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5:33 AM
Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood Morning Everyone!!!! :D
6:26 AM
hello there
6:37 AM
where are you from qki?
you're always up in the morning
its 8:41 AM here so Im up for about 2hrs now
that hurts
being awake in general just hurts
got up at 6 am?
I have to be in office at 8 AM. I wake up at 6:30, morning shower, coffee and breakfast, 7:45 leaving my apartment
6:43 AM
but we have similiar time zones I think, where are you from grig?
it's 9:44 here
oh cool
yeah, 1hr ahead of me
6:57 AM
hmm, Im working at a fulltime job but Im really curious about some freelancing stuff to do in my spare time. I wonder if thats even possible, considering I dont have much free time to spare
7:46 AM
no time
8:44 AM
@qki trust me, dont
its not worth it
> Releasing apps, by assigning APKs to various Tracks (alpha, beta, staged rollout, or production)
this it he google play developer API
I wonder if it allows apks
now you can only upload aab for new releases
i dont think apk is allowed, you can always try tho
but it sounds like, right?
8:59 AM
@qki "I have to be in office at 8 AM" why? :'(
but that 15 mins commute :)
mine is around 30 mins
1,5h for me
around 35min for me
but it's been 10sec for the past 1.5y or so, though
9:07 AM
9:20 AM
@Mehdi cause I dont have elastic work hours, I have to be here 8AM - 4PM pretty much
@IvanMilisavljevic Well Im a bit scared when thinking about it, but curiosity stays with me haha
And the 15 min commutte is super cool, I have to admit it
but I live in a small town ~60k residents, drive to small town next to it
Freelancing sucks, you will be tired, you will write bad code, you will have 0 social life
and the money in the end is not really making an impact when spread on couple of months of work
i did frelancing for 5 years alongside my regular full time job
it was the worst period of my life
@qki the 4pm part is sweet though :D
@IvanMilisavljevic yeah freelancing alongside a full time job is extremely painful and a recipe for burnouts on the mid term
You ruined my view of freelance lol. But point taken, thanks :D
however, freelance full time 💰
also in your case since you leave work at 4pm, having a part time side gig is not too bad tbh
9:29 AM
and the 4PM is kinda sweet, the real truth is I'm working monday-thursday ~8.75h so I can leave friday early, and friday for me is 8AM-2:45PM and thats so freaking awesome
and I have to say that freelancing is a lot easier if you invested time in building assets / libraries / apps skeletons etc..
you just take your skeleton and use it for every project and implement the specifics of your client
60% of the job done already
@qki waaa
yeah the app skeletons seems super smart
it doesn't matter when you leave the office right? If you have to start earlier you have to go to bed earlier etc
yeah kinda truth, the real deal is your "way of life"? I mean what person you are, you want to end office day early but go to sleep early aswell, or just end the office day late but get to sleep late aswell
9:32 AM
@Tim true
@qki yeah so make sure that when you work on something, you make it as modularised and tested as possible, this will go in your personal toolbox
I wonder about that personal toolbox, what if you have to give away the rights to the code to them aswell?
it's hard to do that mehdi
> as modularised and tested as possible
from the UI point of view first of all
@qki No, qki, well they own that code but your repos and libs precede their app
so it's like using a random open source QR code scanner library
they own the custom implementation but not THE library
@grrigore those are usually customer specifics, but say networking, error / IO handling, custom stuff like face detection, qr scanner, bluetooth connection etc.. those shouldn't be reimplemented everytime, since they're there everytime in every app
9:36 AM
well yes
but also no
I mean that save some time
but that's not the real problem
indeed, that sounds like a solid argument
@Mehdi that makes sense to me
9:47 AM
I mean networking - different api requests/responses
error handling - can be different
qr scanner - core stuff can be done
but there can also be customizable
error handling is a concept
Happy Laxmi Puja to all, may Goddess Laxmi bless all of u, jai mata di 😊
10:10 AM
I seriously doubt anyone other than yourself has a clue what any of that means
I don't think it worked, Tim :D
latest drama
Q: Two candidates in the moderator election have given nearly identical answers to question 5

DaveyDaveDaveI'm confused. In the answers to the 2021 Moderator Election questionnaire, Zoe's answer to question 5 is: Realistically, I wouldn't be alone in handling this. I'll show support for the user in question if no one else gets to it before me, and I'll gladly dismantle a few arguments, but I'm just n...

