from 100 deifferent countries
1:38 PM
nice one mehdi i m on AS now
@PayelSenapati and you sell the info or do you own such hardware yourself
no I take the help of paid proxy service providers of Russian origin companies
@PayelSenapati right
well ok
was your bite conclusive? :D
1:42 PM
i don't buy it
or that whoever "hired" her gave her a terrible onboarding on the confidentiality of her work XD
@PayelSenapati very impressive but nobody cares
@Tim I kinda asked so I'm the one to blame
though I have to agree with Mehdi here
you agree with the XD
1:51 PM
Nobody: ..
Payel: I'm secretly paid to do propaganda
Nobody: ..
Payel: and this is how I do it
Citizens: thanks Payel, you saved the tax payers the money required for yet another investigation
Nobody: ..
MwBakker: "You ever heared about databinding?"
Nobody: ..
MwBakker: "You can do it perfectly with XML in Android"
R15: "we hate databinding, we hate XML and we will contradict all your ideas"
Mehdi: ":D"
I like databinding!
bro you want to get flagged or what
2:01 PM
I'm tired of hiding
I like databinding that's it
@Mehdi I am paid nothing, just that I have this super affinity of somewhat a Russian patriot, it's zero money involved, but yeah I like the aprreciation of my Russian pals
how do you feel about the 100000 russian troops stationed at the ukraine border
@Mehdi u visit any Indian defense site and ask bout - "ACID", all knows ACID
@PayelSenapati if it wasn't for corona, I would have been there last week
@Tim Ukraine present government is a US puppet, but I would not like any political conversation here as it has every recipe to quickly spiral into uglyness
2:10 PM
@Tim see it is becoming an ugly conversation :D
just ask yourself if Russia would be so great why would they need to flex on or surpress countries like that?
hi CS CF
@MwBakker I would sincerely like to avoid such s=discussions here as it will result in ugly confrontations
2:14 PM
should have thought of that before starting the discussion
i see dutch
and a grrrrrrrr
hi crabs
@Tim when did I start, I just said what I do, I never did any propaganda here
@PayelSenapati why do you want to perform propaganda for a country that does not accept you for who you are (gay) ?
@PayelSenapati the fact that you're always talking about doing it and why you are doing it. You're obviously politically motivated yet when called out on a political matter you suddenly don't want to talk about it
2:17 PM
@MwBakker If you are US and there are some discriminations on you by US you surely won't help the enemy country to have a revenge on you own country?
@Shvet yes and thats what I said
@Tim well whenever I speak of it there is a tone of amusement in it, it is never intended to turn into a serious discussion
> Do not try to interact with UI from Dispatchers.IO context, switch to Dispatchers.Main instead
@Mehdi isn't crawling for stealing data illegal?
i think it s a grey zone
as an example futbin.com is crawling data from fifa
as far as i know
2:25 PM
@PayelSenapati well then I suggest you don't speak of it again, because it is a serious topic and mentioning serious topics tends to lead to serious discussions
@PayelSenapati you will be discriminated by Russia if you would live there, the general opinion on gay people is not exactly rainbow colored
so I dk what discrimination you suffer in India that makes it worse or such
@asim as far as I know, as long as the info is public, and doesn't require an authentication whatsoever, then it's cool
but if you need to create an account for your bot to be authenticated then it's illegal
So if you want to scan for near BL devices, you have to ask for a Location Permission
working as intended - yeah right
on api <6?
@PayelSenapati then you should frankly stop, imo t's even worse than being paid, because it means you're adept and aligned with a bad regime
2:38 PM
or > ...
what are you trying to use with ble?
@grrigore some thermal printers
nothing special
@Mehdi I would like to answer but I prefer not to as the conversation will heat up
I've used this one
ScanningActivity is showing paired devices even if they are not available. I guess paired devices should not be added by default when onDiscoveryStarted is called.
tho it has this thing that I considered a bug
ive seen this one
@PayelSenapati it makes no sense to say something and then stop the debate when you get a response. Then don't start it altogether, you're not in some sort of podium and we're not attendees
2:41 PM
so basically i took parts of his implementation, made a little bit better infra
@IvanMilisavljevic I can explain why, but I think you already know, right
@Tim ye i know
makes no difference tho, still angry :D
why is the location permission needed? enlighten me, if you feel like it
it's a little better as of android 11 users can give 'one time' permission. But still a good source of 1 star reviews
2:43 PM
@Mehdi Right, you need location permission because you need access to devices MAC(Which potentially you can use to obtain users location)
and if you can scan for nearby bluetooth beacons you can approximate user's location
gotcha, thanks!
