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2:05 AM
2:32 AM
Do you guys consider Android to be Linux? If so, then why isn't macOS and iOS?
3:29 AM
Got a 8.8 out of 10 for my thesis
@TimCastelijns You play HoS, Tim?
1 hour later…
4:39 AM
@JBis Oh yeah...
Good morning everyone. :)
@grrigore , Great, congrats. :)
I am so sad. My application has memory leak :(
5:27 AM
5:40 AM
eLi how are you
am fine bluetoothfix, How abiut u
just got up and looking for something
6:04 AM
@JBis Android is not Linux
Linux in terms of android is just a layer communicating with the hardware
6:33 AM
7:14 AM
hi guys
i want to remove all notification from all other apps
i tried to use cancelNotification(sbn.key) in onNotificationPosted
its not working
you cant hide notifications from other apps
Thanks @IvanMilisavljevic
But i seen some apps mainly game booster apps hide other app notifications
any idea
morning all
7:31 AM
@LavanyaVelusamy do you know any 3rd party game boosters that do this?
I have Samsung Game booster which does this thing, but i guess they do it on a system level
Q: How to cancel an ongoing notification of another app?

android developerBackground I've found an app that somehow hides heads-up notifications, including even ongoing notifications (used by foreground services), called NCleaner . I was wondering how such a thing works. The problem There isn't much information of how to control notifications of other apps. Only of...

i found this article
they used to squeeze notification
its seems like it should work
Dont be surprised if later Android versions disable this feature, since this looks like a major security hole
Also im not sure if you need to request explicit permissions for this
By the nature of this feature i guess you will have to, try it out and ping me back with the results
and there is a couple of caveats:
this is not going to work with work profiles
this is not going to work with low ram devices
7:55 AM
@grrigore I used to play hots for like 3 years, but not since a while now
okay @IvanMilisavljevic
anyone worked with keystore?
lol keystore
I can't look at the word keystore and not think of Adam
8:24 AM
you asked something about aar
did you solve it
I did not, but I think the setup I was going for is not really feasible
I have a lib that hits different endpoints depending on the build type of my app. So if I build dev it's gonna hit dev.api.com/login for example
I need some way for the lib to know what endpoint to use, but I don't want the app to know that the lib is doing that
haven't found a way yet
Do you init the lib somewhere?
8:32 AM
but i would just pass the true/false value during lib initializaton
or have something .enableDebugMode(true/false) or something
@RaghavSood thanks for the Dogecoin - twitter.com/coindesk/status/1147060823015264256
8:50 AM
@IvanMilisavljevic yes maybe
9:05 AM
UNAUTHORIZED_DOMAIN:Domain not whitelisted by project