@Tim well today is holy Goddess Laxmi worship day in our Hindu festival. We Indians today greet each other in this way ... sort of Happy Christmas for Christians. Every single Indian knows it
name one other indian in this chat
10:16 AM
that's sad though
that you don't know any, or?
@grrigore one candidate is being accused of copying all his questionnaire answers from the others, very juicy
I hope he/she wins
me too
let's go and vote for them
Zoe is my favvorite candidate. I have voted for Zoe
i didn't
10:22 AM
I'm just kidding I don't give a single fuck about who wins
This was the most starred message last year on this day:
Oct 20 '20 at 21:23, by grrigore
you're wrong and stupid
@Tim hahaha imagine cheating for a SO election XD
10:41 AM
intense sheit
"this is not really a blunder but rather an intentional act." - What stops it being both? It was intentional... and still a mistake. - Regardless, I don't think this answer is remotely useful, they've admitted to what they've done and calling out every place that they copied is simply shaming them. Everyone knows Shree struggles to communicate in English and makes mistakes doing so. While I'm not impressed that he copied, I understand why he did, and frankly would still consider him an asset to the mod team and him withdrawing would be a mistake. — Nick 12 hours ago
I like this reasoning
will only vote for sree then - based on 1 comment - my decision is made
everyday I seem to keep finding bugs with MySQL language and stackoverflow stalwarts with large reputation also acknowledge it
The latest defficiency for which there isn't even a feature request -
how can someone that cannot communicate their thoughts be considered an asset to the mod team, it's beyond me
Q: ERROR 1146 (42S02): Table 'mysql.proc' doesn't exist while calling a stored procedure

Payel SenapatiI am using this thread - Rename a mysql procedure to rename a stored procedure Here upon trying the command as shown in the answer - UPDATE `mysql`.`proc` SET name = '<new_proc_name>', specific_name = '<new_proc_name>' WHERE db = '<database>' AND name = '<old_proc_name>'; I get the error - ERR...

@Tim i'd say only based on moderation and curating content
but good point lol
10:53 AM
I've had difficulty expressing myself in English all my life. That's no reason to plagiarize someone else's answers. And it is very concerning to see Meta's reaction to plagiarism when it is done by someone they root for. — ayhan 19 hours ago
@TadeuszKopec Even if we take that at face value: if someone has enough difficulty with English that they cannot formulate brief answers to these kinds of questions, then regardless of their character, they are probably not the most suitable person to moderate an English-language site. Moderators on Stack Overflow will routinely have to read and act on posts, comments and flags written in English, and explain their decisions and actions to other users in English. So it's at most a defense of Shree's character, not a defense of their suitability to be a moderator. — kaya3 10 hours ago
I honestly agree, and wouldn't do it myself. However, if the only way to reward someone for having contributed as much as he did is to promote them to Mod, I say why not. Otherwise we might lose an asset
@PayelSenapati thank you for your service, very valuable to the community
being personally rewarded is not the goal of contribution though
so why would they compete so fiercely for the mod position? since they're already able to curate that much content
11:10 AM
it can be his personal goal of course, I meant to say that it is not necessary to reward someone that contributes a lot
this is also in line with the view of SO, since their business model is basically making money off of other people's hard work without rewarding them for it
savage XD
yeah so my view would be that anyone contributing a lot should be rewarded, ideally financially, if not with whatever "privileges" those contributors deem valuable, just to keep that motivation and commitment high
then we would have 5000 mods :)
so not everyone can be rewarded for their efforts and be made a mod, hence why we have the moderator elections which are just glorified popularity contests
if you're not a regular of chat room X and Y and are not in elite circle Z with the boys from meta, you're already at a huge disadvantage
because these chat room people and the meta gang are exactly the people who are always commenting on the election pages and posts. And you're not gonna tell me that their words do not influence the voting behavior of the community
like "I have never heard of this person, but here are 10 comments from people with high rep who say this is a good candidate, so I guess I will vote for this person"
you're right, this is exactly how I done it in the past
okay I understand now, so it's a closed circle, it sounds from the outside that it's purely based on certain metrics, but as you said - the club influences the voters' choice
11:28 AM
xD exactly
these are all not facts of course. But I've been actively around for nearly 10 years and this is what I think of it
I think it's an educated opinion and it makes sense, so I can get behind it
in many large forums since the early 2000s, moderators were actually paid - this is how it should be
because money is the best motivation
and you can have a healthy relationship
also true
11:33 AM
these are my expectations from you, fulfilled: stay - unfulfilled: badge removed
so you're telling me these guys have to work + also be a moderator?
