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Ribbit ribbit
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Quack Quack
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whose face mask that R15-Zucc is wearing?
might be Mark Zuck (thinking)
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This was the most starred message last year on this day:
Jul 6 '18 at 10:38, by Tim Castelijns
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@grrigore “Keep your friends close and your enemies a little bit further away”
11:27 AM
@TaseerAhmad “Was the operation a success? No, it wasn't a success at all.”
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I just took too much caffeine
12:23 PM
there is no such thing as too much caffeine
Hi negabot
Wow, I see the minions are increasing in number
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@TimCastelijns demonic
1:17 PM
Demon good?
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If I put my png "alert" in the drawable folder, why can't I find it through R.drawable.alert?
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@TimCastelijns I can't understand a single word. But the guitar music is good
3:15 PM
I found a nice channel, it shows bodycams of US cops
Most of the time it's NSFW, so yeah
omg oracle is such a fail of a company
each and every of their products are pure fu* garbage
Like Google
i mean im trying to migrate a database from one server to another
using mysqldbcopy
and in the middle of the process tool just loses the connection
Datagrip is using external mysldump which is redacted from mysql utils
:fucking facepalm
I don't understand a single thing :D
if you want to know what the real pain is
try using MysqlWorkbanch for more than 10 minutes
3:26 PM
I have never used it, I don't know all SQL too
I prefer Key-value database, easier to work with
there is a lot of usecases where relational database is better
Honestly, I don't see myself using SQL to it's full extent even in the future
well if you do
dong go with oracle MySql
Right now I am on Android, then on iOS then on networking(most probably)
A year ago, I did try to learn front end web development, I just lost interest quickly
@IvanMilisavljevic Last semester, we were instructed to use MySQLWorkBench for the "intro to database" course
But I dropped out
The teacher didn't knew shit about databases
I knew SQLite only, even though it's almost similar to MySQL
More or less yeah
Sql is really powerful when you know what your doing
3:37 PM
What do you work on?
Beside Android
3:48 PM
everything more or less
i dont do frontend stuff
Devops/Sysops and System Architecture mostly
4:09 PM
4:37 PM
Found a nice but deprecated library for testing UI performance
you can include FirebasePerfomrance to view screen rendering times
its actually really good
I have not added any Firebase related stuff
Let me check
5:13 PM
That performance tool is best when the app is released
its gives you screen performance, network request timings and stuff
BTW, I need a suggestion
One of the last major features of my app is going to be a sync feature. I want to do real time notes syncing
is there any tool i can use to migrate mysql data, outside dump and mysqldbcopy?
@TaseerAhmad you can create a simple pub/sub implementation with firebase push notifications
What do you think would be the best idea for such a feature? The problem is that notes can be data intensive
Because currently a user can attach files to any notes(I will introduce cap later)
send a push without content every time users creates a note
On receiving part create a Job thats going to pull latest data from the server
5:21 PM
Thats the simplest solution
How can I create one to many relations on each note?
Because a user can give access to certain accounts so they can access the same notes as well
It's like, 1st user makes a new note, 2nd user's app auto receives the 1st user note
and vice versa
Can you give a broad solution to it?
Like from database perspective or notifications?
what db do you use?
5:33 PM
which one I should buy?
@IvanMilisavljevic bro how are you?
nah please check and give me a suggestion
not good, mysql is fucking me really really hard
oh lol
hope the level is advance
I work in a relational database system
@bluetoothfx lols, its like im not trying to learn anything
im migrating production database to another server
or atleast im trying to
5:36 PM
oh, great
@IvanMilisavljevic right now, app only survives on SQLite. I want to convert my app to use fire db
@bluetoothfx I would go with Ryzen
i don't know how much critical situation you are in. But if it is light weight you may try to make it script and then try to migrate....
@TaseerAhmad your using ROOM i guess?
@TaseerAhmad bro I heared Ryzen is good for server but in home computer Intel was better....I heared that 2-3 years ago...don't knnnnnnw current situation
5:39 PM
Not true anymore, In terms of gaming it little bit behind intel but the difference is nowhere visible. For work/multi threading/production/multi tasking, Ryzen kicks Intel
last series of Ryzen is far better than Intels last gen
@TaseerAhmad On point
Right now, ROOM contains all the structure of the app, how notes are stored and stuff. In the future, I would only store current user logged in IDs/account info and all the notes are in the cloud
Is there any kind of befit in software development Intel Vs Ryzen like (Virtualization??) or Processor architecture?? or So??
which series of Ryzen Kicks Intel :D
You might want to double check virtualization on Ryzen, I heard few times that people had trouble but it should not be a problem
@MehdiB. bro missing you
5:42 PM
Not unless you are writing fairly low level optimizations
Most people could work on a Raspberry Pi
Especially web/frontend devs
@RaghavSood boss don't understand. Please give me insight
I want to build a super dev pc for me....so I want suggestion from you guys
The depends
Just like Raghav said
For most stuff you could just work with a basic i7
@TaseerAhmad You need M:M relation, since each note can have multiple users, and each user can have multiple notes
You will need something called pivot table (like a bridge between User and Note)
@bluetoothfx Look at what you use it for, then build according to that
containing user_id and note_id
5:45 PM
I am developing android and visual studio stuff
99% of people don't need the top of the line hardware
Out of the remaining 1%, 99% need a decent server and a netbook
The remaining 1% of the 1% can go nuts with their build
If I were you, I would close my eyes and pick Ryzen build
Q: How can I represent a many to many relation with Android Room?

bondHow can I represent a many to many relation with Room? e.g. I have "Guest" and "Reservation". Reservation can have many Guest and a Guest can be part of many Reservations. Here is my entity definitions: @Entity data class Reservation( @PrimaryKey val id: Long, val table: String, va...