What should I do?
Whitelist the domain
I don't know what it means
Can't find a translation
Well, I suppose you know what blacklisted means
Whitelist is the opposite :p
9:07 AM
So I need to have the dynamic link in firebase
whitelist your domain on firebase
9:12 AM
working hard or hardly working? im hardly working today
Hardly working for years
Investing: Exists
Tim asking for shares: It's free real estate
omg time passes so slow today
4 hours ttl
feels like 17
9:29 AM
@MarkO'Sullivan Do not be fooled by all the dollar price movements, always remember 1 doge = 1 doge
@IvanMilisavljevic your work ends at 4 pm?
and I guess start time is 6 at morning?
9:33 AM
nope, we have flexible working hours
i like to be early so around 8
that's good.
i mean i have stuff to do
actually shitloads of work
but i dont feel like doing anything today :D
same here. :-) because the weekend is ahead.
9:35 AM
yeah might be it
@RaghavSood that is true but we need everyone to know the true value of doge in their wrong currency of choice
I'm working on the project which require to create a pdf. Currently i'm creating the pdf file as written in android web and save it to the device storage under Documents/Reports succesfully. But when i try to create a pdf with a longest text lets say 1200 words and above File get created and saved succesfully without contents writen inside.
Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood Morning Everyone!!!!!!!! :D
But with a small amount of texts everything goes fine
Hi Womp3r
9:59 AM
EventBus, yay or nay?
IF you do things right, you dont need EventBus :)
I would say yay, but tbh im not using it much lately
I used the observer pattern but it's so much overhead
I haven't used it since rx
10:08 AM
@TimCastelijns im talkin RxBased EventBus
a what
that looks dope. But what if you want a different Subject
Why would you need a different Subject?
maybe you want to know what the most recent event was
10:13 AM
I used that pattern
it gets ugly as you have more and more observers
i cant think of a reason for that usecase. I guess you could create some kind of cache
Event bus should be really simple PUB//SUB without any other shenanigans
This was the most starred message last year on this day:
@MuratKaragöz This is true, and in general there is always a better way to solve issues
hail eventbus
Especially in kotlin
10:17 AM
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@IvanMilisavljevic hmm you can just create a observer pattern by yourself no need of any libs
you are using rx right?
10:22 AM
i mean i copy pasted this from the internetz but it works
well ...
whatever works i guess
the gist stuff i posted is Rx based solution for event bus
i didn't like eventbus
@RakeshKumar Thank you :)
Its has its usecases
For example, you have a silent push notification sent by your server
10:24 AM
If your app is running, lets say, you should refresh your list of something
what if you don't use RX
There is some libraries like Otto (i think) GreenBus or something like that
yeah those are exactly the ones that suck
10:26 AM
@TimCastelijns Let me know if you wanna play
and CF EventBus is really handy way to avoid callback hell
i am not sure so sure i am going use eventbus or otto ever
I mean i think we dont understand each other :)
LiveData is better than EventBus
I need to get some idea about Beacons
10:28 AM
Im saying eventbus as a pattern is great, Otto an rest of the 3rd party libraries (except Rx) sucks ass
oh then i agree
And its a valid pattern. Like you have event publishers, and event Consumers not connected in any way
also as i said you could use that pattern without any shit libs
I am doing research on it although I am doing on iOS part but I am still hoping something I should get
@ColdFire yeah check the gist i've sent
10:29 AM
@grrigore I don't have a computer that can run it :) also I think it's no fun anymore, since blizzard kind of abandoned it
thats all it takes with rx
yeah i did
aha you guys talk about this
im talking more about the pattern :)
ye this sucks
Q: Broadcast pop up message when iPhone devices comes in the iBeacon range

MayurI have developed one application which will get connected with the iBeacon & will give notifications while user enters or exits from the iBeacon range. Important Note : I am using the inbuilt CoreLocation class to handle the iBeacon devices Now with iBeacon device what I want to achieve is w...

+ using rx solution, you get all the Rx woodo magic
@Mayur man you are barking at the wrong tree :D
voodoo magic now that is a word i like
nice ivan
this is andorid chat group, people literally hate Apple stuff ovehere
yes like the 1k$ stand
10:34 AM
@ColdFire yeah, thats all i can say about Rx
and Protocols (tf? you mean interface), and overprices macbooks with garbage components, and the fact you need a macbook in order to build an iOS app, and its restrictions, and the policy you have to wait for 3 f** days to publish an update for your app
i mean i can go like this for 3 hours atleast
i would rather do PHP than anything Apple related
@IvanMilisavljevic may be but I am just trying to get hints if I get for Beacons which used in Android :)
im joking :) i have no idea man
> and its super classes have no public methods with the @Subscribe annotation
it does
I mean i've never worked with android Bluetooth api, tbh i've always avoided it like plague
Its sucks ass more than Camera APIs
10:42 AM
Some people here worked on bt stuff
They've never been the same since
and the wild @RaghavSood appears :) sup man
I worked with it
kinda straight forward
but does it actually work? :)
@IvanMilisavljevic Not too much, trying to survive with spotty electricity and wifi
Lombok works with android studio
how awesome is that
@MuratKaragöz if you still use java :)
is it build in in kotlin?
i mean not annotations, buy keywords
10:50 AM
Data class
What if you want only getters
var setterVisibility: String = "abc"
private set // the setter is private and has the default implementation
same for private getters
Also you could use @JvmField to skip generation of setters and getters all together
11:12 AM
@RaghavSood thankfully escaped that hell
Exhibit A: Mark decided working in Crypto was a safer option than working on Bluetooth
Just think of how fried his brain must be
indeed that is why he choose crypto
I can get behind that
11:33 AM
Adobe acrobat is such a crap software
@MuratKaragöz that is defaut, val is immutable
com.google.android.material has something wrong with AS-layout-Preview.
Yeah i have the same problem Rumit
Try to refresh your layouts @RumitPatel
11:50 AM
already tried many ways.
now waiting for AS next update. xD
@eLi well I noticed you have given many answers but without accepted any of them.
such a bad luck.
what does it mean
on SO, you answered 34 questions. but none of them accepted.