and frankly, how dare SO for ex strip away the mod badge from someone who's a volunteer and who got nothing out of the company and all the efforts spent
it's just insulting tbh
that seems fxcked up
and even more now since they got acquired and their financial situation should be improved
by whom?
11:41 AM
@grrigore yes mods are expected to spend 30 mins to 2 hours per day doing janitor work on the site
I barely work for money but for free..
work as in enjoy working
@grrigore xD
@rob do you think it's fair to expect monetary reward for mod duties or is this taking the "fun" out of your mod work?
(and blink twice if you're afraid of potential retaliation :D)
2 hours later…
2:03 PM
hey grr, how's it going?
reading some docs on subcriptions
google play ones
what about you?
2:28 PM
trying to write a mock server, but on a running app
for testing?
2:47 PM
gotta go, bye everyone!
@grrigore for a self contained sample app
bye qki
bye o/
that s a lot of info xD
from who?
2:54 PM
> self contained sample app
@Mauker yeah mauk you can use postman for that
you can mock a entire web server
this is great
I needed something like this for an mvp
with no server
@IvanMilisavljevic I know, but it's for a code challenge
Postman is great tool
Man i didnt know there's a stack chat
3:00 PM
It is indeed
@Mauker trust me something very important will come up and you will loose the challenge because not having enough time
I'm not in the challenge, I'm creating one
I don't want to rely on an fake API on the net
I want the candidate to still take the HTTP part into account, but without having to worry about connectivity issues or things like that
Just want to know if he can write the retrofit part (or something equivalent)
I need an api :(
The api would be within the app
so a localhost thing?
3:06 PM
Nice idea
so it will never fail
but how can you write an api inside an app?
android app, right?
@grrigore why not, simple socket server, a web server, multiple ways to do it
Trying to use the mockwebserver
3:16 PM
@IvanMilisavljevic will it run as long as postman is open?
@grrigore i believe it runs on their servers until you shut it down
it worked after I closed postman
stop hacking me mauker
say what
so he really did it
4:30 PM
I have no idea who the candidates are but still used my right to vote
I am back
how was the mars
I've did my first libary update
because I needed it
and the dev won't merge it -.-
@grrigore threaten him
thats the only way
4:33 PM
can you please spam him? xD
or here
I've even emailed him
he was last active in august tho
fork it, he may have recently got married and is on a vacation to switzerland
did it
see you later gents
5:08 PM
what is so special about Switzerland?
@grrigore that's insulting
5:54 PM
hey gents
Hey Tims
hey timi
What's cookin? Anyone watching Adam's stream tonight? Starts in around 4h
Might be there
couldn't sleep last night might be sleeping, hopefully
feel like something is twisting my guts violently, pain is sometimes so worse it makes me sweat
6:08 PM
Don't go to the doctor it's probably fine
@asim ever watched the movie alien? I think u should get a X-Ray done fast @asim
doc is probably gonna accuse me of eating things I didn't ate in last 5 years
But didn't you tho?
I bought bananas and noticed we already have them at home so I stored them in my room and forgot bout em
6:17 PM
maybe there's an entire banana in your intestines
day latter I thought they might go bad so I ate em all
thats what happend
back to holland :(
so you really have an entire banana in your guts
@asim bananas imported from brazil potentially has a tarantuala sitting on it, recently happened to a woman who bought banana from a super market in London
he had an entire bunch of bananas in hit gut
they re-animated inside him
6:19 PM
should I try punching me guts and see if it helps
@asim keep me posted
@MwBakker don't think it helps but feels nice, you should try
does it help with missing somebody?
@Tim 👏🏻👏🏻
6:25 PM
@asim I think ur case is that of Allen Ripley
I cleaned my desk out at the office today
You had a desk
did you leave a nice present on it?
@PayelSenapati girl he was shot to death, I am not shot dead, what are you even talking about
you are not dead?
