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5:06 AM
6:06 AM
6:19 AM
@asim thanks for the effort dude
Unfortunately my suggestion got shot down
hello there
What's up qki
nothin much, still didn't fully wake up
sup with you?
6:59 AM
Init after wakeup takes a long time, often glitches and calls sleep again
@JackDaniels university project?
oh, nice one grig. what's your use case if thats no secret?
7:23 AM
7:39 AM
yeah, for that firebase Api. are you using it or just found it?
found it
but imma try to use it
oh okay, it seems interesting. Let us know when you coded something with it, im curious about how it works
hopefully it works like a normal api
8:00 AM
Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood Morning Everyone!!!! :D
heya Womps!
i created two users clonning my user and I don't know why they don't see stuff they should
another day in paradise
where my nerds at
I have a question
8:22 AM
sup gents
and ladies
@asim nah, work hack day
@grrigore not sure what are you trying to do
trying to add a param to that accept(t:Throwable) method
something like this
I mean I want to be able "to pass" a lambda to it
if (throwable is InternetConnectionException) {
somehow I want to pass onError, not to have to set it
if that's possible..
8:39 AM
so you want a lambda as an value argument?
override fun accept(throwable: Throwable?) this is from the Consumer<Throwable> interface
aha so you want to extend a consumer and override this accept function
but with that onError as a param
and you want to pass a lambda instead of throwable?
the throwable and the lambda
override fun accept(throwable: Throwable?, onError : () -> Unit)
8:41 AM
what did you try so far?
something like this
well I've tried that onError as a variable
and I've tried to throw the error from override fun accept(throwable: Throwable?) and handle it in another method in a try catch
but i guess that's messed up
and it doesn't work
what other options do you have?
I kinda ran out of options :D
think about it
use a variable for the throwable from accept method?
and set it
8:48 AM
what elese can you do?
let me try this one
can you also create a gist we can exchange ideas on?
ok lets see
ok first of all
it crashes
9:00 AM
lets see what other options you have
just a sec
have you thought about having 2 overloads?
only 1 :D
I mean I've tried this fun accept(throwable: Throwable?, onError : () -> Unit)
but idk how to pass the throwable from override fun accept
you cannot
check how these guys did it
9:20 AM
9:46 AM
I don't get it
10:28 AM
This was the most starred message last year on this day:
Oct 19 '20 at 14:39, by Tim
that sounds like some real nerd shit
man I just clicked on an NSFW link on a SO answer...
@Mehdi thats really bad! Can you share the link to the answer?
no lol I prefer not to spread it, I flagged it for moderation since the "edit queue is full"
@R15-Zucc true
@Mehdi source
2 mins ago, by Mehdi
no lol I prefer not to spread it, I flagged it for moderation since the "edit queue is full"
10:44 AM
how bad can it be?
We all want to feel what you felt, we wanna know what you went through
it's not PG13 (+18) so I can't share it, sorry :/
you can share the question xD
foolin around
11:00 AM
brooooo ... :D
1 hour later…
12:01 PM
anyone with some experience in directory listening in linux/centos? as in if a new file is copied in a folder to an action etc..
1 hour later…
1:18 PM
here waste of time, I leave this group, bye
Mehdi mad
Hey Nyak! la niaque?
@Mehdi NAN!
My new team lead keep throwing stuff at us before we can finish
Messaging at 10:30 PM to ask us if we can switch tasks and complaining nothing is getting finished
I would flip a table if I wasn't working from home
1:29 PM
I'd be like im sleeping broo
fook oof
I don't answer
Not paid enough to do overtime, especially that late
After 19h, I'm triple rate, if not quadruple
If you're not ready to put the cash for it, I'm not acknowledging you
I wish I was as tough as you
I'm making overtime left and right and they don't even have to ask me to do it
@Nyakouai lol yeah that's a good boy
I worked 42h on a 35h contract. No paid overtime. Shitty boss. First job. Learned my lesson.
OMG lmfao
I forgot I was in a meeting and just vaped
like 4 times
good thing i quit
1:38 PM
That guy
yeah on camera
@ballBreaker is that really that unacceptable? lol
lol its def unprofessional
yeah... but isn't it unprofessional in the same sense that having tattoos or wearing a hoodie is "unprofessional"?
I object. 90% of the people here have tattoos or wear hoodies.
1:42 PM
They probably vape too.
It's professional behaviour if you are in game development
Some of them
Bunch of fuckin hipsters, ruining our counterculture
@Nyakouai That's actually exactly my point. The people who get upset by things that don't matter are the ones who are the problem.
not really haha
I feel like those are different things
vaping during a meeting on camera vs having a hoodie or tattoo
they seem very different to me
but yeah as to the it not mattering part, I concur
I suppose they are different in that clouds of smoke are way more distracting.