but how do I calculate which pc should be enough for my work
5:48 PM
@RaghavSood you know any good db migration tools?
Look at your current set up, profile the bottlenecks, upgrade to a little more than you would need
@IvanMilisavljevic I just needed broader solutions, thanks!
@IvanMilisavljevic I just write my own bash wrappers around pg dump and restore
I've come to like Fizz and Soda tho, the db agnostic definitions are nice
But for anything beyond schema, I just export and import plain SQL
Life's too short to use tools when you can bash your way around them
i need to migrate shitload of stuff, and i cant be bothered to write my own migration tools
and ofc oracles dump and mysqldbcopy is garbage
its throwing
# Copying data for TABLE bmappch_staging.oauth_clients
ERROR: Problem inserting data. Error = Query failed. 1048 (23000): Column 'redirect' cannot be null
Sounds like a schema on one db allowed a null entry, and the other side does not
5:50 PM
and i have 0 rows with nulls in the db
You probably need an intermediate script to set the "expected non null" values that are null to "" or another zero value
im doing this using mysqldbcopy
which copies the schema and them migrates the data
Schema copy might not be 1:1 between different database software
SELECT COUNT(id) as count_nulls FROM oauth_clients WHERE redirect IS NULL
yeah i've checked that already
5:57 PM
yeah exact same version
Is possible to get notified when a record is inserted to a room db? I'm trying to do it with Flowable, but since for the first time the record will be null it's not notifying me when it's not null, how can I do it using rxJava?
I want to fill an autocompletetextview arrayadapter from the result of records of db
@Skizo-ozᴉʞS yeah, Flowable is proper solution for this
post some code
The export process might be serializing some non-null values as null, if the non-null value is not a standard <export format> value
Oracle especially is notorious for inventing their own interpretation of SQL standards
So data inconsistency is a must
Sure? I was reading this blog codinginfinite.com/android-room-persistent-rxjava and it says this : If there is no record, immediately after the subscription nothing will come, and even if later employee appears in the database. With this, our Flowable will not send us anything at all. Thus, it will look like it is still executing the request.
So that they can force you to hire $$$$$ consultants to run python scripts for you
6:02 PM
@IvanMilisavljevic I created a room, try to join
@RaghavSood garbage motherfuckers
that fields is text actually
thats maybe causing the issue
cheesus christ
that was it
6:23 PM
Good morning guys
Mac is really a hell for Python Django programmers
Windows is far far better
Q: Python mysql client installing on Mac

GeekDroidI am trying to install mysqlclient in a virtual environment. Python version is 3.0 So here is what I did Created a Virtual environment, activated it from terminal Installed the below, pip install django pip install mysqlclient Both installed without any errors. So I activated the virtual env...

I have a simple question
How would you make such classes more 'better'?
what do you mean better?
6:43 PM
How do I call this method using rxJava?
@Insert(onConflict = OnConflictStrategy.REPLACE)
fun insertUser(user: User): Completable
@IvanMilisavljevic Like how would you generify it?
Assuming that there are 5 other classes that have 90% similar functionality
7:00 PM
You can even extend that Bindable interface to give you the mappings betwan android Ids and properties you want to extract
oh well
that seems nice
I could not have thought of that one :D
7:15 PM
It's nice but I think I can't generify my classes
Also, I have never ever ever used abstract classes in my programs ever
If I can remember what methods to implement why do I need abstract classes?
I know their use but I can't measure their usefulness
il tell you this, they are very very usefull
and you should abstract almost everything
How exactly are they useful besides just forcing you to implement merely 2-3 lined method?
they enforce you to implement the signature of the abstract class
and by doing that, class that implements the abstraction gains the "signature" of the abstract class
Why not I just write the method instead of extending an abstract class and overriding it's signature?
See what i did with BindUserNote and ViewBinder
@TaseerAhmad You mean like Normal vs Abstract class
7:27 PM
I think I am missing the real concept with respect to object orientated design
yes you are ;)
Yes, normal vs abstract
Yes I know these concepts
So abstract classes are used when you dont want to provide default implementation, but you want to make sure, implementations expose proper functions
Abstract class is basically a blueprint for the implementation
7:37 PM
tldr they give you 'security' of implementation?
security in terms implementators are forced to implement abstract methods
Lets take an example
imagine an image processing library

They provide Abstract Class which has one method called loadImage()
ok I am there
In order to successfully load an image you neeed to fetch it from the net for example
interface: "if you wanna have a space called a house, you should make sure it has a bathroom, shower, kitchen and a few rooms" (class Apartment implements House)
abstract class: "here is a very basic house, feel free to use it as is (no abstract methods), or feel free to change the paint of the rooms (by overriding an already implemented method), or: this basic house doesn't have a bathroom make sure you build it yourself (abstract method)" (class NiceApartment extends Apartment)
You need to create your own implementation of AbstractClass and overide loadImage() method
so the implementation of the library can process the image
Because they need a class with a signature of "loadImage()" but they dont know how should they get that image
so libarry is relying (and forcing you) to provide your implementation
8:09 PM
OOP is a topic worth investing time on, it's very crucial
Do you have any specific recommendation?
You mean a book or tips?
Thinking in Java by Bruce Eckel
Java's philosophy on OOP is very good and simple (no multiple inheritance etc..)
All I see is a 4th edition dating back to 2006
Is it okay?
8:14 PM
Even abstract classes should be avoided as much as possible to avoid locking (since there is no multiple inheritance), which is something addressed by Java 8 (or 9?)'s default methods on interfaces
@TaseerAhmad yes, you just need the concepts
The rest comes with experience, you'll quickly learn what scales and what doesn't depending on your OO design
2 hours later…
10:01 PM
@MehdiB. yo, why would you want to avoid using abstract classes?

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