getting me?
im back
what did i miss
12:06 PM
@IvanMilisavljevic still working? your ttl gone.
12:23 PM
@RaghavSood I lost it at "Philantropist" 😂
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Do you feel bad when rejecting Mehdi? Or do you feel powerful
12:41 PM
SO privileges suck
12:59 PM
@RumitPatel 15 more minutes
and you can hardly call it "working" :D
solving some algos on the fly
Create android app for SO
yeah i could do that in 15 mins
make it open source
@TimCastelijns I feel somewhat bad, that's why I sometimes try to reassure the rejected that they can join us after just a couple of answers :D
@TimCastelijns I play from time to time... way better than LoL IMHO
1:06 PM
@MehdiB. Anakin Skywalker did not feel reassured that he could get the title of master after being rejected, look what happened there
What if you have unknowingly created the new Darth Vader?
If I mention my qualities on javascript on my CV, do I need to name my experiences with Vue seperately?
Or Like Javascript (Vue)
what do you think
Or just Vue without JS
if you really know vanila Js than add it as a separate column
You can just say "I use Javascript, and I like it"
@RaghavSood I'll let you handle it :D
Some three letter agency who needs a torture master will reach out to you soon
1:11 PM
:46686564 I agree but not possible on my curriculum vitae
First I only mentioned in what I have experience in, but got feedback that such experience needed to be clarified by star rating or such
@MwBakker You could have on the skills section: "Web development: JavaScript (Vue.js)", and then on the Projects section: "Development of XYZ - technologies: Vue.js"
Good one
But no room for another section anymore, the CV is already two paged
Remember to mention both Vue.js and Javascript, tho
By which I mean front and back paged
oh no, it needs to be 1 page as a junior
1:14 PM
Yes 1 page, but two sided
You might think that Vue implies Javascript, but tag matching CV categorization software will disagree with you
1 trick is to split the page in 2 vertical sections
@RaghavSood alright thanks
The trick is to put your CV up as a website, so it's just one really long page
and say that you know Raghav, Raghav doesn't know no scrubs
1:16 PM
@RaghavSood haha
@MwBakker Also, where are you placing the 'experience' title?
At the top or at the end?
right after diploma's
on top, it is the only thing that matters
At top are my diplomas
I don't care what your name is, can you do android? Cool, hired
1:16 PM
you should also simplify it for the dumber recruiters:

experience: yes
codes: yes
free work: no
contacts and other stuffs
@TimCastelijns Nope, it's for professionals. Students or recents grads must put education on top
I don't even have a CV and they hired me the same day I interviewed
On CV everything is implied, there is no law but there are general do's and don'ts
Maybe you were just a god programmer? ;)
1:18 PM
Yeah honestly a lot of the traditional CV rules are bs, especially within tech jobs
@TimCastelijns wait but how did you apply then
or maybe CVs are just worthless
how did you propose for that position Tim
My CV is like this :
contact info
------ Title and # years of experience
Experience ------ | ----- Projects
Education --------| ------ Skills
without CV
1:18 PM
As long as you can code, and get the point across well enough, you're good
I only apply personally to jobs
All things aside, create your 'business cards'
So I walk into the office, ask for the manager and I have to hand him something
@RaghavSood adrenaline junkies do stuff like mountain climbing for thrills, I work with crypto.
I can't just only shake his hand
1:18 PM
They leave an impact on people
@MwBakker Have you considered moving back to the future from the 1960s?
that's creepy
hahaaaaaa Taseer BusinessCard :XD
@RaghavSood that was a quick reply
@TimCastelijns what is creepy
1:19 PM
@TaseerAhmad no one does that anymore
I meant to reply to Mw :D
Then the chat scrolled as I clicked
oh lol
@MarkO'Sullivan Adrenaline Junkies have never experienced watching a 100x margin position evaporate
That would make a great eco friendly campaign
@RaghavSood can I go back to end 2010 for a moment?
@RaghavSood You will be surprised how much they like a personal approach
1:20 PM
@MwBakker walking into an office and asking for a manager to apply for a job
"Tired of adrenaline junkies scaling your mounts/skyscrapers? Introduce them to margin trading"
<- is off
@MwBakker True, they might like it if they really like filling out forms, such as a form for a restraining order
so confident
> I'm bakker, people call me "Valve"
1:21 PM
@TimCastelijns There is absolutely nothing creepy about that
seriously though mwb, everything happens online now
Not so much as creepy as about <insert age of internet here> years out of date
@RaghavSood In this digital age it is more relevant than ever to have a personal approach towards something like that
You're applying for a tech job, common courtesy is to hack their systems and create an employee record for yourself
@RaghavSood a guy from Kenya did that and employeed himself as doctor
for two years
with higher salary
1:23 PM
@MehdiB. I got literally told by a few companies "this personal approach gives you a line ahead"
why would I not continue with it, it's no more effort than writing an e-mail
anyway to apply I filled out the online application with a short motivation and a link to my SO profile, did not upload a CV file
@MwBakker use stackoverflow jobs, it's pretty effective
sure but I need something in the area or something in Spain (which I do need to use e-mail for)
1:24 PM
I saw a job ad on SO, I applied attaching my CV (because reps caugh..) and was contacted a week later
I've had great success showing up at companies and not leaving
Good Evening guys
@MwBakker why spain?
@MehdiB. I love the country and I still speak the language
Plus rent is quite cheap there
1:26 PM
so are the salaries
Same applies to Mexico
I have saved a little
are you moving for your ex? :D
No she lives in Chzech now
He's moving to Spain so start a new Spanish Inquisition
1:27 PM
Kinda surprised about the reaction on personal approach here, you guys never did that at all?
Which he will commandeer to go to CR
never did what?
apply personally for a job
I've only ever applied for a job once
And that was via r15
ah, I tried that when looking for internships on my first uni year, went door to door, and realised that we're no longer 1950 and we're not on Wallstreet
everything is online now Mwb, and it's more effective for you to increase your applications
1:30 PM
this is why IT is still considered the lesser social sector
internship is like "hey come and do our work while we rip you off your time and sweat"
in our field you don't really have to apply anyway. Just pick a company and be like "I picked you"
@MehdiB. You tell me, other students here thought the same waiting for e-mail replies while I had to choose from several and I am not special at all. They claimed the personal approach was a factor
Yeah, good developers are like cats, they adopt their new homes
1:31 PM
so I won't change that, unless the company is really far away then e-mail is the best goin
anyway vue.js is worth to mention seperatly then?
@MwBakker funny, I tried that for weeks, and everytime I heard the same thing: "you can apply at https:// or xyz@..." or the security agent would tell me he'd take my CV upstairs then throw it somewhere
but you first asked for a manager or whoever before you mentioned applying right?
of course not. Like they are gonna stop what they're doing to come down to see what some random guy is doing here
ehm yes
they do that, personal experience
I would think managers have better things to do
1:36 PM
they'll just tell you to use the website
no, I am telling this from personal experience
from 10 approaches it happened maybe twice(?) that I got told to just deliver it to the desk of the reception or use the website
currently though there is one issue attached to applying. My school is now checking the assignments but I don't know when I will recieve the grades
if I get applied for graduation but the grades are still not there I will have two weeks to fix that (eventhough it's not in my control) or get out
might as well drop out, grades don't matter outside of school
great advice
1:52 PM
what's the name of the whatsapp profile activity?
Is there something similiar in android?

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