I feel like it'd be similar to taking a swig of vodka during a meeting
but not quite as bad
1:48 PM
On a related note, video calls should really be set up better for only displaying the people who are talking. Does anyone really need to watch a screen of 10 people who aren't listening?
@ballBreaker I guess that depends on what you're vaping. lol
I mean people drink coffee during meetings.
thats a good point
I guess nicotine is just more frowned upon
How do they know it's not CBD or something?
@grrigore hahahahahahahahahahaha
omg lmao @tim has a wiki page, that's glorious
@twiz hmmm no idea
oh its a fake
grrig got me
@Nyakouai do you tell him that?
@twiz in germany tattoos are pretty common in the workplace, and when I say tattoo I mean a 4 members tattoo :D
No, as I said, ignored the dude
1:53 PM
valid move, that's how you assert your dominance
@Mehdi What is a "4 members tattoo"?
lmao is that a nazi joke mehdi
no :D
4 diagonal members all pointing away from each other
@twiz left + right arms + neck and back
and it's not badly perceived in the workplace as far as I understood
1:55 PM
yeah I feel like they are becoming more common place
Tattoos are really common in the US, but a lot of older people still have negative opinions of tattoos.
Especially if it was like what @Mehdi is talking about.
jewish people especially
Probably doesn't matter in most tech companies though.
tattoos are against their religion
1:58 PM
you can't be buried in a jewish cemetery if you have tattoos
@ballBreaker hahahahahahahahahahaha
@ballBreaker I think the only one who actually has one is raghav
@ballBreaker pretty sure all abrahamic religions are against body modification
I'm pretty sure all abrahamic religions just make up their beliefs as they go along.
@ballBreaker I hope my incinerator is not jewish then.
2:02 PM
@Mehdi not to the same extent though
@twiz "I'm pretty sure all religions just make up their beliefs as they go along." Here, fixed it
@ballBreaker yeah I never heard of the burying part
Lol nah, go on and edit it some more.
He is right, afaik
I can't cross text here, can't remember the markup
Am disappointed
3 dashes for both sides of the text, but probably doesn't work on multiline messages
here ---is---
a ---test---
2:04 PM
Can't edit anymore
why wouldn't that work with multiline? lol
only quotes and code blocks work on a multiline message
but the whole message must be the quote
oh wow, I missed payel in here did I
Well, I get that you couldn't strike out multiple lines in one go, but why couldn't you have 2 separate ones like Mehdi did?
2:06 PM
markdown here is pretty janky
because this chat was created in 1994 and has not been updated since
Fun fact: This chat runs on the AOL chatroom API.
well I have my left arm almost fully tattooed and it wasn't a problem at my workplace here in Poland
I think the only thing that matters are face tattoos
so Apple is back with the 2015 macbook pro after 5y of "innovation"
2:10 PM
yeah, face tattoo will probably be a big no XD
discrimination alert
Poland is way too conservative to accept face tattoos as something normal. ~15 years ago normal tattoos were stereotypically something only criminals had
hello I would like a job at your establishment
youre hired
thank you for not discriminating against me for my bad life choices
2:15 PM
I realize this is how it is. But discriminating based on tattoos or hair or whatever is no different than discrimating based on other aspects of appearance
sort of, sort of not
@Mehdi Well, I'd call that a good thing. No one really even wants an innovative laptop.
I'd say it's the equivalent of discriminating against someone for being fat
but it's not the equivalent of discriminating for being of a different race, gender, etc
since one is a choice, and the other is not
but that's just me
being far or slim is just another aspect of the appearance
I feel like someone making bad judgement decisions in their life should be fair game for not hiring them but i unno
someone with face tattoos isn't really "forward thinking"
2:18 PM
I can understand not hiring someone at a public relation job for face tattoo or body modifications that are highly visible and unusual... but as much as I dislike those, I don't think that would be a problem for a dev - and so should not be a problem when hiring.
@ballBreaker What if they were thinking forward to being a tiktok mumble rapper?
then they should do that and not try to be a dev haha
Like... you made your choice, I think it's dumb, but if you can code properly and are decent to work with, who are we to argue, that's your choice
@ballBreaker probably the biggest reason this is considered 'not forward thinking' is because they will have trouble finding a job. If that was not an issue then it would probably be much less frowned upon
Especially now that no one actually wants to go to work in person anyway.