6:27 PM
I did not!
I should have though
@ballBreaker you have changed man... what have you become :(
@MwBakker not that I can prove it but believe I am not
6:29 PM
Did Mehdi leave R15?
@Mehdi are you here m8y
No, he is actually more active than before
now that the dust about corona has settled, when is the meetup?
We are fucked really hard
lol dust settled, as if
6:31 PM
570+ deaths yesterday
are you guys not vaccinated
Not really
guys grab grig, bb bring the injection
6:35 PM
i have the needle right here
Well I am
today you'll get the ability to stream netflix straight from the built in 5g chip in your arm
People in my country are not
that sucks man
I'm vaccinated guys
6:35 PM
i don't want this covid shit anymore, so done with it lol
everyone is
but people are not getting vaccinated :(
yeah lol its gonna be years guys
gotta be pessimistic, optimism is gonna kill ya
6:36 PM
there goes my 20s
True story ahmad
how am I supposed to find my wife when I have to stay inside
@grrigore whenever I hear it, my blood gets boiling for the sins CCP committed that took millions of life world wide
mark zuckerberg is an alien
6:42 PM
@asim u can now buy Tesla using bitcoin and etherum
@PayelSenapati no I am poor af
@asim just saying the popularity of cryptocurrency
gangnam style is also popular
why do gangnam style reminds me of Kim Jong Un?
6:44 PM
because of trump
trump has a bald patch at back of head and he is always busy covering it
his daughter is beautiful tho
Wife is sexy
@ballBreaker russianbrides.com
that would be unethical specially when there are children around
jbis is 12, I am 14 years old
6:48 PM
@PayelSenapati lol direct your anger elsewhere
@grrigore my gf is not vaccinated either. When we were having dinner with my parents and my dad found out it almost turned into a gestapo interrogation
@PayelSenapati by sins you mean communism?
why is your gf not vaccinated
@MwBakker I mean CCP virus
6:50 PM
@ballBreaker she had some fears about it
Well kwb
Idk but here the situation is really bad
@MwBakker I see
tell her to stop being an idiot
my ex gf hasn't gotten it yet because of fears.. and ... her life is falling apart because of it
I week back I got my second shot
but her sister is a granola snorting hippie who believes in crystals over medicine.. and she's corrupting her mind
6:52 PM
her job is now mandating vaccines... restaurants/everything requires a vaccine so her life is falling apart lmao
Hear people call Biden dictator for making vaccination mandatory
I happened to be at a place that was going to have to throw out vaccines, so I already have a booster shot. lol
I will get my booster shot after around 4 months
@ballBreaker I am vaccinated and I think others should but I am not going to judge as hard catagorizing somebody with doubts as an idiot
I mean if they believe the vaccine is a weapon of mass destruction or such then yes: idiots
6:54 PM
@MwBakker I would have agreed if this was like February.
but if somebody thinks the fast development doesn't feel safe then there is room for debate to convince somebody it's safe
anyway the vaccines will soon get outdated due to evolving virus, new vaccines will be needed
@MwBakker That's my point though. In the US at least, one of the vaccines has gone through the normal approval process now.
Sorry, I can't type...
@twiz yeah some have this side effect unfortunatly
furtheron it seems safe to me
6:57 PM
well as side effect my mom coudn't stand on legs was falling down for 2 days after the shot
@PayelSenapati for here I agree with you, vaccinated people are still able to spread it. It does help reduce hospital numbers which is great but the virus will mutate nevertheless unless we go lockdown or such
I guess my point is that no one other than anti-vax crazies were ever afraid of flu vaccines, but now they are concerned about a different vaccine that has gone through the same approval process.
Seems pretty stupid to me.
@MwBakker such fast mutation rate is not there in natural virus, this virus is man made
@Ahmad hey
it still helps with the severity of the disease
6:59 PM
@MwBakker lockdowns are not a solution, it would be an even bigger disaster
@Mehdi sup
How are you? :D
good good :)
@PayelSenapati ofc there is fast mutation, the virus went worldwide: the chances of mutation increased every day
@MwBakker Doesn't it greatly reduce the spread though, since symptoms are part of what spreads it?
6:59 PM
@twiz it feels like there's a lot more anti vax people nowadays than just 2 years ago

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