@IvanMilisavljevic how can you deduce the location from the MAC address?
@IvanMilisavljevic would you share that? :D
I'd like to see how it ended
@grrigore i could yeah, i basically changed 80% of his printer code (actually implemented sensible architecture using appropriate design patterns)
well whenever you feel like it @ me
2:49 PM
@Mehdi not sure if I can explain it tbh, I believe there is a database somewhere with mac/location, or it has to do something with scanning IO interfaces in general
as far as I know, the mac address is an immutable id for the network card, so can't really give you any "user" info
thanks for the info, gonna look it up
mac address can be changed, it is not immutable
The default one should be unique for the network interface. The only information that can be directly deduced from it is the company of the device (based on the prefix). However, one could theoretically track a user from network to network using the MAC address.
Apple recently introduced a feature to create a new random MAC address for each network to prevent tracking.
One perk of being able to change it is that you can steal wifi on planes/in hotels from people who paid for it because they use MAC address to check if you paid.
r/UnethicalLifeHacks :D
3:07 PM
cya guys
bye grrig
3:30 PM
i meant from a network perspective, the mac address doesn't change or differ with the different networks a device joins
how do you change your MAC address
it was my understanding that was set during manufacture
learn somethin new everyday i guess
oh okay nvm, so you don't "change" the MAC address, as much as you spoof a new one
3:50 PM
I find the "Handpan" fascinating
yeah those instruments are cool
I'm tempted to get one at some point but I imagine they're expensive
4:06 PM
yeah, at least 2y ago they were varying from 1000 - 3000€, I just checked and nowadays they can start at 500€
4:35 PM
So, previously I learned a word called, "brogrammer". I have been very interested in it lately
What's wrong with being a brogrammer?
I mean, without the sexism part, what negative thing does a brogrammer bring to a table?
I do want to be a brogrammer, without the sexism part, so I can intimidate some nerds
The stereotypical type of nerds
4:54 PM
my understanding is it's a programmer without the nerdy stuff but idk really
@JBis cheaper motels tend to have better internet than fancy ones, because they don't try to scam people with "premium" internet.
@Taseer wtf? lol
So you want to be an asshole, not a brogrammer?
TIL taseer wants to be me, oh wait he said without sexism nvm
he said he doesn't want to be a nerd bb
5:12 PM
lmao bb
@twiz I mean, generally, I would be a brogrammer but whenever I would see nerds, I would love to bully them
I want to be an asshole, specifically one who programs
Yeah, I want to be an asshole too
I love being a nerd, I see it as a complement if people call me nerd, something to be proud of
5:15 PM
Imagine a nerd like this shows up at your work
@PayelSenapati I love to bully nerds, it makes me project my inner resentments, something I am proud to be
I would make him believe that corona doesn't exist so he can die early
@ballBreaker I said that I don't want to include the sexism part, but I did not include workplace sexual harassment
well nerd means someone who can hack any gadget in sleep
> a foolish or contemptible person who lacks social skills or is boringly studious.
> an unfashionable or socially inept person.
well I was seeing th TV series Nikita, Nikita called her friend by nickname nerd, he can hack any gadget in sleep, he has made 20 million fortunes when he was student, he goes by the name "shadow walker"
5:22 PM
@asim Why are you attacking Raghav with your thesaurus?
I have created package name unique for myself for all my projects
I am sorry raghav I didn't knew you were here
@PayelSenapati no
> nerd: a foolish or contemptible person who lacks social skills or is boringly studious.
nerd: a single-minded expert in a particular technical field.
5:30 PM
@PayelSenapati payelsenapati isn't a valid domain
nerd definitely means someone out of the ordinarily intelligent @ballBreaker
@ballBreaker I think raghav is still here
haha no payel that's wrong
that word would be 'genius'
@asim You mean that your intentions are to bad mouth Raghav behind his back?
genius is too sophisticated oxford english, something from urban dictionary? @ballBreaker
5:34 PM
@Taseer I just don't want him to feel bad about what he is
@PayelSenapati autistic
@ballBreaker I am angry with you, u asked to play game 2 hours a day, I couldn't control and ended up playing game all day for 5 days, wasting my super precious time, now biting my hand
what is this conversation
sounds like you should be angry at yourself
5:45 PM
@PayelSenapati sell your gpu like I did
Oct 15 '20 at 17:08, by asim
I couldn't stop playing games so i sold my gpu xD
unfortunately, it's laptop, not desktop, I can't take it out to sell
sell your laptop, buy one with no dedicated gpu
that's a good idea
mine one comes with a fucking 4GB dedicated GPU
language mam, I am just 13 years old.
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