2:20 PM
@Tim Well, this is the argument you make, but also, it's one of the more invasive form of tattoo
hmmm fair points
You can't really conceal a face tattoo
why should you have to, is the point
So you are litterally gonna live with your choice for the rest of your life
I think tim has a face tattoo
2:20 PM
I guess at that point it depends on the job then
If you made a youth mistake with it, good luck
if no one is ever going to see you then fine, you can be the face tattoo troll in the closet
I mean, the idiot rapper bb posted above... imagine his face at 50
That guy already look like a dumbass... That's gonna sting in a few years
depends on the tattoo as well
if you have a big 69 tattood on your face.. then yeah
listen I understand this is how the world works. But at the end of the day it is still discrimination
2:22 PM
@Nyakouai given his history, I think he has other issues to deal with to stay alive :D
what's the line though tim
can I have a big swastika tattood on my face and get a job?
a big penis?
some discrimination is acceptable I think
there should be a line indeed, but currently the line is way on the conservative end
@Tim I don't think you should be barred from working cause you have a face tattoo. I just think this is majorly stupid in most cases and does not make me trust the person forward thinking, that's all
that's fair
why is it stupid
because it is frowned upon by society and people are sheep
2:27 PM
Hmm, no, for the reasons I described above?
I'm gonna be honest, face tattoos are ugly, and ugly people are less successful
Personnal belief that almost no face tattoo ages well, it's visually aggressive and cause a lot of problem to mesh with people
sounds an awful lot like having a baby
i like face tattoos
2:29 PM
@ballBreaker are you saying this is ugly?
I'm only saying that when the man in question is not within earshot
because he looks scary
"ugly people are less successful" isn't that the problem
yeah I think it def is
and this is why it's important to never include the photo in a CV, unconscious bias is real
ideally also interviews without the camera on
hiring managers also discriminate based on name and other things you can't really leave it
2:35 PM
definitely, in some countries it is legal to change your name on the application
and in many countries discrimination also happens by "address", they basically profile you from where you live
"tim? boring name, we already have 2 tims in the department, I'll hire X Æ A-12 instead"
oh wow, tim is the r15 RO? nvm, hired
but wait, he has been in contact with .. "ballbreaker"? nvm not hired
2:46 PM
"Tim rejected my access request, now now now"
it's not unlikely that that will ever happen to me xD or more likely "I posted a question and this guy was an asshole"
gotta go guys, bye!! :D
tim, should a view state contain the username and password field? for a login screen
i think it should
2:58 PM
then be brave and go for it
I should have told my company I was starting at a competitor
these mfs are making me stay the full 2 weeks notice
how dare they use my contractual obligation against me
you mean they didn't make you a favor / recognise your years of labor?
user image
hahahahahaha that image
to be fair to them I also booked 3 days of vacation inside my 10 days notice
so it kinda makes sense they wanna make me do the full thing xD
you did em dirty
3:11 PM
guess I'll have to relearn scala while "working" this job T_T
the sooner you accept the company has no feelings the better you live stuff like that
lol oh I'm well aware
I just won't do anything other than my transition stuff
they can suckit
this is the way
need a name for a class whos job it is to ensure a given block of code is not executed more than once in parallel
I have SingleExecutor but that's not good
3:25 PM
JobQueuer / WorkQueuer?
doesn't queue, if a 2nd execution is requested while the 1st one is in progress, that is ignored
thread I'm not sure because 2 coroutines can run in parallel on 1 thread
you could call it SingletonExecutor
its a bit more descriptive of the parallel portion
mmmmmm fine
call it
that's good
3:29 PM
you only execute once
yo @AdamMc331 wanna roast my compose code? :D
well if someone feels like it there it is gist.github.com/grrigore/cbb7da370e6647c6c69a45ea56f5f6ed
@grrigore you space your code like a monkey with downs syndrome
3:37 PM
if I wore glasses I'd be able to read this better because I would have 4 eyes instead of 2
I unno, you asked for a roast
well it works
I'm jk btw
have a nice one guys
see ya later
cya grriggy!!
3:44 PM
adam recently made some videos on how to make a login screen with compose, did you watch those?
I didn't know there was a login one
that's great
there are a lot of examples, but no login ones
good ole adam
i have no clue what compose is so my brain automatically jumps to docker-compose lol
same thing
jetpack compose
3:54 PM
o it's a UI toolkit
i should make my own operating system
4 hours ago, by Mehdi
anyone with some experience in directory listening in linux/centos? as in if a new file is copied in a folder to an action etc..
TL;DR: inotifywait
@JBis ur a nerd
@Smarticles101 sounds fun
3:57 PM
@Smarticles101 🤓
@Smarticles101 take notes from TempleOS
was that the guy
that went nuts?
haha yeah
3:59 PM
templeOS is actually kinda impressive
guy was a wacko
@Tim it looks like the app doesn't handle the actual login scenario, but will check it out
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